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Fantasy Room Part 1
by Charlie (

It's cold rainy night sitting in my hotel room not doing much but watching
the television having a drink. Then suddenly their's a knock on my door. I
get up to answer it. As I open the door, there she is, Trish Stratus,
standing outside my door wearing her cute cowboy hat, her black jacket
closed up. I invite her in as she walks in smiling at me as I place the do
not disturb sign on the door. Before shutting it I turn around as I see her
standing by the king size bed. I approach her offering her a drink she
responds by saying.

TRISH: No thanks, I'm fine. Thank you.

So then I ask her.

ME: What brings you here?

She responds.


So I move in closer with my left hand on her cheek kissing her on the lips.
As we continue to kiss her, left hand is on the back of my head as her right
hand starts from my left shoulder slowly going down my body until she stops
at my ass and gets a firm hold of the left cheek. She holds my left butt
cheek as if she doesn't want to let go, but hey I don't care when it comes
to Trish she can touch me anywhere she wants whenever she wants. As for my
right hand being placed on her lower back minutes later, I slowly move my
lips down on her neck cause I know she just loves that. As I continue to
kiss her neck she starts to giggle telling me in her soft voice.

TRISH: Don't stop til I tell you too, ok.

So I continue at her neck being on the left side of her neck then very slowly
moving towards the other side kissing her neck then with her hand on my head
she pulls my head back and says to me.

TRISH: Would you be a dear and open up my coat.

With a smile on my face as I look into those sweet, sexy brown eyes of hers
and say.

ME: Sure.

As I bring both my hands to the center of her coat I proceeded to open it up.
As I slowly remove her coat and let it drop to the ground, their she stands
in front of me wearing only a black bra and thong. She then grabs me then
throws me down on the bed right in the middle. As she then jumps on top of me
saying to me slowly.

TRISH: Now it's my turn to do you.

She begins with my t-shirt putting both hands on my stomach as she slowly
moving her hands up my body with my top in her hands. As she's moving my
shirt up, her lips pressed against my body kissing me all over until my
shirt is gone. After she took my shirt and threw it somewhere in the room
she puts both hands on my face and starts to kiss me, but not just lips
but also her tongue. As my right hand firmly on her arse as for the left
hand moving up on her back during the kiss I hear her moaning. While we're
kissing then she stops to say.

TRISH: Now that's your shirt gone, now for your pants, baby.

As she said that to me looking me straight in the eyes with a smile on her face she starts to move down on me very slowly kissing my neck then my chest and stayed on my stomach for a little bit longer then putting both of her hands on my pants as she began pulling my pants down as they reached my ankles she rips them off so I'm lying on the bed with only my underwear left.Trish thentells me to stand up so I do she then tells me to

TRISH: Take my bra & panties off,then I want you to go down on me like you never
Have before ok

With out hesitation I removed her bra as it dropped to the ground I began to kiss her breasts as both of my hands on her hips then I moved down kissing her tummy then dropped down on my knees , I began to pull her black panties down her legs as they hit the floor I put Trish on the bed lying on her back then started moving my hands up her smooth silky legs when I reached her awesome thighs I began to kiss them slowly working my way up to her sweet pussy but I took my time to get there cause hey if you had Trish Stratus,Heck I `ll take as long as I want.Then I began to lick her pussy as I kept licking her she was moaning as it started the moment I stuck my tongue in her. So I continued to lick her pussy she grabs my right hand gets my middle finger and lick it then sucked it until it was wet and said

TRISH: stick this in my pussy

So I asked her

ME: Do you want it in & out fast or slow?

She says

TRISH: First I want it fast then do it slow ok

So then I fingered her really fast like she asked as I got faster her moans started to get faster & louder then as I pulled my finger back a bit then I stuck my finger back in slowly and deeper inside her then she moaned for like about 10,15 seconds straight as she moaned to me


And then said

TRISH: Don't stop until I cum

Then I kept going until she had cum moments later after eating, licking & fingering her she finally came as she did I tasted her juices and enjoyed every last drip boy was it sweet she sits up and tells me

TRISH: Now it's my turn to taste you

We both stood up to swap places as we were both standing she kissed me as so she pulled my briefs off , and there it was my ROCK HARD COCK ready for her to taste so I'm lying on the bed & she begins to lick my cock starting with my balls licking them until it they were wet & moved on to my cock licking it all over and she moved her tongue slowly licking me until she reached the tip of my dick then she swallowed

It as much as she could take.The rest of my cock she was strokin as she kept swallowing my cock she then started to stroke my cock with both hands moving them up & down my hard cock as she said to me

TRISH: I've never had a cock this big before let alone this rock hard, but I want to

Taste you like you tasted me

The last part she said with some sweetness in her voice, she kept going until I was about to cum but I hadn't come yet so she kept at it & shortly I started to feel it I was about to come Trish kept swallowing my cock and then splat central I had moaned as she still had my cock in her mouth then she stuck her tongue out stroking my cock for the rest of it as she took every ounce of it yet I was still cumming all over her mouth

Then the kept swallowing my cock coating it with my juices then swallowing it.She kept stroking my cock with her one hand as the other wiped off any bit of cum off

Her face & she looked at me & said with this huge smile on her face

TRISH: Boy that was very SWEET ,now sweetie I want you to take the HUGE

ROCK HARD COCK of yours and FUCK ME all over this room

Trish then pulled out the rubbers after getting the first condom out she put it on my cock and says

TRISH: Baby your lucky these condoms just fit your cock

Then I responded

ME: Yeah I know

Then we both walked towards one of the walls Trish stood against it again she licked my fingers so her pussy will be wet for when I stick my cock inside her, from the moment I was inside her she had started to moan so I slowly moved inside her as her moans continued and the deeper I went the louder her moans got with my hands around her small waist holding her so tight and her legs wrapped around my body I started to feel the intensity as I continued to fuck her hard with my body pressed up against hers it became so intense I began to kiss her breasts as her right hand was on the back of my head her left hand was spanking my ass with her moan shortly became an orgasm it just got louder & more intense all I could hear was her


About fifteen minutes later she finally made me cum again she looks at me & says

TRISH: Fuck me dead I've never had anyone fuck me the way you did

ME: Well that's just the beginning of what's to come now I want you to fuck me on
The floor

So both Trish & I began to get ready for the floor so I lay down on the floor as Trish stood over me and came down on me grabbing my cock as she put the 2nd condom on

TRISH: Boy I can't believe how hard your cock is

After getting the condom on Trish began to fuck me slowly she started to ride my cock as I kept both hands on her ass,she kept riding me up,down hard then as she kept riding me we both started to feel the intensity like what we had against the wall then it got better when she took both my hands & held them down against the floor above my head & slightly leaned foward pinning me down & riding me harder & harder she kept moaning out


Within 25 minutes Trish had made me cum again for the 3rd time

ME: Hey Trish to be honest I've never had a woman like you who made me cum
More than twice

TRISH: Well I've never had a guy with so much stamina like you before

ME: Are you for real?

TRISH: Yeah other guys that I've been with before don't last no longer then
Maybe 20 minutes & their like that's it babe

ME: Well their's a first time for everything

Trish then removed the condom off my cock & threw it in the bin,& stroked my cock

A bit & layed on top of me kissing my chest rubbing herself against me

ME: Hey Trish have you ever done it in a chair?

TRISH: Not yet

We both stood up walked towards the chair I sat down as Trish pulled out another condom & pulled my cock with a firm grip placing it on my dick she turned around

Began to lower herself on top of my penis as she held the armrests of the chair & my hands holding her for support, Trish began to jump on me up & down Trish using the arm rest as leverage as so moaning my name out loud as Trish was jumping up & down on my cock I kept moving my hands all over like her hips to her tits as she said to me

TRISH: Baby hold my hips I love it when you hold them nice & tight ok

So I did as she asked but hey she does have great hips as so I started using my hips moving it up & down in response


ME: No worries Trish

So we continue to fuck each other then Trish let go of the arm rests & grabbed my
Hands to use as leverage & again I started to feel that intensity & thought whoo this
Is good it's really good after about fifteen minutes

TRISH: Have cum yet?

ME: Not even close

TRISH: Good I like a good, long hard ride

ME: Well hey baby I like a woman who can ride this hard cock for a long period
Of time

So we kept going & Trish `s moans kept coming as I keep going deeper inside her


ME: Well that's what I'm doing

Again fifteen minutes later

ME: Hey Trish I'm about to come

As I was shooting Trish kept going moaning


Shortly she took the condom off & threw in the bin with the rest of them then saw the clock realising the time

TRISH: Shit do you realise we've been fucking for almost 2 hours now?

ME: Really the longest I've had was almost an hour then she's like oh I'm tired now
But you piss all over those girls

As we were sitting on the bed she asks me

TRISH: Will fuck from behind?

ME: Sure

Trish turns around on the bed on her hands & knees with a new condom on my hard
Cock I took hold of her hips & moved in closer inserting my dick inside her so I
Continue to fuck from behind she moans


As Trish asked I held her hips tighter & started to ram my dick up her ass with each
Time I just kept going harder & harder as Trish kept moaning louder & louder screaming my name as Trish felt how intense it is she held the bed sheets so tight
You think she was about to rip them as I still kept ramming my hard cock up her arse
After about twenty minutes I ask her

ME: Can I be top like you did me on the floor?


I pulled my dick out of her, as Trish turned around lying on her back as I moved in closer with her legs wide open her right hand holding my dick pulling me in closer until I was inside of her then I grabbed her hands pinning her down like she did me
I was holding her down tight so tight you'd think I tied her down then I started to ride her & kept on riding her arse & Trish kept on moaning out my name as the intensity
Level got higher then before, Trish had wrapped her legs around my body it was so tight I you think she was holding on for her life but hey it made the sex great so I continued to ride her we're there fucking the life out of each other moaning out loud
But Trish `s moans was louder but in my mind I was thinking mate this is with out a doubt the best sex I've ever had, here I am fucking Trish Stratus one of the world's
Sexiest ladies known to man & I'm fucking her in a way no man has ever done before

ME: Hey Trish I gonna have a shower you want to join me?


About twenty minutes later both Trish & myself are out of the shower drying each other off then leaving the bathroom I ask

ME: Trish do you want to spend the rest of the night with me?

TRISH: Yeah ok

Lights out

The End

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