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Fantasy Becomes Reality Part 2
by Joanie's No.1 Male Fan (

After that day and night me and Joanie spent the next four days and nights
together we didn't make love but we did hold each other kiss and hug alot we
done everything together too got showered got a bath together and everything
else excluding having sex/making love. Joanie then went back to her life and
I went back to mine, An despite getting the odd call it felt like nothing
much had changed. Which really hurt because I didn't want to think like
nothing had changed I wanted to know something had changed I certainly felt
diffrent I felt like the luckiest son of a bitch alive I was dating (if you
can call spending nearly all year away from each other dating) the girl of
my dreams.

I then found out via Joanie's website which thanks Joanie I had become a none
paying member of then that Joanie had re-joined the WWE and despite how happy
I was for her I was also worried I feared she may meet a co-worker/old friend
or something and fall in love with them and dump me.

This is how the WWE convosation between me and Joanie before she accepted the
offer to re-join went.

A surprise awaited Joanie when she got home, a message from Vince McMahon
himself, offering her a spot in the WWE! She was thrilled, she had really
missed performing in front of her fans. But this also posed a problem for
her: Brent. As it was now, she could go back and see him sometimes, but if
she were to re-join the WWE, she'd be constantly on the road, and wouldn't
see him as much as she wanted to. Joanie was torn between her old life and
the spotlight in the WWE, and Brent, whom she really liked. This wasn't a
decision to make alone, she felt. Joanie decided that she owed it to Brent
to tell him the offer that McMahon had made her, and discuss it with him.

My own personal phone rang in my bedroom I picked it up knowing who it was
because nobody else called for me.

"Joanie?" I said hoping I was right

Joanie smiled when she heard Brent's voice "Hi, baby, it's Joanie, how have
you been?"

"Ok I've really missed you." I said honestly from the sound in my voice "How
is my girlfriend?" I asked smiling I loved the sound of that "How's my
girlfriend" because she was I always worried that I'd go to sleep at night
and wake up having everything that had happened to me be a dream.

Joanie blushed a little and bit her lip, then mentaly scolded herself for
behaving like a 15 year old "I've been good, but I've missed you baby....
how's my boyfriend been?"

"Lonely and missing his woman." I said "So what have you been upto since you
left my place?" I asked interested

Joanie's voice picked up a little "Wellllll..." she started "When I got home,
I got a message from Vince McMahon, he wants to re-hire me and come back to
the WWE! What do you think about that?" Joanie listened intently, Brent's
next statement was what she had made the call for in the first place.

Two people's faces appeared in my mind as soon as she had finished saying
what she had said and they where Stephanie McMahon and Paul Lavesque. I then
got another image in my head one that I didn't like at all. "Well that's
great." I said telling a half truth and trying to sound happy when I was 50%
happy and 50% sad "I always knew Vince would ask you to come back." I said
"So when do you make your big return?" I asked

"Well, he wants me to fly out to RAW as soon as possible to get me on TV.
They're going to try and grab some attention and quick ratings with my sudden

"How are you gonna be returning I mean what's the storyline?" I asked wanting
to know if Paul was in the storyline since it was a Raw show

"Well, you know that whole "Evolution" thing we've been seeing on TV lately?
They're going to have me come in, low blow Flair, and the group will turn on
him. Paul will then get on the mic and say that the group has "Evolved" even
more to include the most genetically gifted woman in Wrestling today...Me!"

I went silent. This storyline opened a doorway to a path that Paul and Joanie
could go down that I dreaded them going down.....This storyline could cause
Joanie and Paul to reconsile and get back together......I wondered how she
felt about him......Did she still have feelings for him?......or where her
only feelings for him hatred as mine where and had been since he dumped
Joanie for Stephanie?.........I didn't know I had always been told you never
forget your first love.......Was Paul Joanie's? I knew she was mine but then
again I didn't have Paul's money or body or anything else. I was just me. I
just sat there staring out into space at the thousand and one possible
futurers for me and Joanie with her doing a storyline with Paul I had went
comepletly silent on the phone

Joanie was afraind he might react like this. She didn't want to be in a
storyline with Paul, but as the old saying goes, "beggers can't be choosers"
and this was the only angle Vince put on the table. Joanie had wondered about
why she was offered this storyline and this one only. She knew Paul had
enormous pull backstage, could he have done it? Was he trying to "have his
cake and eat it to" by having both her and Stephanie? She'd heard that since
he's risen to power, Paul's ego was out of control...would he really try
that? "B...Brent? Brent?" Joanie said trying to snap him out of his silence.

"Yeah i'm......i'm still here Joanie i'm.....i'm just shocked the WWE finally
accepted you. An on Raw too the show you deubuted on." I said trying to sound
happy when I was anything but Joanie could hear the sadness and doubt in his
voice. "'re cool with this, right?"

"You belong back in the WWE." I said purposly avoiding the question "You
don't accept this you may never get the chance to go back again."

"Yeah...yeah I know." she said a little quietly. "I...guess it is the best
thing for me to do, huh?" she said unenthusiastically.

"Yeah that way you get to do other things movies tv programes and get your
second book out." I said "Not to mention how happy your fans will be to see
you back in the WWE and on tv." I said

Brent was starting to convince Joanie, although she was partially allowing
herself to be convinced, having missed the WWE for awhile now. "Then I'll do
it, I'll go back to the WWE!" she said, with as much effort as she could.
"You'll watch me, right baby?"

"I promise not to miss one episode of Raw from now on." I said smiling a sad
smile I tooked a deep breath and sighed heavily "I'd best let you go now
Joanie." I said reluctantly "Joanie before I go I just want you to know one
thing." I said.

Joanie paused for a moment, took a deep breath herself, then responded "Yes
Brent...what is it?"

"I love you." I said meaning it with every single word I said in that one
sentance and in the tone of my voice Joanie covered her mouth, and blinked
back a tear, she wanted to hear that, and at the same time, was hoping for
something else. She was happy he'd told her, but it ment that he was going
to join the many boyfriends and girlfriends who had to sit at home and watch
their lover be on the road for over two-thrirds of the year. She wasn't sure
she had the heart to put him through it. "I...I love you to Brent." she said
with a smile on her face.

An so we said our goodbye's and as soon as I put the phone down I cried my
eyes out I felt as if i'd just said goodbye to her I mean if she did fall in
love with a WWE co-worker what chance did I have she'd pick me over them?

I watched the shows as I had promised and we kept in touch via phone and
e-mail as best we could. But it wasn't the same and with each passing day I
continually asked myself.

"What she doing?"

"Who she with?"

I hated myself a little because I didn't trust her and yet I did it was just
all the single guys around her I didn't trust.

One day I went online and talked to a friend of mine Kirsten about the

"Listen Brent do you love Joanie?" Kirsten asked me after I had told her

"With all my heart and more." I said.

"Well then you have to trust her." Kirsten said.

"I do it just it's just the guys I don't trust." I told her.

"An despite hating the fact i'm gonna use something he said you remember when
Triple H went on the first series of Tough Enough?" I asked.

"Yeah?" She said.

"Well it's not just the wifes husbands boyfriends and girlfriends on the
road who don't know what they're partners are doing it's also the other way
around." I said.

"True but Brent ya want to know what I think?" Kirsten asked.

"Sure." I said.

"I think those relationships failed because neither of them trusted the other
and it wasn't real love. Now if you really love Joanie brent you have to
trust her and you have to belive she won't let anybody or anything come
between her and her love for you. An visa-vera. Because if it really is love
Brent then nothing can tear it apart not distance not time not even people."

Kirsten's words where true and yet also worrying because I imagined them for
Joanie and Paul.

Anyway I watched Raw as I promised and Joanie's return was superb and with
each week I watched how her and Paul acted towards each other it was very
pro and made start to think maybe nothing would happen between them but what
happened on screen was a diffrent story to what happened backstage.

The next few weeks were hard for Joanie, upon returning, she found that Paul
and Stephanie had actually broken up, which led her to further suspect that
he used to stroke to get her back into the WWE so he could get back together.
And while this angered her, she had also found that all the rumors of Paul's
out of control Ego were false, at least around her they were. He was not an
ego maniac who lived to steal the heat from every mid-carder on RAW, rather
he was the Paul of old, the one she knew and feel in love with. The one who
spent time with the rookies and helped them. And her worst fears were coming
true: the old flame between them was starting to re-spark. She hated herself
for it, and each night reminded herself of her new man, Brent. But every day
she woke to go to an arena and see Paul, and it would all start again.

One day Joanie and Paul where sat alone together in Joanie's hotel room
Joanie was on the sofa and Paul was sat next to her they where watching tv
together. When Paul struck up a convosation.

"So Joanie tell me about your in between leaving and returning to the WWE."
Paul said sounding interested.

"Oh, well, nothing much happened." she said innocently enough. "I kept myself
busy, made some movies, made as many appearances as I could. Oh, and I did
that stint in Japan, that was fun!"

"I heard about a competition you held a month before ya came back to the WWE
where the winner of the comp got to meet you and spend a day with you is that
right?" Paul asked.

"Oh, yeah." Joanie said, the wonderful night she shared with Brent coming
back to her "The winner was this really nice kid named Brent. We went
shopping, had dinner, and went to the movies. It was a lot of fun."

"Usual fan?" Paul asked meaning asked a lot of questions sucked up to her
etc. Joanie hesitated...but why? A part of her wanted to scream at Paul "No!
he was the greatest man I ever met, and made me cum harder then you ever
could hope to!" But she didn't. Instead, she just sheepishly replied "Pretty
much....yeah" and fought back the guilt that washed over her.

"So Joanie you got a man in your life at the momment?" Paul asked with a
curious smirk on his face.

Why....Why did he have to ask THAT question?! She looked at him, her old and
new emotions waging war within her, and said "Not......not really, no." She
felt sick for saying it.

"Well there's something i've been wanting to tell you since you came back to
the WWE." Paul said hesitantly

"Oh? What would that be" Joanie asked, curious.

"Well I know I did wrong when I went with Stephanie and I don't know why to
this day why I did it but I did and I have to live with it. I never ment to
hurt you and I never ment for you to find out the way you did. However after
our relationship ended yours and mine my feeling for you never went away
infact they simply burried themselves or I tried to burry then away. After I
found out about Stephanie sleeping around on me I realised how you must of
felt and then I began to remember who I was when we first met and when our
relationship was the best ever. I tried to turn myself back into that man
and I did it after I found out that Vince had offered and you'd accepted his
offer. An the reason I did that was because I hoped you might fall in love
with me might feel something that I have always felt for
you." Paul then took Joanie's hand in his and went to say something "I -" but
got interupted by Joanie's phone ringing.

Joanie quickly answered, grateful that this didn't go any further then it
did. "Hello?" she said, her voice anxious.

"I've missed hearing your soft sexy voice." came a familiar male voice.

A wave of relief came over Joanie "Oh hi!" she said cheerfully, focusing as
much on Brent as she could. She motioned to Paul that it was an important
call. Dejected, but as understanding as he could be, Paul nodded and quietly
left the room. With him gone, Joanie put all of her attention on Brent. "Hey
baby" she said softly.

"How's the love of my life?" I asked so happy to hear her voice I missed it
so much just hearing her voice made my heart sing.

"In much, MUCH better spirits now that I'm talking to you Brent. What have
you been up to baby?" she asked.

"Not alot graduated from College and I have some good news too." I said
smiling as I was about to tell her what I considered the best news since I'd
won the competition to meet her.

"As off this Monday Night I will no longer be a boyfriend who stays home and
wonder what his WWE superstar girlfriend is doing. Because on Monday Night
the WWE's comming to my home town and when it leaves after Raw i'm gonna be
leaving with it and you." I said "In other words Joanie i'm gonna be on the
road with you." I said smiling from ear to ear.

Joanie laughs nervously as she was still thinking about her and Paul. "I
can't wait to see you Brent" Joanie said telling half the truth.

"Well I just thought I would call and give you the good news I will talk to
you later Joanie" I said smiling and noticing a hint of something odd in her


An then we both kissed each other good night over the phone.

Paul then walk back in to the room with some food and some champagne Joanie
looked at Paul a little shocked.

"What is this for?" She asked him.

"To Celebrate your return" Paul says.

"Oh" Joanie said nervously.

"Everything ok?" Paul asked puzzled.

"Yeah." Joanie responded quickly.

"No something's troubling you." Paul said seeing through her sherade quite

"Come on Joanie what is it?" Paul asked.

"That was Brent." Joanie said.

"The fan who won the competition." Paul said.

Joanie nodded.

"Apparently he......." Joanie didn't want to go back after saying she was
single which she hated herself for not doing "He's won a competition which
alows him to hang around with a superstar of his choice he's chosen me and
he's gonna be on the road with us starting monday." Joanie said.

"Really. so I will get a chance to meet your biggest fan." Paul said with a

"Yeah you will Brent is a great kid he's really sweet" Joanie said smiling
she also wanted to say "and a great lover who satisfied like no one else
especially Paul."

"What about a drink Joanie?" Paul said Paul said.

"Ok " So Paul made Joanie a glass of champgane and then handed it too her and
she took a sip.

Joanie suddenly noticed Paul's hand going up her leg she didn't really pay it
any mind untill he cupped her breast with his other hand.

"What are you doing?" She asked him.

"Oh come on Joanie Remember when you used to love it?" Paul asked arrogantly
with a smile.

Joanie slapped his hands away "I think you better leave." Joanie said in an
upset and angry Voice "Now." She insisted.

Paul looked at her puzzled "Ok. I'll er i'll see you at the Arena on Monday
for the show." Paul said.

An with that Paul left.

Joanie then sat down and continued to watch tv as tears filled her eyes for
two reasons...

1: She loved Brent and yet she felt she betrayed him by lieing about her
relationship with him to Paul.

2: Because she liked the way Paul had started to touch her up.

Joanie and Paul kept they're distance from each other from then to Monday I
meanwhile anxiously awaited Monday's arrival and finally Monday did arrive.

I arrived at the Arena and thanks to a backstage pass given to me by a
security guard I went backstage imidiatly and began to look for Joanie's
locker room.

I went on looking for Joanie's locker room when I suddenly bumped into one of
the WWE divas it was Terri Runnels (she was wearing short skirt with a tight
white shirt and high heels) spilling her water on her. Brent looked in awe as
he could plainly see terry's tits starting to show through he said "Whoooaaaa
you're Terri Runnels I am really sorry about that Terri," I said said, "oh my
aren't you cute don't worry about it."

"I am so sorry" I said not really listening to her I got a napkin and started
to wipe her shirt Terri said "Don't worry about it come see me later and I'll
let you make it up to me."

I nervously smiled the way she said it I had a feeling I knew what she ment.

"Can you tell me where Joanie's locker room is?" I asked changing the

"Sure it's down the hall first door on the right" Terri said pointing.

"Thanks" I said with a smile.

As I walked past Terri smacked me on the ass I turned and looked at her who
was smiling at me and I smiled back at her and then went on my way Terri
watched me go licking her lips and winking behind my back.

I finally reached Joanie's locker room door. I was so excited after weeks
away from each other we wouldn't be away from each other anymore and if we
where it wouldn't be very far.

I knocked on the door of Joanie's locker room.

"Come in." came the response.

I opened the door smiling but my smile instantly vanished when I saw who was
sat opersite Joanie the man I hated with all my heart Paul Lavesque.

I felt my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach and my blood instantly
began to boil

"Hi Brent how was your trip?" Joanie asked me smiling at me my eyes where
locked on Lavesque.

Joanie walked up to me and hugged me and I hugged her back but didn't break
my eye contact with Lavesque.

Paul then got up and "So your Joanie's No.1 fan huh? you not exactly what I
had pictured you to be."

"Is that right!?" Brent said with his voice rising in anger. "What the hell
did you expect me to look like some built up egotistical ass like you?" I

"Brent." Joanie said shocked.

"You better watch who you talk to like that before you get hurt" Paul warned

"Try it" I said challenging him.

"Calm down guys let's just settle down" Joanie said pleading with us.

"No Joanie the man wants to prove how macho he is let him come and take his
best shot. After all he is "the game" and he is "that dam good" I said
mimicing his voice in an insulting way Paul stood up and walked over to me.

"Ya know five minutes into knowing you and already I don't like you." Paul

"Well that's good because five minutes into finding out you where fucking the
bosses daughter behind this beautiful woman's back and I hated your guts." I

"Yeah well at least I can get a woman as beautiful as this the only women you
can proberbly get is the kind you have to pay for."

"Oh really so I take it Joanie hasn't told you." I responded with a smug

"Told me what."

"The day we spent together let's just say I didn't have to pay for what
Joanie gave me."

Paul laughed "I'm not suprised because she didn't give you anything that's
just your warped mind."

Paul responded "Joanie wouldn't touch you with a mile long cattle prod kid
because your not even half the man I am."

I balled my fist up.

"An I suggest you loosen that balled up hand of yours unless ya gonna do
something with it besides beat off to dreams of screwing a woman like

I then let loose my anger boiled over and grabbed his collar and dragged him
to the door and threw him outside the room with such force it sent him to the

"I'm 10 times the man you are Lavesque! at least I wouldn't fuck the company
bicycle to get ahead and afoothold on the business!" I said "An in future you
stay the fuck out of this locker room and way from Joanie when i'm around." I
said slamming the door shut.

Joanie stood there amazed at how Brent just man handle and talk to Paul like

I turned to face Joanie. "So what was Paul talking about before I got here?"
I asked still angry at Paul for being a bigger ass in person than on tv.

"We was just talking about the old day of dx and everything he also said he
would like to go out to dinner tonight and talk some more but I told him I
was busy and thats when you came in.

"He'll be eating out of his ass after I get through with him" I said looking
back at the closed door with dagger like eyes.

"Just calm down honey it's all over now come sit by me" Joanie said "An we
can talk."

Joanie sat down on the sofa and patted the space next to her signaling to me
to come over and sit with her I walked over and sat next to her and looked at
her with a sad smile on my face.

"I'm sorry about that I didn't mean for it to happen." I said trying to both
opologise and explain.

"I hate him so much for what he put you through and did to you.......You
deserve a man who's so much better than him Joanie. Than man is not a man
because he doesn't know how lucky he is or should I say was......he gave
up the best thing a man can find and have for the business. An that is
totally wrong in my book."

There was then a knock on the door Joanie walked over and opened it to reveal
the owner of the company Vince McMahon.

I feared i'd just gotten Joanie in trouble so I sat still and just looked at
him and Joanie.

"Hi vince how are you?" Joanie asked.

"Fine" said Vince "Paul told me there was a little altercation in here" Vince
went on.

"Not really" Joanie said.

Vince then saw me and I swallowed hard feeling I was about to get the tounge
lashing of a life time.

"So you are the one that got into it with Paul huh?" said Vince looking at me
with a serious look.

"Yes" I said "i am I didn't appreciate him or anybody else disrespecting me
like that."

Vince then said something I didn't expect "I understand.......I think you
would make a good part of the superstar roster what do you say? you got a
great attitude" Vince said. "Besides I want to get a little even with that
son of a bitch for dumping my daughter how about it of course I can't do to
much to him after all he is still the number 1 guy here.

I looked at Joanie who was a little nervous as she looked at me I then got
a great idea how I could make sure nothing between Joanie and Paul ever

"One condition Mr McMahon if it's possible." I said showing the owner of the
company and one of my two main male role-models respect.

"Name it and I'll see if it can be done" Vince said smiling.

"I want in on the Evolution storyline." Vince's smile disappeared.

"You mean as a member of the team?" He asked.

"No Sir." I said smiling "As the team's main adversary."

Vince smiled "What would your wrestling name be?" Vince asked.

"Brent "The Mastermind" Denny" I told him.

"Well I am not sure after all we are getting Austin and Rock back but.. since
you are the only one to get Paul that pissed you got your self a deal."

Joanie looked at both Vince and Brent even more nervous hoping that nothing
would go horribly wrong.

"It was good talking to you Brent "The Mastermind" Denny you going to go far
well i'll see you soon."

"Thanks again see you later" I said smiling.

"Oh and Joanie get ready for your match against Terri tonight ok" Vince said
and with that he left the room and Joanie closed the door behind him.

"Looks like my life's getting better and better. I said smiling first I get
the woman of my dreams and now i'm getting the job of my dreams. Not only to
be a wrestler but to make Paul Lavesque's life a living hell." I said smiling
"Now where we're we Joanie?" I asked smiling from ear to ear at her.

"We were talking about us spending some quality time together oh and I do
believe my hand was right here on your shaft with my lips pressed against
yours Joanie said as I started to kiss him I felt happy again being with
him as I stopped to get I took off my top Brent came up
behind me slowly and oh so passionately massaging my tits he then put his
right hand down my pants and started to massage my wet pussy as I was just
about to cum another knock at the door.

"Dam it! hold on for a minute" Joanie said hurrying hurring over to answer
the the door while trying to put her shirt back on as quick as possible.

She opened the door and there was Terri "Hi Joanie you just about ready?" She

"Yes" Joanie said smiling at Terri.

"Well well if it isn't the little stud that bumped into me and made me spill
water all over myself." Joanie looked at Terri looking at Brent and instantly
knew what she was up to.

"Anything else you want Terri?" She said rather harshly.

"As amatter of fact there is that hot piece of meat over there." Terri said
refering to Brent.

Now Joanie was really getting pissed off "I think you should leave now
Terri," Joanie demanded

"uh what sure Joanie see you in 10 min." Joanie then slammed the door in the
little bitch slut's face. Joanie didn't know who the bigger slut is Terri or

"What was that about water on her shirt?" Joanie asked me.

I told her what happened.

"I should go and beat that little ho up right now Brent do me a favor baby
watch out for her she is trouble." I started to think again about Paul and
myself when I had slammed the door int Terri face and I was thinking maybe
I will end it tonioght with Paul but then again we went through a lot.

"Yeah well I best let you get ready for your match sweetie." I said kissing
her neck and leaving a small hardly visble love bite on her neck.

"We'll pick up from where we left off at the hotel." I said kissing her
tenderly on the lips.

"I'm gonna go and have a look around and see if I can make a few friends
among my hero's." I said as I walked to the door "Good luck against Terri not
that you'll need it." I said with a wink and with that I left the room and
began my exploration of the backstage area.

As I was walking around the back I happened to notice one of the biggest
legends standing not to far away from me "The Nature Boy " Rick Flair.

"Excuse me Mr. Flair" I said Ric turned to face me.

"Itt is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Brent Denny."

Rick looked at me.

"It's good to meet you. So you are the one whose name has been getting out
about Pissing off Paul well I am not so sure if that was a smart move but it
was a gutsy one and to tell you the truth don't tell nobody else this though
this is between you and me but all the guys and girls in the back here have
a hell of a lot of respect for you mostly everyone was kind of scared to do
it because Paul has so much pull you have automatically put yourself into the
top slot as far as respect goes around here." Ric told me.

I didn't know weather I belived him or not but then I noticed huddled over in
a corner of the backstage area RVD Eric Bischoff amd the Un-Americans (Lance
Storm and William Regal).

Rick followed my gaze "let me introdeuce you to some of the boys."

I was about to interject but before I could Ric called out "Hey guys come
here for a sec."

The four men looked at Ric and then walked over to us. My knees began to
shake ucontrolablly.

"Here is the very person you've all been hearing about the one that single
handedly pissed off Paul" Ric informed them "Eric, RVD, Regal, Lance meet
"Brent Denny......Brent meet the boys."

I was so excited to meet three of my hero's and one person who I liked "It's
a honour and a pleasure to meet you all" I said.

"Not as much as it is to mee the one guy to Piss off the biggest asshole
around you have become ours and evreyone elses heroes." Eric B told me.

"shhhh here comes Paul" RVD said everyone looked at Paul. as he was walking
by he noticed Brent.

"I hear you going to be on my turf from now on as a wrestler" said Paul

"Why don't you keep your long nose out of everyone else's business but I
guess thats impossible since it's so long but don't worry after I kick your
ass a few time i will shrink it for you then you can get some plastic surgery
done not like thats going to help" I said totally showing no fear to Paul

RVD then tried not to laugh as Paul looked at Ric Eric RVD Lance and Regal as
did I it was obviouse they where all doing they're best not to laugh.

"I'll get you for that punk ass" Paul walked off once he was gone everyone

"Good one Brent" said Lance.

"Well we all better get going." Eric said and so they all shook my hand and
said they're goodbyes and once they where gone I was alone in the middle of
backstage. I continued walking but didn't see anybody else obviously it was
very close to show time and they where all mentally as well as physically
prepearing for they're matches interviews etc.

Just then I felt a hand on one of my buttock's I turned to see Terri in a
white thong and see through bra. her tits will surely pop out if she even
sneezes I thought to myself.

"Hey Terri." I said trying to focus on her pretty face which was 50% easy 50%
hard (an belive me when I say that wasn't the only thing hard).

"Listen i'm sorry Joanie was so nasty towards you it's just well before she
re-joined the WWE she held this comeptition which I won and I got to spend
the day with her and we haven't really seen each other since then so ya know
we wanted to spend sometime together." I said I didn't know why but it was as
if I was trying to cover up the fact me and Joanie where together I mean I
had noticed I didn't mention me and Joanie being together but then I figured
maybe it was just because Terri hadn't asked either way I gave her a smile
and waited to see what she said.

"oh don't worry about it Brent" Terri said smiling at me sweetly "Paul had
told us you were a fan so I can understand." "as far as Joanie goes she
couldn't hold a torch to me. speaking of torch" Terri said (licking her lips
looking down at the huge bulge in my pants) "i see you have one in your pants
without warning Terri grabbed Brent by his cock and said "hmmmm looks like
you could use some relief" with that being said she reached down into my
pants and started jacking him off while kissing him he was struggling a
little to almost break.

"Terri I don't think we should do this." I said in between kisses.

"Whats' the matter sweety shy well thats ok come by later and if you don't I
will get to you sooner or later most always sooner cause I cn get any man I
want" Just then a backstage hand walked up to us as Terri quickly removed her
hand from my jeans pocket and "when ever I want them" Terri whispered to me
"Terri it's time" the backstage hand said "coming" Terri said with that Terri
gave me one last kiss.

I felt so ashamed 5 minutes into the building and I felt like I had already
done a "Paul Lavesque" on Joanie ok so I didn't sleep with her for months
on end but it felt just as bad to me. I didn't think I had to confess what
happened to Joanie I ran to the curtain where Joanie was stood "Joanie. I
need to talk to you now." I said sounding desperate as tears filled my eyes.

"What is it baby?" Joanie asked looking at the seriousness and tears in
Brent's eyes.

I told her what had happened "What!!!!!!! listen baby thats the way that
bitch is I have seen it time and time again I have seen it so many time
before thats why she got the name horny little she devil don't cry baby I
have seen the divas lose a lot of their boyfriends or husband s behind her
I know she forced herself on you. I seen it happen publicly all the other
women hate her except Steph list just try to stick close by to me ok.
Thank you for telling me you are definetly a great guy.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and smiled at her "I'll be in your locker
room watching the match." I said "10 seconds Joanie." I heard somebody say
I then quickly hugged and kissed Joanie and then watched as her music hit
the fans went nuts booing Joanie and then once the curtains fell and Joanie
was gone I headed back to Joanie's locker room.

"Hey Brent." Came a voice I turned to see Mr McMahon and Eric Bishoff walking
up to me.

"Yes, Mr. McMahon?" I asked.

"How would you like to debute tonight?" Vince asked.

"Well erm I don't have any wrestling experience sir." I said shocked.

"Not by wrestling." Vince said tell him the plan Eric.

"Ok now you know your name is "The Master Mind." Eric asked.

"Yeah" I said.

"Well our plan is two have two major factions on Raw Evolution (the heels)
The Master Plan (the babyfaces) Eric then pointed to me "You will be leader
of the Master Plan."

"An what we want to do tonight is Eric will intorduce you and then you'll do
a small promo about yourself and the master plan and end it with a something
that can be marketed like Austin 316." Vince said.

"Yeah for both you and The Team." Eric added.

"Ok." I said "Ok i'll get to work." "I'll come and knock on Joanie's door
when it's show time."

"Wait a second what am I gonna wear thought?" I asked.

"This." I then turned to see Shane McMahon Vince's son standing there holding
a mix between a black tux and a black suit I took it from him nodded to all
three and then walked off so when I got to Joanie's locker room I sat down
wrote down what I was gonna say and then rehersed it.

after the match Joanie walked in the locker room and saw Brent with a
tux/black suit on. "whats going on sweetie?" she enquired so I told to her
Joanie seemed very happy Joanie said "We definetly have to celebrate." and
then asked me "how well was the promo comming along?"

"I'm done just to got wait for the-" I was then interupted by a tapping on
the door and then heard Eric say "Mastermind it's your time to shine." I
smiled "It's time." I then reached for the remote and turned Raw onto the
tv. "Sit down relax and enjoy." I said as I walked upto her kissed her on
the cheek and then left the room going over one final time what I was gonna
say as I reached the curtain where Vince Shane Linda and Stephanie all stood.

"Bishoffs out there now what music do you want to go out too?" Vince asked I
instantly knew and smiled "Triple H's please Vince I also need a bottle of

Vince smiled guessing my idea Linda handed me a bottle of water and then I
heard Eric call for me "Ladies and Gentlemen may present The Mastermind Brent
Denny!" An with that I went out infront of the millions of fans with Triple
H's music blairing and made my way down to the ring.

As soon as I was infront of the fans I felt it the electricity the adrenaline
rush everything the superstars talked about that the fans gave them with
they're cheers an boo's etc I felt it all and I smiled as I walked down the
ramp took a gulp of water and then threw the bottle over to Howard Finkle
climbed up into the ring apron and stood like Triple H did and then spat the
water into the air and then got into the ring.

"Mastermind the whole world is wondering why are you here?" Eric asked.

"I'm here with one purpose to destroy Triple H and Evolution."

The fans go nuts starting to chant "Mastermind".

"An how are you going to do this?" Eric asks.

"By assmebling a stronger force than Ric Flair Dave Batista Randy Orton and
Triple H."

"An what will the name of this force be?" Eric then asked.

"They will become known as The Master Plan with me as it's leader."

Just then Triple H's music hit the PA system again and out walked Triple H
onto the stage I whispered to Bishoff.

"Is this planned?"

"No." Eric said pissed off. "We ain't got long left before Raw goes off the
air Paul's trying to steal your thunder kid."

"Brent you think you can assemble a stronger team than Evolution. Give me one
person who is better than Dave Batista."

"Kane." I snapped into the mic.

"Ric Flair." Triple H barked back.

"Shawn Michaels" I shot back.

"Randy Orton" Triple H said.

"Test" I barked.


"Terri Runnels." I said she was the first name came to mind.

"An what about me Brent who do you have on your team that can beat me?"

"Triple H that answer is so easy. The man who can beat you is the man your
looking at!"

Triple H looked at me with hate in his eyes and I looked back with a smug

"An why can I beat you? Because I am the MasterMind I am the master of the
mind.........An as for the Master Plan I suggest Evolution watches it's ass
because The Plan Is Comming together." I said those where my two "Marketable
quotes" Vince asked for an with that Raw went off the air Triple H went
backstage and so did me and Eric

As soon as I walked backstage I heard a series of laughter I looked to see
where it was coming from then I saw mostly all of the superstars back there
maocking and laughing at Paul saying "you are pretty much done Paul the kid
just ripped you a new asshole." the group of stars left laughing Paul then
spotted Brent "your days are numbered kid." Paul said just befire Vince came
to congratulate me on a job well done.

"Thanks Mr McMahon."

"I'd like for you to speak to Shawn Test Kane and Terri a.s.a.p I think
they'd be perfect candidates to be in the Master Plan." Vince said smiling
"Oh and Paul." Vince said turning his attention to Paul who looked at Vince
"Don't ever try and steal this kid's thunder because you can't do it." Vince
said smiling "See you both next monday for Raw." Vince said as he walked off.

As Vince walked off Paul turned to Brent "Remember what I said." I pretended
to shake being that the sign that I wasn't afraid and then I went back to
joanie's locker room and walked in with a concerned look on Joanie's face.
"What's the matter sweetie" I asked.

"I wanted to know one thing Brent I am confused on why did you picked Terri
why not Lita, Jazz, or Jaqueline. tell me she hasn't gotten to you."

"No she hasn't gotten to me." I said "It's just I was put on the spot when
thinking of a rival for you and Terri and you had a match previous to the
promo so I figured it would be interesting if this storyline continued that
rivalry" I said.

"Oh ok well I just wanted to congratulate you on about we go get
something to eat I am really happy for you."

On our way out of the locker just as we were about to leave who comes up no
other but Terri.

"I am so glad you picked me Brent I can't wait till we get together to
practice our skits" and before she could get another word out Joanie grabbed
Terri by her neck and said listen back off or I will throw you around again
like did to you when you were marlena after that me and Joanie left.

I looked back at Terri and mouthed the words "I'm sorry." opologising for
what Joanie had done. I felt as if I was responsible for this off-screen heat
between Terri and Joanie I actually imagined them being friends not enemys.

Anyway me and Joanie went to the hotel Joanie was staying at and I moved my
stuff into her hotel room once in was unpacked I layed on the bed and looked
up at the celling "Feels so god dam good to be back with you Joanie." I
called out to Joanie who was getting a shower in the bathroom.

"it's good to be back with you to sweety. Just do me on favor though watch
yourself around Paul he's not very rational and he is always doing something
under handed. so just be careful ok baby" Joanie called ."Now why don't you
come in here and help me out some."

I smiled and so I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me I
could see Joanie's body through the steam and it instantly made me go hard
I smiled as I tapped on the glass window shower curtain "What can the
Mastermind help Chyna with?" I asked smiling.

"first off you can come and help me wash my back.. whoops I just dropped the
bathcloth and the soap maybe you can take care of me from behind while I bend
down to get them up. oh and maybe you can get the important parts to because
I am very stiff and sore from head to toe think you can help out with that
sweetie?" Joanie asked with a mishichivous smile.

I smiled at her an so I got undressed got into the shower behind her I tried
to position myself so Joanie was comfortable and me and my cock where all
comfortable it wasn't a tight fit in the shower but then again it wasn't
exacterly too spacy either and so I got to work.

"hmmmm oh Brent. that the way to do it harder and deeper" I felt like I was
about to explode the moment Brent touch me (it seemed like he was a a whole
new person I guess it was from all the excitem of the company) I thought...
now why do you let momma take car of you I pick up Brent and put his legs
around my head and started to suck him off. after we were done in the shower
I suggested a standing 69 position I flipped Brent upside down then we went
to work on each other. "Will you massage my muscles"

I knew which of her "muscles" Joanie was refering to and I got straight to
work on her vagina muscles while she got to work on my exceedingly hard
mucsle and we both came together. I then got out of the bath and so did
Joanie we dried each other off and then layed in bed together I looked over
at her lovingly I loved her so much no woman could compare to her no woman
could beat her she was the only woman I wanted and as god was my witness I
was intent on doing everything in my power to keep her. The only thing that
would allow me to let her go would be her if she told me to let her go then
I would. But despite loosing her which I hoped would never ever happen I
would still love her.

"Brent." Joanie said destrubing my thoughts.

"Yes Angel?" I said smiling at her.

"How come we've never done ordinary sex?" Joanie asked meaning missionary.

I sighed "I know this is gonna sound weird and please don't laugh at my
reason. But I feel that when two people do missionary that is proving that
they're each others.The man proves to the woman he's her's and the woman
proves to the man she's his and when we do that Joanie and I promise we
will I want everything to be perfect. I want the perfect reason I want the
perfect setting I want everything perfect nothing not one detail will be
missed when we do give ourselves to each other fully." I said meaning every

I then looked at her "Sounds stupid doesn't it." I said expecting her answer
to be yes.

"No, I understand what you mean. I was just curious and I will wait for that
perfect moment I have a great friend I am looking forward to you meeting her
and myself have kept in touch over the years I was out she was the women's
champion before victoria took it away none other than Trish Stratus we have
been the best of friends for a long time. so what do you say tomorrow I will
introduce you to her?"

I smiled at Joanie Trish Stratus had been another favourite diva of mine I
had followed her career almost as much as I had Joanie's "I'd love to meet
Ms. Stratus." I said smiling at her "Joanie." I then said getting an idea
"You know how much you hate Terri?" I said.

"You know I do I want to rip her apart. and believe you me I will
what do you have in mine does it involve me beating the piss out of that

"Acutally it involoves changing the diva in my team from Terri to Trish
Stratus." I said I figured if Joanie and Trish where such good friends then
there would be no heat and if Terri wasn't in the picture there would be no
problems between me and Joanie and me and Terri.

"Thats a great idea baby no wonder you are the master mind." as we layed
together I was in heaven I was with my baby and Terri was going to get
kicked out of the group.we both fell a slep in each others arms the next
morning at the arena me and Joanie walked in to find Trish just hanging
stretching. "Trish!!!!" Joanie called "come here I want you to meet a
friend of mine this is Brent" .. "I have heard a lot about you Brent I
am very impressed so what do you think of the business so far."

"I am very honoured and very pleased to be working for such a great company
with so many friendly people to work with baring one person of course." I
said as I shook her hand.

"It was great to meet you Brent I have to go to a tanning salon...see you
guys later."

"I told you she was a good friend" Joanie smiled as we watched her go.

Then out of a nowhere Brisco & Patterson told me Vince wanted to talk. So I
told Joanie I'd be right back and then I got to Vince's office I walked in
and sat down.

"You wanted to see me sir?" I asked.

"I am very pleased just the one time you been out front we have earned
qruadruple the rating and money keep this up and I will make you head of
the story line do you have ideas so far?" Vince asked.

"Well first off I want to swap Terri for Trish Stratus as the diva in my
team." I said stubbornly.

"Hey anything you want you are my number one guy and I will give you a raise
you will be making more than anybody how about 120million a year how's that
you are my biggest investment yet and you better believe I am going to take
care of you whatever you want or whoever you want "wink wink" you just say it
will be yours just so you know you now have more pull than Paul and everyone
respects you except Paul.. how does that sound I think we could be come good
friends and business partner" Vince said.

"Mr McMahon your offering me alot here I mean yesterday I was a graduate from
College today your treating me like i'm the king of the world or something."
I said smiling overwhelemed "I mean I didn't do anything special last night
just done the best promo I could." I said honestly "An all I want is to stay
with Joanie and help the business i've loved and watched since I was 3 years

"I didn't do anything special! you made the whole arena all the fans and
everyone back here stayed glued to the promo all the fans stood up cheering
we couldn't even get that from Austin or Rock. don't be so modest plus the
way you talked to Paul and manhandled him the whole world is talking the
internet is buzzing I keep getting calls from other company for you to sign
with them. You are unstoppable and as far as your wish goes with you and
Joanie not a problem."

"Ok." I said smiling at Vince "Well other ideas for the storyline I have
are -"

An so me and Vince sat and disgussed the storyline as well as other things
including Paul and Joanie

Meanwhile unknown to me Joanie was alone in her locker room when there was a
knock on the door

"Hello come on in" then in walked Paul.

"What are you doing here?" Joanie asked.

"I came here to see you Joanie you and that kid have been hanging around to
much." Paul said angrilly.

"Well he is a fan and my friend." Joanie said inmocently.

"who cares he's not here now" Paul said.

Paul walked over to Joanie and sat next to her listen I know I was wrong
going on with Steph but you are one I always dreamed about and I had to
contain my self I almost call your name out in sex w/Steph with that he
put his hand on Joanie's face and proceed to kiss her Joanie struggled
to break free but it felt good and right and for a momment Joanie had
forgotten about Brent and started to kiss Paul passionatlely he then put
his hand under my shirt and feel my breast. Joanie was starting to feel
some old emotions stirring up again and she was hoping Brent wouldn't
come back and catcth them.

As I left Vince's office I smiled Vince had offered me the world on a plate
and unlike Paul who took it I refused it I asked for an acceptable salary
and acceptable contract terms pretty much the same terms as Joanie's I then
headed back to Joanie's locker room.

"Hey Brent." came a female voice I turned to see Trish walking up to me.

"Hey Trish." I said smiling at her

"Joanie was telling me about the idea you had I was excited about the whole
thing. It's a strange thing though it seems that when you are around Joanie
can't stop smiling this is the happiest I ever seen her to tell you the truth
I can see why you're cute plus you got brains and brawn. I wish I had a guy
in my life like you. Do me a favor don't tell Joanie I don't want her to kick
my ass, but I am happy for the both of you." and with that said Trish kissed
me on the lips for a few secs but Trish felt electricity going through her
body she hadn't felt that in a long time she quickly came to herself "later
Brent" Trish said as she hurried off in amazement of the feeling she had when
she kissed Brent.

I touched my lips and smiled i'd never been kissed quite like that with that
much.....well everything really I then told myself to get a grip it was just
a kiss and besides I was with Joanie I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and
then headed on towards Joanie's locker room.

While walking back to Joanie's locker room I saw Paul comming out of Joanie's
locker room with a huge smile on his face. "WHAT THE HELL!" I said as I ran
up to him and pinned him against the door "What are you doing comming out of
Joanie's locker room and what are you so smug about too!?" I demanded to

"Wouldn't you like to know. All I know is that today is a good day." Brent
was confused by what Paul had said and rage began building up in me I let go
of Paul and he arogantly walked off.

I then walked in and asked Joanie "What the hell was he doing here?" I saw
him with a smile on his face. "What's all that about!?"

"Nothing honey he just Came by to say hi" Joanie said.

"yeah I bet he did!" I snapped.

"Brent don't be mad sweetie" Joanie said smiling but I couldn't shake a bad
feeling I had.

"Joanie there something i've always wanted to ask you since day 1. I always
assumed you didn't I guess I was afraid of what the truth maybe I don't know.
But i think I need to ask you it now." I said taking deep breaths "Do you
have any feelings for Paul still I mean he was your first real love and all
ya know and my mum does say you never forget your first love. An I belive
that's true because your my first and I want to belive only love." I said
meaning every word I then swallowed hard and looked at her.

"well I guess you could say it's true but you have been like no other to me
you have took me place I have never been sexually or personally. I mean yeah
Paul was my first but you are the one I need right now the one I want to
cherish. I thought to myself (but I do still love paul and I did miss I his
cock in my pussy but what am I going to do but I don't want to hurt Brent)
don't worry honey about a thing."

That wasn't exacterly the answer i'd been looking for I guess I wanted a
"Yes or no" answer I looked at my watch.

"Well i've spoken to Vince and he says the Evolution team and The Master Plan
from now on are only gonna be needed for PPV's and the main Raw show. So
basically we're not needed tonight so let's get the hell out of here." I said
with a 50% happy smile.

"well at least we can spend some quality time together (i have to try and
keep this relationship together I want to be with Brent but I also need
Paul.) so what do you have in mind baby to do.. I also want to ask you a
question how are you feeling are you mad at me?

I then laughed and looked at her as I took her face gently in my hand "I love
you to much to ever be mad at you." I said meaning every word "let's go back
to the hotel and just relax together maybe watch a couple of movies erotic
ones if ya fancy or pig out on room service or do whatever." I said not
really minding.

"oh ok" Joanie said she wasn't really feeling that everything was ok (I will
have to try to make Brent forget about tonight) she said to herself "how
about we watch some porn and order food service and play with our food if you
know what I mean sweetie. I am so glad you are not mad with me.besides I am
all yours tonight no interuption or nothing."

So me and Joanie went to our hotel got food delivered to our room and put on
a top class porno movie together and play with and ate our food. By the end
of it me and Joanie where well and truely satisfied (in more ways than one)
We then fell asleep and I had this weirdest dream.

I dreamed the telephone on Joanie's side of the bed rang and Joanie answered.

"Hey hot and sexy how is the best woman i've ever had in bed?"

"Oh Paul i'm doing great but I really need you here.

"I wish I could be there with you making love to you like we used to all
night long." Paul said smiling "It would be hotter than what we where doing
earlier this afternoon I can promise you that."

"I know it would to remember doing it in the elevators, airplanes even on
top of the roof of your house. I would do anything to suck that big meaty
cock you have right now. and suck you dry i've been fantasing about you a
lot oh hmmmm Joaning moaning and groaning hey Paul I am touching myself I
need your cock in between my tis right now oh if you were only here...
oooohhhhh i'm about to cumOOOHHHH PAUL!!!!!!!!!"

"Well like always and ever Joanie you comming has made me come." Paul

"I'll bet that sorry son of a bitch Brent Denny couldn't make you need a cock
that bad. Or feel that good." Paul said arogantly "I hear er you and him left
and went to the hotel. I bet as soon as he got into his hotel room after
leaving you he spent the entire afternoon jerking off just imagining being
able to give you half as good an orgasam as me."

"i would not be surprised he would love to get a piece of this sweet pussy,
but no one could tame my pussy except you."

"Yeah well thanks to me pulling a few strings that bastard ain't gonna be
pulling any pussy unless he pays for it. I've managed to keep that rat fuck
son of a bitch so busy the next few weeks hell by the end of it he's gonna
be so tired we could fuck right in front of him I doubt he'd be able to see
it." Paul laughed "An ya know what they say while the fans away the
superstars will play. What do you say Joanie while your fan is away you
fancy playing the game again?" Paul asked already knowing the answer but
wanting to hear her say it.

"You know it baby damn right I am I just hope I don't break from pent up
sexual frustration.

"Well I just called to find out if you where willing to play the game and now
that you are and we've taken care of each other for the time being I'm gonna
love and leave you but before I do know this Joanie." Paul then took a
momment "I love you Joanie." Paul said.

"I love you too" Joanie said.

An with that Joanie put the phone down.

(oh I miss paul but I am torn in between him and Brent but I am leaning more
towards paul hopefully I can keep this quite a little bit longer) let me just
check to make sure Brent is sleep ..... good he is............ let me just
snuggle up next to him and pretend he is Paul. Joanie grins as she lays next
to Brent while she envisions him as Paul.

End of Part 2

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