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Extreme Changes
by Angela (

At the Hammerstein Ballroom, in New York City, the WWE just finished airing
ECW: One Night Stand live on pay per view. It was an extreme reunion on a
global scale of friends who helped paved the way for the hardcore, in your
face, take no prisoners, beat the hell out of your opponent style of
wrestling the lit a fire under the sport through out the 1990s. However, not
every reunion was friendly. Beulah McGillicutty and the Queen of Extreme
Francine still had a strong hatred for each other, dating back to the days
when Stevie Richards Stevie-Kicked Francine to allow Beulah to win their
first ever match against each other. At ECW:ONS, the two women made surprises
appearances that not only shocked the world, but each other. In the backstage
area, Francine storms to where Beulah is, which is outside of the Tommy
Dreamer's dressing room, where the Innovator of Violence is receiving medical
attention. France sees Beulah and rushes towards her, grabs her shoulder and
spins her around.

"What the fuck are you doing here bitch?" Francine yells as she places her
hands on her own hips as she glares at Beulah.

"Excuse me who the hell are you calling a bitch you damn two faced slut"
Beulah replies as she quickly shoves Francine until she smacks against the
wall banging the back of her head.

Francine rubs the back of her head and then shoves Beulah until too hits the
wall. "Keep your hands to yourself your fucking Penthouse whore... what they
hell were you doing here tonight, you had no business interfering between me
and Tommy."

"You and Tommy never stood a chance and as for my being in Penthouse...your
just mad because they said you were too ugly for them and should try posing
for dog a million or something" Beulah replied trying to walk out of the
ballroom to head to her rental car.

Francine balls her first and she blocks Beulah's past, "I fucking hate you!
I hate you so fucking much I..." Francine suddenly grabs Beulah's face and
pulls her into a deep and sudden, forcing her tongue into Ms. McGillicutty's
mouth. Beulah starts to push her away but then slowly she realizes how it
feels to have Francine's tongue in her mouth and she quickly begins to

Francine moves her hands down Beulah's body, feeling her up through her
clothes as she breaks the kiss. She glares with hatred into Beulah's eyes,
"I so fucking hate you..." Francine kisses her again while pushing Beulah up
against a wall.

"I can tell how much you do baby" Beulah replies sliding her hands inside
Francine's top finding her breasts through the flimsy fabric of her bra and
she lightly runs her thumbs over her nipples "I hate you too" Beulah replies
before pulling her top down and beginning to suck on her breast through her

"You whore..." Francine moans a little as she runs her hand through Beulah's
long brown hair, pulling it a bit. Francine slides her other hand into her
pants and begins rubbing Beulah's pussy through her panties.

"Oh so I'm a whore...well your a bitch then" Beulah replied moving down to
tug Francine's nipple in her mouth gently biting it with her teeth while
playing with her other one from tugging on it to rubbing it.

"That's Extreme Bitch, slut..." Francine slides her hand into Beulah's
panties and presses her fingers against Beulah's slit. Francine hears foot
stops and looks in the direction they are coming from. She then puts Beulah
in a headlock, "Come with me slut..." Francine literally drags Beulah towards
where ring is and makes her get inside of it. Francine then gets in the ring
and smirks at her, "No we have some privacy you cunt..."

Surprising Francine Beulah spears her to the mat, and then quickly moves
between her legs and yanking off her skit following with her panties. Beulah
sticks two fingers inside of Francine's pussy rubbing them up and down slowly
"Now who's a slut hmmm... Francine?"

"Ohhh you bitch..." Francine moans a bit as she sits up on a bit. She grabs
Beulah's hair and forcefully lowers her head to her pussy. "You want my sweet
pussy... then eat it!" Francine grabs two handfuls of Beulah's hair as she
mashes her face against her twat.

Beulah slips her tongue between Francine's legs slipping it and out of her
wet pussy until Francine is writhing on the mat and moaning begging Beulah
not to stop and giving her instructions on how and where to lick.

Mmm baby... that's it slut... lick the clit, suck on the lips... work it like
the whore your are." Francine moans as she arches her hips a bit. Beulah
pulls her tongue out moving to lick around Francine's clit while watching as
she plays with her tits squeezing them together and moaning as she pulls on
her own nipples.

"You're a good like twat eater aren't you..." Francine smirks as she pulls
hard on her own nipples. Francine pulls own top off as Beulah slips out of
her jacket. Beulah's mouth goes to Francine's breast like Cookie Monster
would go to a bag of Chips Ahoy's. She starts sliding her tongue around it
before gently easing it in her mouth tugging on it and tenderly biting it.

Francine moans as she runs her fingers through Beulah's hair, "You're mouth
feels so good on my tits... I still hate you... but it feels good..."

Beulah moves down between her legs sliding her hands up between Francine's
breasts before moving to cover them with her hands "You hate me so much your
gonna cum for me aren't you, you little slut bitch?"

"You want me to cum bitch?" Francine smirks, "Then make me cum with that $2
whore mouth of yours..." Beulah moves to practically yank Francine's legs
apart, and quickly stinks her tongue inside Francine's pussy swirling it
around before moving to work it in and out holding her legs down.

"Ohhhh ohhh shit... got I so fucking Hate you... I'm cummmmmm ahhhh!"
Francine arches her hip, then her back as she cums as a result of Beulah's
excellent tongue work. Francine grabs hold of Beulah's hair and holds her
head right where it is to smear her juices all over Beulah's face.

"Tell me you hate me again and see where it gets you" Beulah taunts her as
she slaps Francine's ass as the Queen of Extreme moves to press Beulah down
onto the mat, kissing her with a force that almost made Beulah whimper.

Francine breaks the kiss and licks Beulah's face, "I know exactly where it'll
get me..." Francine grins as she slides down Beulah's body, pressing her own
down against her long time rival. Francine starts to tug off Beulah's pants,
followed by removing her panties. Francine then lies on top of Beulah,
keeping her pinned to the mat as she slides one hand down her body.

"Oh... mmmm... yeah Frannie" Beulah whispers

"You just spread these legs for anybody don't you?" Francine asks while
slipping her fingers inside Beulah's wet pussy thrusting them in and out
watching as Beulah began to moan and move with her fingers.

"Mmmm not... just anyone one..." Beulah moans her reply.

Francine smirks, "Sure... there was Raven... and Tommy..." Francine sharply
thrusts her fingers into Beulah's snatch as hard as she can as she said both
names. Beulah cries out softly wanting more of Francine's fingers in her
pussy but not really caring for how hard she had just jammed them into her.

"Easy baby...please" Beulah said and Francine smiles at her.

"Sure baby ...I'll just let my tongue take their place."

"Ok..." Beulah whispers. Francine slowly moves her head down to Beulah's
pussy and begins to eat her out. She flicks her tongue over and around her
slit gently as she moves one hand to rub her own pussy and the other to tug
on one of Beulah's nipples.

"Oh Frannie yes baby that's so damn extreme mmmm...yeah I want to watch
you eat my sweet pussy ohh come on Frannie eat it like a god little pussy
slut..." Francine grins up at Beulah as she quickly laps her tongue at
Beulah's pussy before sharply diving it inside her. Beulah bites her lip
and arches her lower body to press herself against Francine's mouth.
Francine is also moaning a little as she moves two fingers in and out of
her own pussy rapidly, trying to time it just right to cum with Beulah.

"I'm going to cum Frannie," Beulah whimpers just before an orgasm overtakes
her body, which sends Francine into an orgasm as well. Francine stays between
Beulah's legs using her fingers to tease her now.

Francine reaches up and strokes Beulah's face, "You taste pretty good..."
Francine then gets an idea and suddenly gets out of the ring. She looks under
it and finds what she was hoping to fine. Francine then comes back into the
ring with a kendo stick. "Beulah... I'm going to take us both the extreme..."

"Okay baby..." Beulah replies sitting up so she can watch what Francine's
gonna do she lightly rubs the kendo stick around Beulah's sensitive pussy
almost teasing her with it slipping it just inside her pussy before yanking
it out.

"Tell me you want to go the extreme..." Francine says as she licks up and
down kendo stick as if it was a cock while moving her hand up and down it.

"Yes oh baby yes I want to go all the way to the extreme...your the one
who can take me there aren't you me how extreme you can get

"Ok... you asked for it..." Francine grins as she stands up and turns the
kendo stick around. She stands over Beulah's spread leg and pushes the head
of the stick into her pussy. Francine starts to move the stick up and down,
in and out of Beulah's pussy like a plunger. She looks down at Beulah's face
and smirks as she sees the overwhelmed expression Beulah has.

"Oh my... damn Frannie push that stick in my pussy like a dildo yeah do it
baby make it fuck me Frannie... mmmm you ant to watch it fuck me don't you

"I must say I love the view I have..." Francine smirks as she pushes more of
the stick into Beulah's pussy. "Let's... how deep... can it go..." Francine
thinks out loud while continue to push it in her. She stops when she has to
add some extra effort, and her jaw drops. Francine looks down a Beulah who is
squirming in pleasure, "You fucking whore... that's almost 18 inches of the
stick I got into your wet pussy..."

"Did you forget how big Tommy is...I'm used to big hard things in my pussy"
she replies smiling as Francine moves to rub the top of her pussy while
trying to ease more of the stick inside her.

"Oh I remember how big Tommy is..." Francine smiles as she pushes in another
two inches of the stick in her, "Too bad the Dudleys fucked him up pretty
bad... but I'm satisfied with you since I hate you so much..." Francine licks
her lips.

"Are You gonna let me return the favor... let me make you my bitch for a
little while push that kendo stick inside that wet pussy till your moaning
trying to close your legs around it begging me to go deeper..." Beulah moans
as she has a mild orgasm.

"No way... this stick is mine..." Francine pulls it out of Beulah's body and
it's completely dripping with her juices. Francine helps Beulah sit up and
then together they lick the stick clean. Francine lets Beulah savor the taste
of her own juices and pats her thigh. "Go look under the ring... I saw some
things I bet you'll love to use on me..."

Beulah smiles before moving to kiss Francine deeply. She leaves the ring and
goes under the mat and coming back out with a folding chair.

"What are you going to do with that?" Francine asks glancing at it.

"Well Frannie it's simple... get up" Francine gets up and Beulah puts the
chair down but has the legs sticking up.

"Now get this chair leg in your pussy and move up and down on it while I play
with these extreme tits." Francine smiles as she steps over the chair and
slowly eases her pussy onto one of the legs.

"Ohhh god..." Francine moans softly as she starts to move up and down slowly,
but soon starts to pick up speed. She's grateful Beulah set the chair up near
the ring ropes, so she can hold onto them to keep herself balanced. "Ahhh
this... is... extreme...' she moans again as she rocks on the chair leg.

Beulah slides her hands around beginning to almost yank on Francine's tits
"Fuck the chair you slut toy... you want it in your pussy don't it's
just like a cock in your wet pussy oh yeah do the chair you slut do it harder
till you cum all over it."

"Lick... lick my slutty pussy..." Francine gasps as she almost goes down
completely on the chair leg, taking it in her cunt, as it was the most
natural thing in the world. Beulah kneels down and grabs one of the other
chair legs and slides her tongue against Francine's pussy whenever she
comes down.

"Ahhhh ohhh shit..." Francine screams as she cums on the chair leg and her
sweet honey flows out of her pussy and down the chair leg as she has one of
the most extreme climaxes she's ever experienced. Beulah stands up and helps
her off the chair.

"Get on your knees" she commands and Francine eases herself into that
position as Beulah kneels behind her slipping two fingers quickly inside of
her ass.

"Ohhh Beulah... I love the thought... but I need something... bigger in my
ass..." Francine moans as she looks back over her shoulder.

Beulah moved back under the ring until she finds a Singapore cane "Does this
look familiar baby?" she asks sliding back into the ring to start rubbing the
cane against Francine's ass before slipping it into her.

"Ohhhh yes it doesss..." Francine pushes back against the cane to receive
more of it in her asshole. "Damn I hate you..." Francine smirks a bit, as she
waits for Beulah reaction.

"You hate me do you? You little slut bitch well for that you get more of the
cane!" she replies starting to thrust it in and out of her asshole each time
pushing it in a little harder.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah... you whore... I hate you... fuck... my ass... fuck
harder!" Francine slams her self back against the can, getting more and more
turned on. She moves a hand to her pussy and begins to fuck herself with her
fingers again.

"You're such a whore, aren't you Frannie? Look at you pounding this cane in
your ass" Beulah smacks her ass while moving the cane in and out faster and
harder. Beulah the moves her free hand to push Francine's hand out of the way
to stroking her pussy with her fingers.

"I'm an extreme... slut!" Francine throws her body up ward a bit and leans
back completely on the cane as she cum again, this time resulting in her
honey squirting out of her pussy.

Beulah leans down to whisper in her ear "You're my slut... is that understood
Francine?" she asked as she gives Francine's tit a squeeze before moving
away. Beulah walks to the corner of the ring and climbs to the top rope
before sitting down by the turnbuckle and spreading her legs "Now be a good
slut and make me cum."

Francine gets to her feet with a smile on her face as she approaches Beulah.
She places her hands on her thighs as she moves her head to her pussy.
Francine starts to lap her tongue against Beulah's dripping wet pussy as
Beulah plays with her hair.

"Yeah show me how extreme you can get slut" she says grabbing onto Francine's
hair holding her head between her legs until she is coaxing an orgasm out of
her that is so intense she almost has to grab onto the ring ropes.

"Hold on baby..." Francine says as she holds onto Beulah's hips to keep her
from falling. When Beulah's climax subsides, Francine eases her off the
turnbuckle and kisses her lips.

Beulah slides her hands through Francine's hair holding her head right there
as she deepens the kiss slowly until Francine pulls away moaning. Beulah
moves next to Francine whispering in her ear.

"I can just as Extreme as you can Frannie"

Before Francine can answer they both whip around at the sound of Tommy
Dreamer's voice "I hope somebody has Paul Heyman on speed dial..."


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