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Exploring The Warehouse
by JGarces

Cathy Kelley hadn't been at her job with WWE very long when the idea to do a Facebook Live video exploring the WWE warehouse was broached to her.

"I'll do it," she quickly replied when asked about it, thinking it was the perfect opportunity to make some new fans and have me fun on the job, all while learning a little bit herself about WWE history.

That's where I came in.

I had been interning at the WWE for a little longer than Cathy had been at her job, but I had wanted the smoking hot brunette from the first time I had seen her from afar.

On the day that we were to do the broadcast, I arrived to the warehouse early to assume my duties as the cameraman for the shoot, but I found myself increasingly distracted from those duties the minute Cathy walked in wearing a tight black shirt and even tighter jean shorts that didn't leave a whole lot to the imagination.

"I wouldn't mind exploring her body after we're done exploring the warehouse," I thought to myself as I stared at her amazing legs and nice, round ass, a familiar voice breaking me from my thoughts about her.

"Hey there. I'm Cathy. Nice to meet you. I was told to talk to you because the actual archivist is taking a sick day and you are the only other person here who knows enough about this stuff to get a good video out of it," she told me as she introduced herself, prompting me to do my best to cover up the growing bulge in my pants as I carried on a conversation with her.

"Okay...I don't know why I wasn't notified of that...but I'm sure we can make it work Cathy. Name's John, by the way," I told her as I extended my hand to her, the guy who would now be doing the recording picking up her phone to start recording.

"And we're live..." he told us after he got through counting us down, Cathy beginning with her introduction and then introducing me as the stand-in archivist, before apologizing to me for putting me on the spot with such short notice.

"It's no problem Cathy. Now if you'll come with me," I told her as I motioned her towards some of the more historic pieces in the warehouse, hoping my wording didn't come off as blatantly overt as I thought it did.

"You know, since Money in the Bank is coming up, why don't we take a look at some of the old briefcases the winners used?" Cathy asked me as we walked further and further into the warehouse, finally coming up on the collection of cases.

"Now be careful Cathy. I'm holding this briefcase, which means I might "cash in" on you at any time," I teased her, clearly flirting with her in front of however many people were watching the live stream as Cathy giggled and tried to regain her composure.

"Well...I mean if you really think you could handle me..." she flirtatiously answered me back, half to the camera and half to me, before both of us remembered where we were and regained our senses long enough to continue the tour of the warehouse.

From that moment on, she seemed as interested in me as I was in her, but I wouldn't dare tempt fate by coming onto her again while the cameras were still rolling, so I settled for flirting with her every now and then in a way that made everyone see sparks were flying between us.

But as soon as the video was done we were left alone, things kept heating up between us.

"Boy you got a lot of nerve hitting on me like that. Especially when I was just doing my job," she told me, playfully slugging me as I mentally drooled over her long legs and imagined myself fucking the hole that was hidden between them.

"Well how about I hit on you now, since you're done doing your job? Cause I can think of something else I'd like to explore while I'm in here..." I whispered to her as I leaned into her, rubbing her arm and copping a feel of her tits.

"Keep your hands to yourself mister," she playfully told me as she pushed me away, letting me get a couple of good squeezes in before doing so.

"But I'd much rather they were on you. And I'd also like to have something else of mine IN you," I told her, making her blush at the thought of a guy coming onto her so aggressively.

"I know you're enjoying all this attention Cathy. Otherwise you would've slapped me by now. So how about we both act on our feelings for each other?" I told her as I trapped her against a wall of the warehouse and forcefully kissed her, keeping it planted on her lips until she gave up trying to fight me and started returning it.

"MMM...kiss me again..." she whispered as I planted a longer, deeper kiss on her, grabbing two handfuls of her ass as she wrapped her legs around me and started making out with me.

"Let's clear this table off and have some fun on it," I whispered to Cathy as I pushed all the briefcases to the ground, still making out with her as I placed her on it and removed her clothes, her shirt flying off as I slid her shorts to the ground.

"God you're sexy," I whispered to her, losing myself in the moment as I climbed on top of her, ditching my own clothes as I lined my dick up with her pussy and slid it into her.

"UH. OHGOD," she murmured as my dick entered her tight cunt, her long legs going up onto my shoulders as I started thrusting in and out of her.

"So tight...gonna make me cum soon..." I softly whispered to her as my hips slammed into hers, her legs hooking into my back as I started to suck on her tits.

"Fuck me...I've wanted you from the minute you walked in here..." Cathy softly purred, swinging her hips from side to side to match every thrust I made into her, her walls clamping down on my dick as I buried it inside of her.

"I knew you'd give in eventually. Doesn't this feel good Cathy?" I teased her as I sucked on her tits and battered her pussy with my dick, her back arching and her eyes rolling back into her head as she came for me.

"OHGOD...YES...cumming..." she moaned as she showered my cock in her cunt juice, her walls putting the squeeze on it as I grabbed her hips, pulled them forward and increased the pace of my thrusts into her.

"FUCK...GOD I hope you're safe..." I softly moaned as I gave her one last thrust and erupted into her, cumming deep into her pussy as her cunt muscles clamped down even tighter on my dick, forcing more of my seed into her in waves.

" that good deserves a little reward for you, too..." Cathy purred as she gently pushed me away before I could slide inside of her again, hitting her knees and licking her lips as she took my dick in her hands and lead it to her mouth.

"Like I'm gonna say no to that..." I teased her as my hands went to the back of her head, her lips devouring my dick as she started sucking on it, her hands holding it in place as she slurped all over it.

" you suck almost as good as you fuck," I told her as she worked over my dick, her eyes closing as she ran her hands over my dick and started to deep-throat me.

"OH YEAH. Just like that Cathy. Gonna cum soon," I moaned as my hands went to the back of her head once more, gently pushing her further down onto my dick as my hips slammed into her face.

"Cumming..." I moaned as I buried my dick to the back of her throat, my hips lurching as I came down her throat, Cathy sucking away on my dick as she drank all of my cum down, finally allowing me to back it away when she had sucked me dry.

"You ever want some more, you know where to find me," she teased me, not noticing me getting up and following her after we had put our clothes back on and apparently gone our separate ways.

"Whatcha doing there Cathy?" I teased her when I caught up to her a few minutes later, finding her staring inside one of the many caskets we had in the warehouse courtesy of the Undertaker, grabbing her hips and disrobing both of us below the waist once again as I ran my dick along her pussy lips.

"I'm about to get fucked again, apparently..." she teased me as I slid my dick into her pussy, her walls wrapping it up tightly as her cunt stretched out for me.

"OHGOD...fuck feel so good inside me..." she purred as I took her shirt and yanked it up over her head, never stopping the movement of my hips going back and forth inside of her the whole time.

"I'm crazy about you. I can't get enough of your tight little pussy baby," I lovingly whispered in her ear as I drove myself in and out of her, her walls pulling and clinging to my dick as she started to cum for me.

"Come on Cathy baby. Cum for me so I can fill you up again," I teased her as she threw her head back and came for me, slamming her hips into mine as she put a white-knuckle grip on the edge of the casket and went stiff as a board as her cunt juices trickled down my dick.

"OHGOD...OH good..." she purred as she came for me, my hands on her hips as I started pounding away on her, burying myself balls-deep inside of her as I exploded into her pussy.

"Cumming," I hissed as I pulled her hips back into mine, spraying my seed deep into her cunt as her walls tugged and pulled on my dick, riding out several orgasms before they finally released me, but not before every last drop of my cum pumped into her.

"OHGOD...YES..." she moaned as she started coming down off of her orgasm, pushing her hips back into mine as I ran my dick along her ass cheeks and slid it into her tight back door.

"Gonna pound on this tight little ass for a while now..." I teased her as I started fucking her ass, her anal ring wrapping tightly around my cock as I drove it in and out of her ass, tickling her bowels with it as she pushed her hips back into mine a little harder.

"I bet you want me to cum in it, don't you?" I somewhat cockily asked her as I worked her over, her body beginning to give out on her again as she cried out in orgasm.

"YES..." she weakly moaned, her hands shaking as they held onto the edge of the casket, collapsing into me by the time I started to cum in her ass.

"Might have to take another run at this pussy..." I told her as I reached between her legs and rubbed her juicy cunt as I filled up her ass, pulling out of her when I had nothing left to give her.

"Let's sit you down this thing," I teased her as we started making out, gently closing the lid to it and pushing her down onto it as I grabbed her hips and slammed them into mine, my dick slowly but surely disappearing into her pussy again.

"UH...fuck..." Cathy moaned when she felt my dick entering her pussy again, her tight cunt walls wrapping it up tightly as I moved it in and out of her, keeping my standing position as I pulled on her hips and pulled her pussy onto my dick.

"MMM...OHGODYES..." she softly moaned as I drove myself in and out of her, her walls wrapping my dick up tightly as she arched her back and threw her head back, her eyes rolling back in her head as I attacked her pussy with long, deep thrusts, pulling her hips back into mine the whole time.

"" she moaned as I battered her pussy with my dick, her walls ripping and tearing at it as I grabbed a hold of her hips, her legs wrapping around me as I drilled her.

"OHGOD...OHGOD..." she moaned over and over again, her walls tightening up as much as they could around me as I buried myself up to my balls inside of her and held myself there as I sucked on her tits, neither of us able to last much longer.

"MMMPPPPHHHH," she moaned as she came for me, her cunt cream painting my dick yet again as she arched her back and weakly cried out in orgasm, her legs limply hanging off the side of the casket as I thrust into her a few more times and got ready to cum in her again.

"This one's going deep," I warned her as I pulled her hips back into mine one last time, fighting off my own jelly-legged state as I drove into her one last time and came deep into her tight cunt for the final time, flooding her pussy in one final load of my cum.

"FUCK...fill me up stud..." she purred, her back arching one more time as she rode out a few more orgasms, gobs of my cum filling her as she did so.

"I think we're done here..." I playfully told her when I saw the flushed look on her face, a couple of her fingers plunging into satisfied snatch and fingering herself until she regained her strength enough to gingerly gather her things and get dressed.

"I wouldn't mind "exploring" this place with you more often John..." she softly whispered to me as we made out, holding onto each other as we headed for the door.

"And I wouldn't mind exploring your tight little body from some other positions," I told her as I slipped her my number, telling her to call me sometime so we could "hook up" in the warehouse more often.

"You'll be hearing from me again. Trust me," she told me as she kissed me and turned to go, leaving me to revel in the time we had spent together, wondering when, or if, I would ever hear from her again.

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