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Fatal Sexual Fourway
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On July 30, 2003, throughout the night on SmackDown, Michael Cole and Tazz
checked in Jamie Noble and Torrie. The reason why? Because a few days earlier
at Vengeance, Noble defeated Billy Gunn in an 'Indecent Proposal' match to
get to spend one night with the beautiful blond Playboy Playmate. After
Torrie arrived in the room, Noble has spent a great deal of time trying to
coax Torrie to participate, until Nidia arrived which got Noble's attention
and the two trailer park lovers who got it on in front of Torrie. A bit
later, after Nidia and Noble came out from the hotel bathroom with towels
wrapped around their bodies, Billy Gunn arrived to rescue Torrie but just as
they are about to leave, Jamie suddenly grabs Nidia's ass and smirks.

"C'mon on baby, let's get back to it..." He says as he drops the towel from
around his waist to reveal his thick seven-inch cock to his hot trailer-park
girlfriend as Torrie and Billy get a bit of a shocked look on their face.

Nidia, the trailer-park hottie, licks her lips as she removes the towel from
her waist "Jamie, do you want it this time?" Nidia asks in all
beauty of her stunning, tanned naked body.

Torrie raises her eyebrow as she looks at Billy Gunn. Torrie swallows a bit
"I think...we should now..."

"Yeah..." Billy says as he looks at Nidia and Jamie, he then starts to back
up a bit towards the door. Billy is dressed in a tight fitting blue SmackDown
t-shirt and blue jeans.

Jamie looks over at them and smiles, "Aw, don't ya'll go, c'mon stay, hey
Billy, Nidia here has had her eye on ya..." Jamie then looks at Nidia, "Go
on girl, I know you had that crush on ol' Billy..."

Nidia looks at Jamie with a slight excited smile on her face, before looking
over at Billy, whose hand is on the doorknob. Nidia licks her lips happily
"Oh Jamie!? Can I really!?" Nidia says as her eyes lock on Billy Gunn.

Torrie's eyes widen a bit as she puts her hands up slightly "Ok...this is
like...getting weird... Billy let's go... come on.." Torrie says as she turns
a bit towards the door, dressed in a tight pair of black jeans and a light
pink tank top.

"Yeah... very... weird..." Billy says as he looks at Nidia's naked body and
licks his lips. He starts to turn the doorknob, but Jamie rushes over between
him and Torrie.

"Now, hold on Billy... you lost that match to me at that there pay-per-view
on Sunday... and I get to get it on with Torrie... now I'm being fair, Nidia
wants ya..."

Billy looks at Noble with a raised eyebrow, "Hey if you think I'm going to
let you..."

Noble holds his hands up, "Now don't you forget that our good boss Mr.
Mac-Mahon says all stipulations go through... and you could get fired if
Torrie doesn't get down and dirty with me..." Noble adds quickly. Billy
gets a furious look on his face and is about to knock Noble out as he
balls his left hand in to a fist.

Before Billy has the chance to knock Noble out, Nidia quickly drops down
onto her knees in front of Billy and begins to unbuckle the belt on her
knees. Nidia with an eager smile on her face, quickly removes Billy's belt
and starts to unzip his jeans. Torrie slowly turns her head back and sees
Nidia on her knees in front of her possible boyfriend, Billy Gunn. Torrie
opens her mouth in shock and protest "Hey! What do you think you're doing!?"
Torrie somewhat yells at Nidia, who now completely has Billy's jeans
unzipped and is now lowering them down from his waist "Billy! Don't tell
her do that!" Torrie says now yelling at Billy.

Billy looks down at Nidia and then at Torrie with a shrug, "Well... he does
make a point... and Mr. McMahon could fire me... if..."

Before Billy can finish his reply to Torrie, Noble cuts in, "And he could
fire Torrie too... ya'll city slickers should've read that there fine
print..." Noble smiles sly as he licks his lips while looks at Torrie's
pink top that fits her body quite nicely.

Billy sighs as he looks down Nidia who's pulled his jeans down to his ankles,
and he looks at Torrie, "He's got a point... we're screwed if we leave...
might as well just screw for the hell of it." Torrie folds her arms and looks
at Billy with a glare as Nidia reaches her hands up and pulls down Billy's
black boxer briefs revealing his large and thick eleven inch cock. Nidia
licks her lips as she wraps her hands around Billy's shaft and instantly
pulls his cock closer and opens her mouth, taking Billy's cock into her warm
and hot mouth. Nidia then begins to slowly bob her head on Billy's already
hardened cock. Torrie opens her mouth in shock and disbelief as she watches
Nidia bob her head on Billy's cock right in front of him and now Billy isn't
objecting one bit.

Torrie shakes her head "Oh...hell no!" Torrie folds her arms as she gives
Billy a glare before she steps around Nidia and Billy, starting to approach
Jamie Noble. Torrie looks over her shoulder at Billy, who is receiving head
from Nidia. "You want it that way Billy? Good...because I can get dirty
too." Torrie says in an upset tone before she reaches down and rips her
light pink tank top off of her body.

Billy looks at Torrie and licks his lips as he moans from Nidia's mouth
moving back and forth along his cock, "Hey... we... just got go with the
flow..." He replies with a smile.

Meanwhile Noble has stepped from between Torrie and Billy and back towards
the large hotel room bed. "Oh yeah Torrie let's get dirty..." Noble says
eagerly as he looks at Torrie's large tits as they become free from her top.
Torrie tosses her tank top down on the floor, before she pushes Jamie back
on the bed and climbs onto the large hotel bed with Jamie. As Jamie lays on
the bed, Torrie leans her body down on her knees and wraps her hands around
Jamie's seven inch cock and begins to move her hands up and down Jamie's
shaft, gradually feeling his cock harden in her soft hands. Meanwhile, back
towards the door of the hotel room, Nidia works her wild tongue around the
shaft of Billy as she starts bob her head quicker on his cock. Nidia places
her left hand up on Billy's muscular waist line as she cups his ballsack
with her right hand and begins rub his sack as she bobs her head rapidly on
Billy Gunn's cock.

"Ohhhh yeah... stroke my dick..." Jamie moans as he closes his eyes and
starts to thrust his hips upward to push his cock up against Torrie's soft
hands. He places a hand on top of her head and starts ruffling up her soft
blond hair.

Meanwhile, Billy places an arm against the hotel room door as he flips
Nidia's brown hair back, "Ahhh fuck... damn you got a hot fucking tongue...
uhhhh yes..." Billy moans as he watches Nidia suck his large cock before he
looks at the bed to see what Torrie is up too.

Once Billy looks over to the large hotel room bed, he sees his friend and
possible girlfriend, Torrie Wilson, circle her delicate tongue around the
head of Jamie Noble's cock. Torrie gently pats the head of his cock with
her tongue as she holds his stiff cock steady with her right hand. Torrie
gradually works her tongue down from the tip of his cock and starts to
lick down his shaft. Meanwhile, Nidia slowly lifts her head up from Billy's
cock, which is dripping of her sweet saliva. Nidia licks her lips as she
flips her curly dark hair "Billy...turn around...." Nidia says with an
excited smile on her face.

Billy turns his head back towards Nidia and grins a bit, "What do you want
Nidia?" He asks as Nidia's warm saliva drips off every inch of his cock, and
as Noble's moans fill the hotel room from Torrie's gentle assault on his cock
with her soft tongue.

Nidia bites down on her bottom lip as the trailer-park hottie looks up at the
studdly, Billy Gunn "Take off your shirt...and turn around.." Nidia says as
over on the large bed, Torrie opens her warm, soothing and takes Jamie's cock
into her wet mouth. Torrie wraps her soft lips around the shaft of his cock
and starts to slowing bob her head on his cock as she works her right hand
against his shaft, while sucking, to add some extra pleasure.

"All right..." Billy says as he takes off his blue SmackDown t-shirt off of
his muscular body and turns around. On the bed, Jamie sits up a bit and has
his hands placed behind him on the bed and is clutching at covers.

"Ohhhh sweet Jesus... damn... ohhh yeah... now that's a Playboy blowjob I'm
gettin'... I lovvvee it... mmm baby..." Noble groans in bliss as he wraps
his legs around Torrie's body to pull her closer to bed so her breasts are
pressing right up against it. Torrie loosen the grip of her lips around his
cock and starts to bob her head freely on Jamie's cock, as she laps and
twirls her tongue against and around his cock. Torrie softly moans against
Jamie's cock as she takes his cock deeper into her warm and hot mouth,
slapping her saliva against his cock as she sucks. Meanwhile, with Billy
turn around and his backside facing Nidia, she gently spreads his nicely
toned and firms ass cheek apart. Nidia then leans her head in towards his
muscular ass and begins to slowly slide her tongue down his clean ass crack.

"Mmmm fuck..." Billy moans as he looks over his shoulder at Nidia, "Ohhh shit
that's... not the first time you've done that...." Billy says with a smirk as
he pushes his ass back against Nidia's tongue.

Meanwhile on the bed, Jamie has his head tilted back noticeably, "Uhhh shit
Torrie... ohh damn you know how to suck a dick... ohhh damn... hey... you
like that pussy of yours licked... I can make Nidia scream like a witch..."

Torrie slowly lifts her head up from Jamie's saliva coated cock as her
blonde hair hangs down into her face, slightly covering her beautiful face
up. Torrie smirks "Really? You must show me.." Torrie replies before gently
patting her tongue against the head of his cock, and then removing her hand
from around his stiff shaft.

Meanwhile, the trailer-park hottie, gently twists her tongue around inside
Billy's clean ass crack, before she brings her tongue to the entrance of
his asshole. Nidia smirks slightly before patting her tongue against Billy's
asshole. "Mmmmm...." Nidia softly moans as she closes her eyes, working her
wild tongue into his tight asshole.

"Ohhh get that... tongue up there..." Billy moans as he wraps a hand around
his throbbing cock and begins to stroke it. He places his left forearm
against the wall and spreads his legs further apart so that Nidia can get
her tongue deeper inside of his ass. Meanwhile on the bed, Noble as scooted
to the edge and has taken hold of Torrie's arms to pull her up onto the
mattress. He then slides down to the floor and unbuttons Torrie's black
jeans before he starts to tug them down from her slim hips, revealing her
pink colored thong, which he removes quickly, exposing Torrie's perfectly
shaved pussy.

"Oh ya'll gonna love this Torrie... I love licking pussy..." Jamie licks
his lips and pushes her legs apart so he can lower his head to her pussy
and starts dragging his tongue up and down over her soft pussy lips.

Torrie looks down at Jamie, biting down on her bottom lip as she feels
Jamie's tongue brush against her pussy lips "Ohhhhh...Jamie...mmmmmm..."
Torrie softly moans as she feels his tongue slip into her warm pussy.

Meanwhile, Nidia slowly withdraws her tongue from Billy's tight asshole and
licks her lips "Mmmmm...Billy..." Nidia slightly grits her teeth together as
he turns around to face her, while she's still on her knees. Once Billy turns
completely around, his large cock points right at Nidia's beautiful face.
Nidia slips her tongue out of her mouth and leans her head down as she starts
to move her wild, wet tongue down the underside of Billy's shaft.

Billy thrusts his cock against Nidia's hot wet tongue and moans, "Fuck you
like licking dick... but let's see... if you like getting fucked by one..."
Billy smirks as he backs up so his cock moves away from Nidia's tongue. He
gets down on the floor and turns the sexy trailer-park woman around and
pushes her onto her all four. Billy grips his cock and shoves his big dick
into her wet tight pussy. As Billy begins to fuck Nidia, Jamie is sliding
his tongue in and out of Torrie's pussy while slightly rolling his tongue.
He reaches up to her large breasts and uses both hands to squeeze her
perfectly round tits together.

Billy lays his large hands on Nidia's hips and slams his cock in and out of
her tight pussy, "Ahhh fuck... you like that... huh?!" He yells as he starts
to quicken his place, repeatedly thrusting his cock into her pussy at a high
intense beat as his balls slap against Nidia's skin. On the bed, Jamie
quickly swirls his tongue around Torrie's clit before he clamps his lips
down it. The redneck stud starts sucking on Torrie's clitoris while tapping
the tip of his tongue against it. Jamie moves his right hand from Torrie's
breast and brings it to her pussy. Jamie slides two fingers past the lips
and turns his hand slightly so he's able to pump them in and out of Torrie's
tight pussy adding to her pleasure as he continues to suck on her clit.

Torrie bites down on her soft lips as her legs tighten slightly around
Jamie's neck "Ohhhh...ohhhh...Jamie...ohhhh!" Torrie moans as she starts to
cum. Torrie slowly opens her eyes with an exhausted look on her face "Ohhh...
my...god..." Torrie groans as Jamie begins to lap up Torrie's delicious cum.

Meanwhile, Nidia looks back at Billy and grits her teeth as she he powerfully
slams his cock in and out of her soothing pussy "Yeah...ohh fuck..." Nidia
groans as she begins to sweat.

"Ohhh damn... you're a wild woman!" Billy yells as he pulls his cock out of
Nidia's pussy to take a moment to catch his breath. His large throbbing cock
drips with the warm moisture from Nidia's pussy just as his body has sweat
dripping down his face.

Meanwhile, Jamie lifts his head up from Torrie's pussy, licking his lips
clean of her cum as he looks at her with a smirk on his face, "I told ya I
could lick pussy..." Noble then looks at Nidia, "Hey baby... come on over
and give me some loving... I know whatcha like..." Noble says as he lays on
the floor.

Torrie nods her head " were right..." Torrie says with a deep breath
as she lays down on the large hotel room bed, and closes her eyes in efforts
to recharge her body.

Nidia smiles at Noble and licks her lips as she starts to crawl over to her
trailer-park boyfriend, Jamie Noble, her ass swaying from side to side as she
crawls. Nidia reaches Jamie, with sweat dripping down from her forehead as
she mounts herself on top of Jamie's stiff prick. Nidia comes down on Jamie's
cock slowly, working her pussy down and packing his cock deep into her
trailer-park cunt. "Ohhhh by god Jamie!" Nidia moans as places her hands onto
Jamie's chest and starts to bounce freely on Jamie's cock as she begins to
ride him like a bronco bull.

"Ohhh yeah baby... ride me like hard!" Noble moans as he places his hands on
Nidia's thighs and starts pushing her back and forth on his cock, making her
grind her cunt down against his crotch. The redneck stud also starts pushing
his dick up into her vice like pussy, matching the pace of her bounces almost

Meanwhile, Billy stands up and walks over to the bed and lays down on his
side and next to Torrie. "Damn this is... pretty fucking hot..." He says
as he leans over and starts swirling his tongue around the hard nipple of
Torrie's right breast.

Torrie raises her eyebrow and then scoots away from Billy, causing him to
stop licking her nipple "I'm not talking to you..." Torrie replies as she
sits up and folds her arms over her chest, looking away from Billy

Meanwhile, Nidia tilts her head back as she starts to wildly bounce on
Jamie's cock, while rocking back on his stiff cock "Oh Jamie! Oh Jamie! Yes!
Yes! Oh Jamie!" Nidia moans as she starts to grind her pussy down against his

"Oh baby... that's it... ride me good!" Jamie moans as he pushes up harder
into Nidia's pussy making her jolt up slightly each time.

On the bed, Billy rolls his eyes, "Oh come on Torrie... last week you're the
one who said you'll fuck Noble if he beat me at the PPV..." Billy says as he
sits on the bed.

Noble looks up at him and grins, "Hey Billy... if Torrie don't want no lovin'
Nidia sure would love a lot more..." Jamie then looks at his Nidia and licks
his lips, "Ain't that right baby?"

Nidia nods her head and with smile as she bounces quickly on Noble's stiff
cock "Ohhh Billy, baby! Join us! Ohhh Join us!" Nidia moans as she slams
herself down on Noble's cock.

Billy looks at Nidia and then back at Torrie who's not looking at him,
"Fine... I'm gonna have some fucking fun with someone..." Billy says as he
gets off the bed. He gets behind Nidia and pushes her body forward so that
her large breasts are hanging over Noble's face, and the man once known as
"Mr. Ass" grips his large shaft and shoves it straight into Nidia's asshole.

Nidia tilts her head back as she feels Billy enter her tight asshole "Ohhhh
yess Billy! Yes..." Nidia moans as the trailer-park hottie, grinds her pussy
sharply against Jamie's cock once Billy begins to thrust his cock in and out
Nidia's asshole. Torrie slowly turns on the bed and looks at the threesome
happening before her eyes between Nidia, Jamie Noble and Billy Gunn. Torrie
frowns a bit as she watches Billy thrust his large cock in and out of Nidia's

"Uhhh fuck... you got a great ass..." Billy grunts as he wraps his arms
around Nidia's sweaty waist as he repeatedly plows his cock into her tiny

"Ohhhh ahhh I'll tell you what... Nidia... she likes it all..." Jamie moans
as he moves his hands from Nidia's hips up to her large breasts to hold them
still as they sway back and force from Billy's hard thrusts. Jamie then sits
up and flicks his tongue across the Nidia's tits, before lapping up her sweat
as it drips down her skin.

Torrie slowly stands up from the bed and unfolds her arms "I...I want in!"
Torrie quickly says.

Billy looks at the beautiful blond Playboy covergirl and raises an eyebrow as
he slows down his thrusts a bit, "Oh... now... you want it?" He asks as he
gives Nidia a hard sharp thrust.

Jamie looks up at Torrie from the floor with a wide smile on his face, "Aw
shit Tor... join right on in..." He then looks up at Nidia, "Hey baby... why
don't we let Billy... try your good little pussy out again."

Torrie shakes her head as she stands up "No...I want both the same
time...." Torrie says suddenly that even causes Nidia to raise her eyebrow a
bit surprised.

"Whoa...girlie...girl..." Nidia says as she gets up from the Noble's cock a
fter Billy pulls out of her ass. Nidia stands up as she looks at Torrie
" ain't wild enough for that."

Torrie raises her eyebrow "Oh...I'm not?" Torrie asks with a slight smile.

Jamie gets up from the floor and uses the covers from the bed to wipe his
head and chest clean from the sweat that's on him, "Now Nidia... ya know
every girl deep down is a wild sex machine like you..." Jamie says with a
grin, "And I'll bet Torrie can be pretty wild..."

"I don't need to bet..." Billy smirks as faces Torrie, with his throbbing
hard cock pointing at her like a lance.

Torrie smiles as she places her hands on her tanned hips "Oh...I can be wild,
in fact...I want both of my pussy..." Torrie says with a serious
look on her face.

Nidia starts to laugh "Ohh...please, can't do that!" Nidia

"Oh yes she can..." Billy licks his lips as steps towards Torrie and takes
her hand, he then looks at Nidia, "Just watch..." Billy lays down on the bed
facing up and holding Torrie's hand so she has balance for when she starts to
climb onto the bed to mount his huge dick.

Torrie turns herself around, so that her back is facing Billy and slowly
lowers herself down onto his cock pointing straight up in the air "Ohhhhh..."
Torrie moans a she comes down on Billy's cock. Torrie reaches behind her and
places her hands onto his muscular chest as Billy starts to dart his cock up
into her pussy, thrusting his cock sharply into her pussy. Nidia folds her
arms and licks her lips as she watches Billy and Torrie.

Billy moans as he thrusts his cock up into Torrie's tight pussy. He reaches
around her and places both of his hands on Torrie's stomach. "Ahhh fuck yeah
Torrie...." Billy grunts then he realizes Jamie hasn't joined in yet, "Hey
Noble... what are you waiting for..."

Noble laughs, "Hold your shorts... I was just enjoying the view..." He says
as he steps around Nidia and knees on the bed. He places a hand firmly on
Torrie's thigh and guides his cock towards Torrie's pussy, and pushes it
into Torrie's pussy. "Shit... this is a tight fit..." Noble grunts as he
starts to pump his dick in and out of Torrie's pussy at the same rate Billy
is thrusting into her.

Torrie grits her teeth as she bounces quickly on Billy's cock due to the
repetitive thrusts into her warm pussy due to Jamie and Billy's quick and
powerful thrusts "Ohhhh... ahhhh... ohhh yeah..." Torrie moans as she tilts
her head back slightly brushing her hair against Billy's face.

Nidia takes a step towards the bed as she licks her lips "Ohh Jamie! Baby
this is so hot!" Nidia says as she kneels down on the bed getting closer to
watch the action "That a boy Jamie...fuck her good Jamie boy..." Nidia says
to encourage her boyfriend.

"Ohhh I am baby..." Jamie licks his lips as he slams his cock in and out of
Torrie's pussy quicker and harder. Billy tilts his head to the side to get
Torrie's blond hair out of his eyes and looks at Nidia as he starts moving
Torrie back and forth his, which results in pushing her against Jamie.

"Hey... you like to watch Nidia?" Billy asks in between his own moans.

Nidia licks her lips as she watches her boyfriend Jamie Noble and Billy
Gunn double team Torrie Wilson by pounding her sweet, warm pussy "Mmmmm..."
Nidia moans softly as she scoots herself closer to the action.

Meanwhile, Torrie grits her teeth as she slams down hard against Billy's cock
and then pulled forward into Jamie's stiff cock "Ohhh...ahhh yess!" Torrie

Jamie places both of his hand on Torrie's legs and pushes them open so he's
able to pull her towards his cock when he slams into her, he looks at Nidia
and grins, "Ohh baby... she's.... a wild one..." He says as sweat drips down
his body. Underneath Torrie, Billy continues to push up in the blond Playboy
Playmate sweet warm pussy, but he slyly moves a hand off of Torrie's stomach
and slips it between Nidia legs when she scoots close enough. Billy then
slides two fingers into the trailer-park hottie's cunt, catching her
completely by surprise before he begins to pump them in and out of her.

Nidia looks down and watches Billy pump his two fingers in and out of her
warm cunt "Ohhh...Billy...Yes! Ohh Yes!" Nidia moans as she starts to thrust
her pussy against Billy's two fingers.

Meanwhile, Torrie's sweat covered body rocks back and forward as she
sandwiched between Jamie and Billy, feeling both of their cocks thrust into
her sweet, wet pussy "Ohhhh...ahhhh fuck!" Torrie moans as she tilts her head
and sweat drips off of her body and onto Billy.

"Ohhh fuck yeah... I'm diggin' this..." Billy grunts as he pushes a third
finger into Nidia's pussy as he continues to push up into Torrie's pussy with
Jamie, until the West Virginia redneck pulls out of Torrie.

"Hey baby... let's get really nasty..." He says as he moves on the bed to
where he's behind Nidia, and pushes her forward slightly so her ass is
sticking out enough so he can ram his seven inch cock into his hot
girlfriends tight asshole.

Nidia grits her teeth as feels Jamie's cock suddenly ram into her tight
asshole "Ohhh...Yess Jamie Boy! You know I love it in the ass!" Nidia moans
as being finger-fucked in her pussy by Billy and fucked in her ass by Jamie.
Nidia gently pushes herself back against Jamie's cock as Torrie now freely
bouncing on Billy's cock, grinding her pussy, each time she slams her herself

"Ohhhhh ahhhhh yess..." Torrie moans.

"Yeah I do baby..." Jamie grunts as he wraps his arms around Nidia's sweaty
stomach to pull her back towards him. Her ass cheeks slap hard against his
waist as he cock pistons in and out of her asshole non-stop. Billy continues
to finger fuck Nidia's hot soaking pussy with a fairly quick pace, while he
moves his other hand down towards Torrie's pussy and he starts to rub
Torrie's clit as she bounces on his stiff eleven inch dick.

Torrie grits her teeth as she looks over her shoulder at Billy with sweat
dripping down her beautiful face "Ohhhh...Billy...yess..." Torrie moans as
she bounces quickly on Billy's cock. Meanwhile as Nidia is getting rammed
from behind in her tight asshole by her red-neck boyfriend, Jamie Noble,
she leans her head into Torrie's chest and begins to circle her wild tongue
around Torrie's right nipple.

Jamie shakes his head a bit to fling from sweat off of his forehead as he
pulls out Nidia's asshole to catch his breath. He looks over her shoulder to
see what she's doing and he grins, "Ohh shit baby... you go and keep showing
Torrie that trick you do with ya tongue..." Noble says as he then pushes his
cock into Nidia's pussy, grinding it right against Billy's three fingers.

"Hey how about warning!" Billy yells from underneath Torrie as he pulls his
fingers out of Nidia's pussy immediately when he felt Jamie's cock.

Nidia works her wild tongue around Torrie's right nipple, before gently takes
Torrie's perky nipple into her mouth and begins to softly suck on it as Jamie
works his cock in and out of her sweet, trailer-park cunt. Meanwhile, Torrie
begins to slowly lift herself up from Billy's cock, however Billy places his
strong hands on her sweat hips and starts to rapid thrust his cock up into
her pussy, making her bounce quickly "Ohhhhh yess...Billy!" Torrie moans.

Billy uses all of his arm strength to keep Torrie bouncing quickly on his
cock, "Ahhhh fuck you got... a great tight... cunt Torrie!" Billy moans as
he pulls Torrie down all the way onto his cock.

Meanwhile, behind Nidia, Jamie continues to fuck her sweet pussy with rough
thrusts as he then lays onto this side, pulling Nidia with him. With both
trailer-park lover laying on their side, Jamie lifts up Nidia's right leg
and continues to fuck her hot cunt, "Awww shit Nidia... fuck I love your
tight cunt..."

Torrie looks back at Billy with a tired and worn out look on her face
"Ohhh...Billy...I need a little...break..." Torrie says breathing heavily.

"All.... right.... Tor..." Billy groans as he lifts Torrie up and off of
his cock, which is covered completely with the juices of her sweet pussy.
Meanwhile, Jamie is steadily thrusting into Nidia's pussy from the side,
with their sweaty skin slapping against each other's with loud slaps.
"Ahhh fuck baby... look at that... Billy's all free again.... whatcha
wanna do with him now?"

Nidia licks her lips as her eyes lighten up with desire "Mmmm...Jamie...I
don't know...but I know I want that fine ass stud!" Nidia moans as Jamie
continues to thrust in and out of her pussy.

Jamie gives his hot girlfriend some more hard thrusts and pulls out of her
pussy, and slides it between Nidia's thighs, "Why don't you get Billy... to
slam fuck you against that wall..."

Nidia licks her lips again as she flips her dark curly hair back "Mmmm...I
like the sounds of that, Jamie!" Nidia says with an excited moan.

"I know you... now go... fuck that stud..." Jamie says with a smirk as he
lays on his back, to catch his breath.

Billy, who has been paying attention to there conversation, licks his lips
as he stands up from the bed, "She don't have to come to me..." Billy says
as he walks to where Nidia is, he grabs her legs, spreads them apart and
shoves his cock into her pussy. Billy then pulls Nidia up towards him,
lifts her off the bed and moves to press her up against the wall. Billy
begins to ram his cock in and out of her tight pussy as he lowers his head
and starts sucking on her skin.

Nidia grits her teeth as she starts to bounce on Billy's cock as her back
grinds up against the wall "Ohhh Billy! Ohhh fuck yess!" Nidia moans as she
wraps her legs around his waist, while he stands fucking her.

Billy lifts his head up and grunts, "Aww yeah... you love that... cock don't
ya?!" Billy asks as he roughly slams his cock into her cunt, while repeatedly
slamming her up against the wall.

Meanwhile on the bed, Jamie is just starting to sit up and he's looking at
Billy fucking Nidia, before he looks at Torrie, "Hey Torrie... you want to
get... fucked in the ass by a stud like me?"

Torrie looks ay Jamie and raises an eyebrow "Ohh please..." Torrie says as
she rolls her eyes.

"Hey come on... I ate your pussy real good didn't I?" Jamie replies as he
moves to kneel on the bed. Meanwhile Billy is kissing Nidia, wrestling her
pierced tongue with his own as he fucks her pussy.

Torrie folds her arms over her chest "You couldn't fuck ass if your life
depended on it..." Torrie replies as Nidia comes crashing down on Billy's
cock and begins to cum instantly

"Ohhhh Billy baby!" Nidia moans.

Jamie licks his lips as he hears Nidia let out her orgasmic shriek as Billy
continues to fuck her. Jamie looks at Torrie and grins, "C'mon Torrie... you
don't know that..." He says as he places a hand on her shoulder.

Torrie shrugs her shoulder off "Get lost..." Torrie says as she slightly
turns away from Jamie. Meanwhile, Nidia's body goes limp against Billy's
muscular body as her legs unwrap from Billy's waist. Billy continues to
thrust his throbbing cock into Nidia's extremely wet pussy.

Billy lifts Nidia off of his cock and carries her to the bed where he drops
her right on top of the pillows. Billy then looks at Torrie and licks his
lips, "How about I fuck your gorgeous ass..." Billy smirks as he moves
towards Torrie with his cock throbbing violently between his legs.

Torrie licks her lips and smile over her shoulder at Billy "Ok..." Torrie
says as she gets up onto her hand and knees, giving Noble a slight smirk,
since she wouldn't let him.

Billy gets behind Torrie, kneeling on the bed and eases his big cock in her
tight asshole once again. He places his big hands on Torrie's hips and starts
pulling her back as he thrusts hard into her asshole. Jamie looks at Torrie
with a frown on his face, "Aw come on... I would've fucked you ass better
than him..."

Billy then smirks, "Hey Torrie... why don't you suck his dick... to get him
to stop complaining..." Billy suggests as he rams his cock balls deep into
her asshole.

Torrie smirks as she looks straight forward at Jamie "Ok..." Torrie laughs a
bit as she opens her mouth and takes Jamie's cock into her warm, wet mouth.
She wraps her lips around his cock tightly and starts to bob her head in an
up and down motion as she gets fucked from behind in her ass by Billy Gunn.
The exhausted trailer-park hottie, Nidia with sweat dripping off of her face,
slowly and tiredly crawls onto the bed and lays down as the hot threesome
action happens before her eyes.

Jamie starts running his fingers through Torrie's sweat dampen blond hair and
he holds it up so he can see her face as she bobs her head along the length
of his cock, "Ahhhh ohhh baby... yeah...." Jamie grunts as he starts to drop
his hot cum inside of Torrie's warm mouth after only a few moments.

Behind Torrie, Billy is fucking her the stunning fair-haired woman with
intense thrusts, using all of his 268 lbs behind each one. "Ahh yeah...
Torrie... you love how I fuck that ass don't you!" Billy yells as his balls
slap against her backside.

Torrie laps her tongue around Jamie's cock pushing all of his hot cum into
her mouth. Torrie slowly lifts her head up from Jamie's cock after swallowing
his cum, she licks her lips "Mmmm....very nice.."

"Awww shit... fuck..." Jamie says as he falls backward on the bed, falling
almost perfectly right next to Nidia. He wearily wipes some sweat from his
forehead before he puts an arm around his exhausted trailer-park girlfriend,
"Shit Nidia... this... was better than... anything..." He says as Billy
reaches underneath Torrie to push two fingers into her pussy.

The former King of The Ring finger fucks Torrie's moist pussy with blinding
speed as he fucks her ass relentlessly, "Ohhhh shit Torrie... you're so
fucking hot..." Billy moans as he pushes his fingers deep into her cunt.

Torrie closes her eyes and bites down on her bottom lip as she pushes herself
back against Billy's throbbing, large cock "Mmmmm Ohhhh...Billy...Yes...ohhhh
fuck Billy!" Torrie moans as backside slams back against Billy's waist.

"Ahhh yeah.... shit Torrie..." Billy grunts as tries to fuck Torrie's ass
harder as he rapidity finger-fucks her pussy. Sweat falls off hos body and
onto Torrie's skin, where it travels down onto the sheets of the bed. Billy
clenches his eyes shit and grits his teeth as he sharply drives his dick
into her asshole. "Ahhh mother fucker...." He groans as he starts to cum
inside of Torrie's asshole.

Torrie tilts her head back as she feels the cum enter her warm asshole
"Ohhhhh Billy..." Torrie groans "Mmmm baby..."

"Ohhh ohh shit..." Billy grunts as he eases his cock out of Torrie's asshole
and collapses on the bed, completely exhausted, "Fuck this... was great..."

Torrie smiles as she lays down between Jamie and Billy, covered in sweat
just like Nidia. Nidia slowly lifts her head up "Mmm...this was so much fun
Jamie!" Nidia says slightly tired and excited at the same time.

Jamie looks at Nidia and smiles, "Yeah it was... this was... the greatest
thing ever..." He then looks at Torrie and smirks, "See... it wasn't so
bad... now was it?"

Torrie smiles a bit "You...want to do it again?"

"I'm all... for that..." Billy says with a wide grin on his face. "Oh hell
yeah... let's go... all night..." Jamie licks his lips excitedly, even though
his body is pretty worn out.

Nidia licks her lips "Screw all night...lets go all week!"

"Fuck yeah!" Jamie says, as Billy puts an arm around Torrie.

"What do you say Torrie?"

Torrie takes a deep breath and then smiles "What about...all month?" Torrie
then get sly and playful smile on her beautiful, sweat covered face.

Billy licks his lips and nods his head, "Yeah... or all year!"

Jamie smirks and starts to roll onto Nidia, "We better get started then!"


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