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Fantasy Becomes Reality Part 3
by Joanie's No.1 Male Fan (

After that I was constantly on the move once I finished a Raw show I had to
catch a plane to another city to do a tv show after doing that I needed to
get a limo to a radio station etc I very rarely got to see Joanie and
whenever I did have a free afternoon or day which was very rarely Joanie was
also busy she was constantly on the go it seemed. She was either training or
going to meetings or going out with mates or just basically going out and
sometimes we would get seperate hotel rooms because Joanie wanted time alone.
I kept my eye on Paul and Joanie and they seemed rather friendly but nothing
over suspisious.

Meanwhile me and Trish Strauts we're becoming really good mates so much so we
confied in each other things we had never told anybody else nor would we ever
tell anybody else. Life seemed 50% weird as far as personally went and 50%
great as far as my professional life went.

In Paul's hotel room Paul and Joanie where snuggled together Joanie wrestling
against Paul in his bed with Paul's arm wrapped around he they had just
finished another session of what they nicknamed.

"Playing the game" they had called it that since Paul became known as the

"So what excuse did you give Brent for not going to New York to do that chat
show with him?" Paul asked.

"I told him I wasn't feeling all that good and that Vince needed to talk to
me so I told him to take Trish instead. so he said ok.

"Was he heart-broken?" Paul asked smiling hoping the answer was yes any pain
Paul could cause Brent he liked.

"Yeah he was a little hurt but he seemed ok when I told him to take Trish."

"Yeah him and Stratus have been doing alot together lately they seemed to be
getting on very well. Maybe with a little luck Trish will help Brent get off
the fantesy of being with you. Cuz to be quite honest Joanie i'm getting
sick of him hanging around you calling you all hours of the day and night
sometimes asking how you are if your free to spend time with him. Soon that
kid learns he has no chance with you the better."

"yeah but I have to admit he's been sweet but he could never take the place
of you but i'll tell you one thing he'll never have a chance with Trish for
2 reasons.

1: she is my best friend

2: what would she see in Brent anyway.

"Hey i've got an idea how about we watch the chat show him and Trish are on
could be a good laugh" Paul said reaching for the remote on the bedside.

"thAts a good idea Brent might make a fool of himself and embarrasS Trish
you know we should tape this to just in case we might need it later on."

Paul smiled as he turned on the tv and Brent and Trish had just come on the

"Well it's great to have you back Brent and of course Trish."

"Thank you pleasure to be here." I said.

"Thanks." Trish said.

"Now I know it's only been about a month since you made your big debute but
since then the WWE's popularity has sky-rocketed back up I mean it was really
dangleing by a thread do you have any idea what caused the drop."

"Well I do have one idea I think it was because Vince McMahon was pushing the
wrong people."

"An who we're the wrong people?"

"Well when I say that I actually mean wrong person and that wrong person was
Triple H."

"Well do you consider yourself to be the right person?"

"No no not at all I don't belive there is a right person because it's a group
effort ya know I mean you win as a team and ya loose as a team and Triple H
quite frankly wasn't being a team player and he thought he was bigger than
the team and obvious he was mistaken." Brent said.

"Trish what do you think?"

"I couldn't agree more." Trish said seeem "Like it all started when he did
that angle with Stepahane McMahon since then he changed quite a bit. He was
bitter towards people like Vince he started hitting on all the Divas. It was
complete anarchy. but now I think the right person has definetly come along

"Well the Evolution vs The Master Plan top storyline going from strength
you Brent of course leader of the Master Plan Trish your a member of that
team and if I may say so Brent and you Trish onscreen seem to be very close
I'm just wondering is this leading upto a the Mastermind's first romantic
interest onscreen and Trish's second."

The audiance laugh.

"Well I'd have to say that it would be good for my charcter to maybe have a
romantic interest and yes me and Trish onscreen have been getting very close
and I would agree with you that it does look like a romantic interest is
forming however having said that I haven't as of yet gotten the green card
so I'd just say watch this space."

"Trish over to you now for a second what is your off screen relationship like
with Brent?"

"Brent and myself are close we are best friends if I needed to talk to
anybody about anything it would definetly have to be Brent it's just
something about him that make talking to him and being around him as a
friend of course so special. Brent knows he can talk to me about anything
to I have his shoulder to cry on and he has mine. we are really good
friends but I must say though if I was looking for somebody I would
definitely want that guy to be like Brent Trish blushes.

"Oh so you two are single I take it?"

"At present yes Trish is currently availible and so am I."

"Oh well expect your hotel room phones to be ringing off the hook now."

Audiance laughs

"Ok we're gonna play a name game now and I'm gonna say something connected
to the WWE like if I was to say Triple H you might say Brent?"

"Elephant nose."

Audiance laugh.

"Ok so Trish let's start with you 'WWE?'"


"Ok Brent now you 'Vince?'"


"Trish what about 'Chyna?'"

"Good friend"

"Same with you Brent"

"Good superstar next?" I said.

"'Triple H' Trish?"

"The Game."


"Talented wrestler turned egotistical."

"Ok Master Plan. Trish?"

"The Mastermind."


"The team that is gonna kick Evolutions ass."

"Ok now I'm afraid we've only got time for one more question and it's to both
of you and that is what would you like to see happen in both your personal
future's and your character's futures Trish let's start with you again."

"Well to tell you the truth I wouldn't mind my character getting more
involved with Brent and maybe becoming an item.. as far as my personal life
well I kinda have someone in mind I would like to get with but i'm not
telling" Trish giggles.

"Ok and what about you Brent?"

"Well professionally I'd like my character to no pun intended evolve and grow
and I'd like to go on and on for as long as possible as for personally I want
pretty much the same thing to keep doing what i'm doing for as long as I can
ya know enjoy the ride while it lasts and just know when it's time to get
off. An hopefully when that day comes i'll have a wife and couple of kids
waiting for me. But as for right now in the words of Ric Flair I just want
ride high jet fly be a wheeling dealing son of a gun. Whooooo."

"Thank you very much for coming in both of you ladies and gentlemen the
lovely Trish Stratus and the most poular superstar since Hulk Hogan Brent
"The Mastermind" Denny!"

The Audiance gave Brent and Trish a standing ovation as they left the stage
and the tv in Paul's hotel room switched off.

"Looks like Trish has a crush on Brent... I don't know Paul she did say her
character wanted to get a little more closer...then she said she had a secret
crush on somebody might be right i'm not sure though I can't possibly
see what she would see in him though. I think it's about time I encourage him
to leave this business.. but then again maybe we both should start convincing
him Paul said maybe Paul maybe.

"He seems to have a real vendetta against me." Paul said scratching the back
of his neck "Why is he so obsessed with me? I mean I fucked up one ok like he
hasn't made a mistake in his life?" Paul asked getting a little angry and
very emotional a sign that Brent was starting to get to Paul.

"Well don't worry baby. after all you did say he wasn't what you expected but
whatever you are thinking about doing to him I will support you all the way
just try to control your temper you don't want to get arrested but then again
you could set him up.. just calm down though babe let me give you a massage"

Paul looked at Joanie "You sure have changed your tune a short while ago I
remember you and him where like salt and peper and now your bad mouthing him
and totally against your No.1 male fan." Paul said suprised.

"Yeah well I don't know I gues it was when you kept coming to see me and
touching me I remembered what we went through together in DX the corporate
ministry all those angles. and all the time we spent together. All those
emotions just exploded into a raging inferno I was trying to hold my
feelings back cause I still remeber the hurt you put me through with that
bitch Stephanie. but I couldn't hold my feelings back any longer."

"Ya know if we got rid of mr Mastermind you and me could become the biggest
names in the WWE." Paul said smiling rather eviliy.

"hmmm I love the way you think my cerebral assassin you are so devilessly
evil let's do it but we have to be careful though everybody has his back...
I say we put him in the hospital and let him know the full fury of the
EVOLUTION. ha ha ha ha ha" Joanie said laughing with evil intent.

"No I have a better idea." Paul said and so he began to explain his idea to

Meanwhile me and Trish where in our dressing room backstage after the

"That was a great interview we had Brent. Paul is going to be pretty pissed
if he watched or finds out about this..... you know you look kind of tense
would you like me to give you a massage I give the best massages around. I've
been told I have magical hands....i wonder what will Paul try to do next.
Have you been noticing one thing though that him and Joanie are almost alway
passing each other or talking well I don't know maybe it's me.

"Belive me as far as the storyline goes apart from doing what Mr McMahon
asks of me I've been keeping my eyes locked on those two. But thus far they
haven't been doing anything over friendly" I said "An I don't mean to be a
pain but yes I would like a massage if it's ok with you." I said

Trish smiled.

"Sure it's ok with me." Trish said walking over to me.

"Shirt on or off?" I asked.

"Definately off how am I suppose to get all those great muscles if you don't
take off your shirt silly... plus I get a chance to see that great body of
yours," Trish mumbled but almost hoping Brent heard her.

"Now you just lie still and let my hands do the work. Trish started to
massage Brent shoulders very gently and passionately. the she did the back
of his neck (I hope Brent enjoys this I know I am) thought Trish. She did
the center of his back and started to get the oils and the lotion and after
that the oils had dried she began to do a little something extra she started
to lick his back his neck and shoulders. "I hope you don't mind that that is
just the way I get all the guys to relax they usually are more tense would
you like for me to do the lower half.

I was tempted to say yes.......God was I not tempted but I figured it would
be better to save it for somewhere more private if she did it at all.

"Erm not here Trish let's save that massage for later and somewhere more
private." I said

"Tell ya what how about we go out to dinner together maybe a have a dance
then go back to one of our hotel rooms and I give you a massage or
something?" I said smiling and putting my shirt back on once Trish had
reluctantly gotten off of me.

"hmmm...... you want to give me a massage well now you don't know how much
I would love that"..(this may actually be my chance to hook up with him)
thought Trish....

"dinner and dancing too my my aren't you a real charmer you got yourself a
date" Trish said as she smiled from ear to ear just thinking of being with
him was making her all wet and moist..she collectively got herslf together
and said "ready stud?"

We linked arms and left the tv centre and went to the best resturant in town.
We sat down at a table for two and I ordered a bottle of champagne the finest
the resturant had.

"So Brent tell me about you. How come your so nice?" Trish asked resting her
chin on her hand.

"I guess i'm a old traditions type of guy." I said simply.

"I belive a man should be exacterly what people call him a gentleman open
doors give the lady roses etc really show her how he feels."

"So your the type of guy who would frown on a guy hitting another woman or
sleeping around?" Trish asked.

"Definatly a man who raises his hand to a woman is not a real man. An a man
who cheats on his girlfriend doesn't deserve to find true love." I said

(What a man) Trish thought (he is every thing I want in a guy he's smart
funny kind and caring and a true gentleman.) "i must say Brent there should
be more man like you..." (thats he kind a man I really want and crave) Trish
started to lick her lips a little and started to look at Brent hungrily.

"You know what Brent being with you is a great treat you are a special
guy"... "Have you ever had a girlfriend before?" and what kind of girl are
you looking for? If you don't mind me asking."

"No i've never had a girlfriend before." "A i'm looking for a girlfriend with
brains a tad of brawn sense of humor somebody caring understanding loves kids
and above all else loves me." I said honestly and openly.

"What about yourself?" I asked.

"i've had a few boyfriends all they wanted was just sex I mean they never
complianed once matter of fact they said I was the best they ever had but I
want more than just hot steamy kinky sex I want to be love for me and not for
what I am. I want someone to respect than I can hang with the guys. That I
can be blonde and not stupid. and that more than just tits and ass. I mean
t-n-a will only get you so far. I too would love kids I would love my
husband imensely I would cook for him and when he come home treat him to a
massage a heavy hard hitting night of passion.. but I would also love to get
flowers candy I'm not all into jewelry I just want to be love for me. I would
care for them rich or poor as long as I know I could trust them and they
trust me. sorry for going on and on Brent I guess I am a hopeless romantic,"
said Trish.

I then reached over and took her hand in mine "then I guess we're in the same
club or boat." I said looking at her with a gentle smile what I ment by that
was that I too was a hopless romantic.

"You know what Brent we have so much in common it's amazing really I never
thought I would find anybody who had the same priciples as me. I offer you a
challenge can you dance? cause I want to see how good you move. and to see if
can keep up".. tears start to stream down Trish's eyes.

"Hey hey hey what's with the tears?" I asked reaching up gently and wiping
the tears away from her eyes.

"I don't know just me being silly." Trish said "Can we dance please Brent?"
Trish said.

"Of course we can." I said and with that I took Trish's hand into mine firmly
but gently and we went to the dance floor and began to dance to a few fast
songs we where like the king and queen of the dance floor it was like poetery
it was like making love and in a weird way it was like wresting we knew what
the other was gonna do before they did it i'd never met somebody so special
so normal so like me before and despite my vain effort not to I felt my heart
slowly leave my body and become Trish's in short I felt myself falling inlove
with "the queen of stratusfaction."

"let me just say Brent I am having the best night of my life i've never had
this much fun before being with you is like being walking in the clouds so
peaceful and so heart warming.excuse me Brent if I sound silly but with you
I feel like nothing can ever bring me down and that I have found the true
meaning of life. Brent you make me feel like I have never ever felt before
and that is love and important. I just wish this night could go on and on"
Trish wanted to say to him as they danced.

Just then a slowly love song came on my personal favourite Bryan Adams
"Everything I do" I didn't take a second to think I wrapped my arm around
Trish's waist bring her closer to me and locked my other hand with her's
as she wrapped her arm around my neck and we began to slow dance

"oh how I love this song"said Trish. Brent "do me a favor please I know it
my sound crazy but just hold me don't ever let me go.i feel so safe and
secure around you. I hope you don't think me crazy by saying all this to

I know if Joanie ever found out that I was spending more time with her fan.
she might be pissed . thank you again Brent you have made most of my dreams
come true tonight." said Trish.

I didn't say a word I just held Trish in my arms dancing cheek to cheek I
then listened to the words and softly began to sing along to them singing
them into Trish's ear.

"Take me as I am - take my life
I would give it all - I would sacrifice
Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more
Ya know it's true

Everything I do - I do it for you"

Trish says "you know Brent it's kinda funny we have the same thing in common
and then this songs starts playing.Brent we should make this a special song
dedicated to you and myself."

"Brent I to would do every thing for I hope YOU know it's true.." Trish just
enjoyed the moment with Brent singing along too. Deep with in she started to
have a strange feeling that Brent could possibly be the one for her.

My mind is in overload and so is my heart as I dance with Trish since 1999 I
imagined Joanie Laure being the girl for me and I really belived since being
with her then more than ever that she was the one for me.

But now I felt stronger feelings for Trish than I ever thought possible even
stronger than my feelings for Joanie.

Could my love for Joanie have been lust?
Was my feelings for Trish real love?
Was it lust because I was away from Joanie?

I didn't know I was so confused and yet everything was so clear at the same
time. I didn't know how to slove this dilema so I decided not to solove it
just dance with Trish be myself and let the dilema sort it's self.

"Brent how about we get ready to go the hotel. and spend some more time there
if thats alright with you cause my feet are getting a little tired right now.
Maybe we could watch a movie and order some dessert. besides handsome you
promised me a massage. I hope you didn't forget" Trish said as she winked at

I smiled we held hands as we got our stuff together and I payed for the
meals and then we walked out to limo and got in we sat in the middle of the
backseat holding hands I didn't know weather Trish didn't want to let go of
me or via-versa but either way we held onto each other firmly but gently.

We reached the hotel and went up to our floor "Yours or mine?" I asked
meaning which room should we go into since we we're on the same floor.

"how about mine I want to slip into something more comfortable so we can
relax a little more and enjoy ourselves and get to experiment with the
massages even more fully"...Trish and Brent walked in Trish told Brent to
sit down and relax "could you order room service Brent I will be right
back" Trish was getting something special to wear she heard the room
service guy come and leave the dessert. Trish then walked out in a very
revealing nightie which came up to the are just below her sweat pussy she
also wore a thong that show her luscious ass, it also showed a great deal
of cleavage so what do you think Brent do you like it?" asked Trish

My mouth dropped open when I saw what she was looking at.

"Absalutly stunning heartbreaking even." I said.

Trish then layed down on the bed next to me and turned on the tv to something
she wanted to watch while I went into the bathroom took a leak and then got
the best smelling oil I could find it smelled of roses I then took it back
into the main room and sat down next to Trish.

"I'm glad you like it Brent I wore it just for you. oh and I have a surprise
for you to that I think you will like very very much" Trish said as she
licked her lips. "Do you want the surprise now or wait till after the

"Wait till after the massage." I said I then got some of the oil onto my
hands and began with Trish's shoulders I made sure I was firm and deep with
the massage she didn't seem too tense but then again I didn't care I was
justy glad I was able to repay her for the awsome massage she gave me I them
moved to her neck and made sure not to hurt her before moving on to down her
arms and shoulders and then started to slowly work down her back making sure
not to miss a spot.

"ooooohhhhhh Brent that feels so good. would you like me to take off my top
or bottom or would you like both to be taken off."

"Erm well since i'm close to your bottom half how about just your bottoms."
I said feeling i'd be able to handle that.

"You got it sweetie" Trish startd to pull down you thong very slowly showing
Brent her nicely trimmed pussy. "Do you like what you see so far. go head
stud i hope this wont distract you any from the massage."

I worked on Trish's fine tight beautifully tanned buttocks and then began to
move down her leg's not looking at her beauiful pussy.

"So Trish tell me about this guy you fancy." I said deciding to create a

"What do you want to know about him." Trish asked.

"Anything your willing to tell me." I said as I smiled.

"Well he is very smart very strong doesn't take any crap from people, he is
a perfect gentleman, not only that he has a great bod he is loveing he has
a great sense of humor he works in the business I fell in love with him on
two seperate occasions the first time I met him he was with someone I know
and the second time I gave him a friendly kiss I was amazed at what a great
kissser he was he sent electricty through my whole body I thought I was
going to come within a second his initials are B-M-D. hope that helps a

I stopped my massage and stared at her in shock she couldn't could she? No
she couldn't mean me.

Trish then turned over and looked at me with a smile on her face I couldn't
ask the question vocally so I pointed to myself as a way of asking the
question "me?"

"You got that right baby I loved you from the first time I layed eyes on
you. Would you like the surpise now."

I swallowed hard and nodded.

Trish grabbed Brent and pulled him close she got down on her knees pulled
out his 9 1/2 inch cock and began to lick it up and down swirling her tongue
around every inch of his manhood she then dove in head first sucking his
member like there was no tomorrow she took a quick second to say "i hope you
feel the same way to"

And while she continue to suck his entire cock she stared to play with his
ball. she then stopped again and took some chocolate syrup from the ice cream
and squirted it all on his cock and balls then all of a sudden Trish snapped
she was like a wild untamed animal continuing to suck his cock. I had never
had woman ravage my cock the way Trish did she was wild she was uncontrolable
and pretty soon so was the amout of cum I shot down her throat we then done
some anal sex and then I ate her sweet pussy out An then we layed next to
each other both sweaty both hot and both panting I looked over at her I
closed my eyes and then asked her the question "Would you like to make love
the normal way?" I asked her.

"oh yes very much so. I should warn you though if you think I was wild orally
you haven't seen nothing yet "Trish said with a wild look in her eyes and a
wicked smile on her face. "i hope you can handle it lover"

"Trish do you belive that when a man and a woman make love normally that
means they give themselves to each other totally?" I asked I needed to know
I felt as stupid asking Trish as I did telling Joanie but that was me "yes I
do. is something the matter honey are you haveing second thoughts?"

I smiled at her as I stroked her cheek with my finger "Not at all it's just
I feel the same way." I said.

"well thats good Brent. but before we begin I just wanted you to know it's
been a long time since I acted this wild sexually you have brought the animal
out in me and took me to the far reaches of the heavens... " Trish started to
kiss Brent passionately then said "do you want on top or the bottom cause it
doesn't matter to me."

I then layed down and said "hop on wild woman" Trish did exacterly that and
to say we gave ourselfs to each other would be an understatement I was
surpsied the hotel didn't crumble down around us or the other hotelers didn't
think there was an earthquake we made love in the most passionate hot and
steamy erotic way imaginable and when it was all over and we could hardly
move let alone do anything else Trish rested her head on my chest and just
under my chin i wrapped my arms around her and held her there as we both
slowly got our breaths back and our strength.

"oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Brent I have never came that hard in my entire life.
Honey you were the best I ever had. do yuo think we should tell Joanie since
she is our friend or any of the other stars. or keep this to ourselves. I
feel completely whole thanks to you.

Me and Trish spent the next 5 days together we made love quiet freak quantly
each time seemed more erotic and yet more passionate than the last. An
despite her saying "I love you" I couldn't say it back because I didn't know
if I did.

We then went back to our lives with the WWE Raw brand however we called and
texted each other as often as possible I however tried to keep it as secret
from Joanie and it seemed to work however I was unaware that Joanie was
trying to keep something from me. Untill I found out on national and
international TV what that something was.

This is what happened. I was in the middle of a promo when all of a sudden
the titon-tron flickered to life with Ric Flair's smiling face.

"Hey Brent sorry to interupt your speech it's just that I think there's
something back here you really REALLY aught to see." Ric then turned and
revealed a door that read "Triple H's locker room" he then turned the
handle and pushed the door open and my jaw dropped open when I and the
rest of the United States as well as the world saw what Ric wanted me to
see with what Rick showed him. Brent snapped and went flying backstage
passing all the other stars and literally kicked down the door to find
Joanie and Paul fucking like animals. Joanie looked up at Brent with a
shocked an embarrassed look on her face Paul however just looked at Brent
and smiled laughing.

"Whats the matter Brent" Paul said sarcasticly. Joanie and Paul could both
see the anger in Brents eyes.

Joanie quickly covered herself up without warning Brent lunged at Paul
beating the holy hell out of him that is until EVOLUTION came and the
referees and the other super stars to break Paul and Brent up. It took
20 guys to get Brent off. Brent threatened Paul.

Paul was bleeding from the nose profusly and from the mouth.

"Your fucking crazy kid."

I still had that sycho look in my eyes as four guys pinned my arms behind my
back and kept me on the floor.

"Crazy.......You haven't seen Crazy Paul. You better hope and prey I don't
get up because if I do i'll show you what crazy really is."

Just then Vince entered the room. "Security remove that man from the building
imidiatly." Vince said pointing to Paul two police officer endered and
dragged Paul from the room buck naked.

Joanie sat there looking at me and I looked at her the sycho had gone from my
eyes and was replaced by unbeliveable pain and sadness.

Vince looked at me then looked at the four guys who had me pinned down "Let
him up." The four guys got off of me.

"Vince can me and Joanie have some time alone?" I asked Vince looked at us

"Ya promise not to go Sycho?" Vince asked.

"I promise." I said.

"Alright everybody else out." Once the room was empty and the door was closed
silence filled the room as me and Joanie just stared at each other.

A look of sadness and shame came upon Joanie as if she had finally saw what
her cheating had caused.

"Brent I am so sorry it's just that my old feeling seemed to rekindle like
you said before. I was really thinking about anything it almost seemed like
I was meant to stay with Paul without any consideration for you until now
that you and the whole arena and the world saw us listen Brent I hope you
can forgive I... I.... I just don't know what else to say" tears flowed down
Joanies eyes, "Say something please Brent."

"I once said I couldn't hate you because I loved you so much..........God
knows I want to hate you..........But I can't......I guess I should of know
this was gonna happen......I always wondered if ever I got the chance to be
with you would Paul come between us." I raised my hands into the air "Here's
my answer.......yes he can." "Do you want to know what hurts more than
anything else Joanie?" I asked sitting down on the edge of the bed near her
and looking at her.

"What Brent?" Joanie asked wiping her eyes.

"It's not the fact i've just been publically humiliated infront of the entire
known world. It's not the fact you fucked the man I hate with all that I am.
It's the fact you didn't tell me. I would of given you anything Joanie. If it
was night time and you wanted the sun to shine I would of done it if it was
day and you wanted the stars to come out I would of done it. An if you had
told me you wanted Paul Lavesque instead of me! I would of ended our
relationship and let you two to it."

Shocked and shamed Joanies said "Brent you really would have done that for
me. It seems like I had found you the right guy for me and I screwed it up.
can I ask you a question would you be willing to give us another chance at
being friends and more than friends? I would understand if you wouldn't. I'm
just not sure of anything anymore" Joanie puts her hand on Brent's leg.

I grabbed Joanie's hand and forced it off of my leg and then looked at her.

"You broke my heart bitch! I loved you more than life it's self and you go
and fuck my arch enemy! An then you ask if there's a chance we can try again
well in the imortal words of Vince McMahon's entrance music there's no
chance........there's no chance in hell."

I then stood up and left the room I walked back to my loocker room everybody
I passed asked if I was ok I just nodded I wasn't but I didn't want
pitty.......I wanted revenge.

Trish runs to find Brent after she heard what happened she find his locker
roomand knocks on the door.

"Brent this is Trish I know this is a bad time but may I come in."

"Doors open." I say unenthusiastically as I take the 6 pack beer I've gotten
out of the fridge and slump down into a chair and open the first beer and
take a swig out of it.

"Hey Brent I am really sorry I heard what happened. I am really sorry I also
found out that you and Joanie were an item. I wish you have told me though.
but I understand why you didn't because I was told by Shane McMahon that last
week he saw Paul going into Joanies room and he was wondering why he went to
go see what he could hear he said hear moans and groans he quietly open the
door a little he saw them making out then he hurried up and closed the door
and left he said he saw you and Paul when Paul smiled when he came out of the
room he wanted to tell you but wasn't sure if he should because he figured
this might would have happened. He didn't want to hurt you. but I just want
to know from you do you still love her i'll understand if you do I just want
to know first where do we stand and I also came to tell you that Vince wants
to see after you finished calm down but before you go let me know what you
think about us.

"Remember how you always said you loved me?" I asked looking at Trish.

Trish nodded.

"An I never said it back?" I asked.

Trish nodded again.

"It wasn't because I wasn't sure how I felt about us. Now i'm a little more
surer." I said.

"And?" Trish said slowly.

"There is no me and Joanie but there is a me and you.....your just gonna have
to be paitent with me that's all." I said hoping she wasn't hurt by this.

Trish sighs "well if you want me to be patient I will .. I will be patient
for as long as you need me to be like our song went i'll do anything for you
I will aslo be ther for you if you want to talk" Trish stand up and kisses
Brent. "well you better get going to see Vince. I'll see you later Brent."

I then stood up and hugged Trish before walking off and going to Vince's
office I knocked on the door and then entered and sat down.

"I'm sorry about what I did to Paul. You can suspend me if you want or have
too I accept full responsability for my action as well as I accept full
punishment for them." I said seriously.

"ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..what are you talking about taht was the best
thing I ever seen in my life I've been waiting for someone to do that to
Paul. Ever since he stole my baby away from both daughterly and sexually
uh let's just keep that between you and me. I am sorry though for your
pain I figured maybe you might want to reconsider that offer I made to you
last week. Plus the way thing have turned out I am getting to old for this
crap so I'll make you a better deal.Shane O'Mac doesn't really want to be
boss and Steph and I have som you personal business to take care of so I am
willing to offer this company to you cause I believe you have what it take
to run it what do you say and you can do even more what you want and who
ever you want you call the shots."

I didn't answer I just extended my hand to Vince my way of showing him I
accepted his offer.

"Good good make me proud... you start as soon as we tell every one."

Vince called a meeting and said "I am giving up this company I am too old
and there is too much shit around here going on for me to take care of
therefor I am leaving it to Brent."

There was a moment of silence ... then a loud roaring appluase for Brent....
"Brent come make a quick speech. for your new employees."

I took a step forward and looked out at the sea of my employees.

"I can't see into the futuer.....I can't tell you if i'm gonna be a good boss
or a bad boss......but I will be a fair boss to all respect me I
appreciate that......and I respect each and every one of give me
your best......and I will give you my best in return......and together we
will make this federation better than anybody ever dreamed it could......this
company doesn't revolve around one man......not me......not Flair......not
Randy Orton......and not Paul Lavesque.......This company revolves around
Rick Flair AND Randy Orton and Paul Lavesques......Ladies and gentlemen this
is a team company......we win here as a team......we loose hear as a do your pull your own take this
company to the promised land ain't nobody gonna be against you......but you
don't do your don't pull your own don't take
this company to the promised land. Then you won't be working for this company
much longer......the WWE stands for three things from now on.......1:
Respect......2:Commitment......3:Family." I then took a step back showing I
had ended my speech.

All the stars stood up chanting Brent's name "Brent, Brent, Brent, Brent,
Brent, Brent, Brent.."

They all shook his hand while they left..after they lefts Trish came up to
him hugged him and said wow you are really moving up, I am proud of you and
congratulations Boss."

Joanie surprisinglywas the last one there she went up to Brent and say.

"Well congratulations Brent you deserve it .. though it's probably none of
my business but is there something going on between you and Trish.

"Your right it is none of your business. By the way as of right now your


"You heard me i'm gonna be watching you from now on not as a fan not as a bit
on the side but as your boss and if don't like what I see you will be once
again history in the WWE and this time you won't come back."

I then turned as Paul tried to sneek away "Stop right there Lavesque!" I said
Paul stopped and looked at me as I walked up to him "Where do you think your

"To the hotel."

"Oh no your not your going to Mr McMahon's office soon to be my office and
your wait for me there you leave before i've spoken to you and those bruise
on your face will be nothing and I mean nothing compaired to ass whooping I
give you when I find you. Now get." I said.

Paul gave a mean look to Brent he then went to Mr McMahon soon to be Mr.
Denny's office he then sat down.while Brent was walking to his new office
every body was laughing and whispering saying I hope he gives it to Paul.
Brent finally reached his office where Paul was sitting down with his
legs up on the table say so Boss what do you want to talk to me about.
Sarcasticly and smuggly said Paul.

As I walked up to the desk I turned to face Paul and looked at his feet."
Comfy?" I asked.

"Quite." Paul said.

"Good." I said I then kicked Paul's feet off of the desk Paul then made a
move like he was gonna go for me.

"Make one fucking move I swear I will end you I will fucking end you!" I
said finally letting my anger out and the sycho look returned into my eyes.
Paul sat back in the seat.

As I walked around and sat opersite him. "How long you been in the WWE Paul?"
I asked calm once again.

"I would have to say close to 6 years.why. let me just make one thing clear
to you Brent oh i'm sorry Mr. Denny you touch me I will sue your ass so you
better watch your step". said Paul.

"6 years...Quite a good career some would say....i mean you came in at the
midcarder level as a heel you brought the bitch into the WWF then you both
joined DX then the corporation then went your seperate ways you went to the
top and she went to the middle. Then you started screwing Stephanie behind
the bitch's back the bitch got kicked out because it went public she came
back I joined the WWE and then you went back to fucking the bitch after
dumping Stephanie." I said summing up Paul's career.

"WHAT CRAWLED UP YOUR ASS HUH ? what I do in my personal life is my fucking
buisiness what's the matter mad I stole that pussy from you laughed Paul you
couldn't have handled her anyway.. besidees since we are getting so personal
what's up with you and Trish.. I tell you what I sure wouldn't mind hitting
that from all sides.. maybe I should go see her after this maybe I can have
a threesome with Joanie and Trish..but anyway i'll say i've had a hell of a
career and I did it all on my own. you got that.

I laughed "Wake up Paul and smell the shit that comming out of your mouth.
You did it all on your own my ass! If I was to sum up the main point of your
career or the key word to your career I think it would be fucking because
let's face it Paul if you hadn't fucked Joanie and then moved on to the
ex-boss's daughter you wouldn't of had a 6 year career here I doubt you've
of made it past 3."

"An while you fucked your way to the top people like Mick Foley Steve
Williams Mark Callaway where busting they're asses shedding blood dripping
with sweat crying over the pain they had to endure they took the real man's
way to the get to the top. An when they got there what did they find they
had to play second fiddle to a man who only got to the top because he was
pounding the company pussy?" I said relishing in my assult on Paul's career.

Paul slammed his fists on the table putting his finger in Brent's face "let
me tell you about busting some ass if your are so damn smart then maybe
you'll remeber when I got screwed when shawn and I went to say good bye to
Scott Hall, Kevin Nash they didn't get in trouble because they were leaving
Shawn didn't get in trouble because he was champ. and by the way genius I
was in a hell in a cell match with Mick foley a street fight with him. I
bled if you don't remember look at the tapeand now I am working on a screwed
up leg do you remember that huh DO YOU. ANSWER ME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE A
EXPECT SOME ANSWERS!" Paul said angrily.

I then leapt out of my chair and we came face to face nose to nose.

"You want answer you sorry son of a bitch fine here's your answers Paul
Lavesque as of this momment you are hearby stripped of the World title." I
said smiling at him.

Paul took a step back in shock "Your services further more are no longer
required in other words Paul Lavesque you sorry excuse for a man your fired!"

I then walked up to him and got right up close nose to nose "Or in the words
of your ex-character Triple H. GAME!...........OVER!.......You have 10
minutes to clear out your stuff and leave the building before I call securtiy
and have them roughly escort you out."

Paul started walking to the door then out of no where Brent called to him.

"I just want to say thanks." I said smiling.

"For what?" Paul asked still in shock.

"Well I think for the first time ever you lost the game and if you lost then
I guess that means I won the game.......don't let the door hit your nose on
the way out."

"well since you want to play hard ball fine i'll see your ass in court oh
yeah by the way Paul walks back to Brent and suddenly spits in Brent's face
then walks out saying you'll hear from my lawyer."

I was un effected by Paul's actions and threats they where the acts of a
desperate man I just wiped the spit from my face and sat back resting my feet
on my new table and putting my hands behind my head all of a sudden a knock
at the door.. "Mr. Denny" it was Trish calling "may I come in."

"Call me Brent and yes you may enter oh beautiful one." I said smiling.

Trish blushes and giggles "are you all right?".... "everyone saw Paul walking
out cursing up a storm saying something about suing".... "so Brent how does
it feel to be Boss did you want to go celebrate tonight and how about letting
me hit you with some HHMMMMM what do you say honey."

"I say let's go." I said as I walked over to her wrapped my arms around her
hugged her and kissed her cheek we then left the office arm in arm and where
on our way out of the building when Joanie blocked our path well mainly she
blocked mine.

"what the hell do you think you are doing Brent I know you are mad at me I
accept that but you are going ape shit you are miss using your powers and
plus why are you and my supposedly best friend going out arm in arm I didn't
know you was such a little skanky bitch Trish you betrayed need
to get a grip of thing I know I mess ed up i'm not sticking up for Paul but
you have gone crazy Brent"

"Your lucky your a woman had you been a man I would of fucking floored you
like I did Paul for saying that about Trish. And no Joanie I'm not miss using
my powers I'm doing what no offence intended but what Vince McMahon didn't
have the power or guts to do I'm making sure everybody knows that the boss
is the boss and the employee's take orders from the boss not the boss takes
orders from an employee."

"Come on Brent what do you want with Trish I could treat you better and make
you cum more times than you can imagine please give us another chance Brent
please. Besides you didn't even feel for Trish the way you did
was the speech you gave all bull all you care is about yourseldf and not the
other stars. Just dump that bitch and come with me I can show you a better
time and you know it."

"Well ya see Joanie even if I wanted to go with you I couldn't and for a very
good reason." I said honestly.

"and why's that Brent." asked Joanie.

"Because I totally gave myself to her and she gave herself totally to me." I

"What!!!!! But how could you I don't see how you could give it to her not me
answer me Brent please how could you?"

"she's the woman I want Joanie. That's how." I said simply.

"fine but I will win you back Brent I know I made a mistake but I will try
anything and everything in my power to get you back .. I need you Brent
please come back to me I am sorry."

Joanie falls to her knees and grabs Brent's leg just hugging his leg really
tight. "Please, I need you Brent I know what I did was wrong please forgive
me please I will do anything to get in your good graces."

I looked at Trish and whispered to her.

"What do you say we see how far Joanie's prepeared to go to get me back?" I
asked I wanted her approval otherwise I wouldn't go through with what I had

"Well ok I guess," Trish said.

"Well Joanie if you want me back your gonna have to do everything and
anything to get me back because there ain't no other way i'm gonna come back
to you." I said smiling as I forced her to let go of my leg and walked past
her and out of the building.


Despite Joanie trying her damdest she never did suceed in getting me back and
slowly but surely she finally gave up trying and we ended up being friends.
Paul Lavesque took the WWE to court but the case was thrown out due to
unlawful sueing on Paul Lavesque's part. He never wrestled for the WWE again.
Trish continued her wrestling career and in december of 2004 me and her had a
little bundle of joy a baby girl which we named Isabell I meanwhile continued
to run the WWE with the help of both Joanie and Trish and a few others and
just as I had promised we took the WWE to new hights in entertainment and
matches etc and so that was how I was able to live my dream.

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