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Fantasy Becomes Reality Part 1
by Joanie's No.1 Male Fan (

Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm Brent Matthew Wood aged 19 and I
am the biggest male Joanie Laurer fan there is.

Ever since I can remember I've had this huge gigantic crush on Joanie Laurer.
To me she is perfection on legs she really is and I have her books I have
countless pictures including her playboy pictorials both 1 and 2 (Number 1 is
my favourite). All sorts of other Chyna merchandise. An when she left the WWE
I wrote her letters of support 1 each month I never a got a reply but just
imagining her reading my letters was enough.

Then the day after New Year's Day I was looking on the BodyByJoanie website
when I found that they where doing a special competition and calling it
"Dream Date" the compeition was answer 10 questions and if your entry is
selected (at random) then you will get to spend an entire day with Joanie

I looked at the 10 questions and knew I could get them all right I entered
the compeition and answered each question then submitted my form and waited
the closing date was Febuary 1st and the winner would be notifed Febuary
5th and the day the winner would meet Joanie was 20th of Febuary.

Here are the questions and answer I gave.

1. What titles has Joanie Laurer held whilst in WWE?
Answer: Intercontalental and Woman's

2. What instrument does Joanie play?
Answer: Chello

3. At what PPV whilst in the WWE did Joanie fight Hardcore Holly and Chris
Jericho in a 3-way match for the IC title?
Answer: Royal Rumble 2000

4. What are the 4 wrestling federations Joanie has appeared in?
Answer: New Japan and WWE and PGWA and PGWI

5. Who was it who trained Joanie to wrestle?
Answer: Walter "Killer" Kilwolski

6. Who were Joanie and Too Cool's opponents at WrestleMania 2002?
Answer: Radicals Eddie Gurrero Perry, Saturn and Dean Malenko

7. In what month's issue did Joanie first appear in Playboy?
Answer: November

I added all my personal details sent it off an then I got on with my life. I
never really expected to win that was untill Febuary 5th I was on my computer
adding the finishing touches to my latest Joanie Laurer fanfiction story when
I heard the phone rang my mum answered it and then called out

"Brent phone."

I walked downstairs and took the phone from my mum.

"Hello Brent Denny speaking."

"Mr. Denny," came a female voice.

"Yes?" I said

"Hi, this is Joanie Laurer." the female said.

I smiled figuring this was a prank one of my college mates where pulling on
me since I'd told them about the comeptition.

"Hello Mrs. Laurer what can I do for you," I said deciding to play along.

"I'm glad to inform you that you won the BodyByJoanie Dream Date

"Oh really," I said "Who is this really?" I asked.

"I'm sorry?" The female said.

"Prank over who is this really Liz, Sue, Carol?" I asked.

The woman then laughed, "Mr. Denny this isn't a prank. I'm the real Joanie
Laurer," she said

"Ok, then Ms. Laurer, I wonder if you'd mind answering a question that only
the real Joanie Laurer would know," I asked.

"Sure if it will make you believe i'm the real deal," she said.

"Ok then Ms. Laurer answer me this 'What is your favourite colour?'," I asked
sensing I may of had my pranker since they took some time to answer.

"Pink," The female then answered.

I almost fell into my ass.

"Mr. Denny?" The woman answered.

"It really is you," I responded.

"Yes, it really is," Joanie said with a laugh.

"Oh, Ms. Laurer, I am so sorry I didn't mean to not think it was you," I said

"It's ok," She said

"I mean I figured it was one of my mates playing a prank I hope I didn't
offend you."

"Mr. Denny," Joanie said..

"Yes," I said.

"It's ok."

"Wait a second, if your really who you say you are then you must mean what
you say you mean," I said.

"Yes I do," Joanie said.

"I've won." I said even more stunned.


"Oh wow!" I said.

"I take it you never expected to win," Joanie said.

"Well, I hoped I would but ya know taking into consideration how many would
of entered I had a one in god knows how many chance of winning."

"I guess luck was with you," Joanie said.

"So what exactly Ms. Laurer do we do on this day?" I asked.

"Anything you want to Mr. Denny within reason, of course."


"So I'll see you on the 20th bright and early 9am?" Joanie asked.

"See you then Ms. Laurer." I said.

"I'm looking forward to meeting you Mr. Denny," Joanie said.

"As I am you Ms. Laurer." I said.

"Take care untill then," Joanie said.

"You too," I said.

An with that we hung up on each other.

From that day to the 20th I was on cloud 9 nothing could bring me down
nothing could upset me. I was in heaven or at least I thought I was. But the
days leading up to the 20th where nothing compaired to the actual day of the

The 20th of Febuary finally arrived and I was up at 6am I had a hot bath made
sure I was clean all over done my teeth had a shave put on my best casual
clothes washed my hair and gelled it back by 9am I was as ready as hell while
also being as nervous as hell.

There was then a knock on the door. This was it. I slowly and nervously made
my way to the door reached up and opened it.

"Hi are you Brent?" Joanie asked.

I looked at her she was so much more stunning in real life than in any
magazine or on any tv show. For a split second I lost my voice but as soon
as I lost it i regained it.

"Yeah I'm.....I'm Brent, Joanie. I mean Ms. Laurer, sorry." I opologised for
calling her her first name when she hadn't given me permission too at least
not yet

I then looked and noticed what she was wearing it wasn't very much when I
say that I mean it wasn't anything special just a pair blue jeans a pair of
sneekers and a white vest top however that didn't stop Joanie looking as
drop dead gorgious as ever.

"You look even more beautiful than normal." I said feeling a little stupid
for adding the "normal" part that made it sound like we always met each

"Thank you you look very handsome." Joanie said.

I instantly went red my dream woman and idol had just payed me acompliment.

"You look even more handsome now," Joanie said smiling obviously she'd
noticed my embaressment.

"So what are we gonna do today?" Joanie asked me offering me her hand which
I accepted and she led me out of the house as I closed the door behind me and
led me to the waiting black full stretch Limo.

"Well," I said as I clambered into the back first despite offering for Joanie
to go in one simple mean "Chyna" look and I knew not to argue.

"I was thinking we could do what you wanted." I said as I made myself

"What do you meant this is ment to be your day." Joanie said closing the door
after she'd gotten in.

"Well, I know that but I was thinking about the million and one countless
things I'd love to do when it suddenly struck me. With your busy schedule I
very much doubt you get a lot of time to do what you want in the way of
meeting friends and hanging out and stuff so I figured we could do whatever
you wanted."

"I appreciate the gesture I really do but this is your day so you decide."
Joanie said.

I then knew a way which would leave Joanie with very little chance to argue
"Ok." I said "I want to do whatever you want us to do."

Joanie smiled "Ok then" Joanie said "driver take us to the best shopping
centre in town." Joanie instructed to the driver.

She then sat back as did I and we both seemed to relax I expected myself to
be as tense as anything and yet I felt so at ease it was untrue.

"So Brent tell me about yourself." Joanie said.

"Well Joanie if I may call you that?" I asked.

Joanie simply smiled and gave a nod.

"What would you like to know?" I finished.

"Well anything your prepeared to tell me such as how long have you been a fan
and what made you a fan of mine?" Joanie asked.

"Well I've been a fan since near the end of 1999 the first ever WWF Rebellion
tour. I remember watching Jeff Jarrett b-rate the british women and then
after having a woman vacuum up some dirt he locked her in the figure four
you came sprinting down and gave Jeff a few right hands and forarms before
leaving the ring."

"Is that the first time you ever saw me?" Joanie asked.

"No, I'd seen you on a video I borrowed from my best mate and had technically
been a fan since then."

"What Video?" Joanie asked she seemed really interested.

"Well, I don't remember the name of the event but it was when you where
Triple Asshole's bodyguard it had only just become apparent that you and
Asshole where in league with each other he was European champion at the
time and defending the title against Goldust. I think my favourite moment
of the actual match was when I can't remember if it was Goldust or Asshole
but one of them hit the ropes and knocked Marlena aka Terri as she's now
known into your waiting arms and you bearhugged her like a rag-doll." I
said smiling the "asshole" as I called him was Joanie's ex-boyfriend and
the WWE's "golden boy" as I liked to think of him now and that was Paul
"Triple H" Lavesque.

Joanie laughed "I can't remember the name of the event either but I know
what match your talking about." Joanie said "Terri screamed so loud I
thought I was actually doing her harm." Joanie added.

"Yeah, well after that I didn't have Sky for a while but when I did after
seeing you for the first time which I think since the Marlena incident was
at the first Rebellion PPV I went on the net and found out as much as I
could about you." I said.

"I also borrowed a few videos of the time I'd missed such as when you where
in the Corporate Ministery with Triple H after the Corporate Ministery days
etc." I said.

"And you've followed my career since 99?" Joanie asked.

"Yep." I said.

"Ok then mind if I quiz you?" Joanie asked.

"Be my guest." I said welcoming my idol's challenge.

"10 questions be ok?" Joanie asked.

"If you call that a challenge." I said rather argoantly.

"1st what PPV did I beat Jeff Jarrett for the IC title and what was the
name of the match?" Joanie asked.

"No Mercy 99 a good house keeping match." I answered.

"2nd What part of my anatomy did Chris Jericho damage with a hammer?"

"Right hand thumb." I responded.

"3rd How many times was I IC champion and who did I beat each time for the
title?" Joanie asked.

"Jeff Jarrett for the 1st time Chris Jericho for the 2nd infact you became
Co -IC title holder the second time you had it and Val Venus 3rd time." I

"4th Ok what word did I mainly use in my reason for betraying DX and joining
the Coporation?" Joanie asked.

"Opportunity." I said.

"5th after saying if anybody was gonna initiate a DX split it was gonna be me
what did I do?" Joanie asked looking like she thought she had me now.

"You shoved the mic into Asshole's hand and then pulled down your bottoms and
revealed your thong." I said smiling because I had proved she hadn't.

"6th Who made me face Triple H for the No.1 contendership?" Joanie asked.

"Comishioner Shawn Michaels." I said.

"Who beat me for the No.1 contendership after I won it against Triple H?"
Joanie asked.

"Mick Foley at that time known as Mankind." I said.

"7th On a episode of Raw who did I "testical claw" from bottom of the ramp
into the ring and allow Stone Cold to Stunner?" Joanie asked.

"Steven Richards."

"Who did I betray to join Eddie Gurrero?" Joanie asked.

"Chris Jericho at that time he was European champion I think." I said a
little unsure.

"Who attempted to stop my first Playboy pictures from getting out?"

"Eddie Gurrero." I said.

"9th What reason did I give that I betrayed Chris Jericho and joined Eddie
for?" Joanie asked.

I smiled "Because apparently you just couldn't resist his Latino Heat."

"10th and Final question who did I beat to become woman's champion?" Joanie

"RTC member Ivory." I said.

Joanie looked at me stunned, "No one dam question wrong. What do you do eat
drink and sleep Chyna?" Joanie asked with a laugh.

"Pretty much and if I maybe honest Joanie?" I asked.

"Please do be." Joanie said.

"Since I saw you at the 1st rebellion ppv I've had a gigantic crush on you."
I admitted feeling it better to let her know. "I'm sure that doesn't surprise
you since I bet half the male fans you meet tell you that." I said.

"Actually Nobody ever has before now." Joanie said.

I looked at her shocked then smiled "Well then it please me to be the first."

Joanie smiled "As does it me." Joanie said, "Now let's leave me aside for
a moment and tell me what other things besides me and the WWE are you
interested in?" Joanie asked.

"Well I like using the internet chatting to my British friends I like
watching tv and videos I'm a huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan as well as
WWE fan but I'm not as big a fan on any of those three as I am a Joanie
Laurer fan." I said.

"I like studying history especially WW2." I said "I also like to read your
autobiography is my favourite book I've read it at least 10 times. I also
love to write fanfiction about you." I said.

"Me?" Joanie said shocked.

"Yeah me and a few british as well as one American friend do romantic
fanfiction involving you male WWE superstars."

"Really?" Joanie said sounding surprised but also flattered "I'd love to read
some sometime" Joanie said smiling.

"It would be an honour to have the star of my stories read them." I said.

The limo then came to a stop and the passanger door near Joanie opened.

An so me and Joanie got out and went shopping for Joanie. She bought a few
items jeans tops shirts and I do admitt a little embaressment when she asked
me what bra and panties she'd look good in however despite my embarresment I
told her the truth. She then put her new things into the boot of the Limo
and then we both got back into the back of the limo.

"Where to now Ms Laurer?" The driver asked.

"The best cinema in town." Joanie said.

An with that the limo began to move again.

"Brent do you mind if I ask you a question." Joanie said.

"Not at all. Ask away." I said with a shrug.

"You know how you keep refering to Triple H as an asshole." Joanie started.

I nodded.

"I take it that means you don't like him." Joanie said.

"That's right I don't." I said I was then curious "Do you still like him?"

"No." Joanie said "I was just curious did you ever like him?"

"Before he dumped you for the slut." I informed her.

"Personally I think the whole contract thing was a load of rubbish." I said
in complete honestly.

"What makes you think that?" Joanie asked seeming curiously interested.

"Well i'm pretty sure Paul Vince and Stephanie didn't want it common
knowledge. An when it had been i'm sure Vince figured he needed a scape-goat
he couldn't use his No.1 man and he sure as hell wouldn't use his daughter
even if she had gone against his wishes so there was only one choice left."
I said.

"Me?" Joanie said.

I nodded.

Joanie then leaned in forward. "Can you promise to keep this between us?" She
asked in a whisper.

"Sure." I said.

"I'm pretty sure your theory is right because since the begining of 2001 me
and Vince had pretty much been in un-offical negitiations and I asked him for
exactly what I asked for offically meaning when the negotiations really
started and when I asked him unoffically Vince told me it would be no problem
for the WWE to meet my terms. And then the first Offical meeting we had Vince
said "These terms are outragous."

"Yeah well you've come alot further without the WWF or WWE if I may say so."
I said trying not to get morbid.

"Thanks that's very nice of you to say. And I do believe I've come along way
since my WWF days." Joanie said.

"So tell me what are your favourite bits of Chyna?" Joanie asked changing the

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Storyline wise my favourite would have to be the... Jeff Jarrett vs Chyna,
Chris Jericho vs Chyna and Chris Jericho and Chyna Co-Ic title holders. As
for clothing I loved that prom dress as well as the MTV awards that you and
all the other clothes you wore while in the WWE. Quotes I think the most
memorable would have to be when you said to Triple Asshole......Just a
woman!.....Try me Triple H." I said smiling at her.

Joanie giggles at the memory "Oh yeah, I remember that night. I think they
used that quote on every Chyna video package afterwards!" she said laughing.

"Well I loved it and I would of loved to have seen you go on and face W.B
Steve Austin for the title and win it." I said smiling telling her how I
really felt back then and still felt now.

"Yeah, that'd have been great, but I'm pretty happy just being known as the
only women to ever hold the Intercontinental title."

"What about you thought Joanie looking back on your "Chyna" days what were
your favourite matches storylines etc?" I asked interested.

"Story line would definitly be me and Jeff Jarrett, the fans just ate that
one up. I also really liked working with Eddie, the two of us had such
chemistry together, it was real fun" she said with a smile.

"Yeah well I didn't really buy it myself." I said with complete honesty
hoping I hadn't hurt Joanie's feelings or made her angry or anything.

"Oh?" She said, a little surprised and curious "How come?"

"Well on one hand we have you 9th Wonder of the World most gorgous woman
alive and on the other hand we have Eddie Gurrero mexican wrestler and a
member of the Radicals I don't see how the two can mix and I sure as hell
didn't belive that Chyna was attracted to him by his "Latino Heat" I said
honestly Joanie noded her head "I can appreciate that. Still, it was fun
working with him. But enough about me for a few minutes. I want to know
more about your crush on me." Joanie smiled mischiviously, enjoying
watching Brent's face blush a little.

"Well." I said not really knowing what to tell her about it "Ask me a
question and i'll answer it." I said deciding to find out what she wanted
to know.

"Hmmmm, what was the one thing about me that attracted you to me the most
when you first saw me?"

"How diffrent you where." I said Joanie tilted her head obviously a little
puzzled "I'd never seen a woman with muscle before. I was amazed by you
physically that and your eyes they seemed to b-witch me I couldn't take my
eyes of yours despite your facial expression being emotionless I almost
felt as if you eyes where the key to you." I said feeling like an idiot.

Joanie smiled lightly, a genuine smile. "I like that...good answer. What
about after I "softened up" a little bit? What did that do to your crush?"

"Just seemed to make my crush grow." I said "An Joanie despite what some
jealous people have said about you I want you to know I never ever considered
you anything other than like you called yourself in your book "a woman with
muscle." I said wanting to prove my loyalty to her as fan was never doubted
and I never doubted her gender or anything of that nature.

"Thank you, Brent. I've tried not to pay attention to the people who say
those things. They usually are in reality intimidated by a strong women, or
to uncomfortable with their own sexuality to accept that beautiful women come
in all shapes and sizes." Joanie then smirked a little and looked coyley at
Brent. "Did youuuuu...get my Playboy issue?"

I nodded rather sheepishly "Both issues despite No.2 being good I personally
liked No.1 the best you definatly showed the world that women who aren't what
is classed as 'socially acceptably beautiful'. Women who aren't as skinny as
a toothpick and as big brested as Pamala Anderson can be and most of the time
are prettier than the 'socially acceptably beautiful' woman." I said trying
to make sure I made sense as well as trying not to offend Joanie with what I
said I was so afraid I was gonna open my mouth and something bad was gonna
come out.

Joanie looked down at her chest "Hmm, personally, I always thought I had
bigger boobs then Pamela Anderson!" She said in a kidding tone, accompanied
by a laugh."

"Well I don't know if they're bigger or not I just know they're more
beautiful than any other woman's." I said looking at Joanie and ocassionally
her chest as I said that.

The limo then came to a stop. "We're at the best cinema in town Ms Laurer."
the driver said as he opened the door. Me and Joanie walked into the cinema
and looked up at what was showing.

Joanie skimmed over the list of movies playing. "Hmm, how's "Darkness Falls"
sound? In the mood for a scary movie Brent?"

I smiled at her "I am the question is Joanie are you?" I asked in a teasing

"Why don't we find out?" She said. As the two headed to the ticket booth,
Joanie took Brent's arm and put it around her waist, then put hers around his
shoulder "We're on a date, we should look the part, right?"

I was too shocked to answer so I simply nodded my head. Me and Joanie then
went into where the picture was being played and sat down next to each other
as the movie began to start.

The movie starts, and Joanie and Brent sit in silence for awhile, enjoying
their time with each other. About 30 minutes or so into the movie, Joanie
rested her head on Brent's shoulder, and guided his arm once again around
her, then to his bewilderment, she smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek.

I couldn't belive this. Was Joanie just being nice? or was there more to it.
I took my life in my hands as I gave her a peck on the cheek back. I did feel
my feelings for Joanie where changing from a fan to a actual person to person
could it be that my love for Joanie was more than just a crush?

Joanie looked into Brent's eyes, and saw the fear, the wonder, the desire.
She had forgotten the movie by now. Her attention was on the man next to her.
He wasn't her "usual type" but there was something about him, an intangible,
that drew her to him. She moved her face into his, and her curiousity grew.
There was one way and one way only to find out if there really was anything
between them. She moved in closer, put her hand on the side of his face, and
kissed him, slowly, and full on the lips.

I had no time to think I just acted I knew I couldn't hide the fact I was an
ameture when it came to love of any kind even kissing however I made sure the
kiss I gave Joanie was with everything I had. An I could tell she was putting
her all in it. I now knew for sure there was something between us if this
didn't prove it nothing would.

Joanie open her mouth and let her tongue enter Brent's. He was most certainly
an amateur, but she knew he was giving her all the passion he had within him,
and that was just right for her. Her Aubern hair fell onto his shoulders and
she moved her hand to the back of his head while her tongue explored the
inner workings of his mouth. She could feel his hands trembling a little. She
was surprised to find that it kind of excited her, making out with someone as
inexperianced as Brent.

At the start of the kiss I was suprised and as the kiss slowly wore on I
was worried somebody would spot us but now I didn't give a fuck. I was in
paradise and I didn't want to be torn away from it. Despite my hands shaking
like two rattlesnake tails I rested them around Joanie's waist and held her
I could feel her muscles and I would massage them with my fingers wanting
her to enjoy this as much as I was.

Joanie let out a slight gasp when she felt Brent touch her firm waist. She
hadn't been touched like that in awhile. A long while. To long, perhaps.
Maybe that's what was causing her to be drawn to Brent, or maybe it really
was something else, either way, she had confirmed it, she wanted him. Luckily
they were in the back of the theater, so no one noticed them making out and
groping like two teenagers. But still, for what Jaonie wanted, they'd have to
leave for. "Brent" she whispered "I want you...let's leave, mm-kay?"

Ok now I knew for sure i'd died and gone to heaven Joanie Marie Laurer the
goddess among women wanted me Brent Denny! This was either a dream or this
was heaven whichever it was I knew I wasn't gonna pass it up "Yes Joanie."
I said and with that we locked one arm arouind the others waist and left
the theatre and got into the limo.

"Where too now?" The driver asked I looked at Joanie waiting for her answer
she'd either say my place (brent's) or a hotel or something I didn't care
really but I was interested.

Joanie looked at Brent "His place." she said, motioning to Brent. "Yes
Ma'am." the driver responded. Joanie reached over and flipped a switch that
raised a dark sheet of glass between the driver and the back, obscuring them
from his view. With that done, she shifted over and leaned against the side
of the car, smiling at Brent. She motioned for him to come to her.

I moved over to Joanie and wrapped my arms around her and held her this day
was a dream come true and it wasn't over yet. I felt bad about what I was
gonna say next but I had to know. "Joanie is this the start of something
between us?" I asked the kiss had told me yes but I needed her to tell me.
I always trusted my instincts but the one person in the world I would have
trusted more than my instincts was Joanie Laurer.

Joanie looked into his eyes, longing for an answer from her. "I...I think it
could be. There's something about you, Brent. I can't place it, I'm just....
drawn to you." She said as she placed her hand on his face.

"I've had dreams of us being together." I said to her "I've even written some
stories of us being together." I said "But I never ever imagined it would
ever be possible." I told her honestly I then moved forward and placed a soft
tender and yet very passionate kiss on the lips as I slowly broke the kiss
and smiled at her I wanted to tell her my embarasing secret but I was afraid
that it would ruin everything but then Joanie asked me as if she could tell I
wanted to say or tell her something.

She could see it in his eyes, he was holding back something, but what she
didn't know. "What is is Brent? You can tell me."

"Joanie.......when we make love.......i'm gonna's gonna have
been......" I couldn't say the words I felt so embaressed I mean how in gods
name do you tell your dream woman your a virgin?

She thought for a moment, then it hit her, his age, the inexperiance in the
theater...."Brent" she said. "You're a virgin, aren't you?"

I could feel the tears fill my eyes as I nodded my head both in embaressment
and shame.

She saw his tears forming, anf held him "Baby, don't cry. This isn't anything
to be ashamed of."

"But i've ruined the mood and i'm sure you don't want to know that you
know.......Joanie you deserve somebody experienced so that they can pleasure
you all the ways you want to be." I told her speaking from the heart in a way
I was telling her what I wanted to do for her which was pleasure her however
she wanted.

Joanie looked Brent dead in his teary eyes. "Brent, you've ruined nothing.
I STILL want you. And as for pleasuring me, don't you worry about that, I'm
sure you'll pick up on it real quick. Besides...I kinda like the idea of
de-flowering a virgin, it's kind of exciting. Just let me do most of the
work, ok honey?"

I nodded now I knew why I loved her she was so kind and understanding apart
from the fact she had a body to die what could a man not love about her. The
limo stopped and we both got out. I walked to the front door holding onto
Joanie's hand not wanting to let her go. I opened the front door and called
out neither my mum nor sister where in which was a same cuz I would of liked
to of intorduced them to each other. But I was also glad about. I then led
Joanie upstairs to my room I opened the door and waited for Joanie to enter
my bedroom/shrine to her.

Joanie entered Brent's bedroom and took in the scenary. There were posters
of her up on the wall, a few magazines with her on the cover here and there.
Joanie sat on the bed, and looked at Brent, still a little nervous. Then she
got an idea "Alright baby, you say you want to pleasure me? Now's your
chance." Joanie laid down on the bed. "Look at my body, what's the first
thing you want to do with it?"

I swallowed hard as I entered the room and closed the door behind me. "Well
first." I said finally finding my voice "I'd like to undress you.......then
give you a back massage." I said "No oils or anything just a hand to back
massage." I said I had been told my a few female friends I was quiet good at
it and I felt this was my chance to find out what Joanie thought.

"Mmm, sounds good. I guess then you need my shirt off, huh? Come here and do

I walked over my hands seemed to have steadied a little as I touched the
bottom of Joanie's shirt and Joanie raised her arms into the air and I lifted
it up and over her head and off of her. I found that she had a white bra on
underneath "You said full body." Joanie said turning so I could get at the
buckle it was a little fidgety but I finally managed to unclasp it.

Joanie slipped the bra off, freeing her large breasts. She turned over,
facing Brent again. "Like them baby?" she asked as she cupped them.

Like them I doubt my manhood to get any harder than it was in my jeans it
was so hard it was getting very uncomfortable as my manhood strained to get
free from it's constrains but I reminded myself her pleasure first mine
later. "They're even better in real life." I then reached out with a hand
and touched the side of her face "Just like you." I said smiling at her.

She giggled, then took his hand, and with her eyes locked onto his, guided
his hand to her left breast. "You can start here, baby."

My brain couldn't belive it but my senses obviously could as I slowly began
to massage around her hard nipple and then began to massage it inbetween my
thumb and fore-finger making sure I was gentle not wanting to hurt Joanie.

She smiled, and moaned just a little. It HAD been to long since she'd felt a
pair of warm hands on her chest. It felt good. "Mmmm, that's it honey, keep
doing that."

I was about to agrue for two reasons. 1 I was enjoying it and 2 if I did my
manhood was right infront of Joanie the perfect position to give me a hard
low-blow I continued doing as she requested I then got my other hand involved
and began to massage both nipples and breasts with my hands.

She moaned louder as both of her aching breasts recieved Brent's affection.
Joanie moved her hands up his chest and removed his shirt, then pulled him
to her and kissed him, his hands still exploring her large fleshy globes.
She moved his head down a little "lick them, please baby" she requested.

My tounge came out and I first licked the breasts and then began to lick
and suckle on the nipples a tad and while my tounge was seeing to one
breast/nipple my hands where taking care of the other Joanie's moans where
confirmation enough I was doing a good job and intended to continue to do
so as I smiled and continued what I was doing.

"Mmmm, oh Brent, baby." She said softly. Joanie ran her hands down to her
crotch, rubbing just a little. Brent was making her very wet. "Baby, I need
you down there."

I slowly made my way down to where Joanie needed me and where I wanted to
be. I made sure to keep my hands on Joanie's "big round phlupuious deltoids"
as I reached Joanie's jeans I slowly unbuttoned them and undid the zipper
slowly taking time teasing Joanie a tad.

Joanie hurridly slid her jeans down and off, showing off her perfect legs for
Brent. Her panties were white and lacey, and were just a little damp. She
quickly removed them, reveling her gorgeous pussy to him.

I slowly moved inbetween her legs and inhailed her smell it was intoxicating
sexy and making me as hard as a peice of wood. I then began to lick around
her outter lips and then slowly my tounge slipped inside and I moved my hands
down to join it as I fingered and licked her Joanie gasped as Brent's tongue
went to work on her. He licked and tasted her with such passion, she could
see he was loving it, which she found really sexy. Her hands fondled and
cupped her tits as Brent ravaged her.

Being an ameture or not I did my best to pleasure Joanie while
unintentionally pleasuring myself. Joanie tasted devine and I could tell
she was close to what I hoped was an orgasam realising the fact that I was
pleasuring my dream woman so much she was close to an orgasam caused me to
lick deeper and as best I could while also fingering her as best I could I
was pretty sure we where both in heaven.

She could feel it, she was close, he may have been an amateur, but that
wasn't stopping Brent from hitting the right spots to get her off nicely.
"Mmm-hmm, that's it Brent, baby, keep going, keep going....yes, yes, that's
it honey, almost there, uh huh, yeah...yeah........Oh, oh God Brent, I'm....
Gonna........" She couldn't finish the last part as she came, her pussy a
dam that burst forth with her juices, which Brent was all-to-happy to lap up.

I was like a starving dog getting a drink of water. I lapped up as much of
Joanie's juice as I could and continued to lick and finger her but slowly
helped her calm downas I slowed down untill I had cleaned her up and slowly
finshed licking and fingering her.

Her face flushed, and her breaths coming raggedly, Joanie sat up and kissed
Brent passionatly, tasting herself as she did so. She moved her hand down
to his pants, and unzipped them. "Your turn, stud." she said with a smile.
Joanie sat him at the edge of the bed and pulled his pants off him, then
felt his manhood through his underwear with a smile.

I was 9 inches uncut harder than I had ever been before. I was nervous I
didn't know what to expect and I didn't want Joanie to feel like she had to
re-pay me for anything "Joanie.......You know you don't have to pleasure me
if you don't want too." I told her with a 50% happy 50% sad smile on my face.

She laughed a little, and looked Brent in the eyes. "Baby, I WANT to do this.
I love giving head. I love watching a man watch me as I slide him in and out
of my mouth. I love watching his face as I send him right to heaven and
beyond. I'm good at it, and I know it, and you're going to know it, right
now. Joanie slid off the only remaining piece of clothing Brent had on, and
her eyes widened as she saw what greeted her "Oh-la-la!" She said as she got
on her knees in front of it.

I watched holding onto the edge of the bed for dear life after what Joanie
had just said I had a feeling I was about to cum like I never had before
Joanie slithered my cock into her mouth and after the first suck I could of
come but didn't and slowly joanie began to work on me.

She took him into her mouth, slowly, bit by bit, covering each part with
a thick coat of saliva. She took him out and spat on his throbbing cock,
working the spit into it. She took him back into her warm, wet mouth and
swallowed more, and more. Brent moaned loudly as she eventually engulfed
all 9 inches of him, her eyes looking up at him the entire time. Her hand
moved down and rolled his heavy nuts around as she held his entire cock in
her mouth.

"oooooohhhhhh Joanie please baby don't stop." I begged Joanie smiled at me
it was obvious she had no intention on stopping untill I was pleasured I
kept moaning and groaning and begining her not to stop and begining for
more nothing and I mean nothing had ever given me more pleasure than the
pleasure Joanie was giving me and I had to imagine if she was good at
giving head I bed she was awsome at fucking which is something I figured
we'd do another time.

The sounds of Joanie's suck job echoed throughout the room, loud slurping
and sucking sounds came from her, as her hair swayed back and forth, as did
her magnificent tits. She ttok Brent out of her mouth and circled the head
of his big cock with her tongue, moving the fore-skin up and down as she
did so. "You liking this baby, huh? You like Joanie sucking you off?"

"ooooohhhhhhh yes baby i'm loving ever second of it...oooooohhhh god I'm
gonnna come soon joanie." I moaned feeling myself slowly getting closer and
closer to what was gonna be the biggest explosion ever.

"Do it baby, give Joanie your cum, I want it, where do you want to do it
baby, anywhere you want honey." Joanie said as she took him back into her
mouth and suck furiously, moaning as she did so and taking his entire
length regularly as she squeezed and cupped his balls.

"your giving me this pleasure Joanie my love you tell me where." I moaned I
wouldn't be too long now.

"M-kay honey, how about right between these big things here..." Joanie said
as she took his cock and slid it inbetween her huge mounds, moving them up
and down quickly. Brent hollared out as Joanie's monster boobs swallowed him
whole. His body tensed up, and he exploded. Her tits had the head of his dick
completly between them when the first shot came out, which only served to
lubricate them even more. another steam came out like a guyser, hitting her
gorgeous face. At this point, she took him back into her mouth and sucked as
hard as she could on his head, while stroking the shaft.

"I exploded another 4 times making a total of 8 the most I'd ever cum." I
slowly calmed down as I got over the best blowjob i'd ever had of course it
was my first but I doubted if anybody apart from Joanie could top it.

Afterwards me and Joanie layed in bed next to each other both exausted and
we'd only done oral on each other I imagined us unable to move when we got
around to anal and comishionary.

I didn't want to rush things though so being the idiot I'm sure some of you
who are reading this think I am I asked Joanie if we could leave our love
making there. Joanie of course being the loving understanding woman said we
would but I better not let her go without for too long.

We then layed in bed hugging and kissing and basically holding each other.
An that's how my dream date ended however me and Joanie Laurer where far
from over. For our future was full of suprising twists and turns including
the return of an ex-boyfriend in Joanie's and my life.

If you'd like to know more read the next chapter in the series entitled

Fantesy Becomes Reality Part 2

Feed back would be nice this is after all my first story.

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