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Falling To The Legacy
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the conclusion of Monday Night RAW on March 23, 2009, a battered
Triple H is limping along side a stretcher that is being rolled by a few EMTs
towards the ambulance waiting in the parking lot of the Spirit Center in
Kansas City, Missouri. On the stretcher is Triple H's wife, Stephanie
McMahon, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, and the reason she's on the
stretcher is that less than five minutes ago, Stephanie was dropped on her
head by Randy Orton when she was DDT'ed from the middle rope. "Orton is going
to fuckin' pay for this..." Triple H says as he looks worriedly at his wife.

"She'll be okay sir..." One of the EMTs as they get closer to the ambulance.

"She better be..." Triple H replies.

"GET 'EM!" the voice of Randy Orton suddenly shouts from near the ambulance,
and he, along with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes rushes towards Triple H and
the EMTs, who run off leaving Triple H alone as he gets tackled by DiBiase
and Rhodes. Orton smirks as he shoves the stretcher carrying Stephanie over
so that he can get closer to Triple H as he's being punched and stomped on by
the sons of The Million Dollar Man and The
American Dream.

"Don't fuck him up to bad... I need him in one piece for WrestleMania..."
Orton says before he sees the unconscious Stephanie McMahon laying on the
ground. Orton walks over to Stephanie and smirks before he looks over at
Rhodes and DiBiase as they stand over a knocked out Triple H. "Pick him up
and follow me... I got an idea..." Orton says as he bends down to pick up
Stephanie from the ground.

* * *

Sometime later in the boiler room of the Sprint Center, Triple H is slowly
regaining consciousness, "Fucking little..." Triple H groans as he feels a
throbbing pain inside of his skull. He tries to bring his hands to his head,
but realizes that he's tied to a chair. Triple H tries to muscle out of the
ropes but he's securely tied.

"Oh looks who's awake?" Randy Orton says with a smirk as he steps into Triple
H's line of sight.

"What the fuck are you up to Orton?!" Triple H yells.

"Watch your mouth Hunter... you're really in no position to do anything..."
Randy says as he steps towards Triple H and punches him squarely in the
mouth. Triple H's head jerks back from the impact and Randy smirks. "Now...
at WrestleMania I'm going to be taking the WWE Title from you... but for
now... I have something better in mind... boys!"

Triple H shakes his head as he tries to recover from the punch to his mouth
as he sees Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes pulling a struggling Stephanie
McMahon, who's been stripped down to her black bra and panties towards Triple
H and Randy Orton. "Let her fucking go!" Triple H shouts as he sees his wife.

Cody smirks as he tightly holds onto Stephanie's left arm as she tries to
pull away from him and Ted, who's holding her right arm, "Look at those
tits.." Cody laughs while Ted smirks.

Randy smirks as he looks at Triple H, "You see Hunter... it's time you
learned that you cannot stop me... or my Legacy... and tonight... we're going
to take Stephanie... and show you..." Randy stops suddenly as Triple H spits
in his face. Randy smirks as a a mix of saliva and blood drips down his face.
"Stupid move Hunter..." Randy then looks at Stephanie and smirks,
"Stephanie... you're going to show Hunter there's no stopping my Legacy..."
Randy says as he moves towards her as she tries to pull away from Cody and

"Let got of me!" Stephanie shouts and struggles against the tight grip both
Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes have on the wife of Triple H and the Executive
Vice President of the WWE. Stephanie grits her teeth and glares at Randy
Orton as he makes a stalking approach towards the defenseless WWE heiress.

Randy, who like Cody and Ted, is just wearing his wrestling trunks and he
smirks at Stephanie as he grabs her by her chin with his right hand,
"Stephanie... you better play along or else..." Randy says as he grabs the
front of Stephanie's bra with his left hand to tear it from her large, round

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Triple H shouts. Stephanie narrows her eyes and presses
her lips together before she spits at Randy Orton when he gropes her large,
juicy tits with his rough hands.

Randy smirks, "Big mistake Stephanie..." Randy says as he steps away from
Stephanie and he walks over to where Triple H is tied to the chair. Randy
walks around Triple H and then picks up a sledgehammer and begins to walk
back slowly towards Stephanie.

"NO!" Triple H grunts as he tries to free himself.

Stephanie McMahon innocent, normally confident eyes widen with fear at the
sight of the sledgehammer in the hands of the dangerous Randy Orton.
"No....." Stephanie weakly replies and shakes her head.

Randy looks over his shoulder at Triple H, "You better tell your slut of a
wife to cooperate Hunter... or else I'll split her head wide open..." Randy
says as he raises the sledgehammer up.

Triple H grits his teeth, "Stephanie just do it!" Triple H shouts.

Stephanie's eyes widen further in shock at Triple H's pleas for her to
cooperate with Randy Orton. "Hunter!? Are you crazy!" Stephanie slightly

"I think you should listen to him Stephanie... he doesn't want anything bad
to happen to you..." Randy laughs as he aims the sledgehammer at Stephanie's

"Stephanie! Just fucking do it!" Triple H shouts as he keeps struggling to
free himself.

"Boy he gave up pretty quick..." Ted DiBiase smirks.

Stephanie holds her eyes on Triple H for a moment before she turns her head
to face Randy Orton. "What the hell do you want!?" Stephanie snaps.

"For you to kneel before my Legacy..." Randy smirks as he nods his head
towards Cody and Ted who proceed to force Stephanie down to her knees as
Randy drops the sledgehammer.

Stephanie narrows her eyes once again to glare at the individual who punt
kicked both her father and brother in the head as she is forced down to her
knees between Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. "You son of a bitch..." Stephanie
says as she sneers at the mentor of Legacy.

"That would your brother Shane..." Randy laughs as he lowers his wrestling
trunks freeing his hardened cock. Randy grabs a handful of Stephanie's hair
and jerks her head forward as he guides his cock towards her mouth.

"MMMMMMM! AHHHHH!" Stephanie moans as Randy Orton's cock is violently
thrusted into her mouth, while Cody and Ted stand by Stephanie and keep her
down on her knees and accepting to suck on Randy's cock.

"Mmmmm yeah..." Randy Orton moans as he moves his hips back and forth as he
thrusts his cock in and out of Stephanie's mouth. Triple H closes his eyes he
tries not to listen to Stephanie's moans as Randy violates her mouth.

"Look at her suck that cock..." Cody laughs as he reaches down to fondle one
of Stephanie's large tits.

"MMMMMMM!" Stephanie moans in protest as her brown haired head is forced to
bob up and down on Randy Orton's cock as he pumps his hips forward and forces
his cock deep into her wet mouth. Stephanie's lips brush back and forth on
his cock as her saliva drips on his long shaft.

"Ahhh yeah... mmm..." Randy Orton moans as he fucks Stephanie's mouth with
deep thrusts. Meanwhile Cody and Ted are lowering their own trunks freeing
their own hard thick cocks. Cody and Ted then begin to beat the sides of
Stephanie's face with their cocks as she's forced to blow Randy. Stephanie
closes her eyes as the shafts of Ted and Cody beat against her beautiful face
as she is forced to take Randy Orton's thick shaft deeper into her mouth, all
while Triple H is forced to watch his wife being violated by The Legacy.

"Mmmm gag the bitch..." Randy smirks as he pulls his cock out of Stephanie's
mouth and takes a few steps back. Cody and Ted quickly move in front of
Stephanie and proceed to try and force both of their dicks into Stephanie's
mouth at the same time.

"Mmmmmm! No! Stop! Gahhhh!" Stephanie screams and groans as Cody Rhodes and
Ted DiBiase both step closer together and force their priceless shafts into
the now stretched mouth of Stephanie McMahon. Both Ted and Cody place their
hands on the back of her head and force her head to bob up and down on both
of their shafts as they feel her tongue beating against both cocks.

"Ahhh yeah she's a fucking slut..." Cody moans as his cock grinds against
Ted's shaft as they jerk Stephanie's head back and forth on their cocks.

"Ohhh yea..." Ted DiBiase moans and nods in agreement as he and Cody try to
shove their cocks deeper into Stephanie's mouth.

"MMMMMMM! Gahhhhh!" Stephanie McMahon groans as she gags and begins to
choke on Cody and Ted's cocks as Cody's cock manages to push past Ted's cock
slightly and smack against the back of her mouth.

Randy Orton walks over to Triple H and smirks, "Look at your whore of a wife
Hunter... she's just loving this..." Randy laughs as he grabs Triple H's head
and forces him to keep looking at Cody and Ted double stuffing Stephanie's

"GAHHHH! AHHHHHH!" Stephanie groans and chokes as tears from the pressure of
both cocks forced deeply into her mouth well and slide down her cheeks as she
feels Ted DiBiase's cock now passing by Cody's cock in her mouth.

"Let the slut get some air!" Randy orders with a smirk on his face. Cody and
Ted pull their cocks out of Stephanie's mouth, which allows her to take some
deep breaths, "Now fuck her!" Randy orders and his two prot‚g‚s force
Stephanie onto her back. Cody pins her down as Ted proceeds to rip off
Stephanie's panties.

Stephanie grits her teeth and starts to fight back against Cody Rhodes, as he
pins her down. "Get the fuck off of me! Hunter!" Stephanie screams and tries
to kick at Ted DiBiase as he rips her panties down her smooth, tanned legs.

"Stephanie!" Triple H shouts back before Randy hits him the back of the head
with a vicious forearm.

"Shut up and watch the show..." Randy smirks as Ted DiBiase moves between
Stephanie's legs and he proceeds to force his cock into Stephanie's perfectly
shaved pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Stephanie groans as her smooth legs press against Ted's muscular
waist as he forces his cock deeply inside of her pussy. Stephanie grits her
teeth and closes her eyes as Cody keeps her shoulders pinned to the floor as
Ted pumps his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmmm check it out Cody... a million dollar cock in a billion dollar
twat..." Ted smirks as he firmly pumps his cock in and out of Stephanie's

"Good one..." Cody laughs as he moves his hands to Stephanie's tits to grope
them while keeping her pinned down on the ground. Stephanie scrunches her
nose and tries to focus on anything else besides feeling Ted DiBiase's cock
inside of her tight pussy as he deeply rams his shaft into her, causing her
to slide against the cold concrete floor of the boiler room and causing her
head to hit against Cody's kneels as he sits past her head and pinning her
shoulders down.

"Stephanie just loves taking cock doesn't she?" Randy asks Triple H who
refuses to answer as Randy holds his head steady to make him watch his wife
being violated.

"Hey turn over... I want to fuck this whore too..." Cody says to Ted. Ted
nods his head and he turns over onto his back and pulls Stephanie with him so
that she's on top of him. Cody moves behind Stephanie and proceeds to push
his cock into Stephanie's asshole.

Stephanie narrows her eyes and turns her head back to deliver a deadly glare
to Cody Rhodes as he forces his rock hard cock into her tight ass, forcing
her to rock forward on Ted DiBiase's cock inside of her pussy. "You mother
fucker!" Stephanie screams as she places her hands onto Ted's chest and
painfully digs her fingernails into his muscular chest in an effort to fight

"Mmmmm I like a slut that's feisty..." Ted smirks as Stephanie scratches at
his chest as he drives his cock into Stephanie's pussy. Cody grabs
Stephanie's hips as he pumps his cock sharply into her juicy Billion Dollar

Stephanie grits her teeth and turns her head to look at Randy Orton as he
taunts her husband, Triple H. "You fucker! You'll pay for this Randy!"
Stephanie screams as she is forced to roughly rock back and forth on Ted
DiBiase's cock while Cody Rhodes pumps his cock into her ass.

"No I won't... cause Hunter isn't going to do anything to stop it... ain't
that right Hunter?" Randy smirks as he pulls on Triple H's long hair.

"Fuck off!" Triple H yells as he's forced to watch his wife get double
penetrated by Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Stephanie closes her eyes and
turns her head away before she spits down into the face of Ted DiBiase as she
is forced to bounce on his cock while Cody Rhodes deeply rams his cock into
her ass from behind.

"Ahhhh... wanna swap spit bitch?" Ted grunts as he reaches up to pull down
Stephanie's head in order to forcefully kiss her. Cody deeply slams his cock
into Stephanie's ass as Ted continues to pump his cock up into Stephanie's

"MMMMMM" Stephanie moans in protest as she places her hands onto Ted
DiBiase's muscular and tanned chest as she tries to push herself free from
his intense kiss. However, Cody Rhodes places his hands firmly on the middle
of Stephanie's back, keeping her pinned against Ted's muscular body.

"Mmmmm yeah... ahhh yeah..." Cody Rhodes moans as he drives his cock balls
deep into Stephanie's asshole. Ted forces his tongue into Stephanie's mouth
as she's forced to rock back and forth on his cock.

"MMMMMMM! AHHHHHH!" Stephanie McMahon groans as she feels Ted DiBiase's
tongue slide against her tongue as she is roughly forced to rock back against
Cody Rhodes's cock, smacking her juicy ass against his muscular waist.

"Switch it up guys..." Randy Orton orders as he watches with a sick, amused
look on his face as Triple H keeps trying to free himself.

Cody pulls out of Stephanie's ass first and stands up before he pulls
Stephanie up off of Ted's thick shaft. Cody forces Stephanie to face him and
he smirks, "This is really worth it..." Cody says to Stephanie as he lifts
her up and impales her on his long hard dick.

" fucker!" Stephanie groans and grits her teeth as she is
roughly lowered on Cody Rhodes's thick cock as he holds her up and begins to
fuck her pussy.

Ted DiBiase gets up from the floor of the boiler room and stands behind
Stephanie, "Shut up slut..." Ted smirks as he pushes his cock into
Stephanie's asshole so that now she's sandwiched between him and Cody once
again. Stephanie narrows her eyes and turns her head to glare at Randy Orton
once again as she is forced to bounce up and down on the cocks of Cody and
Ted as she is tightly sandwiched between their muscular bodies.

"Having fun Stephanie?" Randy smirks as watches Stephanie get double teamed
by Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Cody and Ted rapidly pump their big hard
cocks in and out of Stephanie's pussy and ass.

"Let her go!" Triple H shouts.

Randy smirks, "Hunter... don't forget... you told her to do it..." Randy says
as hits Triple H with a forearm to the side of his head.

Stephanie grits her teeth and glares at Randy Orton. "You son of a mother
fucking bitch!" Stephanie screams at the dangerous Legend Killer as she
sharply bounces up and down on both of the priceless cocks of Ted DiBiase and
Cody Rhodes.

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh fuck..." Cody moans as he pumps his cock into Stephanie's
tight hot pussy.

"Awww... ahhh..." Ted grits his teeth as he drives his shaft sharply into
Stephanie's asshole as she bounces between him and Cody. Stephanie wraps her
smooth, tanned legs tightly around Cody Rhodes's muscular waist and places
her hands onto his shoulders before she sharply digs her fingernails into his
shoulders, much like she did to Ted DiBiase's chest, in order to fight back
against Cody.

"Stephanie must really love this... look at her wrapping her legs around
Cody..." Randy laughs as he taunts Triple H. Cody grits his teeth as
Stephanie scratches his chest as he drills her pussy as his cock starts to

"Ahhh mmmm shit... awww..." Ted groans as his own shaft begins to pulsate
inside of Stephanie's asshole. Stephanie closes her eyes as she sharply
bounces down on both rock hard cocks, causing both to plunge deeply into her
tight pussy and ass.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh fuck..." Ted DiBiase groans as he starts to cum inside of
Stephanie's asshole.

"Mmmmm shit!" Cody Rhodes moans as he begins to cum inside of Stephanie's hot

Stephanie tilts her head and grits her teeth as she feels their warm cum
filling her ass and pussy "Oh you fuckers..."

Randy pats the back of Triple H's head, "Keep watching Hunter... time for you
to see how a real man fucks a cheap slut..." Randy says as he walks away from
the enraged WWE Champion towards Stephanie as Cody and Ted drop her on the
floor after they finished cumming in her. "Make sure he watches..." Randy
says to his prot‚g‚s who nod their heads before they walk over to where
Triple H is tied to the chair.

Stephanie slowly lifts her head and weakly looks up at the dangerous Randy
Orton as he towers over her. "Don't do this don't want
to..." Stephanie says as she tries scoot back and away from him.

"Oh I want too..." Randy Orton smirks as he quickly closes the distance
between himself and Stephanie. Randy grabs a handful of Stephanie's hair and
drags her closer to where Triple H is.

"Ohhhhh...awwwww..." Stephanie groans and grits her teeth as Randy Orton
roughly yanks Stephanie's hair as she is dragged on her knees over towards
her husband. "!" Stephanie innocently pleas as he remains tied
to the chair.

"Leave her alone!" Triple H shouts as the ropes dig into his skin as he tries
to escape. Randy sets Stephanie up on her hands and knees before he kneels
behind her. Randy grabs Stephanie hips and shoves his cock into Stephanie's
pussy from behind.

"Ohhhhhhh! Fuck!" Stephanie screams in pain as Randy Orton roughly slams his
cock into her tight pussy from behind, causing her body to jolt forward on
her knees in the direction of Triple H. Stephanie shamefully lowers her eyes
as she is forced to look at her husband as the deranged, dangerous Randy
Orton fucks her from behind.

"Ohhhh no... keep looking at him slut..." Randy smirks as he grabs a handful
of Stephanie's hair and jerks her head backward so that she's forced to look
at Triple H. Randy firmly thrusts his cock into Stephanie's hot pussy from
behind as he forces her to look up at Triple H. Triple H tries to look away,
but Ted and Cody grab his head and forces him to look at Stephanie getting
fucked doggy style by Randy Orton.

"I'm so sorry Hunter..." Stephanie mouths to her husband, Triple H, as she
helplessly looks at Triple H and shakes her head ashamed of herself as she is
roughly pulled back against Randy Orton cock as he jerks her body back with
his left arm, hooked against her stomach as he holds her hair with his right

"Ahhhh yeah take that fucking cock Stephanie... put on a nice show for
Hunter..." Randy laughs as he drills Stephanie's pussy relentlessly. Triple H
grits his teeth as he watches helplessly as Randy Orton fucks his wife.
Stephanie closes her eyes as Randy roughly jerks her head back further as he
dementedly rams his cock into Stephanie's cock, her ass roughly smacking
against his muscular waist.

"Ahhhh... ahhh fuck... mmm..." Randy Orton groans as he then pulls his cock
out of Stephanie's pussy. Randy drags Stephanie backward and turns her onto
her back. He then spreads Stephanie's legs, scoots between them and then
shoves his cock back into Stephanie's cunt.

" fucker!" Stephanie sneers and groans as she feels Randy's
cock slam into her wet pussy once again as Randy leans over Stephanie's
helpless body and places his hands onto her shoulders, pinning her down to
the cold floor.

"Ahhh ahhhh yeah you love it..." Randy smirks at Stephanie as he pumps his
cock in and out of her pussy. Randy glances up at Triple H and smirks at the
royally pissed WWE Champion. Randy then leans down and kisses Stephanie's
lustfully as he fucks her.

"MMMMMM!" Stephanie moans in protest as she tries to shake her head free from
Randy Orton's lip lock while he slyly glances up at Triple H as he rubs his
lips against Stephanie's soft lip while he aggressively rams his cock into
her pussy while mounted on top of her body. Randy increases the pace of his
thrusts as he pounds Stephanie's pussy as he slips his tongue into
Stephanie's mouth while he slyly looks up at Triple H. Stephanie McMahon
closes eyes and arches her back slightly as Randy slides her tongue into
Stephanie's warm mouth while occasionally brushing his tongue against her
soft lips as he forces her smooth, tanned legs around his waist as he deeply
hammers his cock into her pussy.

"I think she's loving this..." Ted DiBiase says with a smirk as he and Cody
holds Triple H's head steady to make sure he's watching everything that's

"Oh yeah... look at her move..." Cody Rhodes laughs. Randy Orton breaks the
kiss with Stephanie and sits up on his knees. He grabs Stephanie's waist as
jerks her towards himself as he relentlessly fucks the wife of Triple H.

"Ohhhhhh! fucker! Ohhhh!" Stephanie moans as she roughly smacks
against Randy's cock as he deeply and relentlessly drives his cock into her

Randy smirks at Stephanie as her tits bounce wildly while he keeps fucking
her. He then looks at Triple H and smirks, "Fuck Hunter... you're real quiet
over there... you must love watching your wife getting fucked..." Randy
laughs. Stephanie opens her eyes and narrows them as she glares up at Randy
Orton as he roughly drives his cock deeply into her pussy, sweat dripping
from her forehead.

"Ahhhh... aww... fuck do you hear him begging for this to stop Stephanie?"
Randy laughs as he taunts Stephanie as he fucks her. "No you don't... cause
he knows he can't stop it..." Randy groans as he cock begins to throb a bit
within Stephanie's hot, tight pussy. Stephanie grits her teeth and turns her
head to look at Triple H, who appears to be fuming as he glares a hole into
Randy Orton, watching him roughly slamming his cock into his wife's pussy.

"Orton... you're a dead man..." Triple H growls angrily. Randy Orton pulls
his cock out of Stephanie McMahon's dripping wet cunt and with incredible
speed, Randy mounts Stephanie's hot body and begins to stroke his cock.
Stephanie's eyes widen as she looks at the throbbing head of Randy Orton's
cock as she is forced to remain laid out on the cold floor as he starts to
quickly stroke his cock.

"Ahhhh yeah Stephanie I know you've been wanting this..." Randy groans as his
cock erupts with a thick burst of spunk shooting onto Stephanie's sweat
coated face. Stephanie closes her eyes and grits her teeth as the warm, thick
load of Randy Orton's cum splatters against her face and immediately drips
down her face.

"Ahhhh..." Randy Orton moans as he licks his lips as he finishes cumming on
Stephanie's face. "Why don't you tell Hunter you love him..." Randy laughs.

Stephanie narrows her eyes as she glares up at Randy Orton. "Fuck you Randy!"
Stephanie snaps before she boldly spits up into his face.

"Big mistake..." Randy says as Stephanie's saliva drips down his face. Randy
Orton gets off of Stephanie and picks up the sledgehammer he had earlier.

"NO! DON'T!" Triple H yells as Randy holds the sledgehammer.

Stephanie McMahon's eyes widen with fear as she sees Randy Orton raise the
sledgehammer up over her head and she quickly shakes her head "No! Randy!
Please don't! Randy!"

Randy Orton glances at Ted and Cody who are near Triple H, and the two of
them move away. Randy then spins and rams the head of the sledgehammer right
into Triple H's face. The Game is instantly knocked out, and the force of the
Randy driving the sledgehammer into his face, causes the chair Triple H is
sitting to tilt and fall backward.

Stephanie opens her mouth in shock and terror as she watches her husband
defenselessly fall to the floor while tied to the chair after a vicious hit
of the sledgehammer connecting to his face. "HUNTER!" Stephanie screams as
she sits up onto her knees and tears well up into her eyes. "Hunter! Oh my

Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase stand over Stephanie and Triple H
and smirk. Randy drips the sledgehammer dangerously close to Triple H's head.
"When he wakes up... tell him at WrestleMania... I'm taking the WWE

Stephanie narrows her eyes and glares up at Randy Orton as she now sits on
her knees near Triple H, protectively placing her hands onto his muscular
chest as he lays unconscious on the floor. "You son of a bitch!"

Randy smirks as he sees how Stephanie's head is positioned as she leans down
to try and wake up Triple H. Randy takes a few steps back and prepares to
punt Stephanie's head. Stephanie moves her hands against Triple H's muscular
chest as her head remains downcast to look at her fallen husband.
"Hunter...Hunter...come on wake up..." Stephanie pleads.

Randy rushes forward and firmly kicks Stephanie in the head, knocking her out
instantly. "And it's good!" Cody smirks as he holds up his arms as if Randy
just kicked a perfect field goal. Ted looks a little concern down at
Stephanie but it goes unnoticed by Cody and Randy.

Randy smirks, "Get dressed... we got a plane to catch...."


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