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Fantasy Room Part 2
by Charlie (

Raw has just finished I'm walking down the hall and found Trish's locker room
so I knocked on the door. As it opened this arm quickly jumps out grabs hold
of my shirt and pulls me inside. I find not only Trish but Lita is their as
well. So I ask...

ME: Hey how are you ladies doing?

They both answer like they were waiting for me.

TRISH and LITA: We're fine. now that your here.

Then Trish speaks.

TRISH: Hey do you remember that night when I came to your room and we FUCKED
the living HELL out of each other?

ME: Yeah, of course I remember.

TRISH: Well, you see since Matt and Lita have split, I told her all about
that HOT MEMORIABLE night we shared and I was wondering if you could do a
repeat performance only this time you fuck both me and Lita all over this
room. What do say?

ME: As long as you both don't mind sharing I've got no problems with that.

They both respond with smiles on their faces.

TTRISH and LITA: Alright.

All three of us got closer undressing each other piece by piece. As we're
undressing each other we all started kissing each other first Lita and I
locking lips while Trish runs each hand on both our bodies then started to
kiss my neck as we all had one hand on each other running it all over each
others body. Then Trish grabs Lita's chin pulling her closer. Then their
lips were locked. As they wer,e I started to to move each hand further down
each girl until I reached both pussies and quickly ripped both their panties
right off. They both screamed with excitment as I had ripped them off there
sexy bodies. Then I got on my knees and started to lick Lita while fingering
Trish as both girls kept a hand each on my head. Then Lita placed her right
leg on my shoulder as she moaned out loud.


TRISH: I told you he's very good.

Lita moaning.

LITA: UH HAH, he sure is, just keep eating my pussy boy.

TRISH: What about me?

LITA: It's ok, I'll let him eat you after he makes me OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
HOLY SHIT I'm about to cum baby, DON'T STOP , OH GOD DON'T STOP!

Moments later


As Lita was moaning out loud, Trish joined me as we both licked up Lita's
tasty juice. As Lita looked down on me and said...

LITA: God, you are one talented guy.

ME: Well, I aim to please.

LITA: You sure did, now kiss me.

Lita then grabbed me and kissed me lips and tongued. She moaned enjoying the
taste of her juice in my mouth. Then she grabbed Trish by the hair and gave
her a kiss like she had just given me and says to Trish.

LITA: Now he can eat you out.

So Trish sat down on the wooden bench legs open. So Lita came down on her
knees and we both started licking and kissing Trish's legs working our way
up to her thighs. Then I started to eat her out like I did last time. As
usual she moaned out loud my name with her hand grabbing my hair. She
continued to moan out louder then.

LITA: I want to suck this big hard cock of yours.

Lita then moved herself putting her head right under my dick. As she began
to lick my balls while stroking my hard cock and slowly kept licking me and
working her way up to my cock lick it all over. Boy, I could feel how hard
her tongue was pressed up against my hard on as she moaned of enjoyment.
Then when she finally reached the tip, pressing her tongue hard on me, she
gave it a little kiss, which really tickled. Then I giggled cause it was

LITA: You like that don't you?

ME: Yes, I do.

Moments later, Trish is holding my head even tighter saying.


So Lita sat up stroking my cock as Trish had cum. And just like before Lita
and I had tasted Trish and in return she kissed both of us enjoying the taste
of her sweet juice shortly.

LITA: Fuck this is one huge cock you've got and it's still ROCK HARD.

TRISH: I told you his cock like nothing you've ever experienced before.

LITA: Hey Trish now it's our turn to taste him, and if it's as good as you
say it is, well then I can't wait to taste him.

Trish tapped the bench inviting me to sit down as both women opened my legs
and began double teaming my cock which is something I've always wanted to
feel and fuck it feels so good. They both took turns swallowing it licking
it. Hell, even stroking it. Then they started to share pressing both their
lips and tongues hard up on my dick as they both kept going up and down my
cock, which made me cry out.


They still kept going waiting until I had come, then all of a sudden I could
feel I was about to cum. Then I did. Lita kept stroking my cock with a very
firm hold of my cock as both Trish and Lita had their tongues out ready to
taste me and still Lita kept on strokin once I fired all I could on them.
Lita began licking my cock as did Trish. Then they both noticed they each had
cum on their faces so they licked it off each others face, then stuck their
tongues in each others mouth kissing one another during the kiss. They both
moaned enjoying the taste of my cum. Then Lita looks at me and says.

LITA: Now I want you inside me.

So I got Lita on all fours, then got behind her as I inserted my hard cock
inside her liked she asked. She started to moan as I slowly moved inside of
her and began to ram my cock up her nice ass as she kept moaning and telling

LITA: That's it baby, with your big hard cock up my ass.

So I continue to fuck her up her ass as she kept moaning louder. While doing
so I held her hips so tight so I could go deeper up her ass as Lita started
to scream out my name. While I was fucking Lita, Trish was lying underneath
Lita, so Lita started to finger Trish, since she was there. So Trish was
holding one of her tits while squeezing one of Lita's tits and moaned while
Lita was fingering her. 15 minutes later I still hadn't cum so Lita says.

LITA: Now I want to see you fuck Trish.

Lita sits on the bench fingering herself as I moved in closer on Trish, who
was already for me on the floor. So I put my hard cock inside of her as I
inserted my dick inside her pussy she was already moaning to me.

TRISH: Ride me harder than last time.

So I started to fuck her hard on the floor, so Trish kept on moaning as I
kept fucking her harder while doing so.

LITA: Fuck her harder, harder, harder!

The more I was fucking Trish, the more she screamed as Trish placed her hands
on my ass moaning my name saying to me.


Then I was about to cum I told them both then Lita quickly gets off the bench
and on her knees next to Trish as I pulled my dick out of Trish. Trish then
grabbed hold of my cock jerking me hard as I shot a lot of cum on both.

Lita's and Trish's tits as Trish continued to jerk me off even after I had
cum. She started to suck my cock very slowly after she had finished which was
a while Lita did the same thing after she was done.

LITA: WOW I've never had anyone fuck me like you.

ME: Well, hey if you two are still up for it then you want to come back to
my hotel room.

They both responded together.

LITA and TRISH: Sure!

As quickly as possible we got dressed and left the locker room. As all three
of us walked down the halls holding each other. As we all approached the door
we hear Matt Hardy calling Lita.

MATT: Hey Lita!

LITA: What do you want Matt? Cause I'm in a hurry.

MATT: Look I'm sorry about before and I want to make it up to you.

LITA: It's to late Matt. It's over ok, so move on alright cause I already

As Trish and I waited by the door Lita walked over and says.

LITA: Let's go party you two.

As we walked out of the building there she stood Stephanie McMahon by her
black limosine wearing a nice little black dress. As we walked towards her
she asks.

STEPH: Hey do you three want a ride back to the Hotel?

ME: Yeah we would like that.

I could tell she wanted to give the three of us more than just a ride by
seeing that look in her eyes which anyone could see.

To Be Continued

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