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Exploring New Heights
by InvasionWorks

Honestly, this would be more relaxing if the Total Divas crew wasn't here.

I figured the whole point of going out on these dates with the girls was to chill, get away from the cameras, and try to find some relaxation. We're always on the air, always watched by millions of people - it'd be nice to get away from it all for once.

Oh well...if I'm gonna be stuck with them, I might as well make myself comfortable.


Renee shook her head as if coming out of a daydream. She was standing in a lavish-looking vacation house, overlooking a stunning view of the New Jersey seaside a hundred yards in front of her. The room she was in was rather small, with a mini-bar she was leaning on and an exit to a pool just outside the door. She looked over at Nikki, standing in the door way, holding a martini glass and wearing a white bikini, which seemed to be pulling apart her breasts and revealing a fair amount of cleave-

"Renee! Come on! You can't just stay inside forever!"

Nikki pointed at her, motioning up and down with her glass. "You put that thing on for a reason, didn't you?"

Renee looked down. To be fair, Nikki had a point. She had put on her own red bikini with the intent to go outside.

Girl, relax. That's what you came out here to do in the first place.

She looked back to Nikki and found her already outside, walking back towards the pool. Renee couldn't help but notice the way Nikki's butt seemed to swing back and forth...

She cursed silently. I don't know what's happening. Without looking, she poured herself a glass of something from the mini-bar and hurried outside to catch up with Nikki.

The pool was already filled with other female members of the WWE roster. It was one of the few rare occasions during the leadup to SummerSlam when the ladies could organize times to get together like this to blow off steam. Naomi, Natalya, Maryse, and Alexa all stood in the pool, chatting and laughing amongst themselves and sipping drinks of various colors. The gang had also invited Carmella to join the party, and though she tried to engage in the conversations, she looked a little out of place. Behind them, the E! camera crews stood filming, making sure to capture enough footage to make for good television later.

Renee sighed. Between her hosting duties on WWE programming and her already numerous appearances on Total Divas herself, she'd really been hoping to duck the media for a while.

Nikki was already sliding her lithe body into the pool next to Alexa, who was laughing at something Renee hadn't caught.

"You can't be serious!" she exclaimed. "He said that to you?"

Maryse chuckled. "Yep. It's almost like he forgets we're married sometimes and that he needs to just go along with it!"

Alexa laughed again. "Well, I guess I can only hope Buddy's okay with this new lifestyle!"

Renee set down her drink and slipped into the pool next to Maryse. "That reminds me - when's the date? I don't know if I heard you announce it yet."

Alexa shifted her focus to her. "We haven't picked yet. I've been on RAW so often I haven't had time to ask when I can get a week off."

"You should be able to get plenty of time off essentially whenever." Naomi said. "The process when John and I got married was pretty simple. They might need to write you off TV for a while, but it's worth it."

Renee couldn't help but notice Nikki twitch a little at the mention of the name "John."

"Is there anything you wish you could do before you've officially tied the knot?" Maryse asked. "I know I did...married life is so much different and a lot less free."

Alexa tilted her head back in thought. "Honestly, no. I mean, well, I did, but when I thought of stuff do to before marriage, it was a lot of stupid stuff that I thought was dumb even back in college."

"Might as well air it out now, girlfriend." Naomi raised her glass in Alexa's direction. "We're all here."

Alexa chuckled nervously, then finally shrugged. "Alright...I've always wanted to travel the world with my closest friends, but I've been doing that for years. I always wanted to dump somebody, but all the guys I've been with broke up with me before I could get there. A couple other stupid things, like living in a place my myself, go on a huge shopping spree, have a one-night stand with a girl- "

Renee had been taking a sip of her drink, but suddenly spit it out when she realized it was...

"You drink straight vodka, Renee?" Natalya said, looking over at her. "Damn, we should party harder with you around."

"I am so sorry...I need to get something else." Renee set the glass on the rim of the pool and hoisted herself out. The other ladies looked around in slight confusion.

Renee took her glass back to the mini-bar and stopped. She took a deep, shuddering breath, not sure why she suddenly found it so hard to breathe. After a moment, she looked around the bar for something else to prepare. She was nearly through crafting a traditional martini when-

"Are you doing okay, Renee?"

She squealed, nearly dropping her glass before a cold, comforting hand softly grabbed her wrist and prevented her from spilling. Renee looked over to see Nikki standing here, her own glass still in hand with a confused look on her face.

"You never drink that stuff, you're all you need to lie down for a moment?"

Renee pulled her hand away from the Bella twin, realizing her arms had gone cold and seemed to be shaking, even in the wonderfully warm weather outside. "Yeah, Nicole, I'm doing...I'm doing...fine." She tried to make her way to the door again, but this time, Nikki blocked her path. Renee tried and failed to look away as the other woman's breasts bounced a little with the motion.

Nikki didn't seem to notice. "You're not. I know you well enough now to tell when something's bugging you."

Renee said nothing, and just looked around the room sheepishly. This is so uncharacteristic of me. Why am I being so weird right now?

Nikki sighed. "Look, you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. But if you're feeling uncomfortable, we're here for you." She turned around and started walking back toward the exit.

"Wait!" Renee yelped, almost too loudly. Nikki stopped and turned to face her again. "I...actually do want to talk. Walk with me...on the beach?"

Nikki looked a little startled, but she recovered quickly. "Sure! Nice day for it too." She walked out of the doorway and out of sight down a flight of stairs, her bikini bottom not doing a good enough job covering up the tattoo on her left buttock.

Renee closed her eyes and took a steadying breath. Then took her drink from the bar and started after Nikki again.

* * *

The sand was hot beneath her feet as the sun beat down on the Jersey shoreline. The waves made little splashing sounds as it ran over her feet in feeble attempts to cool them down. The two women walked along the beach, sometimes next to one another, sometimes walking circles around each other. Whenever Renee walked behind Nikki, she always caught herself sneaking glances at the other's butt.

"It sounds to me like you're trying to separate your character on TV from your real life," Nikki said as they walked. "I know John's said he's had that problem sometimes, when he tries to act like his real self when the cameras are rolling. You sound like you're going through the exact opposite."

She pondered that for a moment. "It's true, but Dean's always said I do a good job of keeping work and life separate."

Nikki rolled her eyes. "I hope so. I hope he's a good fit for you."

Renee looked sharply over at her friend. "You were one of the first people I told we eloped. You know he's a good fit for me."

Nikki gave her a sidelong glance and raised her eyebrow in an "oh, really?" look. Renee opened her mouth like she was about to say something, then closed it again and just kept walking. They eventually strode behind a small rock outcropping where the waves seemed to always crash into.

It was another couple of seconds before she spoke again, but it came out in a blurted mess. "Okay, yes, I do wish I had the chance to sleep with a girl before our relationship went that far, but now I can't because it'll be cheating and I know I'm not that kind of person but I'll always look back on my life and the things I regret never doing and- "

She stopped, both with her rant and with her walk. She turned back to see Nikki, looking at her like she'd seen a ghost. "Oh.... I.... wasn't..."

Oh...shit. She'd said too much. She'd gone overboard with her emotions and had revealed too much of her inner being. This is why you stay at work as much as you can, you idiot. "I didn't...I mean that wasn't...I hadn't been..."

"No, look, it's fine." Nikki approached her slowly. "I don't really care if it was too much, because frankly, I had the same thought at one point."

Renee blinked. "What? You can't be serious?"

Nikki cocked a slight half-smile, which Renee found she really liked seeing on her face. "You know how much time I spend on social media? The people who fantasize about me sleeping with John, or Dolph, or even Bryan make me laugh sometimes, but the ones who fantasize about me and Paige, or Brie, or Lana...those turn me on for some reason."

She approached closer until they stood only a few feet apart. "I don't know why...but that's a part of me I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to explore."

Renee gulped. She couldn't read the expression on Nikki's face, but it looked like a cross between recollection and child-like nervousness. "And...are you still looking to explore?"

She regretted saying those words as soon as they left her mouth. But, surprisingly, the smile on Nikki's face grew even wider. "Honestly...yeah. John and I aren't married yet so...I guess there's not long left."

The two looked intently into each other's faces for what seemed like an eternity. Renee's mind was so filled with different thoughts she didn't realized how long she stood there, or that her gaze had slowly drifted down to a pair of bulbous, wonderfully sculpted breasts.

And then she was there. Her arms had reached around her face so fast she didn't know what was happening until a pair of lips gently caressed her own. The kiss was so unexpected, but she didn't pull away from it as her brain finally came to the realization: this is want I've wanted.

Renee's hands came up to caress Nikki's face as she kissed her back, slowly and passionately in a way she hadn't done to anyone else before. The sensations coursing through her body set her nerves on fire, but she didn't stop, didn't slow down as the kiss continued. Nikki's hands were locked on her face, but Renee's slowly made their way down her smooth, hourglass figure until they reached her back and stopped. She pulled in until their two bodies seemed to be one person, locked in a kiss so deep she idly wondered if they'd be stuck like that.

Nikki pulled away suddenly, leaving a wanting taste in Renee's mouth. She kept her eyes closed, licking her lips and tasting Nikki's lipstick. She opened her eyes to see Nikki, walking away from her, but then she turned back and motioned for her to follow. Her walk was now decidedly to play with Renee, as her hips moved with decidedly more vigor than before. Nerves still afire, Renee quickly strode after her.

Suddenly, Nikki turned around and tackled Renee to the sand, landing on top of her. The blow didn't knock the wind from her, but it did startle her. Before she could ask what was going on, the kiss was back again, this time with Nikki firmly on top of her, her lips moving more urgently and hungrily than before. Renee responded in kind, like she was trying to suck out the part of Nikki's soul that drew them together. Their boobs squished into one another as they squirmed in the sand, and bounced off one another as though they were made to do just that. The sensation was-

Renee's breath left her lungs in a small gasp as a cold feeling suddenly touched her just above her vagina. Her eyes bolted open and she tried to look at Nikki, but she found she couldn't. The feeling was just too powerful; her gaze remained locked on the blue sky above. The touch of manicured fingernails slowly moved over the skin with a grace and charm of somebody who knew what she was doing. I thought she hadn't done this before...?

The sensation was mortifying, something she had only ever allowed herself to experience when she was alone, away from anyone else, enjoying a private moment to herself in the madness of the entertainment rush. But, with someone else guiding their way toward her secrets, she fully and utterly out of control. But she didn't resist as the fingers continued to caress her skin.

Renee finally managed to move her head down far enough to find Nikki's bright brown eyes. She was looking back at her, her eyes seeming to ask silent permission for something. Renee had a feeling she knew what it was about. She tried to speak, but found her air still wasn't back yet. Instead, she just nodded.

The hot/cold sensation suddenly began moving further south until Nikki's fingers were caressing her vagina instead of just above it. She began to slowly massage Renee's clit. She lay there on the sand for a moment longer, making little gasps as somebody else taught her a method of self-pleasure she hadn't every really tried herself. It started with one finger, then two, then eventually four, and started speeding up. Renee's gasps grew louder and more frequent with the motion. She idly felt her bikini top come loose from her left breast and felt the warm lips return and lightly kiss her nipple.

This seemed to calm Renee's nerves some, as she felt her pulse start coming down. In between her gasps, she started chuckling a little bit as the rest of the air returned to her lungs. " seem to know to do this- "

Her words left her mouth in another loud gasp, this one more veracious than anything she'd ever uttered. Nikki's fingers have ceased massaging her pussy and were now inside it, pushing in and out so softly it felt like warm air was passing through. Her eyes bulged from their sockets and her back arched as the raw, unchecked feeling coursed through her to the very core of her being.

She just put herself...inside me...?

The back-and-fourth motion began slowly, as the massages had, but Renee found she didn't just want Nikki's help. She reached up and tore off the rest of her bikini top, leaving both breasts exposed to the sun. Her hand dove down towards her counterpart's body and reached inside the white underthings. She felt and heard Nikki's slight gasp as she experienced the same thing Renee was still experiencing. The warm, slightly slick feeling on Nikki's pussy was unexpected, but extremely welcome to Renee's hormone-addled brain as she firmly fingered her way to where she suspected Nikki would be the most sensitive.

It was like they were playing tug-of-war. The first person to give up to the pull of the other would lose. Both women locked eyes and kissed fiercely, hands moving in the other's bikini with a passionate desperation. Searching for something inside the other's body...what that was, Renee doubted either women knew exactly what. But they kept rubbing, kept fingering, kept stimulating until...until...

She finally broke. "I think I'm gonna cum!" were words she never thought she would have uttered in another woman's presence until now. Spurred on by her masturbatory encouragement, Nikki has pushed Renee's pussy to the breaking point first. White-hot cum shot from her vagina so fast it sounded like a hose had sprayed Nikki's hand. Her fingernails continued caressing her insides, encouraging more of the same. Renee let loose with a long, hard groan as more continued spraying. Her thoughts began to whirl through her mind in a wild cyclone of wonder and anguish.

This has never happened before. And yet, I really do wish it had.

Finally, the sensation stopped and her body fell back to the ground, shaking with effort. Nikki's body fell back on top of hers, their boobs intertwining again and their pussies seeming to form a double decker elevator from behind. Or so they would have, if anybody had been behind them to observe.

The two breathed heavily for several long minutes. Or maybe it was only a few seconds. Time didn't seem to have much meaning anymore after an experience like that. The wonderful, inexplicable feeling she'd just undergone, while one she was certain they would always remember, was beginning to fade away. And she wasn't sure she wanted it to.

She opened her eyes to see Nikki looking back at her, blocking the sun with her head. She looked like a goddess of...something, her head silhouetted against a radiant beam of light. She smiled faintly.

" that.... enough...exploring for you...miss Bella?" she asked, trying to form words with lips suddenly gone dry. Nikki smiled broadly again, an expression that Renee had thoroughly fallen in love with by this point.

"If there' thing I take from's not giving up," she breathed, seeming to be just as out of breath as Renee was. "I'm not...not done if you aren't."

The mention of John Cena's name sent a whole wave of fire through Renee's mind. Here was a girl who had pledged her live to one of the most well-known people on the face of the Earth, who had talked about him incessantly on reality shows and made countless claims of commitment to him over social media, who had just had an affair with a woman she worked with who wasn't even on the same social level she was. Here was a woman who just went back on her word...for her?

Me. She did this for me.

Her smile widened. Remembering faintly that she still had her hand down Nikki's panties, she replied "I don't think... either of us... is done yet." Without warning, she plunged back into the depths of one of the most prized pussies in sports entertainment.

Nikki gasped again, this time unable to defend herself against the same feelings Renee was sure she was experiencing. But she exuded better control, as she laughed slightly and bent down to give Renee another deep kiss.

"I seriously have no idea where they went!"

The voice was faint, but just loud enough to hear over the soft rush of the waves. The two froze in place, Renee's fingers just beginning to enter Nikki's vagina again, stuck in time for what seemed like forever. Nikki's head shot up and over her shoulder, seeming to identify the source of the voice. "Oh no, we need to go!"

She rose from her prone position on top of Renee and started brushing sand off her body. Renee lay on the sand for a moment longer, the absence of Nikki's body pressed against hers suddenly becoming a void she wanted filled again. She struggled to find her bikini top from where it had been thrown on the sand.

"Here!" Nikki whispered, and Renee felt a light slap against her breasts as the top hit her skin. She shakily tried to get to a kneeling position, but found her thighs too week to move effectively. She gave up and tried applying the top on while sitting up, but again found it impossible to do until the hands came back, helping to move it back into place.

"Here...I'll help." Her voice was cool and collected, more so than Renee had thought Nikki's voice would be after what they'd just been through. The threads came together in a familiar patter to Renee's back as it came on again, and Nikki knelt next to her. "Whatever happens, that was a lot of fun," she said, winking slightly.

Renee gave her a slight smile and a nod back. "Best walk on a beach I've ever had."

Nikki grinned and gave her boob one last gentle squeeze before she rose to her feet and walked toward the edge of the rock outcropping. "Over here, girls!"

This time, Nikki's ass looked like it was moving as sexily as ever, but this time, it was all for her.

I think that's about as comfortable as I'm going to get.

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