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Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction that is based on a recurring
fantasy that pops up in my mind frequently. If you are offended by this
material and/or you are under the age of 18, do not read this.

Divas: Taryn "Tiffany" Terrell, Katie Lea, Rosa Mendes

Extremely Concupiscent Women Part 2
by Number One (

It had been quite an interesting year for Rosa Mendes. It all began a day
after Survivor Series last year, when she was part of the Monday Night Raw
crowd, holding a sign stating her admiration and fanaticism for the Glamazon,
Beth Phoenix. Since then, she became part of the Raw roster, spending her
tenure there under the tutelage of the dominant former two-time Women's

Rosa found herself on the ECW roster as part of a seven-Diva, tri-branded
trade orchestrated by Nancy O'Dell of "Access Hollywood" fame. Many in the
WWE Universe would see a move to ECW as a step backward, but not the
optimistic Rosa. She sees this as a new opportunity to make a name for
herself on a different brand. Rosa had that same, optimistic look on her
beautiful face as she was walking backstage in her first night as a part of
the "extreme" roster.

Though she was excited to be on ECW, Rosa Mendes had no idea what she would
experience. She also was unaware that a dark force was watching over her as
she continued walking backstage--in the form of ECW's gorgeous General
Manager, Tiffany. The devious blonde sorceress was in her office watching
Rosa walking--in her mirror.

"Excellent," said Tiffany, grinning fiendishly. "A new fish has entered my
pond." She stared intensely at the image of Rosa in her mirror, licking her
lips in a lustful manner. Her erotic gazing was interrupted by a knock on her
door. With one wave of her hand, Tiffany removed Rosa's image from her
mystical mirror.

"Come in," said Tiffany. Entering her office was the lovely Katie Lea
Burchill, the blonde GM's enigmatically gorgeous sexual partner, as well as a
gorgeous and devious vampire vixen. The British bombshell looked as stunning
as ever draped in black leather--trenchcoat, outfit, and boots. "Do you
invite just anyone in your office, sweetheart?" Katie Lea asked jokingly.

"Just you," replied Tiffany, who softly kissed her unhuman lover.

"What's going on?" asked Katie Lea. "Are you admiring yourself in the mirror

"Just because you don't have a reflection," said Tiffany, "doesn't mean you
can talk about how much time I spend in front of a mirror."

"Is that right?" said Katie Lea. "Look, I know that this isn't any ordinary
mirror. Are you checking out other Divas?"

"You know I only have eyes for you," Tiffany said sweetly and deceptively.

"Sure, you do," scoffed the British beauty. "Come on. Who is it?" Tiffany
again conjured the image of Rosa Mendes, who was backstage chatting with
various crew members. "Scrumptious," Katie Lea commented while licking her
lips lustily. "She's part of ECW now?"

"Yes, she is," said Tiffany. "And you and I are going to give her a warm
welcome that she'll never forget." The blonde beauty walked closer to her
vampirish lover, brandishing a devious smirk on her face.

"Tiffany," said Katie Lea, "I know that look. What are you planning?"

"Bring her to me," said Tiffany. "I want you to bring Rosa here to my office.
Tell her I want to discuss her place in ECW. She'll buy that. She doesn't
look too bright." The devilish GM kissed Katie Lea and sent her on her way.
"And Katie," she added, "if I see any marks on her neck when she comes in,
I'll have you terminated and defanged!"

"The thought never crossed my mind," said Katie Lea.

"I'll bet it didn't," said Tiffany. "Now, begone!" With that last command,
Katie Lea was off on her mission. Now alone in her office again, Tiffany
resumed gazing at Rosa in her looking glass. "Oh, sweet Rosa," she said, "you
have no idea what I have in store for you. Your first night on ECW will be
one you never forget." Tiffany's evil cackling echoed throughout the entire

"What was that?" Rosa Mendes said to herself as she stood backstage. "I must
be hearing things." She went back to her task at hand: admiring her pretty
face in a small compact mirror and putting on some lip gloss. She was
interrupted by the sound of slow-paced footsteps not too far away from her.

"Who's there?" Rosa shouted, doing a quick 180 turn in an attempt to see who,
or what, was behind her. Seeing nothing, she turned back around, only to be
nearly spooked at seeing Katie Lea standing right in front of her.

"Hello, Rosa," the British bombshell greeted.

"God, Katie!" screamed Rosa. "You scared the living shit out of me!"

"Is that anyway to greet someone who wants to welcome you to ECW?!" snapped
Katie Lea. "I was just trying to be nice."

"I'm sorry," said Rosa, still shaking off the shock to her system.

"Don't worry about it," Katie Lea said in a genial tone. "I am so happy to
have you here. And I'm not the only one. Our General Manager is just elated
that you are part of the brand."

"Really?" asked Rosa, her eyes gleaming with glee. "Tiffany mentioned me?"

"She can't stop talking about you," said Katie Lea. "In fact, when she heard
you were coming to ECW, she stated that she wanted to welcome you
personally." Katie Lea grabbed Rosa's hand and pulled her in the direction
heading towards Tiffany's office. "Come on."

"Where are we going?" asked Rosa.

"To the GM's office, silly," replied Katie Lea. "I told you she's eager to
welcome you." Rosa suddenly found herself in a state of pure wariness,
knowing full well what Katie Lea was capable of. Not wanting to take any
chances, the Canadian beauty stepped away from Katie Lea. "As much as I would
love to," said Rosa, "I can't. I have somewhere else to be."

"Oh, I'm afraid that's not an option," said Katie Lea, whose eyes began to
glow a bright and ominous shade of red. The unhuman pupils of the British
bombshell put Rosa in a trance--right where she wanted her. "Now, Rosa," the
smirking vampiress said, "are you coming?"

"Yes," the hypnotized Rosa replied.

"Good," said Katie Lea, holding Rosa's hand again. "Come." The deliciously
wicked vampiress led the ECW newcomer in the direction to the office of the
General Manager, where Tiffany sat and watched all that took place.

"Excellent," said Tiffany, wearing an evil smile on her pretty face. Shortly
later, she heard a knock on her door. "Come in." Katie Lea entered her
office, bringing a mesmerized Rosa Mendes with her. "I've brought in
something special for you, sweetheart," the British beauty commented.
Tiffany's eyes gleamed with glee when she saw ECW's newest Diva standing in
front of her.

"Oh, Katie!" Tiffany exclaimed as she hugged her lover. "You are so sweet."
The devious blonde then turned her attention to Rosa. She walked closer and
closer to the tranced bombshell until she was face-to-face with her. "So
precious," she said, "and so beautiful." Tiffany gently stroked the left side
of Rosa's tender face, a small task that awoke the Canadian Diva from Katie
Lea's spell.

"Where am I?" a bewildered Rosa asked. "What the hell is going on?"

"You are in the office of the General Manager of ECW," Tiffany said sweetly.
"Katie Lea brought you here. It's time we discussed your role here on this
brand." Rosa began to slowly back away and head for the exit, but to no
avail--the door was padlocked. "What's wrong?" asked Tiffany.

"Katie Lea...," said Rosa. "Her eyes..."

"She just loved my eyes," interrupted Katie Lea, "didn't you, sweetie?" At
that moment, the British bombshell's pupils turned red once again. Rosa
stared hypnotically at Katie Lea's unhuman eyes but quickly got herself
together. "What are you?" the Canadian beauty asked.

"Can't you tell, Rosa?" Tiffany asked coyly. The blonde GM turned to her
lover, smirking devilishly. "I think she needs a small hint, dear."

"I believe you're right," said Katie Lea. She walked closer to the immensely
nervous Rosa, and appeared to be in the midst of making out with her.
Instead, the fiendish vampiress revealed her razor-sharp fangs directly in
front of Rosa, sending the young Diva into a state of shock.

"You're a vampire?!" screamed Rosa. Katie Lea did not respond; all she did
was lick her lips in a lustful manner. All the while, Tiffany stood idly by
and gazed longingly at the pair of Divas. Rosa then turned her attention to
the devious GM. "Please tell me what's going on here," she said to Tiffany.

"As I said," said Tiffany, "We are going to discuss your role on our
willing sex slave!" With one swoop of her hands, the bewitching General
Manager was out of her business apparel--only wearing a pair of sexy heels
and an insidious grin. She disrobed Katie Lea with only a snap of her
fingers, and the two supernatural sirens held each other in an erotic

Rosa was still shocked over everything she had seen, but she couldn't help
but be a little aroused by Katie Lea and Tiffany. "I know that look, my
dear," the evil GM remarked. "It's a look of passion, a look of elation, a
look that says, 'I want you.'" Tiffany walked closer to Rosa and began making
out with her, a sight that drove Katie Lea wild with passion.

"Rosa," the blonde beauty said, "take off those clothes and join us." As
Tiffany and Katie Lea began their sexual embrace, Rosa watched intensely and
undressed, just as the blonde beauty told her to do. All the while, both
superhuman Divas were making out passionately in front of her. Finally, Rosa
had finished undressing--down to the point where she only had on a pair of
high heels. She was about to join the devious pair, but she was stopped by

"Not yet, sweetie," the seductive sorceress said. "Just stand and watch until
I give the word." Again without reply, Rosa followed Tiffany's order. The
Canadian beauty simply stood and watched as the deliciously vampiric Katie
Lea ferociously pawed all over her blonde superior.

"Yes...yes," Tiffany softly moaned as Katie Lea licked and fondled her
beautiful and supple breasts. However, the wicked GM wasn't the only one
aroused. Rosa was so turned on by what she was watching that she began
touching herself all over her hot body to her wet pussy.

"Ahhhh...AHHHH!" Rosa ecstatically screamed as she was pleasuring herself to
the literal image of Tiffany and Katie Lea's sexual act. The longer they
performed, the harder Rosa pleasured herself...and the louder she screamed.

"Oh God!...OH GOD!!!"

"Are we enjoying ourselves, Rosa?" Tiffany asked coyly.

"Yes!" exclaimed Rosa. Tiffany walked towards Rosa and brought her closer to
herself and Katie Lea. "You want to join us?" she asked.

"Yes," Rosa succinctly replied.

"Katie," said Tiffany, "take her."

"With pleasure," the lustful vampiress responded. Katie Lea quickly began
making out with Rosa, while the devious GM watched in awe. After a steady
make-out session, Rosa went down on her knees and started sampling her
lover's already wet pussy. Katie Lea's tongue swiveled around in such an
erotic and unorthodox manner, that Rosa could barely contain herself.

"Yes, yes, Oh God, YES!!!" Rosa shrieked loudly and with pure ecstasy as the
devious Katie Lea was tongue-fucking her in a superhuman but timely manner.
Tiffany continued to watch, licking her lips in a lustful manner. "Are you
having fun, Rosa?" she asked.

"Yes!" Rosa exclaimed. Tiffany walked closer to the pair and gently caressed
Rosa's body--from her breasts to her beautiful booty--while she was still
being pleasured by Katie Lea. "Are you ready to take this to the next level?"
the blonde beauty asked.

"There's a higher level than this?!" said Rosa.

"Oh, yes," answered Tiffany. "Enough, Katie!" The British bombshell ceased
her sexual activity the very second after her sinister superior's sharp
command. "Face me, Rosa," the GM said softly. Rosa turned right around and
gazed almost hypnotically at Tiffany.

"You are so beautiful," Tiffany said, while showering ECW's newest Diva with
soft, passionate kisses on her luscious lips. "Isn't she, Katie?"

"She is definitely a hottie," Katie Lea said as she walked closer to Rosa.

"What's going on?" asked Rosa. Tiffany placed her finger on Rosa's lips, as
if to silence her.

"Don't speak," the wicked GM said. "Just relax and let it happen."

"Let what happen?" asked Rosa. Without warning, Katie Lea sank her sharp
fangs into Rosa's throat. Tiffany grinned with evil delight as she watched
the young Canadian Diva slowly becoming a vampiress, at the hands of Katie

"Enough!" ordered Tiffany. Katie Lea released herself from Rosa, who was now
kneeling on the ground, slightly in pain. Both ladies walked closer to the
young beauty, both wearing devious smirks on their faces.

"Rosa, my dear," said Tiffany, "was it as good for you as it was for us?"
Rosa did not give a verbal response. Instead, she leapt upward and pounced on
the blonde beauty, pinning her to the floor. Rosa bared her newly acquired
fangs at Tiffany, but that only put a wicked smile on her face.

"What are you going to do?" asked Tiffany.

"Make you come," said Rosa, who wasted no time going for her sexy superior's
shaved snatch. All Katie Lea could do was watch as Tiffany was receiving oral
pleasure from the horny vampiress.

"Ahhh! Ah, yes!" screamed Tiffany. Rosa paid no attention to her intended
lover's erotic moans. She simply continued to feast on the blonde GM's
luscious pussy, increasing the intensity of her performance from time to
time. And as Rosa's performance reached higher lengths, so too did Tiffany's


Though Rosa and Tiffany were enjoying themselves, Katie Lea was not. And in a
fit of jealousy, she pulled Rosa--by her hair--off of Tiffany. "I believe
you've had enough, dearie," the evil-tempered beauty commented. Katie Lea's
actions angered Tiffany immensely.

"What the fuck possessed you to do that?!" Tiffany snarled while clutching
Katie Lea by the throat.

"I'm sorry," said Katie Lea. "I thought..."

"Oh, I know what you thought, sweetheart," said Tiffany, who later released
her hold on the British beauty. "You need to curb your jealousy, Katie.
You're not the only one who can please me. Remember that." The blonde GM then
turned her attention to Rosa, who was still kneeling on the floor.

"Before we were interrupted," said Tiffany, "you and I shared an intense and
passionate moment. I can truly say that I am happy to have you as part of the
ECW brand."

"Thank you," said Rosa.

"Just remember this," continued Tiffany, "if you want to remain a part of
this brand, you will give me the pleasure that I strongly demand. When I snap
my fingers, you come running to me. Is that clear?"

"Yes," replied Rosa.

"Good." Tiffany said as she gave Rosa a gentle kiss.

The End

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