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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The caption reads 'WWE Main Event, October 18, 2016' as the scene fades in revealing Zack Ryder entering the locker room after defeating Tyler Breeze in a one-on-one encounter. "That was real sick bro... things are gonna keep getting better..." Zack says as he's quite pleased with his success for that evening and the recent success he's been having with Mojo Rawley as part of the Hype Bros tag team. He heads towards his locker as Caremlla slams her own locker shut. Zack raises an eyebrow as he looks over at the Staten Island Princess, "Bro what's your problem?"

"What you call me? You calling me a Ho?! Cause I'll tell you something I ain't no Ho, not like that skank Nikki Bella..." Carmella snaps as she aggressively steps towards Zack and pushes him.

"I din't call you a ho, I said Bro..." Zack says with a bemused response.

"Well I ain't your bro... I ain't some limp dick loser from Long Island, I'm the Staten Island Princess..." Carmella says, "And you sure as hell can't hang with me."

"Are you serious bro?" Zack asks, "I've been with girls from Staten Island, they ain't nothing special..."

Carmella narrows her eyes, "You think I ain't anything special? I'm the hottest thing in the ring cause I'm F A B U L O U S...." She then pauses and licks her lips as she looks up and down at the former Intercontinental Champion, "That bitch Nikki Bella ain't anything special... and I should show you in case you really doubt it..."

Zack smirks, "Bro if that's what you want to do..."

"Damn fucking right it's what I want to do..." Carmella says as she flicks her tongue against her teeth, "You think a Long Island loser like you has the balls to fuck a first class Staten Island beauty like me?"

"You know it bro..." Zack says with a nod as Carmella places her hands on his chest as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, Carmella is shown kneeling on the floor of the locker room pumping her right hand along the length of Zack's large, thick manhood., "That dick is far too damn big to belong to some Long Island loser..." Carmella says as she jerks off the former United States Champion as she gets a moan from him. With a smirk she leans her head forward to slap her tongue against the head of Zack's cock, followed by twirling her tongue around the tip of his shaft and then dragging her tongue down the right side of his cock. "Mmmmm..." Carmella moans as she narrows her eyes while looking up at Zack as she then opens her mouth to take Zack's dick in between her lips as she positions her hand around the base of this cock. She places her free hand on his waist as she starts to eagerly bob her head on his long, thick cock, clearly having no issue to suck the dick of someone from a different part of New York. The Staten Island Princess turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips around Zack's manhood as her saliva drips down the length of his tool as she takes it further into her mouth. Zack pushes some of Carmella's hair back as she drools heavily on his dick as she steadily bobs her head on his tool whole feeling her tongue flick up against the underside of his tool while letting out groans of pleasure as a result of how she is sucking his dick. "Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Carmella moans whorishly on Zack's shaft as she deep throats his cock with ease, pushing her nose right up against his crotch while her chin meets his balls The Staten Island Princess glances up at Zack against as she holds his entire cock within her drooling mouth before she starts to lift her head.

The scene transitions to show Carmella seated on the locker room bench with her legs spread as Zack Ryder is thrusting his tongue in and out of her pussy, his face pressed right between her legs as he eats her cunt. "Mmmm ohhh yeah eat that Staten Island snatch! Ohhhh fuck..." Carmella groans with delight as she feels the bridge of Zack's nose pressing against her clit as he works his tongue around inside of her cunt as her pussy juices flow from her wet hole onto his face. She gasps and cries out with lust as she moves on the bench, pushing her twat against Zack's face as she grabs the back of his head. "Mmmmm ohhh... ahhhh fuck ohhh yeaheat that fucking pussy! Fucking eat it! Taste better than that bitch Nikki Bella's don't it! Ohhhh cause it's fucking F A B U L O U S! Ohhhh shit!" Ahh ohhhh fuck! Carmella throws her head back as she whorishly grinds her pussy against the former Tag Team Champion's face as he continues to tongue fuck her.

The scene cuts to show Zack laying on the locker room bench, with his legs off on the sides and with Carmella straddling his waist and lowering her tight wet cunt down onto his cock. "Ohhhhhh shit... mmmmm ohhhh fuck..." Carmella groans as she feels Zack's shaft filling her pussy as she takes every inch of his manhood into her twat. She places her hands on his chest as she grinds her pussy down on his cock for a few moments, "My cunt's a lot tighter than that fucking bitch's ain't it?!" Carmella asks as she works her twat back and forth on Zack's shaft with how she is moving her hips before she starts to bounce on his dick. "Ohhhh ohhhh ahhh mmmm fuck..." Carmella squeals as she feels Zack's hands on her hips as he begins to drive his cock upward into her tight wet hole. Zack grits his teeth as he watches Carmella's tits bounce and sway as she rides his vertically thrusting shaft. The Staten Island beauty flips her hair back as sweat begins to drip noticeably down her face as she fiercely rides the Long Island native, slamming herself down repeatedly on his cock, with her ass cheeks smacking down sharply against his thighs. Each time Zack raises his hips to drive his shaft upward into Carmella's snatch, his balls smack up against her juicy round ass cheeks.

The scene shifts to show Carmella laying on the bench with her legs raised up onto Zack's shoulders as he drives his cock briskly into her cunt. "Mmmmm! Ahhh! OhhhH! Ohhhh ahhh!" Carmella groans as she grabs her juicy round tits and squeezes them together as she feels Zack driving his whole cock into her fuck hole. Zack clenches his teeth as as he wrap his arms around her thighs, lifting her partially up from the bench as he drives his cock sharply into her soaking wet pussy. "OhhH! Ohhhh yeah! Fuck that fucking pussy! Ohhh ohhh yeah! That ain't no slutty Nikki Bella pussy! Ohhhhh ahhh that's some Prime Staten Island cooch!" Camrella screams as the Long Island Superstar drives every meaty inch of his cock into her cunt, much to her delight as he pulls her up to where only her head and shoulders are resting on the bench as he keeps pumping his cock in and out of her snug wet cunt. Sweat rolls down Zack's face as he puts on an impressive display of fucking the Staten Island Princess as her vocal cries of lust fill the locker room.

There is then a changeover to show Carmella on all fours on the floor of the locker room with Zack behind her holding her hips as he pumps his cock in and out of her tight round ass. "Ohhh! Ohhhhh fuck! Ohhhh ahhhh!" Carmella screams as her ass is hammered by the Long Island native. Zack grits his teeth as he plows his shaft balls deep inside of the Staten Island Princess's gorgeous round rump while pulling her back against himself, resulting in her rear cheeks smacking firmly against his waist. The former Intercontinental Champion grunts with every thrust that he performs as he plunges his shaft into the depths of her anal passage. "OhhH! Ohhhh fuck! Ahhhh ahhh ohhh fuck! Ohhh ahhh!" Carmella groans as she bucks back against Zack as he leans forward and moves his hands to where he's reaching beneath her to grab her tits as he pounds her asshole with deep, stiff and brisk thrusts. Zack's balls smack repeatedly against her backside as he drills her Staten Island ass with his Long Island cock.

The scene cuts one last time showing Carmella sitting on her knees in front of Zack Ryder as he strokes his throbbing cock, "Yeah jerk that dick... give me that cum... give me that jizz you'd stupidly waste on that slut Nikki Bella if you had the chance... I want it..." She says with a lustful tone as she looks up at her fellow New Yorker, and she is soon rewarded with Zack's dick erupting and him showering her face with thick ropes of jizz. She closes her eyes as she feels his spunk splashing on her cheeks and forehead for several long desirable moments. Once he's spent, Zack taps his cock against Carmella's lips and pushes his shaft into her mouth. She clamps her lips down on his tool as he pushes it forward and then gradually pulls it back out, resulting in a seductive pop as Carmella opens her eyes, "Now that was fucking F A B U L O U S.... right BRO?"

"You fucking know it..." Zack says as he proceeds to push his cock back into Carmella's mouth as the scene fades to the black.


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