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READ THIS FIRST!!! We, Kristi and Dice, want you to know that this is
fiction. Once more, fiction. It ain't true, didn't happen and probably won't
ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Extreme Sucka
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following The Alliance's beat down of the WWF Superstars at the conclusion of
the July 19, 2001 edition of SmackDown, the reigning WCW World Heavyweight
and United States Champion Booker T, wearing black wrestling trunks and
boots, is returning to the backstage area of Boston's Fleet Center. "Yeah...
those WWF Suckas ain't got a chance this Sunday at InVasion.." Booker T says
to himself as he carries his two championship belts.

As Booker approaches the Alliance side of the arena, he sees ECW's new owner
and co-leader of the Alliance, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, wearing black
pants and a white blouse while she has her black suit jacket draped over her
left arm. "What's up?" Booker T asks as he walks up to the door leading into
his locker room.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley narrows her eyes and presses her moist lips firmly
together as she nods her head with approval as Booker T approaches her. "Good
work...good work indeed Booker..." Stephanie says as she tosses her dark
brown hair back as she leans against the left wall in the hallway.

"Of course sucka..." Booker T say, "I'm a four-time, four-time, four-time,
four time WCW Champion and the United States Champ..." Booker T says
boastfully. "This Sunday I'm gonna put that punk Kurt Angle out, can you dig

Stephanie smirks and laughs wickedly "Oh I can dig that...but Booker..."
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley says as she takes a sly, seductive step towards
him. "There's been something I've been meaning to talk to you about..."

Booker T raises an eyebrow, "All right... we can talk in here.... I gotta get
a shower after dropping Austin like a bad habit..." Booker T says as he opens
the door to his dressing room and enters before Stephanie does. Booker places
his heavy championship belts down on the table as Stephanie closes the locker
room door.

Stephanie folds her arms below her large chest as she starts to walk towards
Booker T as he rummages through his luggage. " know you are a
great asset to my brother Shane and well as The Alliance..." Stephanie
begins to say, boosting Booker T's ego, as she extends her left arm and
places her left hand gently against his muscular arm.

"Course I know that... cause without me... the Alliance ain't got any real
gold..." Booker replies as he glances down at Stephanie's left hand that's on
his arm.

Stephanie nods her head "That's very true're the biggest star of
The Alliance! No one is more of a star than you!" Stephanie says as her
casual, wicked and sly smirk continue to grow on her face. Stephanie slyly
moves her left hand against Booker's muscular arm. "But I need to know one
thing..." Stephanie says as she locks her powerfully manipulative eyes with
the reigning WCW Heavyweight and United States Champion.

"What's that sucka?" Booker T asks.

"I need to know Booker that if something ever happened between Shane and
I...and say WCW split away from ECW, that you would have my back..."
Stephanie says with a sly smirk "Because Booker...I would treat you right..."
Stephanie says as she moves her left hand continually against his arm, her
fingers lingering against each muscle of his arm.

Booker T raises an eyebrow, "Whatcha talkin' about Stephanie?" Booker asks as
Stephanie slides her fingers against his muscular arm.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and locks her manipulative eyes with Booker T as
she moves her hand back down his muscular arm. "What I'm talking about
Booker, is that I would give you exactly what wanted and needed..."

"All right... I can dig that..." Booker T says, "How about showin' me what ya
would do for me?" Booker asks.

Stephanie slowly nods her head and smirks. "I can do that fact,
I'd be more than happy to..." Stephanie says as she moves her hands down
against his muscular black chest. Booker T smirks as Stephanie's hands are
now moving against his well defined abs as she gradually lowers them to the
waist line of his black wrestling trunks. Stephanie lifts her sly and
manipulative eyes to look up at Booker T. "Do you like getting your dick
sucked, Booker?" Stephanie asks with a wicked laugh as she starts to push his
wrestling trunks down from his muscular waist, while at the same time
lowering herself down onto her knees.

"Yeah sucka... I like getting my dick sucked..." Booker T says as Stephanie
pulls down his black wrestling trunks from waist, freeing his hardening,
long, thick and black cock.

"Mmmm...good..." Stephanie smirks and licks her lips as she places her left
hand around Booker T's exposed, semi-hard black cock and begins to smoothly
stroke her hand against his shaft.

"Aww yeah..." Booker T moans as Stephanie uses her left hand to stroke his
cock while she pulls his wrestling trunks all the way down to his boots
covered feet so that he steps out of them. Stephanie grits her teeth and
slyly glares up at Booker T as she moves her left hand swiftly against the
base of his shaft to the very tip of his cock's head, feeling his black shaft
harden and widen rapidly against her hand.

"Mmmm..." Booker licks his lips as Stephanie flicks her billion dollar tongue
against the tip of his now rock hard black dick while she rapidly pumps her
left hand along the shaft. Stephanie closes her eyes and softly moans as she
works her soft, wet tongue around the thick head of Booker's black shaft,
nicely coating her wet saliva on the surface of the cock's head while she
uses her talented tongue to tease him. Booker T places his hands on his
muscular waist as Stephanie slides her tongue back and forth against the
bottom of the head of his cock.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh..." Stephanie softly moans as she blindly works her wet, soft
and talented tongue down Booker's long and thick black shaft, nicely coating
it with her saliva. Stephanie's soft and tender tongue perfectly slides
against his shaft as she able to feels his shaft tensing with pleasure.

"Ahhhh shit..." Booker T groans as Stephanie drags her soft, wet tongue up
and down the sides of his long, thick, black dick.

Stephanie slowly opens her manipulative, seductive eyes and glances up at
Booker T as she drops her wet tongue from his shaft to his swollen, large
black ballsack. "Mmmmmm..." Stephanie moans as she massages her wet tongue
against his black sack, tasting it's salty sweetness.

"Awww... shit... mmm..." Booker T moans as Stephanie works her tongue against
his large ballsack as she keeps her left hand stroking his stiff shaft.
Stephanie wickedly smirks up at Booker T before she starts to slyly drags her
wet tongue back up his black shaft before she reaches the very tip and opens
her skilled mouth to impressively take his large black cock into her mouth.
Booker T grits his teeth as Stephanie begins to bob her head up and down on
his cock. Each time she lowers her head on his shaft, she takes it a little
bit further past her beautiful lips.

"Mmmmmmm..." Stephanie lustfully groans as she presses her lips tighter
around Booker T's black shaft and starts to bob her head at a more steady
pace, taking him deeper and quicker into her hot mouth

"Awww.... mmmm..." Booker T moans as Stephanie has about half of his big
black dick inside of her mouth as she bobs her head at a steadily increasing
pace. Stephanie once again lifts her beautiful, manipulative eyes and firmly
locks them with Booker T as she smoothly bobs her head on his black cock,
perfectly sucking his shaft like a pro. Stephanie's soft and moist lips brush
back and forth constantly against his dick as she turns her lips to massage
his shaft while sucking.

Booker T brings his right hand from his waist and places it on the side of
Stephanie's head as she drags her lips along his shaft as she bobs her head
back and forth on his cock. Stephanie's saliva drips from Booker T's shaft
she brings her head to the top of his dick. Stephanie brush her wet, soft
tongue just below the head of his black shaft before she spreads the width of
the lips and bobs her head deeply on his black shaft, taking him impressively
into her mouth.

"Ohhh yeah.... mmmm fuck... I can dig that sucka... mmmm..." Booker moans as
Stephanie works on deep throating Booker's thick black cock. With her hand
still wrapped around the base of his shaft Stephanie doesn't quite get it all
within her extreme billion dollar mouth as it starts to throb. Stephanie
twists her left hand against the base of his shaft as she starts to suddenly
bob her head at an intense, quick speed, feeling his shaft pulsating against
her luscious lips as she works over his cock perfectly.

"Ahhhhh.... awwwww fuck sucka..." Booker T moans as he starts to cum inside
of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's hot wet billion-dollar mouth.

Stephanie presses her lips tightly around Booker T's black cock and lightly
bobs her head as she completely milks the cum from his cock and hungrily
swallows the warm, thick load. Stephanie lifts her head up with a sly smirk
and raises an eyebrow. "You want more Booker? Then you have to prove to me
that you will have my back..."


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