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Exploring New Horizons
by NotTooFugly

Molly glanced at the match order for the night. Her finger traced down the
chart, stopping when they found encountered her name. She was opposite
Jacqueline it seemed. "Alright," she said to herself, turning to head back
to her dressing room.

"Hey Mol," a voice called from behind her. Molly turned to see Jacqueline
pointing at the chart. "So we're going tonight?"

"Yeah, looks like it. Should be good. I've always liked working with you."

"Same here," Jackie replied. "Do you have time to go over it with me?"

Molly glanced at her watch. The show started in about two hours. She
shrugged. "Sure. I'm going to my dressing room, we can talk about it in

"Okay." Molly lead Jackie around the arena to her private dressing room.
Vince had sprung for private dressing rooms for the diva's because he'd been
advised that they liked privacy. Molly was privately relieved at this, as
she'd always felt a little nervous undressing in front of others. They turned
the corner and arrived at Molly's dressing room.

"Come in," said Molly, gesturing towards one of the seats for Jackie to sit
down. Jackie looked around the room, then tossed her gym bag and jacket onto
the floor in the corner. Molly plopped down on the comfy sofa. To her
surprise Jackie took a seat beside her. Molly thought this was strange, but
she shrugged it off as a simple quirk. She turned to Jackie. "So, how do you
want to work this match?"

Jackie thought for a moment. "Well, I'm a pretty dominant bitch in the ring,
so I think I should slap you around for most of the fight. Then you can come
from behind for the win."

"Yeah, that sounds fine. I'll take it with the Molly-Go-Round?"

Jackie laughed. "Who came up with that name?" Molly chuckled.

"Some moron on the creative staff. They thought I just should have a cute
name for my move, since I was little sweet and innocent Molly Holly back

Jackie raised an eyebrow. "So, what are you now?"

"Just sweet," said Molly, shocking herself at the brazen way the response had
jumped out of her. "I mean-"

Jackie shushed her. "I know just you mean, honey. We ain't all innocent
forever. I know I ain't!", she laughed. Jackie placed her hand on Molly's
thigh. "We can't let our inhibitions control us if you know what I mean."
Molly gulped, trying to ignore the heat of Jackie's hand resting on her
soft thigh.

"Ummm, I nuh-need to use the bathroom," Molly stuttered, half running towards
the bathroom. She shut the door behind her and looked into the mirror. She
was flushed and sweating a bit. What is wrong with me?, she wondered, trying
to shake the dizzy feeling she had experienced. She tried to block the memory
of Jackie's powerful scent, hardly cloaked by her light perfume. Molly
managed to collect herself. I'll tell her to leave. I'll make her go. Molly
steeled herself as she left the bathroom.

Jackie stood in the doorway, naked. Her huge breasts heaved, large nipples
perked up. Her pussy was covered in black fur, shaved thin. Molly gasped.
"No, this isn't what I want. Please put your cloth-"

"We both know that isn't what you want sugah." Jackie said it, not as a
question but as a sheer statement of fact.

"No. please leave, please go." Jackie simply stepped forward, pressing her
thick lips to Molly's. Her lips were warm and soft. Molly felt dazed by the
power of Jackie's musky scent. Molly felt herself responding to the kiss,
hands clutching at Jackie's bare, muscular back. She forced herself to break
it, experiencing a keening sense of loss as she broke free from Jacqueline's
powerful embrace.

"This isn't right. It's not natural!" She pushed passed Jackie, trying to
ignore the electric shock that she felt when she touched Jackie's ebony skin.
She'd almost made it to the door when she felt Jackie's hand gripped around
her arm. Before she could voice a complaint. Jackie had spun her around,
planting a hard kiss on her. Jackie's powerful tongue pressed into her mouth,
overwhelming Molly's defenses. Jackie had Molly pressed against the wall,
kissing her hard. Molly felt Jackie's hands probing her body, squeezing her
breasts before moving down to clasp her buttocks. Jackie's hands dove down
to her crotch, pulling her leg up, and then bracing her knee so that Molly's
leg was pinned up, leaving Jackie total access to Molly's now aching cunt.
Jackie's hand clawed her cunt, rubbing her most vulnerable parts. Molly's
hands rested on Jackie's hips, gasping around Jackie's probing tongue. She
was orgasming, a powerful explosion deep within her belly launching fire all
around her body as Jackie's fingers dug at her pussy. Jackie's body was
pressed tight to her, generous breasts squashed against her. Jackie's heart
beat in time with Molly's, thumping wildly as she manhandled her. Molly
screamed into Jackie's mouth, sharing her pleasure. Molly grasped Jackie's
breast, squeezing it hard but Jackie paid no mind. She couldn't take much
more of this treatment, her pussy almost aching with the pleasure. Jackie's
lips pressed against Molly's neck as Molly rode out her orgasm. Molly's hand
clutched Jackie's tit almost reflexively. Jackie pulled back, smiling and
panting. Molly slumped against the wall.

"Did you like that Molly? Do you want me to keep playin' with your cunt?
Huh?" Molly could only nod, completely under the black woman's sexual thrall.
Jackie hauled Molly up, turning her to the wall. Molly didn't question it.
Jackie reached around Molly and grabbed her lapels, tearing her shirt open
without bothering to undo the buttons. Molly felt the shirt being pulled off
of her, leaving her upper body exposed except for her bra. Molly felt her bra
being unhooked, letting it fall to the ground. Then Jackie's hands were on
Molly's dangling tits. Her nipples strained painfully against Jackie's hands,
the dark womans long nails tracing dangerously over the delicate skin. Molly
felt Jackie's cunt pressed against her ass, so wet that it soaked through her
panties almost instantly. She could hear Jackie's low moans mingled with hers
as she rubbed her excited pussy against Molly's plump ass. Molly began to
wiggle her hips to help Jackie as soon as she realized that Jackie was
removing her pants.

Her panties around her ankles now, she was completely naked for the first
time with another person. Even as her boyfriend had clumsily fumbled with her
in college, she'd still worn her t-shirt. She felt terrible exposed, but she
didn't care. Jackie's fingered clutched down at her wet pussy again, index
finger working inside her. Molly moaned as Jackie worked her over, crying out
as she hit a particularly good spot. Jackie ground her wet cunt into Molly's
ass, moaning as her excited lips rubbed up against Molly. Her juice sluiced
down Molly's smooth crack, exciting Molly even as it lubed her asshole. Molly
suddenly felt Jackie's finger pentrate her asshole. Molly cried out, feeling
Jackie penetrating places that had never been penetrated before. Jackie
spanked Molly a little with her free hand, jiggling Molly's soft flesh.
Molly's back arched as she groaned at Jackie's ministrations. Molly felt like
she was in constant orgasm, hardly able to differentiate between pleasure and
pain, noting somewhere in the back of her pleasure-addled mind that Jackie
was grinding faster and faster against her. Finally Jackie barked out a shout
of joy, as she came against Molly. She placed a kiss against Molly's creamy
white back. Molly could hardly stand.

Jackie looked at her again. "Is that all you got girl?"

Molly shook her head. Jackie grinned walking over to where Molly stood. Molly
eagerly kissed Jackie, tongue running along Jacqueline's full lips and darting
into her mouth. Their cunts rubbed together as they embraced, Molly moving
down to suckle Jackie's nipples. Molly caressed Jacqueline's enormous tits,
licking in slow circles around the excited nipples. Molly's mouth opened
slightly, taking the left tit into her mouth. Jackie moaned, hands running
through Molly's short dark hair. Molly tongued the nipples, kissing them and
idly carressing them with her thumbs.

Then Molly knelt upon the ground. She licked Jacqueline's muscular belly,
tracing the firm muscles and over her navel, before trailing down to lick
Jacqueline's powerful thighs. Molly clasped Jackie's firm buttocks, then began
hungrily going at Jackie's pussy. She lapped up excitedly, making up for her
lack of experience with enthusiasm. Jackie groaned as Molly ate her, hands
pulling at Molly's hair, neck arched up gasping. Molly's tongue delved deeper
inside her womanhood, until her nose squashed against Jackies skin. But as
good as it felt, Molly sensed that Jackie wanted more force. Jackie graped
the back of her head and began jamming her hips into Molly's face, grinding
herself into Molly. Jackie's clit rubbed against Molly's eager tongue as
Jackie humped her face. Jackie screamed aloud as she began to orgasm, jerking
her hips even harder into Molly. Molly fell back a bit, head pinned against
the wall as Jackie hammered into her. Molly squeezed Jackie's firm buttocks
with increidble strength, nails clenching into her skin, but it only spurred
Jackie on. She ried with her climax, arms braced against the wall to piston
her hips harder and harder into Molly. Finally, she petered out, falling down
beside Molly. She picked up her white lover, gently taking her over to the
couch, where they nestled together in post-coital bliss.

They were late for the match up.

The End

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