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Featuring: Savannah (ECW on SyFy), Yoshi Tatsu (ECW on SyFy)

Extreme Initiation - A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at an episode of the WWE's Extreme Championship Wrestling brand,
the high flying sensation from Japan is getting warmed up for the night,
throwing some kicks to invisible opponents in a form of shadow boxes,
concentrating hard on what he plans to do to an opponent later on that
evening, already ready to go in his wrestling tights. Hearing footsteps
approaching him, he turns around, arms raised up in defence but quickly
relaxes, seeing that coming towards him are fellow ECW stars "The Gold
Standard" Shelton Benjamin and the current ECW Champion Christian, who are
both in a more casual look of jeans and their own merchandise T-shirts.

"Easy there!" Christian laughs, slightly raising up a hand. "Friends,

Yoshi respectfully bows slightly to the man who's become a sort of mentor to
him since his arrival on the show. "Christian-san! It is, uh, good to see
you!" He says, in his slightly broken English.

Shelton smirks a little. "Are you sure about this? I don't think he'll be
able to pull it off..." He says, speaking to Christian.

"Relax man..." Christian smirks back to Benjamin. "I know what I'm doing..."
He then looks to Tatsu. "Yoshi, listen, I've got a little...
Challenge for you."

"Challenge?" Yoshi is confused. "Like, match tonight challenge?"

"Not exactly. Listen, you want to be a WWE Superstar like me, right?" He
asks, and gets a response of a nod of the head. "Right, and you're on your
way to that already. But this is the WWE, and this is America. And here,
we... We do things a little differently than back in Japan. You know,
different food, different lifestyles, and different... Initiation tests, know
what I mean?"

Yoshi hasn't a clue, shaking his head. He's about to speak when Shelton
interrupts. "What Christian means is, you haven't been though an initiation
test like I have, and like he has. Every Superstar does one after they arrive
in the WWE. Cena did one, Batista did one, even Tommy Dreamer did one when he
first came here. So all you have to do is one test, and bingo! You're a true

"Couldn't have said it better myself." Christian says. "So what do you say
Yoshi, you think you can handle one little test?"

Not wanting to let anyone down, Yoshi nods his head excitedly, which makes
the other men grin, a signal that anyone else would pick that indicates that
they might not be telling the complete truth about what's going on.

"OK Yoshi..." Christian says. "All we want, I mean, all you have to do is

* * *

A few minutes later, in another part of the backstage corridors is the
stunning ring announcer of ECW known only as Savannah, looking incredible in
a figure hugging blue dress that shows off her large, rounded breasts with
vast cleavage and her long, tanned legs. She's looking over the match notes,
making sure she'll get each and every announcement right tonight, when she
hears footsteps approaching her. Looking up, she starts to smile as it's
Yoshi Tatsu coming towards her, looking somewhat concerned for some reason.

"Hey Yoshi!" She says in a friendly greeting. "How are you?"

"I uh, I am great!" He says, clearly nervous. "I uh, how are you tonight?"

"I'm good thanks, can I help you with something?" She says, slyly looking him
over as she can sense there's something amiss here.

"No! I mean, yes! I, ah..." He stumbles, not getting out anything at all. "I
am, uh, wondering about... How say, you are doing tonight?" The broken
English isn't helping his cause, and his slight blush show he's getting
embarrassed by it.

"Tonight?" She asks, getting very curious about him. "What do you..." She
starts to say, when out of the corner of her eye she spots something, looking
like a couple of people peering around a corner at them. They quickly dash
behind it, but not before Savannah saw a reflection of light, unmistakably
being that of the ECW Championship.

She smirks, looking back to him. "Yoshi, did someone ask you to come up to me
right now?" She puts a hand on her hip.

"I, uh..." He knows he's been caught, and starts to resemble a kid who's been
caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Christian-san and Shelton-san, they
said I must... Do, initiation test, yes?"

"Oh Yoshi..." She sighs. "There's no such thing as that. They are trying to
make fun of you."

"Fun?" He doesn't understand. "But... I like fun!"

Savannah starts to grin, a thought crossing her mind as she looks over the
handsome Superstar from Japan. "You know what, so do I Yoshi. So do I...
Follow me, right in here..."

A few moments later, and Christian and Shelton peer around the corner again,
soon stepping out properly to the corridor seeing the coast is clear.

"Man, now we've lost them!" Shelton says. "I know it's gonna be funny to
watch Yoshi get burned trying to hit on Savannah, but it ain't gonna be if we
can't see them."

"Relax, all we have to do is listen for the sound of a crying dude."
Christian says with a smirk. "Hey, don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but
there hasn't been a good prank pulled around here in ages."

"Yeah, like the time when Jeff Hardy's face paint got switched with..."

A moan from out of nowhere grabs their attention, and they both look towards
a slightly open door. Cautiously, they make their way towards it, carefully
positioning themselves to peak in, and what they see makes their jaws drop in
utter surprise.

Surprised they should be, as they never expected to see Savannah down on her
knees in front of a naked Yoshi Tatsu, as she slowly moves her head back and
forth along his rock hard, nicely thick and at least ten inches long cock.
The Superstar from Japan is transfixed, and rightfully so, on the sight of
the sexy ring announcer blowing him, her eyes drawing him in with a smoking
hot look as she smiles around his tool, having no problems at all handing all
of his impressive length deep in her mouth. He moans as he feels her pressing
her luscious, lightly lip-gloss covered lips tightly against his cock, while
at the same time brushing the tip of her nicely wet tongue against his
underside as it passes in and out of her mouth.

Her long, brunette hair lightly sways as she works her head smoothly forward
so her chin almost touches his balls and then back until just his bell end is
still in her mouth, and then she repeats the motion with her pace gradually
increasing over time, as if she's rewarding his patience and politeness with
an even better blowjob, which is hard to imagine as the look on his pleasured
face shows his mind is already being blown by this. He's not the only one
enjoying this though, as she's moaning slightly around his cock, and her
nipples are already hard and poking through the already straining material of
her low cut dress.

Closing her eyes, she pushes her head right down onto him, moaning as she
completely deep throats his dick and running her hand over his thigh as she
does so, again moving her tongue across and around his underside for added
stimulation as she gets his tool nice and wet with her skilled mouth. Turning
her head from side to side, she grinds her pouty lips around his dick, a tiny
drop of her own saliva trickling past her lips as she slowly draws her head
backward all the way to the top. With a sexy smirk she lifts herself
completely off, only to swirl her tongue repeatedly around the head, keeping
eye contract as she does so as both the actual sexual act and the power she's
having over him and the moment is turning her on.

"Holy shit!" Shelton whispers as he watches on. "I ain't never seen someone
give head quite like that, and trust me, I've seen some chicks who can blow!"

"We've heard all about you with Charlie's wife..." Christian remarks back,
also intently watching. "I'm shocked that Tatsu is packing. You know, that
thing with stereotypes and all?"

"Hey, some stereotypes I can live with personally. And why the hell are you
checking out his dick anyway?"

"That's not what I... Jesus look at those tits!"

Making sure that he's watching every movement, she brings her hands up to the
straps of her dress, slowly peeling them down her arms to reveal her large,
perfectly rounded tits in all their bare, completely tanned glory. She softly
chuckles at his very pleased reaction, coyly raising an eyebrow as she
motions with a finger for him to come down and take a closer look. He needs
no further invitation to do that, lowering himself to kneel on the floor
before reaching out and taking a breast in each hand, softly squeezing the
more than ample flesh which makes her moan at the tentative but enjoyable

Tilting her head back and leaning back, using her arms for support she pushes
her chest out, enjoying having her tits cupped and her nipples slightly
teased by his fingers brushing over them. But what really makes her moan is
when he focuses on just the right boob, lowering his head down so he can
brush his tongue all across it and then around the nipple. Closing her eyes,
she lets him take control and is soon rewarded when he shows off what his
mouth can do, taking her hardened nipple inside and strongly sucking on it
while continuing to grope and squeeze the same boob at the same time. As
his tongue flicks against her as he sucks her, his free hand has moved
downward, running up and down the smooth skin of her exposed leg, going up to
the thigh where her dress covers the rest of her before heading slowly back

She moans again, moving a hand up to the back of his head, lightly running
her fingers through his hair to encourage him on the good job he's doing, as
he moves across to the other breast, giving it the same treatment as he works
over her nipple with a combination of tongue and mouth action. Out of the
corner of her eye, she notices that the door she'd thought she'd closed
behing her was now ever so slightly ajar, and although she couldn't tell for
sure, she had a feeling that there were a couple of peeping toms by the names
of Christian and Benjamin. Rather than tell her impromptu lover about this,
she lets him continue to play, suck, and lick her desirable tits, figuring
what he won't know won't put him off, and also the element of excitement,
knowing that two more WWE studs were watching what was going on. Besides,
they set Yoshi up to try and embarrass him, it's only fair that there's
payback in the form of them watching, but not getting to touch.

The louder moan they here is the result of Tatsu going an extra step forward,
having slipped his hand underneath her tight fitting blue dress and between
her legs, easily able without the restriction of panties to push two fingers
deep into her already nicely wet pussy, not even letting her adjust to the
unexpected invasion as he starts to work his digits back and forth at a
steady pace. Groaning, she brings her head up, looking down at his moving arm
and biting her bottom lip as she enjoys being fingered by a fellow Asian,
adding to the sensation by moving a hand up to squeeze her own breast,
topping it off by pinching her nipple between her fingers.

Letting out a slight moan himself, he rests a hand on her shoulder,
concentrating fully on pumping his fingers deeply into her tight hole, the
slickness provided by her own juices allowing a smooth, quick motion in and
out of her twat, but he's not doing all the work alone here. She's slightly
pushing her hips back towards his incoming hand, allowing him to go as far as
possible into her needy pussy. Closing her eyes again and letting her hair
hand back, she runs a hand across her large, slightly coated in his saliva
breasts, partly just to enjoy this moment a little more, and also to put on a
show for the watching audience of two at the door.

"God damn it..." Christian says, keeping his voice down as he believes, like
the other peeping Superstar does, that he isn't been seen looking in. "That
girl is something else. I miss Lillian and all, but we got an upgrade with

"Yeah, Justin Roberts was a blast as a buddy..." Shelton responds, eyes glued
on the erotic scene inside the room. "But Savannah is smoking... Man, how
come you had Tastu go hit on her? We should have done it ourselves and gotten
a piece of that!"

"How was I to know they teach picking up ring announcers 101 in Japan? The
guy must know some moves, I mean, look at that trick he's doing."

Having no clue about the men outside looking in, the Japanese-born Superstar
just sees a sight far too good to pass up, and leans his body in closer to
press his lips against her luscious, full ones and to his pleasant surprise
she instantly starts to kiss back, mouth opening and tongue coming out,
inviting him to do the same. In a heartbeat they are engaging in a form of
wrestling more intense than any match they've ever been in or seen as their
tongues wrap around in each other, moans swapped between them as well as
spit. With hands running through each other's hair they deeply make out, and
all the while he continues to expertly use his fingers, swift movements of
the wrist to give her snatch all the attention it needs, still as snug as
ever but getting wetter and wetter by the minute.

He brings his hand to a stop, with two fingers still firmly lodged inside her
love tunnel, rubbing the rest of his hand against her pussy, the other hand
reaching across her to grope her ample breasts as his rock hard cock lightly
rests on her dress covered thigh. With a moan, the sexy ring announcer for
ECW on SyFy breaks off the kiss, letting out another lusty moan escape her
mouth beforeshe looks down, smirking as she takes his shaft in her hand and
begins to stroke it with a tight grip, making him moan and taking him off his
focus. Distracted his hand leaves her pussy, his two digits coated with a
generous layer of her juices and seeing his damped hand, she gets another
naughty idea, which makes her take a hold of that hand, bringing it up to her
face. Ensuring that he's watching closely, Savannah slowly licks his fingers
completely cleanof her own juices, causing him to moan in surprise and
pleasure at the actions of the beautiful woman.

With a playful smile, she gently pushes him backward so he's lying on his
back on the floor and before he can even utter a word in any language she
cuts him off not physically, but visually as she starts to slide the rest of
her dress down her perfectly tanned body, fully revealing her lusciously
curves as her smoothly shaved and already quite wet pussy. Tossing her dress
aside, she lifts a leg up and mounts him, easing his nicely thick cock into
her welcoming snatch, and both of them moan as she lowers herself right down
onto him until her well rounded ass is touching his balls, allowing her to
rest her hands on him, slightly rubbing over his nicely defined chest as she
rocks her hips back and forth slightly, grinding her pussy against his crotch
for a few moments.

Soon though she takes full advantage of this dominate position, leaning
forward and resting her hands on the floor on both sides of him before
lifting her backside up until she's just over halfway up on his cock before
smoothly lowering herself back down until her skin touches his, and then
repeating the process again in as she easily establishes a steady rhythm. He
moans, moving his hands up to rest on her toned waist to hold her as she
starts to ride him, tossing her hair back as she smiles down at him, enjoying
the feeling of working her tight, damp snatch over his impressive cock.

The gorgeous former Queen of FCW moans as she starts to quicken her
movements, her plentiful chest starting to bounce in time as she really gets
into the swing of things, turned on by the moans coming from the handsome
Superstar underneath her. As she moves herself up and down his ten inch dick,
she deliberately pushes her ass out not only to allow her to easily fuck his
manhood with her hot pussy, but to give the men sneaking a voyeuristic look
in at this horny sexual encounter the best view possible of the show, which
is certainly that as her more than attractive ass cheeks are slightly
jiggling each time she drops down.

"Tell me that is not the best ass you've ever seen..." Shelton whispers, his
head nodding along as he watches the ass of the ring announcer bounce from a
distance as he peeps in. "Well, after having been with Trish Stratus, and
that was one heck of an ass..." He says with a smirk. "She comes pretty damn
close I'll say. You could bounce a dime off that thing."

"Oh you would bring up the Trish thing again."

"Hey, and you wouldn't? You brag enough about nailing Jackie Hass all the

"Friends with benefits man, that's all it... Heck, why are we talking
about that, just look at that girl go in there!"

A mixture of groans and moans escape from the popular, high octane Superstar,
almost unable to believe a fantasy held by millions of red blooded males
across the world is coming true as the gorgeous female on top of him is
continuing to bounce on his shaft with absolutely zero signs of stopping.
Looking up at most easy on the eye member of any of the WWE's broadcast team,
the sight of the beauty moaning loudly with her head tilted back only makes
his own lust and excitement grow in bounds. So much so that now he
contributes to the motion, surprising her by pushing her cock up into her
pussy as she comes down, making himself travel that little bit more deeper up
into her tight, soaking hole and in turn making her moan even louder than

Licking her lips with a big smile, it's clear she greatly appreciates his
efforts, again running her hands over his chest as now the sound of skin
smacking against skin echoes around the room when his thrusts upward meet her
pussy coming down. Leaning downward, she raises her juicy ass as far up as
possible so she can still swiftly ride his dick while now pressing her
tanned, sexy body against him and it's not long before once again they are
lustfully making out with deep, open mouthed kisses that allow them to wrap
their tongues around one another shamelessly. She even forgets that she's
been watched from the doorway at this moment, but the unknowing Tatsu is just
fully enjoying this unbelievable opportunity to fuck a stunning co-worker,
moving his hands around to squeeze her ass cheeks which gets another moan out
of her.

Lifting her head up to moan again, Savannah almost yells in lust as she feels
him start to rapidly pump his impressive shaft into her soaking wet and still
very tight hole, to the watching eyes his meat almost looks like a blur due
to how quickly he's sending it in and out of her snatch. She can't even move
against this motion so brings herself to a stop, letting him hammer deeply
into her pussy, his balls smacking against her each time and her ass cheeks
even jiggle slightly from the force of the pounding. She grips her shoulders,
as if holding on for dear life as she bites down on her bottom lip, not quite
knowing where this burst of verging on aggressive passion has come from but
loving every moment of it.

Wisely though, so not to tire himself out too soon, Yoshi slows his thrusts
down to a more steady but still hard pace, making her groan a little in
relief as she's now able to resume moving her hips and ass back against his
pumps up into her pussy. Pushing herself up from him, she smirks as she sees
his eyes being glued to her large, perfectly rounded tits that are sexily
bouncing in time with the movements of her body against his strong, quick
thrusts. She leans back down again, this time using a hand on the back of his
head to draw him into her chest, and she soon moans as he takes full
advantage, his mouth going right onto her breast and sucking deeply on her
already rock hard nipple.

The stunning ring announcer can barely remember how this situation came to
be, so has forgotten all about the peeping in wrestlers outside. Her only
concern is with the handsome Superstar who's lashing his tongue around her
nipples, darting from one breast and then to the other with quick licks and
kisses across the bouncing, plentiful flesh while at the same time pumping
his rock hard, ten inch shaft into her soaking wet snatch with pleasantly
surprising skill considering his usual timid, polite personality. She's
certainly glad to have brought out his inner animal, her completely tanned
and wonderfully curved body covered in a layer of sweat, a sign of his sexual
skill in addition to lasting so long with a woman who would have finished off
most normal men many minutes ago. But continue they do, with her bouncing
away on the long cock that's pumping into her as he squeezes and sucks on her
big titties that erotically shake each time she moves herself back and forth
on his nicely thick dick.

"Damn it, where did this guy come from?" Christian is clearly impressed as he
watches on from the slightly opened doorway. "Guy kicks like a demon, and
fucks like one too."

"Well, Japan, I know that much..." Shelton says, also watching on at the hot
action going on. "I'd rather go to where she came from."

"Very funny... Coming from the guy who's idea this was that led to Yoshi
getting some in the first place."

"My idea? This was your dumb idea to try and embarrass the guy!"

A loud gasp is heard, caused by Tatsu taking the lead and surprising her by
rolling them over so that now he's on top with his shaft still lodged deep
inside her pussy as she's on her back, instinctively spreading her legs apart
so there's no restriction to accessing her wet and ready for more hole. She's
soon rewarded as he starts to plough himself hard and fast into her snatch,
driving her wild with desire as she moans with closed eyes, arms out to her
sides in a veign attempt to get some grip on anything. All she can do is lay
back and take a fucking that makes her body jolt back slightly each time he
pumps himself right into her, licking his lips as he gazes at the look of
pleasure plastered on her beautiful facial features, a look that only
encourages him to continue giving it to her like this.

His balls smack into her skin every time he sends himself straight into her
soaking wet pussy, his whole ten inches easily sliding in and out of her
making this quick, powerful motion seem effortless as he repeats it over and
over again with at least six inches staying in her at all times before going
balls deep once more. Her big, juicy tits bounce up each time he thrusts into
her, almost moving more than her body is as she slightly rocks back and forth
against his incoming motion, only able to do so much in response to the now
dominate man's sexual desires. Of course, the blissful look on her moaning
face shows that she has no problem with this turn of events, probably wishing
she'd gotten to know him like this a whole lot sooner, and in the back of her
mind planning future meeting to take full advantage of this once hidden side
of the star from Japan.

Moving her hands back in, the sexy Canadian grabs a hold of her large
breasts, squeezing them as they bounce from the force being put behind the
cock slamming into her snatch. Tilting her head back slightly and arching her
upper body up, she teases her nipples first by running her thumbs over then,
and next holding them between her fingers, pinching and pulling at them
slightly for even more pleasure on top of the great fucking she's receiving.
The somewhat unintentional show only gives him more ammunition than he
already has, his thrusts getting quicker and harder so that they are both
moaning loudly and freely, not caring if anyone hears them although she was
the only one of them aware that two people can not only hear, but are
intently watching them through the slightly open door.

Leaning over her, the man nicknamed the Cardiac Kid is showing his intensity
by using short, sharp pumps balls deep into the already well fucked hole, the
only sign that he might not be able to keep up this incredible pace being the
fact that he too is beginning to sweat, perhaps using up more energy in
banging the hot ring announcer than he ever has in any match of his career.
He's clearly in another zone right now, only able to grunt and moan as his
eyes switch between the expressions of lust and bliss on her face, and
her well rounded chest as she plays with her breasts to further enhance her

Wrapping her long, smooth legs around his waist, a last ditch attempt to hold
on as she feels herself approaching her sexual peak, she's able to grind her
pussy against him, slightly working over the long, thick length as it rushes
in and out of her, the slapping sound of skin meeting skin drowned out only
by long, loud moans of desire coming from both very attractive stars of the
WWE. Reaching down now he takes a hold of her breasts, cupping them and
teasing the nipples with his fingers for a moment before her own hands go
onto his, helping him to squeeze and play with them even more, a task not
easy to pull off as at the same time he continues thrusting into her soaking
snatch like it's the last thing he's ever going to do in his life.

Knowing herself that it's useless to resist, she arches her back as her head
tilts back, eyes closed and mouth wide open as she cries out in joy, being
slam fucked into a powerful orgasm by the handsome high flyer from Japan. Her
pussy clamps around his thrusting cock, tighter than ever before as a flood
of her juices flows out, coating the long, nicely thick cock of Yoshi Tatsu
that's left the gorgeous, busty Diva known as Savannah moaning and
sweat-covered on her back on the floor. Finally able to open her eyes after
feeling her orgasm vanish, she is clearly in awe of his ability as he pulls
his still hard cock out from him, and she had been left worn out from his
expert fucking but seeing the dick that had just driven her so wild makes her
lick her lips, and she soon has the energy to make sure he will never forget
about tonight.

"Jesus Christ, he just drove her over the edge!" Shelton states. "OK, admit
it, what would you rather have. ECW title reign, or one
night with Savannah."

"Dude, don't be stupid." Christian says, still watching on. "Night with her,
any time. Besides, I could win this belt any time. I've beaten Regal enough
times to give me twenty runs with this."

"You wish man. You wish. How the hell he smooth talked her into fucking like
this, I'll never know."

"We'll teach him English, he can teach us to pick up chicks. He at least owes
us that for getting him a piece of her."

Giving him a coy, sexy smile she beckons him down to her and he obliges,
mounting himself over her chest and before he can speak she pushes up her
very large and perfectly rounded tits with her hands, sandwiching his cock
between them and immediately starting to wank him off with her full mounds
that already has him loudly moaning even from just starting this. Her eyes
are glued down to his cock as it pops up from between her vast cleavage as
she moves her boobs up and down his thick member, her own pussy juices that
coat his shaft being more than enough lubrication to make this motion swift
and smooth, much to his complete delight as his vision is likewise right
down at the titwank being given to him by the hot ring announcer.

She licks her luscious, full lips as she can't help but watch his bulbous
cock head appearing from her breasts and going back down, and the sight of
that soon becomes too much to resist as she tilts her head towards it,
pushing out her tongue to lap it against the tip of his dick as it comes
close to her. They both moan at the touch, although his is naturally more
louder as she enhances the already awesome work her breasts are doing by
licking away and around his bell end. She closes her eyes, concentrating on
giving him the very best he may ever had, pushing her tits as close in
against his thick shaft as she can, making it almost completely hidden by her
more than ample flesh but still able to grind her boobs against his meat as
well as working them back and forth over his tool to make the action as close
to perfection as it may ever get.

Gasping and groaning, he knows this is going to finish him off very quickly,
so makes the quick choice to race right towards his own sexual peak by
thrusting his dick up between her mounds, fucking her large sweat covered
breasts as her cleavage has had her pussy juices that before covered his cock
now rubbed all over them. This makes his dick pump up into her tits as they
get moved down across it, so his bell end goes even closer to her mouth and
not missing a trick, she lashes her tongue quickly all around it, looking
seductively up with a look that is practically begging for his cum.

His quick, powerful thrusts has her breasts shaking slightly, her upper body
slightly jolting as she keeps up with him to keep wanking him off with her
big, soft titties as he fucks them at the same time, the erotic noise of skin
smacking into skin head each time he thrusts in and out between her boobs.
She groans as she licks away at his bell end, feeling his balls drag across
her skin as he pumps her, amazed that he's still got energy to keep this kind
of pace and action up after such an already intense, lusty fucking session.
If he's this good starting out shy, she can't wait to see how he'll bang when
he's fired up from the start.

Feeling his member start to really throb, he knows it's the point of no
return so he pulls his shaft out from between her breasts, and grabs it in
his hand, almost furiously jerking himself off with his dick pointed right
down at her tits, being pushed right up towards him and against each other as
she knows exactly what's coming next, already licking her lips as she watches
him stroke. With a loud groan of satisfaction Yoshi Tatsu starts to cum,
shooting streams of thick, white spunk out and down onto Savannah's large
breasts, coating her mounds with load after load that lands on both breasts,
down between her sexy cleavage and even across her rock hard nipples. She
groans as she feels the jizz splash onto her skin, watching with some
amazement as he has a big load to let out, continuing to stroke and stroke
some more until he's squeezing out the very last drops he has left.

With his balls feeling completely empty and his cock starting to go soft, he
lets go of himself, catching his breath back as he looks down at the
masterpiece he's created that's left her big tits very well covered all over.
She smiles up at him, using her hands to rub his spunk all over her breasts,
leaving them shining under the lights above as she makes sure no part of her
boobs is left uncovered by his cum. Lifting a finger up to her lips, she
flicks her tongue out to lick up some collected cum, giggling as he moans
at the sight before she swallows it down and moans herself, the perfect
finish as he even tastes great too.

Suddenly, the mood gets interrupted sharply when the door flings open and the
two peeping toms get caught as they tumble into the room, the ECW title belt
falling to the floor as does Shelton Benjamin and Christian. Yoshi yells in
his native tongue in surprise, quickly covering himself up while Savannah
just laughs, remembering that they have been watching the whole time.

"Get off me!" Christian yells as he and Shelton hurry up to their feet.
"Why'd you fall onto me?"

"You were the one who fell onto me!" Benjamin yells back, before a cough
makes them look around.

"Firstly, I think you'll find that I gave you a little push here..." The
General Manager of ECW, the beautiful blonde Tiffany states, arms folded over
her chest as she smiles at them. "Secondly, would you all mind explaining
yourselves to me?"

"I was..." Christian starts to point to the door.

"We were..." Shelton starts to say.

"I was just..." Savannah says, standing up and covering herself.

"Them fault!" Yoshi yells, pointing at Christian and Shelton. "They dared me,
told me to pick up Savannah as initiation. Savannah say they lie, but give me
surprise anyway!" Everyone looks at Yoshi who certainly picked the moment to
have some good English at his disposal. "I uh, I sorry Miss Tiffany?"

Tiffany just laughs, shaking her head a little. "It's OK Yoshi, I think I can
let this incident pass. You two..." She points at Shelton and Christian. "I
think I'll fix a suitable punishment for you later. I'll see you in my office
after the show. For now, I think you'd better find a shower and turn it to
cold, since, you seem to be quite excited..." She giggles motioning down to
the tents in their pants. Wisely, they quickly leave the room, most likely
taking her advice or at least finding the nearest bathroom. Tiffany looks to
Savannah. "You young lady had better get to a shower and then hair and
make-up, you've got a programmed of matches to announce tonight!" Savannah
quickly rushes, putting on her dress and heading out, knowing she needs to be
quick to be ready for the night.

Yoshi is blushing, covering his package with his hands. "Miss Tiffany? Am
I... In trouble?" He asks, worried as he watches her looking over him.

"Well Yoshi, I am surprised by you..." She says with her trademark big smile.
"I think I'll need to see you after the show as well, but let's make it half
an hour after, and not in my office. What hotel are you checking into

* * *

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