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Author's Note: No sex in this part of the story but this is the final build
up, If you read this and Part 1 you will enjoy reading Part 3 much more as it
will have a lot more meaning.

Evolution Vs Trish Stratus Part 2: Wanting It More Then Ever Before
by Dr. El Stario

In the month following Unforgiven life had only gotten worse for Triple H,
the fears over his match with Goldberg proved to be true as at Unforgiven
Triple H had lost his World Title to him. However this was not the only
thing bothering Triple H, Despite Trish resisting the offers Triple H was
still desperate to have her. The Game wanted an ego boost and now after
losing his title he wanted it more then ever.

Triple H was sitting in his locker room thinking when he was disturbed by
the sound of the door opening. The door opened and Randy Orton and Ric Flair
walked in smiling and laughing about something. The smiles soon faded and
the laughter grew silent when Orton and Flair looked at Triple h who sat
before them with a serious expression on his face.

“Whats wrong” said Randy Orton.

Triple H jumped up from his chair in anger and grabbed Randy Orton by the
throat and pushed him against the wall.

“I will tell you what’s wrong right now” shouted Triple H “YOU ARE WHAT IS
WRONG RANDY, I don’t think I want people in Evolution who cant keep promises.
I remember before Unforgiven how you and Ric turned up at my Hotel WITHOUT
Trish Stratus, I was pissed off but I was calmed down by the fact you
promised me you would change her mind randy, You kept making calls on your
mobile and said your master plan would be revealed, Well that was OVER a
month ago Randy.”

Triple H moved in to Punch Randy Orton but Ric Flair stopped him by stepping
between both men.

“Cool it Hunter” said Ric Flair “Its not Randy’s fault, I told the kid to
call off the plans regarding Trish as I felt after your loss to Goldberg it
would be the last thing you wanted.”

“Well in that case your wrong” said Triple H “In fact I now want her more
then ever before.”

Triple H let go of Randy Orton

“Randy you had a plan to get Trish for me is that correct” said Triple H.

“Yes it is Hunter” said Randy “Its not to late for the plan to go ahead, I
still have my contacts. Do you want me to carry out my plan?”

“Yes” said Triple H “and this time you better not let me down.”

“My plan is flawless” said Randy Orton “You know how much Trish hates Gail
Kim and Molly, well Molly and Gail agreed to being apart of my plan last
month. I will have to tell them that the plan is back on.”

“How Gail and Molly fit into all this,” said Triple H who was confused.

“Well this is the plan Hunter” said Randy with a really pleased tone to his
voice “Gail and Molly will attack Trish backstage but I will save Trish from
them, of course Trish will not be aware that Gail and Molly had already
agreed to back off when I arrive in our talks before hand.”

“Then what” Said Triple H.

“Trust me Hunter,” said Randy “When I have made the save and Evolution will
be on her good side I will be able to talk her into anything. Hell it cant be
that hard…she went with Vince McMahon after all.”

Randy Orton picked up his mobile phone from the locker room table as Triple H
looked on pleased with his fellow Evolution member. Randy spoke on the Mobile
for a few minutes before putting it down.

“I just spoke with Molly” said Randy “She and Gail have agreed to still go
ahead with what I spoke to them about last month.”

“Excellent” said Triple H “You may yet still prove worthy of your Evolution

Ric Flair laughed, “We picked Randy for good reason Hunter, he wont let us

--- The next day ---

It was a WWE Raw House show and Trish Stratus was backstage in her locker
room doing last minute leg stretches before her match on the card with
Victoria. Trish was interrupted however by a firm tap on her shoulder. Trish
turned around straight into a chop to the throat by Molly Holly. Trish then
saw Gail Kim beside of Molly. Trish was to shock to react as Molly and Gail
both pushed Trish against the wall.

Randy Orton ran into the locker room. Molly Holly and Gail Kim acted as hard
as they could to seem surprised at Ortons presence.

“Get out” shouted Randy Orton.

“Oh my god come on Molly” yelled Gail.

Gail Kim and Molly Holly let go of Trish Stratus and ran past Randy Orton out
of the locker room.

“Are you ok Trish?” said Randy Orton as he put his arm around her.

“Yes I am fine thanks to you” Trish said, Trish then looked up at Randy in
confusion “I cant believe you helped me. I always thought you was a low life

Randy Orton smiled “Well that Evolution stuff on tv is just a gimmick, I am
not really like that. I just happened to be walking past your locker room
and I saw those two run in. I knew it could only spell trouble so I came to

“Thank you so much” said Trish as she noticed Randy Ortons arm around her.
Trish looked up to Randy and looked into his eyes. Randy took his arm away
from the waist of Trish.

“I am sorry about that” said Randy “I better go.”

Randy Orton turned to leave the room but Trish called him back.

“That’s ok” laughed Trish “Please don’t go, I want you to stay, I liked your
arm around my waist, Your so gentle. Most guys only want me for one thing.”

“Well can I be honest” said Randy.

“Go ahead” said Trish.

“I like you a lot” said Randy “But not as much as my friend Triple H.”

Trish got angry “Please don’t talk to me about that jerk, he sent that old
pervert friend of his to try and chat me up on his behalf last month.”

“No” said Randy “You have it all wrong, Hunter would never do a thing like
that. He told Ric in private that he admired you and Ric took it to far by
saying those sick things to you, he was just doing it to try and get into
Hunter's good books, however when Hunter found out what Flair said to you
he went crazy, in fact Hunter wants nothing to do with Flair now and neither
do I. Hunter has even tried to get out of the Evolution storyline with Flair
but the writers wont have it.”

“I never knew that” said Trish “I thought Hunter had sent him along, I did
not know Hunter had no idea.”

“Hunter has been really down about it” said Randy “He is worried you will
hate him now, he wanted to come and talk to you about it but he has been to
shy. You make him funny that way.”

“How sweet” said Trish “I never knew Hunter was that kind of guy.

“How about you go talk to him?” said Randy “I am sure it would make him feel
better to know that you don’t think he is horrible.”

“I will do” said Trish “I need to clear the air with Hunter, the poor guy
must think I hate him…well I did, until I found out the truth.”

“I would love to stop and chat” said Randy “but I have a match to get ready

“Me to” said Trish “In fact I am up next against Victoria. I will speak to
you soon Randy.”

“Ok” said Randy “Shall I tell hunter you will call by his locker room after
the show is over.”

“Yes I will call by” said Trish as she left the room, she waved goodbye to
Randy as she left the locker room. Randy stood there by himself with a grin
on his face before he left the locker room of trish and headed to the
Evolution Locker room.

Randy walked into the locker room to see Triple H sitting there.

“Hi Hunter” said Randy.

“Cut that crap” said Triple H “All I want to know is did the plan work or

Randy Orton walked over to Triple H with a smile on his face and he tapped
Triple H on the shoulder as he began to speak… “Get yourself ready Hunter
because you have a visitor coming by after the show is over, her name is
Trish Stratus.”

(Coming up in part 3..Triple H gets a visit from Trish Stratus, will the Game
finally get what he wants? Also Randy Orton gets a surprise visit from Gail
Kim and Molly Holly.)

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