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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Also, Kristi and I don't.... DON'T! DO NOT!!! write the following types of
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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Exposing Y2J
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the locker room's shower area, the eight-time Intercontinental Champion
Chris Jericho is rinsing soap off of his body under the warm water spraying
from the showerhead. "Ahhh yea." Jericho says as he runs his hands through
his dripping wet hair before he turns off the water. Jericho steps out of the
shower and grabs a towel to begin drying himself off.

As the gorgeous self-proclaimed 'Sexy Beast', Chris Jericho, dries himself
off with a towel, the adorable and sweet ECW Diva Kelly Kelly stands in the
doorway of the showering area as she raises a camera up. Kelly bites down on
her bottom lip as she aims the camera at Chris Jericho and snaps a picture,
making a clicking sound from the camera. The adorable ECW Diva, dressed a
pair of jean shorts and a pink tank top, in scrunches her nose up as she
hears aloud the click from the camera.

"What? Hey!" Jericho says as he covers his crotch with the towel upon seeing
the flash of the camera and turns to look at the doorway to see Kelly.
"What's going on?" Jericho laughs a bit as the beautiful ECW Diva holds a

Kelly Kelly cutely lowers her head and laughs "Ummm...I was taking a
picture..." Kelly innocently explains as she lowers the camera and holds it
down in front of her waist.

"I can see that..." Jericho says as he holds his towel loosely over his
crotch, "Mind telling my why?"

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and cutely presses her shoulders up
"Well...ummm..." Kelly shyly turns her head away from Jericho "You
see...Ashley and Candice dared me to...they didn't think I had the guts to
come in and take a picture of you while...well..." Kelly blushes "Naked..."

"Oh I see...." Jericho nods his head as he starts to walk over to Kelly, "So
it was just a dare? I was just thinking it was for your personal
collection..." Jericho says jokingly.

Kelly presses her adorable lips together and cutely looks up "Well...I did
plan on keeping them too..." Kelly replies with a laugh before she innocently
looks at Jericho "You aren't mad, are you?"

"Are you kidding?" Jericho asks with a smirk, "It's like a running gag, every
year since I've been in the WWE some Diva has done what you did.... and more
often than not... they all got a little something extra to brag about."

Kelly's adorable eyes widen a bit "Really?" Kelly lightly licks her soft lips
" what?"

Jericho licks his lips, "Well... like this... for example..." Jericho says as
he drops his towel, revealing his semi-hard, long and thick fourteen inch
cock that is hanging between his legs.

Kelly cutely laughs "Oh wow!" Kelly says as she looks down at Jericho's semi-
hard cock "Umm can I touch it?" Kelly asks as she removes her left hand from
the camera and takes a step forward to extend her right hand to Jericho's

"Sure..." Jericho says, "You might want to take a picture of it... to show
any Diva's that haven't seen it.." Jericho says as he puts his hands on his

Kelly raises an eyebrow and cutely looks up at Chris Jericho "Umm. how about
you take a picture with me stroking it?" Kelly suggests with a laugh as she
kneels down a bit in front of Jericho as she wraps her right hand gently
around his hardening shaft.

"Sounds good..." Jericho licks his lips as Kelly hands him her camera.
Jericho checks out the camera and turns it around to aim it down at Kelly as
she moves her right hand back and forth on his hardening cock. Jericho then
snaps a picture when Kelly's hand is at the top of his shaft. Kelly leans her
blond haired head and gently pats her soft, wet tongue against the head of
Chris Jericho's cock as she feels his shaft hardening against her smooth
hand. Kelly adds her left hand to Jericho's shaft as well as she starts to
smoothly guide both of her hands on his cock while gently circling her wet
tongue around the head of his cock.

"Mmmmm.... damn.... you might end up with a few more pictures than you
thought..." Jericho moans as he snaps a picture of Kelly patting her tongue
against the head of his cock as she uses both hands to tug on his dick.

"Mmmm...yeah..." Kelly moans and cutely laughs as she glances up at Jericho
while moving her wet, soft tongue around the head of his thick and large
fourteen inch cock. Kelly taps her tongue against Jericho's piss-slit while
she moves both of her hands eagerly against his now rock hard cock.

"Ohhh shit... mmmm..." Jericho moans as he holds the camera with his left
hand as Kelly swirls her tongue against his piss-slit while twisting her hand
around his hard dick.

Kelly opens her adorable mouth and lowers her blond haired head down on
Jericho's fourteen inch cock to wrap her soft lips around the head of his
shaft. "Mmmm..." Kelly sweetly moans as she starts to gently bob her head on
Jericho's cock while lowers her hands down and playfully rubs his large ball

"Ohhh yeah Kelly..." Chris Jericho moans as he aims the camera at Kelly again
and snaps a picture of her with her lips pressing around his cock as she rubs
his balls. Jericho then licks his lips as Kelly smoothly bobs her head along
the long length of his huge cock.

"Mmmmm....mmmm" Kelly Kelly gently moans against Jericho's cock as she
smoothly bobs her head on his cock, gradually moving her head at a quicker
rate. Kelly's soft lips eagerly brush up and down against Jericho's shaft as
she happily bobs her head on his cock.

"Awww... mmmm.... damn..." Jericho moans as he watches Kelly eagerly suck his
cock as she turns her head slightly on his cock as she blows him.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh..." Kelly Kelly softly moans as she playfully twists her blond
head back and forth on Jericho's cock to grind her soft lips on his shaft.
Kelly's wet saliva drips down his shaft as she forces his cock deeper into
her adorable, small mouth.

Jericho flicks his tongue against his teeth as he snaps another picture of
Kelly as she takes nearly eleven inches of his cock past her soft lips and
into her mouth. "Mmmm fuck yeah... ohhh that's hot..." Jericho says as he
snaps another picture when Kelly pushes herself to take a full twelve inches
of his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah!" Kelly moans and cutely laughs around Chris Jericho's cock
before she slowly lifts her head. Kelly presses her lips together and scoots
back on her knees as she watches her wet saliva dripping down his cock "Wow're so big!" Kelly says with a laugh.

"Thanks Kelly..." Jericho laughs as he snaps a picture of Kelly's face as
some of her saliva drips from her lips as she looks his huge cock. Jericho
looks over his shoulder at a bench in the shower area that is used for those
who prefer to strip near the showers and walks over to sit down, "How about
we.... take more pictures... " Jericho suggests

Kelly smiles and nods her head "Oh that would be fun!" Kelly says as she
stands up from the showering floor and walks over to the shower bench to join
Chris Jericho. Kelly cutely looks at Jericho as she lifts her pink tank top
off of her petite and nicely tanned body. Jericho licks his lips as he snaps
a picture of Kelly's hot firm round tits after she takes off her pink tank
top. Kelly laughs as she unbuttons her jean shorts and starts to push them
down form her adorable, tanned hips and down her tanned legs. Kelly steps
out of her jean shorts and places her hands on her hips to give Jericho a
perfect view of her smoothly shaved and hot pussy.

Jericho aims the camera a bit lower and snaps a picture of Kelly's perfectly
shaved pussy, "Damn... I should join the WWE's photo team..." Jericho laughs
as Kelly starts to come towards him.

Kelly laughs as she gently places her hands onto his tanned, gorgeous chest
and pushes him down onto the bench, forcing him to lay down. Kelly takes the
camera back from Jericho before she gently mounts her petite, tanned body
onto his fourteen inch cock. "Mmmm ohhh yeah!" Kelly moans as she snaps a
picture of Jericho while mounted on his cock.

"Mmmm shit..." Jericho moans as he places his hands on Kelly's ass to push
Kelly upward on his cock so that that she can fall on her own. Jericho smirks
as Kelly keeps the camera aimed at him when he starts to push his cock upward
into her pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Kelly cutely moans as she smoothly rocks back and
forth on Jericho's fourteen inch cock to gently grind her sweet pussy against
his shaft. Kelly smiles down at Jericho as she snaps another picture, however
she manages a fumbled picture of his chest as she starts to rock on his cock
at a quicker pace.

"Ohhhh yeah Kelly... mmmm shit.... ride that dick!" Jericho laughs and moans
as he thrusts his cock sharply up into Kelly's tight pussy as she grinds her
pussy on his huge shaft.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she hands the camera down to Jericho
while gently grinding her adorable, incredibly hot tanned body on his shaft.
"Ohhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Kelly moans as she swiftly bounces on his cock.

Jericho turns the camera around and tries to aim it at Kelly as she bounces
up and down on his cock, "Ahhhh uhhh hey.... stay still!" Jericho laughs as
he snaps a picture of Kelly's tits and then one of her stomach when she goes
upward on his shaft.

"Ohhhh... mmmm damn..." Jericho moans as he manages to snap a picture of
Kelly's face as she looks down at him. Jericho lifts his lower body and rams
his cock sharply up into Kelly's pussy her, causing her to bounce up higher
on his cock.

"Mmmm...ohhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Kelly moans as she slams down harder on Jericho's
cock and the adorable ECW Diva begins to cum on his shaft. "Ohhhh yeah..."

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah Kelly... mmmm!" Jericho moans as Kelly's warm pussy juices
flow onto his cock as she grinds herself on his shaft.

Kelly closes her eyes and licks her lips as she slows down on Jericho's cock
to lighty and gently rock back and forth on his shaft "Mmm...ohhh yeah
Chris...ohhh" Kelly moans.

"Mmmm.... I think... we can get one more picture..." Jericho says as he hands
the camera back to Kelly before he starts to lift her off of his cock.

Kelly scrunches her nose up cutely as Chris Jericho sits the adorable ECW
Diva back onto her knees on the floor of the showering area "Really? Like

Jericho sits up and spreads his legs so that they are placed on either side
of Kelly, "How about you stroke my cock again and I snap pictures of your
face getting covered..." Jericho grins.

"Ohhh that would be fun!" Kelly says with a laugh as she places her soft
hands around Jericho's hard cock and begins to smoothly guide her hands up
and down his shaft while she looks up at Jericho with a smile.

"Mmmm yeah Kelly...." Jericho moans as Kelly moves her hands on his cock
that's extremely slick thanks to Kelly's pussy juices that are dripping on
it. Jericho snaps a picture of Kelly's face as his cock starts to throb in
her hands.

Kelly licks her lips as she lowers her eyes and locks them with the head of
Jericho's cock as she quickly strokes her hands up and down his throbbing
shaft "Mmmm...yeah Chris..."

"Ahhhh... mmmm yeah... ohhh..." Jericho moans loudly and snaps a picture as
the first shot of warm thick cum shoots from his cock and hits Kelly's lips
perfectly. Kelly cutely laughs and closes her eyes as Jericho's warm cum
shoots onto her adorable face while she smoothly guides her soft hands up and
down his throbbing shaft.

"Ohhhh mmmm.... ohhh yeah Kelly... mmm!" Jericho licks his lips as more cum
sprays from his cock and coats Kelly's face as she keeps stroking his cock.
Jericho snaps a few quick pictures, so that with each one, Kelly's face is
covered with more cum until he's spent.

Kelly removes her hands from Jericho's cock and licks her lips "
Chris.maybe I could take some more pictures of you again some time?"

Chris Jericho smirks, "That would be killer Kelly..."


"Yeah.... just as long as I get some pictures of you."

Kelly presses her lips together "I think that's possible..."


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