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Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction that is based on a recurring
fantasy that pops up in my mind frequently. If you are offended by this
material and/or you are under the age of 18, do not read this.

Divas: Taryn "Tiffany" Terrell, Courtney Taylor, Angela "Savannah" Fong

Extremely Concupiscent Women
by Number One (

ECW's newest Divas, Courtney Taylor and Savannah, were backstage engaging in
a conversation. Both ladies were elated to be in WWE, but they were even more
elated to be in WWE together. Courtney and Savannah are close friends,
however they each have an identical secret. Each one has a crush on the
other, but they are too afraid to express it to each other.

As the girls were walking backstage chatting away, they heard the sweet voice
of ECW's beautiful General Manager, Tiffany. "Hello, ladies," she innocently

"Hello, Tiffany," Courtney and Savannah both responded.

"Listen," said Tiffany, "I want to take this time to welcome you to ECW. I
also want to apologize for taking so long to do so. The job I have can be
quite strenous at times."

"That's OK," said Courtney. "Savannah and I are just happy to be part of this
fun experience."
"We understand that you're a busy lady," said Savannah.

"Well, I am happy to have you both here," Tiffany said with her usual cute,
toothy grin on her face. "You girls are each doing a wonderful job. I want
talk more about your places in ECW in my office. Come on by in about three

"OK," replied Courtney. "We'll be there."

Tiffany headed to her office, seemingly contented with herself. There's no
doubt that the young blonde has some power inside of ECW as the brand's
General Manager. But what isn't known is that she also has powers outside of
ECW as well...otherworldly powers. Under that sweet exterior lies a devious
and seductive sorceress, oozing with sex appeal and looking for erotic

The first thing Tiffany did after entering her office was admire herself in
her full-body mirror. She looked gorgeous in her business attire, which
consisted of light-green top under a gray blazer, pearl necklaces, and a
short but proper gray skirt. "Beautiful," said Tiffany. "But I want something
a little sexier for tonight." With a snap of her fingers, the authoritative
beauty was out of her usual attire and into a stunning black robe draped
around a provocative one-piece outfit..

"Now, that's more like it," the smirking blonde commented. "The perfect look
to turn those hot bitches into my personal sex slaves." Tiffany laughed in
evil delight, however, her maniacal cackling was interrupted by a knock at
her door. The young blonde quickly composed herself and sat at her desk with
her chair not facing the door.

"Tiffany?" she heard Savannah yell. "We're here!"

"Come in," Tiffany said sweetly.

Courtney and Savannah entered the office of ECW's General Manager, only to
find her wearing her sexy lingerie as she swiveled her chair a full 180
degrees. "Hello, ladies," she greeted. The interviewers were speechless as
they both feasted their eyes on their boss. "Like what you see?" asked

"You look lovely," said Courtney. "What do you think, Savannah?"

"I think she's hot!" the Asian-Canadian bombshell exclaimed.

"Oh, really?" said Tiffany, who walked closer to Savannah. "Because I've been
watching the both of you for a short while and I think you have eyes for
Courtney." That particular statement shocked Savannah -- especially because
she didn't tell anyone about her crush on Courtney.

"Courtney and I are just friends," Savannah said nervously.

"Just friends?" Tiffany said with a devious smile on her face. She moved away
from Savannah and turned her attention to Courtney. With Savannah watching,
the enchanting GM passionately fondled and kissed the blonde beauty. "What
are you doing, Tiffany?" Courtney asked her seductive superior.

"What does it look like I'm doing, sweetie?" said Tiffany, who continued to
caress Courtney's lovely body. The sexy interviewer trembled in a mix of
nerves and passion as Tiffany began to slowly undress her. "But Savannah's
watching," said Courtney.

"Don't mind her," said Tiffany. "Let her watch. After all, that is what
friends do." While holding Courtney in her arms behind her, the provocative
GM glanced at Savannah, who was trying desperately to hold back her emotional
feelings. "Right, Savannah?" she said, smiling deviously.

Having had enough emotional torment, the Asian beauty snatched her friend and
crush from Tiffany's grasp and made out with her -- something she had wanted
to do for a long time. The blonde bombshell laughed evilly as she watched her
two employees kiss each other ferociously and passionately. "Just friends,
huh?" she said mockingly.

"How did you know?" asked Savannah. "I never told anyone, especially
Courtney. I was too afraid to tell her."

"I don't see why," said Tiffany. "After all, Courtney shares the same
feelings for you that you have for her."

Courtney and Savannah looked at each other with giddy smiles on their faces.
But while each Diva expressed relief that they could no longer hide their
amorous affinity for each other, they turned to Tiffany, each wearing a look
of shock, awe, and astonishment. "What?" the smirking GM said.

"This maybe a nutty question," said Courtney, "but are you some sort of witch
or something?" Tiffany responded the best way she could. She held up her
hands, snapped both fingers, and in a split second, Courtney and Savannah
were wearing nothing but a pair of pumps. "Does that answer your question?"
the bewitching blonde asked.

"Just what are you going to do with us?" asked Savannah. Tiffany again gave
no answer; she simply walked towards the Divalicious pair and made her move
on each one. The beautiful, blonde GM kissed each one of the ladies softly --
Savannah first and Courtney second -- before allowing them to embrace each
other in romantic fashion.

Courtney and Savannah started off French-kissing each other passionately.
After the make-out session, Savannah began fondling Courtney's luscious
breasts and later licking and sucking on them. While that was going on,
Tiffany stood idly by and watched as her ladies were all over each other.

"Aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...," Courtney softly moaned as she was being pleasured
by the object of her infatuation. Tiffany continued to watch as Courtney held
her lover's head up and kissed her once again. The deliciously wicked GM
finally walked towards the pair and brought them closer to her.. "Come, my
pets," she said, smirking deviously. "Come."

The ladies, seemingly under Tiffany's evil spell, walked closer to their boss
and lover. The luscious golden-haired beauty again French-kissed both Divas
before she fondled and caressed each one. She had Savannah on her right and
Courtney on her left, but she held both of them very closely. Tiffany had her
hands all over each Diva -- moving them down their backs all the way to their
beautiful backsides. The sexy GM gave simultaneous slaps to both asses.

"Ooohhh! Ahhhhh!" Savannah and Courtney moaned in ecstasy. For each sensual
slap that their boss delivered, the ladies' erotic screams were louder and
louder. "AAAAHHH!!! OH YES!!!" Tiffany revelled in the orgasmic bellows of
her sexual subordinates, but she wanted more. The alluring authoritative
blonde gently stroked and fingered both Divas' tight and wet pussies.

"Yes, yes, OH GOD YES!!!" Courtney shrieked loudly.

"OH!! OHH!! OHHHH!!!" screamed Savannah.

Tiffany was aroused as well -- not only by her hedonistic act, but by the
near ear-piercing orgasms of her two lovers. "Scream, my lovelies," the
wicked blonde said. "Scream your little hearts out!" Tiffany's fingerbanging
was now more intense than ever, so much that the ladies nearly couldn't stand

"AAAAHHH!!! AAAAGGHHH!!" Courtney and Savannah each let out shrieks of
undisputed pleasure, shrieks that were music to Tiffany's ears. However, she
was a little dismayed that her lovers were getting all the enjoyment out of
their experience. Tiffany finally released her sexual hold from her
spellbound servants.

"Why did you stop, Mistress?" a near-breathless Courtney asked.

"Why?!" Tiffany responded indignantly. "I am the General Manager here, and I
am the one should get all the pleasure!" In the midst of her anger, Tiffany
nearly forgot that her hands had the erotic fluids of both of her sex
servants. As she looked at her soaked fingertips, an evil smile spread across
her pretty face. "Ladies," she said, "I have a proposition for you."

"What did you have in mind?" asked Savannah.

"I haven't tasted either of your internal liquids just yet," said Tiffany.
"And my beautiful pussy is drenching in delight. So here's the deal. I will
simply sample each of your juices, and whoever is more delectable will sample
my goodies." Tiffany gave a mischievous look to both Divas. "Deal?"

"Yes, Mistress," Courtney and Savannah both answered.

First, Tiffany lusciously licked Courtney's fluids from her left hand.
Afterwards, she gave the mesmerized blonde an amorous glance and motioned for
her to come closer. "You taste delicious, sweetheart," Tiffany said before
kissing Courtney's beautiful lips.

"Thank you," said Courtney.

Tiffany amorously licked off Savannah's juices from the fingers of her right
hand. "Mmmmm," she softly moaned, "how delectable." The horny blonde glanced
at both Divas repeatedly for a good 15 seconds before finally making a
decision. "Courtney," she said, "undress me. Slowly."

"Yes, Mistress," the hypnotized blonde responded. Courtney steadily walked
past Tiffany and stood right behind her. She did as her boss instructed and
removed all of her clothing -- her robe and her sexy one-piece outfit --
slowly and seductively.

"Savannah?" Tiffany called out to the Asian beauty. "Come." Savannah did as
ordered and walked closer to the dominant blonde. She and Tiffany kissed
passionately while Courtney held her boss in her arms from behind her. "On
your knees, sweetie," the gorgeous GM ordered. Without responding, the
subservient Savannah got down on her knees and began to pleasure her superior
orally. While she was doing so, Courtney was right behind Tiffany, unable to
keep her hands off her. The blonde interviewer fondled her entire body,
focusing mostly on her breasts.

"Aaaahhh...aaaahhhh...AAH!" Tiffany squealed erotically as both Divas were
pleasuring her. As Savannah continued to eat her lover's snatch like a two-
piece dinner, the tone of Tiffany's squeals changed from soft and innocent to
loud and aggressive.

"OH YES!" the bewitching blonde bellowed in intense ecstasy while being
orally pleasured. "You love my pussy, don't you? Don't you, you little
slut?!" After a few more minutes of carpet-munching, Tiffany decided that it
was time for Courtney to take her turn. "Stop," she firmly ordered Savannah..
"Rise, my pet." The Asian-Canadian vixen rose from her kneeling position, and
was on the receiving end of a romantic liplock delivered by Tiffany.

"You were magnificent, Savannah," said Tiffany, "but now it's Courtney's
turn." The gorgeous GM turned around and faced Courtney, who had been
standing behind her during Savannah's tongue play. The two blondes kissed
passionately while the Asian beauty simply stood and watched.

"Courtney," said Tiffany, "on your knees."

"As you wish," the mesmerized Courtney replied. She did as was ordered by her
sexy and devilish superior and kneeled down before her. "Now, just as your
little playmate did," said Tiffany, "taste my beautiful and luscious pussy.
And I suggest you do a good job." Courtney gently kissed Tiffany's shaved
snatch before she was to do what was instructed.

"Ahhh...yes," said Tiffany. "Yes, that's it." The blonde interviewer began
licking and fingering the sexy GM's wet pussy, causing her to go ballistic
with pleasure. "Oh yes, that's it!" she shouted at Courtney. "More! MORE!!!"
While the two blondes were going at it, Savannah stood idly by,
watching...and getting heavily turned on.

"Savannah," Tiffany said between orgasms, "are you -- ahhh! -- enjoying the

"Yes, I am," said Savannah, posing suggestively. The Asian beauty walked
towards Tiffany and started caressing and kissing her all over, just as
Courtney did when the roles were reversed. The blonde interviewer was still
giving her authoritative lover oral satisfaction when Savannah joined in.
Tiffany was basking in all of the sexual pleasure she had given and was
currently receiving. It wasn't just all about control for her. She loved
sharing a beautiful and passionate moment with not one, but two lovely

"Aahhhh...aaahhh...stop!" Tiffany commanded. After Courtney quickly ceased
her sexual act, the beautiful GM took some time to compose herself. "You two
ladies were phenomenal," she said, still giddy over their escapade.

"Thank you," Courtney and Savannah said in unison. Tiffany looked at the pair
with a baffled expression as they eyed each other quite awkwardly. "What's
the matter with you two?" she asked. "It's obvious that you two love each
other. Why don't you express it?"

"We can't," replied Courtney.

"We're afraid of what people might say," said Savannah.

"OK, I'll tell you what," said Tiffany. "I will keep any and all liasions you
guys have with each other...under one condition."

"What's that?" asked Savannah.

"When I call for you, you answer," said Tiffany. "I could ask for one of you,
or both if I'm in the mood. But when I want to be pleasured, you will tend to
my sexual whims. The seductive GM kissed each of her subordinates softly on
their luscious lips. "Is that a deal, ladies?"

"Yes, Mistress," both Divas said in ecstatic synchronization.

"Excellent," Tiffany said, smiling devilishly.

The End

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