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Exclusive Test
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

Backstage at an ECW on SCI-FI Television taping, ECW's powerful Impact Player
known as Test is flexing his arms as he admires his own physique in the
mirror of the ECW Make-Up table. "Damn... I'm as good as ever!" Test says
with a smirk as he looks at his right elbow, "Came very close to taking that
stoner Van Dam out back on the Pay-Per-View... but whatever.... I showed him
he couldn't pass the test when it mattered!" Test laughs as he turns to walk
away from the make-up table. The large, muscular Extremist walks down the
hallway and comes to the ECW Backstage Interviewing set, where ECW's
backstage correspondent Rebecca DiPietro is looking at her notes as Test
walks by her and gets her attention when she looks up for a moment.

The sultry, alluring Extreme Correspondent and ECW Vixen Rebecca DiPietro
presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow as the Impact Player Test
casually passes by the sly Vixen. "Mmmm...yummy..." Rebecca says with a
soft, sly smirk as she licks her soft, luscious lips before takes a step
towards Test as he continues on his way. "Ummm...excuse me...Test?" Rebecca
says in a soft, alluring tone as she dressed in a short black skirt and a
very revealing black top.

"What?" Test snaps as he stops walking and he then turns around to see
Rebecca. The tall Canadian Extremist's mood changes and he licks his lips
slightly, "Oh what do you need Rebecca?" Test asks as he almost instantly
starts to check Rebecca out.

Rebecca raises a sly eyebrow at the Extreme Impact Player "Well...Test...I
was hoping I could maybe get an Extreme Exclusive with you?" The sly,
alluring Rebecca DiPietro replies as she slowly drifts her soft and alluring
eyes down to the crotch of Test's tight black wrestling shorts and she licks
her lips.

Test smirks, "An Extreme Exclusive?" Test chuckles a bit, "You've been here
in ECW for a while... and now you're coming to ask me for an Exclusive?" Test
asks as he places his hands on his waist.

Rebecca presses her lips together and slowly nods her head as she keeps her
alluring, sly eyes locked with Test's bulged crotch " bet..."
Rebecca says with a soft smirk as she gently places her hands against her
smoothly rounded, sultry hips.

Test smirks, "Well if you want an Exclusive... you gotta pass a simple
exclusive test..." Test says as he licks lips.

Rebecca raises an eyebrow and tosses her soft, silky gorgeous brown hair back
as she releases a soft, desirable laugh "And....what would exclusive
test?" Rebecca asks as she lifts her soft, alluring eyes up and the Extreme
Seductress locks her seducing eyes with ECW's Impact Player.

Test licks his lips and folds his powerful arms over his smooth muscular
chest, "Simple babe.... if you can satisfy me in any way I say.... then you
pass the test and get an extreme exclusive..."

Rebecca slowly and seductively licks her lips and nods her head "That sounds
just wonderful..." Rebecca replies in a soft, seducing voice as the Extreme
Correspondent narrows her alluring eyes into a lustful gaze.

Test gets a big smile on his face, "Had a feeling a test like that would
get your attention...." Test says as he looks down both ends of the hallway
before he steps towards the sultry ECW Vixen, "And you can start.... by
getting down on your knees.... and pulling down my shorts...."

Rebecca presses her lips together and smirks as she slowly nods her head
"Mmmm... that's the kind of exclusives I love..." Rebecca says as
the sultry, seducing Extreme Correspondent smoothly lowers herself down to
her knees in front of the strong, powerful Impact Player. Rebecca reaches
forward with her seductive hands and places them against the tight black
wrestling shorts of Test before she starts to slowly peel them down from his
smooth, muscular waist.

Test licks his lips as Rebecca slowly tugs down the black wrestling shorts
he's wearing, and within a few moments, Rebecca frees Test's large thick
impact delivering fourteen- inch cock. When Rebecca lowers his shorts to his
feet, Test steps out of them and places his hands his waist as Rebecca wraps
both of her smooth hands around his hardening shaft, "Don't waste time...
this test does have a time limit...." Test laughs as he looks down at the
sultry Extreme Backstage correspondent.

Rebecca presses her soft, pouty lips together and raises an eyebrow "Mmmm...
I won't..." Rebecca states with a sultry laugh as she begins to smoothly
stroke her seducing hands against the hardening, thick shaft of the Extreme
Impact Player. Rebecca lowers her head and leans towards Test's impacting
fourteen-inch cock and places her soft, sultry wet tongue against the large
head of his cock and starts to delicately slide her tongue around the

Test licks his lips and nods his head, "Ahhh yeah... Mmmm yeah... lick that
big hard extreme cock...." The Extreme Impact Player says with a moan as he
looks down at the hot Vixen known as Rebecca DiPietro as she circles her
tongue around the large head of his meaty shaft.

Rebecca gently taps her sultry tongue against the head of Test's cock as she
slowly lifts her alluring, seductive eyes and locks them with Test's eyes
before she opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head on Test's cock.
"Mmmm...." Rebecca moans almost instantly around his shaft as she presses her
lips tightly around the rigid shaft and begins to smoothly bob her sultry
Vixen head up and down on Test's impacting hard cock.

Test takes his hands off of his waist and places both of them on top of
Rebecca's head. "Ahhhh yeah.... mmmmm.... damn you sure know how to suck a
big hard cock don't ya...." Test groans as he moves his hips forward in order
to push his shaft deeper into Rebecca's warm, wet mouth. Rebecca keeps her
sultry, alluring eyes locked on the strong, muscular ECW Impact Player as she
smoothly bobs her head against the length of Test's large, hard cock as she
starts to bob her head at a slightly quicker pace. Rebecca closes her eyes
for a moment as she gently slaps her tongue against his shaft before she
starts to lap her soft, seducing tongue around his shaft as she quickly sucks
on his cock.

"Mmmmm.... ohhh fuck yeah.... whew.... yeah.... suck it...." Test groans and
closes his eyes for a moment as he keeps moving his hips forward as Rebecca
bobs her head on his large thick shaft. "Uhhh fuck.... yeah.... I think you
passed that part of the test...." Test groans as he feels Rebecca's warm
saliva dripping from his cock down to his large ballsack.

Rebecca slowly lifts her head up from Test's large, hard extreme impacting
cock as his cock drips of her warm, wet sultry saliva. Rebecca presses her
lips together "Mmm...just the kind of exclusives I love..." Rebecca says with
a sultry groans as the alluring Extreme Correspondent slowly stands up to her
feet, tossing her soft brown hair back as she starts to push down her tight
and short black skirt.

Test licks his lips as he watches Rebecca lower her extremely tight and short
black skirt down from her sexy slender hips, and the powerful Extremist licks
his lips when he sees that Rebecca isn't wearing any panties. "Nothing
downstairs.... nice...." Test says with a smirk.

Rebecca presses her lips into a smirk and nods her head "That's how I
roll..." Rebecca says with a sly laugh as she slowly removes her black,
very revealing top from her sultry body to reveal her hot, firmly rounded
seductive tits.

Test grins and nods his head, "Good info to know...." Test says as he lays
down on the cold floor of the ECW interview set, "Now get on top... and show
me what you got.... that's the next part of this test!"

Rebecca gently grits her teeth together and smirks "Damn...I love a man who
gives out commands..." Rebecca says in a soft, sultry tone as the alluring
Extreme Correspondent positions herself down on the floor with the Impact
Player Test and mounts her alluring, sultry body on top of Test as she lowers
herself down on his hard impacting cock, taking him into her tight and hot
pussy. "Ohhh fuck..." Rebecca moans as she places her sultry hands on Test's
muscular chest as she starts to swiftly rock her alluring body back and forth
on his cock.

Test grits his teeth together as Rebecca moves herself back and forth on his
cock at a brisk pace. "Ahhhh yeah..... that's what I expect!" Test says with
a pleasured filled moan as he puts his strong hands on Rebecca's waist. The
strong ECW Impact Player starts to lift Rebecca up and down on his shaft as
he pops his hips upward into her pussy. Rebecca bites down on her bottom lip
as she looks down and locks her sultry eyes with Test as her sultry hot body
firmly is slammed down on Test's hard impacting cock while she smoothly rocks
her body back and forth at a slightly quicker pace before she starts to
bounce, up and down, on his rigid cock.

Test keeps his hands firmly placed on Rebecca's hips as the sultry Extreme
Backstage Correspondent slams herself up and down on his large thick shaft,
"Awww yea... ride that dick, slam down on it!" Test grunts as he keeps
pushing his shaft up and deep into Rebecca's pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Rebecca moans loudly as she slams her hot, sultry body roughly
down on Test's impacting hard cock as she feels his cock drive deeply up into
her tight, warm pussy causing the ECW Vixen to bounce up and down on his cock
at a quicker and rougher rate.

Test takes his hands off of Rebecca's hips and he places them behind his head
as he lets Rebecca ride his large, thick cock as wildly as she chooses too.
"Mmmmm yeah.... fuck.... you're doing good on this part of the test...." Test
moans as he watches Rebecca move her whole body as drives herself wild on his

"Damn....fucking right I am!" Rebecca moans as she breathes heavily while the
sultry ECW Vixen begins to drip of sweat as she quickly rocks back and forth
on Test's hard impacting cock as she firmly and smoothly bounces up and down
on his cock "Ohhhhh fuck yesss!"

Test grits his teeth together as Rebecca slams her entire body down on his
hard, stiff, fat fourteen-inch cock. "Ahhh yea... fuck.... think it's time...
for the next part of the test.... get off...." Test grunts.

Rebecca tilts her head back as she sly, seductive Extreme Correspondent
gradually slows down as she smoothly and gently rocks back and forth on
Test's cock. Rebecca smirks and licks her soft, luscious lips "Mmmm....sure
thing..." Rebecca slightly moans as she lifts herself off of Test's sweaty,
muscular and strong body.

The large, muscular Extreme Impact Player gets up from the floor once Rebecca
has totally moved off his body. Test licks his lips and smirks, "Stand up...
turn around... and bend over...." Test says as he wraps his left hand around
his cock and strokes it for a short moment.

Rebecca presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow "Mmmm...sure
thing..." Rebecca says with a sly wink as the sultry Extreme Correspondent
turns around with her smooth, tanned back and hot, rounded ass facing the
Impact Player before she easily bends over a bit as she remains standing in
front of Test.

Test licks his lips as he looks at Rebecca's hot, round smooth ass while the
hot Vixen is bent over in front of him. "Gotta test that ass some other
time...." Test says with a smirk as he gets close behind Rebecca and bends
his knees a bit so that he can slam his large hard impacting cock back into
Rebecca's hot tight pussy.

Rebecca grits her teeth as she feels Test's hard impacting cock enter her
tight, warm pussy once again and she glances over her shoulder and smirks
slyly "Mmmm...ohhh yeah fuck that pussy..." Rebecca moans as she starts to
firmly push herself back against his cock as he starts to slam in and out
of her pussy.

Test wraps his arms around Rebecca's hot slender waist as he quickly gains
momentum while he fucks Rebecca's hot pussy. "Ahhh ohhh yea.... take that
dick!" Test grunts as he pulls Rebecca back against him so that her hot
smooth ass hits against his waist.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh shit!" Rebecca groans as she keeps her sultry eyes locked
with Test as he quickly and roughly slams his impacting cock deeply into her
tight, warm pussy. Rebecca closes her eyes as her hot, sultry ass slams back
against his smooth, muscular and sweaty waist.

Test keeps moving his powerful hips back and forth as he drives his large
thick cock hard and fast into Rebecca's pussy. Sweat drips down his smooth
muscular body as he starts breathing faster and heavier, "Ohhh yeah....
yeah.... you love that cock fucking your tight cunt?!" Test grunts as his
balls hit hard against Rebecca when he gives her an extremely stiff thrust.

Rebecca's sultry and sweaty body jolts forward as the hot, alluring Extreme
Correspondent's tight pussy is roughly impaled from behind by ECW's Impact
Player Test "Ohhhh...ohhhh.... ohhhh fuck yesss!" Rebecca moans loudly as
she starts to cum.

Test sharply grits his teeth together as he feels Rebecca's hot tight wet
pussy squeeze his hard, thick shaft as the sultry Extreme Backstage
Correspondent's warm cum flows all over his dick. "Ahhhh yea.... ohhh fuck...
yea..." Test grunts as he then pulls his throbbing cock out of Rebecca's
pussy moments before he starts to cum. Test grimly grasps his cock and makes
sure he sprays his warm cum onto Rebecca's hot, rounded backside.

Rebecca licks her soft, luscious lips as she feels Test's warm, impacting cum
spray all over her smoothly rounded, sultry hot ass "Mmmmm...." Rebecca moans
as she presses her lips together.

Test licks his lips and he strokes his cock a bit to make sure every drop
of his cum is shot from his shaft, "Mmmmm.... yea..." Test smirks, "You
passed.... the test...."

Rebecca raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks " are you ready for
an Extreme Exclusive?"

Test nods his head, "Yeah.... so what's your first Extremely Exclusive

Rebecca gently grits her teeth together as she turns around to face the
Extreme Impact Player and smirks as she places her hands on her smoothly
rounded hips "Mmm...if you thought that was hardcore..." Rebecca pauses
and her sultry eyes drift down to Test's throbbing, cum-spent cum and
licks her lips "Do you want to see just how hardcore I can really get?"
Rebecca asks.

Test raises an eyebrow after hearing Rebecca's question, and then he smirks,
"Sure.... I'd love to see how hardcore a hot chick like you can get...."


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