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Author's Note: First off theres very little sex in this part, however please
stick with the story as this build up means that when the sex comes it will
have some meaning.

Evolution Vs Trish Stratus Part 1: What The Champ Wants, He Shall Get
by Dr El Stario

Triple H paced his locker room as the anger within him built up, it would
not be long until a rage like this was unleashed and soon enough it was as
the Game smashed up everything in the room. The Lamps, the food table, and
even the TV lay on the floor destroyed. The door of the locker room opened
seconds later and Ric Flair came rushing into the room.

"What's wrong champ" said Ric with a look of concern on his face.

"WHATS WRONG?" Triple H shouted, "Everything is wrong Ric, Unforgiven is just
around the corner and Goldberg awaits me. This guy is not like any of my past
opponents, He has stroke around this company as well and I have a bad feeling
he is going to take my title. I tried talking to Eric and even that son of a
bitch Austin but they wont cancel the match, they say there's too much money
to be made out of it■. Oh god I CAN'T lose this title, its my life, what am I
going to do?"

"What you can do is calm down," said Ric, "Goldberg is all hype as you have
said yourself, he barks but he cant bite■You're the man Hunter and that's why
you're the Champion. You're a man this company can depend upon. That title is
staying around your waist for a very long time and deep down you know it to.
Don't let these pre match nerves get to you."

Ric flair tried to ease the Games fears but really Triple H was not the only
one in fear. Ric flair had never seen Triple H so nervous about a match
before. Ric flair had come to know Triple H as a calm guy who did not let
the big matches get to him. Flair was deeply concerned about the champion's
mental state and he knew that he needed to give Hunter something to take his
mind off the big match.

"I have an idea Champ," said Ric "Lets go out on the town, style and
Woooooooooo profile and find some ladies. You're the Champion you're paid,
made, and laid and you can't forget that. But if you are forgetting the girls
we find tonight should be a good reminder for you..Ha Ha!"

HHH looked at Ric after hearing of his plans with a smile on his face before
he began to look concerned again.

"Whats wrong now champ?" said Ric.

"Well Ric it's a great idea and I could really do with some female company
to take my mind off the match for awhile...but as you said I am the Champion,
I am the GAME, I don't want to go out and just get some ring rat from a club
for a few cheap thrills... I am the best the Wrestling industry has got to
offer... I deserve something SPECIAL...or more like SOMEBODY," stated Triple
H with a smile on his face.

"Name the names Champ," said Ric, "You're the champion you can have any woman
you want."

"Trish Stratus is who I want," stated Triple H. "She seems to think she is
something special but she has never played the Game, I will be the judge of
how special she really is. I want the her REALLY BAD, I want to see if she
has the goods to entertain me, or is she just a pretty package with no
goods...time will tell because I will have her."

"Good choice Champ," said Ric Flair, "I will go and get her for you straight

Ric Flair did his trademark strut and left the locker room of Triple H to go
off in search of Trish Stratus.

Ric did not have to look far as he saw Trish Stratus at the drink machine
just around the corner. Trish Stratus was talking to Ivory as Ric walked over
to both of the ladies.

"Ivory can I speak to Trish alone please," said Ric.

Ivory walked off as Trish Stratus looked at Ric Flair confused, as she said
no idea what he wanted.

Trish was wearing tight Blue trousers, which showed off her nice firm butt
and a 100% Stratusfaction shirt, which was tucked into her trousers nice and
tight to make her breasts stand out.

"Hi Ric," said Trish with a confused smile on her face, "How can I help you."

"More like how I can help YOU darlin," said Flair "because it's your lucky
day, you have been selected by the champ Triple H."

"What do you mean?" said Trish; her voice now rose in concern. "What exactly
have I been selected for?"

"Well come on Trish," said Ric, "I know you're a smart young lady. The Game
needs some fun and he has selected you to give it to him. I don't need to
tell you how much of a career boost this will be for you...sharing a bed with
the Champion."

Trish slapped Ric Flair, which took him by surprise. Ric flair reached for
his face as Trish Shouted at him.

"You PERVERT, just who the hell do you think I am, I can't just be selected
like that, you and Triple H make me sick and you can tell him that as well.
Get the hell out of my face you disgusting old pervert!"

Ric Flair just Smiled and started to run his hand through the hair of Trish
Stratus. Trish quickly grabbed Ric's hand from her hair and spat in it.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" shouted Trish.

Maven was standing across the corridor talking to staff members when he was
distracted by the noise. He rushed over to the aid of Trish Stratus.

"Is this Jerk bothering you," Maven asked Trish.

"Yes Maven this pervert wont leave me alone."

Maven went to push Ric Flair but Flair backed up.

"Easy, Easy Maven, no need for that. I am going no worries ok kid," Ric Flair
said as he walked away and back to the locker room of Triple H.

The sight of Triple H however did not greet Ric Flair; he was instead greeted
by the sight of fellow Evolution member Randy Orton having some fun in the
corner with a young redhead.

"Ughhhhhhhhhh yeah! Fuck that pussy! Fuck it Ughhh Ughh Ughhh... OH SHIT!
Somebody is there," the woman yelled as she saw Ric Flair enter.

"GET OUT!" Flair shouted to the redhead, obviously still pissed off from the
incident with Trish. The redhead quickly put on her clothes and left the

"Whats the deal," shouted Randy Orton. "I was having a good time there and
you spoiled it."

"Ring rats come and go," said Flair, "We have more important issues. Where
the hell is Hunter?"

"Why?" said Randy. "He left the room just before you came back saying he was
really happy about the girl you have been sorting out for him. He told me to
pass on a message, he said take the girl back to his hotel room."

"Oh shit," said Ric, "We have a problem Randy, the girl wants nothing to do
with HHH, he is going to be so pissed off. He wanted this girl bad."

"So what," said Randy, "Just get him another woman."

"Its not that simple," said Flair, "Hunter does not just want any woman,
he wants TRISH STRATUS. I tried so hard Randy but she would not agree to
anything... How am I going to face Hunter now? He is going to kick me out
of Evolution if I don't turn up to the Hotel with Trish and there is no
chance of that."

"Don't worry Ric," said Randy, "I have a plan which will end up having Trish
falling into Hunters Arms, and dare I say it■both of ours to."

"What kind of plan," said Ric.

Randy Orton smiled and got his mobile phone and dialled a number.

"All will soon be revealed," laughed Orton.

(What exactly is Randy Orton's plan to get Trish to agree to sleep with
HHH... and will it work, or will HHH not get the woman he wants and end up
blaming both Ric and Randy for it.)


Please leave feedback on this story and any ideas for what you would like to
see it part 2.

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