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Fate Of An Angel Part 1: November 2005 - The Prophecy Is Born
by Y2Curry

October 23rd, 2005: TNA "Bound for Glory" Pay-Per-View

"AJ hits it! The Styles Clash! Here's the count..1, 2, and THREE! AJ wins the
Iron Man match as time expires!"

"What an incredible match, Mike! Both of these guys gave it their all for a
full sixty minutes, but in the end..."

Christopher Daniels hit the stop button on the remote and threw it across the
dressing room in disgust. TNA's biggest PPV yet had ended nearly four hours
ago, but Daniels had yet to shower, much less leave the arena. A building
employee had asked him to leave so they could clean his dressing room, but
Daniels just scowled at the man and told him to get the hell out of his

He knew that he was the biggest star in TNA, despite what Mike Tenay and Don
West might try to tell you about that damn pretty boy punk, AJ Styles. He
carried Elix Skipper to success, and they had a legendary feud with America's
Most Wanted that put TNA's tag team division on the map. Then, after AMW won
the feud in a classic cage match at Turning Point in December of 2004,
Daniels and Skipper were forced to split. Daniels accused Styles of ducking
him out of fear that Daniels would wrestle the X Division championship from
him, and at February's Against All Odds PPV, he'd nearly proven it. Daniels
and Styles were tied at the end of regulation, and Daniels had bloodied
Styles locked in the Koji Clutch submission. But when Director of Authority
Dusty Rhodes ordered overtime, Styles retained with the Styles Clash.

The next month at Destination X, however, Daniels was not to be denied. He
overcame Styles, Ron Killings and even his former partner Elix Skipper in an
Ultimate X match, and the championship was his. After the win, he proclaimed
himself "Mr. TNA", and he wasn't far off. He went on to have the longest
reign as X Division champion in TNA history. Everyone TNA management threw
at him, he defeated. His former partner, Skipper, in the same match they'd
last teamed together: a steel cage. Shocker, the Mexican hero. A triple
threat over Chris Sabin and Matt Bentley, both former X champions. The man
whose former-record title reign he eclipsed, Petey Williams. Austin Aries,
the golden boy of Ring of Honor. No one could deny it: Christopher Daniels
was THE man in the X Division.

Then, at September's Unbreakable PPV, he lost the championship back to Styles
in a triple threat match also involving Samoa Joe. The fact that many fans
hailed this match as the best in TNA's history was no consolation to Daniels:
that damnable Styles had stolen his spotlight again! Tonight, at Bound for
Glory, was supposed to be his revenge. He was supposed to take HIS title back
from Styles, and prove once and for all that he, not Styles, was Mr. TNA.
They had another classic match, but once again Styles had gotten the best of
him. Daniels was at a crossroads. He knew he'd have to string some wins
together in order to get another crack at Styles, but this wasn't all. He had
begun to believe that all of TNA was against him. Styles, TNA Director of
Authority Larry Zybysko, the TNA announce team, TNA management in general: he
was convinced that none of them wanted to see him succeed. He decided that it
was time for a new strategy.

TNA Impact: October 29th, 2005

"Daniels is just punishing Shark Boy, Don! I know he's frustrated that he was
defeated yet again by AJ Styles, but enough is enough! He could've ended this
match long ago!"

"Absolutely, Mike! Daniels is taking out all his frustration on Shark Boy,
and he's gone way overboard!"

"Daniels hooks the arms of Shark Boy...Angel's Wings! The cover...1, 2...
what?! That miserable Daniels just picked him up! No...another Angel's

"Pin him already, Chris! This is just getting ridiculous!"

"Daniels picks up Shark Boy again...and there's the Last Rites neckbreaker!
Damnit, somebody needs to put a stop to this. Daniels goes up top..and the
BME, Best Moonsault ever! Come on!" Daniels pins Shark Boy with his pinky

"What a disrespectful cover, but at least it's over, Mike." Daniels picks up
a microphone.

"Now that that's out of the way, I've got something to say. It's no secret
that TNA management has it in for me, and will do whatever they can to keep
that X championship away from me, and on their golden boy, their chosen one,
AJ Styles. Well, I'm going to take matters into my own hands. TNA, from here
on out you will not be able to contain the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels,
the TRUE Mr. TNA! Whether you like it or not, it's only a matter of time
before I take back what's mine - that X Division championship. So to all the
other X Division wrestlers: be on guard, because you're dealing with a new,
improved and far more dangerous man than you've ever seen." Daniels puts the
microphone down and heads backstage.

"What the hell was that about, Daniels? You beat that guy senseless, and for
no good reason!" TNA Director of Authority Larry Zybysko was clearly not
pleased with the actions of the former X champion.

"Can it, Larry. Pro wrestling is a physical sport, and if ol' Sharky can't
handle it, maybe he's in the wrong line of work."

"You kids today; always trying to make a statement. Back when I was

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Same old shit I've heard a thousand times, Zybysko. I'm
leaving; get out of my way." Daniels stormed past the DOA, giving him a
slight shoulder bump as he passed.

"Next week, I begin my search," Daniels thought to himself.

TNA Impact: November 5th, 2005

"Daniels, what are you doing here? You aren't scheduled tonight, and after
what you did to Shark Boy last week, I'm not sure how...."

"How many times do I have to say it, Zybysko? Shut up and mind your own damn
business! I'm a TNA employee, so unless I'm legally ordered otherwise, I can
show up to any damn TNA show I please, regardless of whether or not I get to
go down there and kick someone's ass. Now if you'll excuse me, I don't want
to waste any more of my time with the likes of you; I have business to attend

Much like he did the previous week, Daniels disrespectfully walked away. He
sat on an unoccupied bench near the ring entrance, and prepared to watch the
night's action. He seethed as he watched AJ Styles defeat Matt Sydal in a
non-title match.

"GREAT win, Styles," Daniels said sarcastically as Styles made his way
towards his dressing room. "And I appreciate you keeping my belt warm for me
until I'm ready to take it back."

"Keep on talking, Daniels. I've got your number, and you know it," Styles
smirked at the furious Daniels and entered his dressing room. Daniels wanted
to beat the living hell out of that cocky bastard, but he knew Zybysko was
just begging him to do something worthy of suspension, and showing up
unrequited and starting a fight backstage would give him all the ammo he
needed. So Daniels just sucked it up and turned his attention back towards
the monitor to watch the next match: Petey Williams and Alex Shelley against
Matt Bentley, with Tracy Brooks, and Austin Aries.

"Petey Williams reels Aries in. He's going for the Canadian Destroyer! No,
Aries counters with a back body drop! If Williams had hit that, this match
would be over for sure!"

"No question about it, Mike! And now Aries makes the tag to a fresh Matt

"Bentley immediately knocks Petey down with a flying forearm! Shelley tries
to get involved, but Bentley knocks him to the floor with a clothesline!
Bentley is cleaning house! He measures Petey Williams up; and there's the
Superkick! Now Bentley goes up top, looking to the land the finishing blow
with that flying elbow drop..."

"Look at that, Mike! Team Canada coach Scott D'Amore has just shoved Tracy
down to the ground! What a miserable human being!" This distracted Bentley
momentarily, which was all the opening Petey Williams needed to strike with
a low blow, and follow it up with the Canadian Destroyer for the win.

"Now Bentley helps Tracy to her feet, but he doesn't look too happy. They
seem to be arguing."

"I understand his frustration, Mike, but it wasn't her fault. If Bentley
should be angry with anyone, it's D'Amore." The argument continued all the
way backstage.

"Damnit, Tracy, I'm sick and tired of this shit. I had that match won! I need
to start stringing some wins together if I'm going to get that X championship
back! I can't afford these distractions."

"I know, Matt, I'm really sorry, but.."

"No but's, Tracy. Get it together, or get the hell out!" Bentley slammed his
locker room door in Tracy's face, and locked it behind him. All of this did
not go unnoticed by Christopher Daniels, who was within earshot of the
backstage conversation. He approached the busty valet, who was on the verge
of tears.

"What's wrong, Tracy?" Daniels asked in a sincere voice.

"It's...none of your business," Tracy sniffed.

"Oh, come on, don't be that way. I saw what happened out there, and based on
you being near tears, I'm assuming Bentley is blaming the loss on you. Well,
he's wrong. D'Amore assaulted you; you didn't do anything wrong. Besides,
he's the one who lost his focus, not you. If I were you, I'd tell that jerk
to shove it up his ass! You deserve better!" Daniels said encouragingly.

"Thanks, Chris; I really appreciate it. But Matt's just frustrated; I'm sure
he'll cool off next week and we'll get everything straightened out. But
thanks again; I feel a lot better now," Tracy shook Daniels' hand and headed

"They just make it far too easy for me," Daniels thought to himself as he

TNA Impact: November 12th, 2005

"Back again, Daniels? Why do I get the feeling that you're up to something?"
Larry Zybysko questioned as he spotted Daniels backstage. Daniels didn't even
acknowledge the presence of Zybysko. He just went to the first empty locker
room he found, pulled up a chair and prepared to watch the night's events. He
watched on with interest as Samoa Joe dominated former X Division champion
Chris Sabin and continued his unbeaten streak. Even though Styles had the
belt, Daniels had a feeling he'd have to go through Joe sooner or later if he
wanted it back, so he had begun studying all of Joe's matches looking for a
weakness. He got distracted thinking about this, and paid little attention to
most of the rest of the show. Until, that is, he heard Matt Bentley's music
start up.

"Here comes Matt Bentley with Tracy Brooks. Bentley requested this interview
time, and DOA Larry Zybysko granted it to him. We saw Bentley and Tracy get
into a pretty heated argument after Bentley's loss in tag team action last
week, but it looks like they're back on the same page, Don."

"It certainly does, Mike. I guess cooler heads have prevailed. And now
Bentley has a microphone."

"So I'm sure you all saw what happened last week here on Impact. I was pinned
by Petey Williams in a tag team match. And now at Genesis, Petey's getting a
shot at AJ Styles and the X Division championship, so maybe that could've
been me had the outcome of that match been different. Some people want to
blame my defeat on Scott D'Amore, but I disagree. The way I see it, there's
only one person responsible for what happened to me last week, and that's
you, Tracy! You got yourself into trouble, and caused me to lose my focus. So
from now on, you're going to stay in the back unless I specifically tell you
otherwise, got it?" Tracy's face became a mixture of both shock and sadness
at Bentley's comments, as Tenay and West were up in arms.

"This is ridiculous, Mike! Tracy does not deserve this!"

"I couldn't agree more, Don...and what's that?? Christopher Daniels?! Here he
comes to the ring, microphone in hand, but what's he doing out here?"

"Matt Bentley, you disappoint me. Tracy Brooks is the single best thing that
has ever happened to your career, and now you want to blame your current
failures on her? You don't deserve her. You're not like the Fallen Angel, who
TNA management conspires to hold down so I don't take the spotlight away from
goody two-shoes like AJ Styles. If anything, TNA has given you more than your
share of opportunities during your time here, and Tracy is a big reason for
that. So I suggest you stop making excuses and face facts: you haven't been
in the hunt for the X Division championship for so long because of the
evolution of TNA. Now that there's guys like the Fallen Angel around, guys
like Matt Bentley are brushed aside to make room. So know your place,
Bentley, and if you want to someday get another shot at the gold, wait in
line. After I regain what's mine, maybe I'll throw you a bone eventually."

"Why don't you shut the hell up, Daniels! I won the first Ultimate X match
ever! And I WILL become X Division champ again! And if I have to go through
you in order to get my shot, so be it!"

"Hold it right there, guys!" TNA DOA Larry Zybysko walks down to the ring. We
have a packed show the rest of the night, and I won't have you two ruining
it! But if you really want to duke it out, how about you wait about a week
and go one on one at Genesis?

"That's just fine by me, Larry. I'll educate Bentley as to the X Division
pecking order; and in the process, show Tracy how a real superstar operates."

"That's enough, Daniels! Tracy knows her place, and she knows she screwed up!
But if you want to do the Bentley Bounce at Genesis, I say bring it on!"

Later, backstage...

Daniels was about to head out for the night when something caught his eye: it
was Tracy Brooks sitting in a secluded corner of the arena, and by the looks
of it she was all alone. Daniels smirked as he realized he could implement
his plan even earlier than he had hoped.

"Hi Tracy, you haven't left yet?" The busty valet jumped a bit, caught off

"What're you doing, Chris?! If Matt sees you, there's no telling what he'll

"Oh, I don't think we have to worry about that. It seems obvious to me that
Bentley has mistreated you once again, and has left you here all alone. Isn't
that right?"

"Well...he's still a bit upset, yes. And he just thought..."

"You don't have to keep making excuses for him, Tracy. The guy is obviously
scum, and doesn't deserve a woman as beautiful as you." Tracy blushed a bit;
she wasn't used to being showered with compliments. Daniels picked up on
this. "Bentley probably never tells you how beautiful you are, does he? I
swear, Tracy, I have no idea why you're still with that loser."

"Matt may not treat me well, I'll agree, but I know that he cares about me,
deep down..."

"What makes you so sure? He sure seems quick to blame you whenever something
goes wrong in his career. What you need is someone who celebrates you.
Someone who realizes how special you are, and knows what a powerful "asset"
you can be. Someone who will share their glory with you, and not throw all
of their failures on your shoulders."

"Are you trying to say I need someone like you, Chris?" Daniels paused,
trying to determine whether or not his speech had had the desired effect,
when Tracy answered his question for him by passionately kissing him on
the mouth. Daniels returned the kiss in kind, but reached out to stop
Tracy when she reached down to unbutton his jeans.

"Not out here. Someone might see us. Let's go into my locker room."

Once inside, he wasted no time undressing her. When Daniels got Tracy down
to her matching pink bra and thong, he began trailing kisses down her body,
starting from her forehead and working his way down. When he got down to
her thong, he gave the material covering her crotch a few good licks before
gently pushing it aside. He began eating her out as she moaned and gripped
his head, pushing the Fallen Angel deeper into her most private of places.

"Ohhh Chris, that's fantastic! Matt would never eat me out, no matter how
much I begged!" Tracy's unfamiliarity with receiving oral sex was evident,
as she came right in Daniels' face in no time. Daniels swallowed most of
her juice up, and wiped the rest away from his face with a towel.

"Glad you enjoyed yourself. Now, since I've pleasured you, I think it's only
fair that you return the favor."

"With pleasure." She grinned at Daniels as she dropped to her knees and
unbuckled his jeans, sliding them off. While she pulled his boxers off, he
reached down and began playing with her breasts, still encased inside the
pink bra. She reached out and took hold of his member, already standing at

"Wow, you're much bigger than Matt." Daniels laughed at that as she began
licking his cock. She took his 9 inches into her mouth with little problem;
Daniels surmised that she may not have gotten oral sex very often, but she
was certainly no stranger at giving it. She began bobbing her head up and
down on Daniels' dick at a rapid pace. He slipped off her bra and began
playing with her large, and, he decided, surgically enhanced, tits. Tracy's
deep-throat blowjob eventually took its toll on Daniels, and he motioned for
her to stop as he sensed the end was near.

"That was tremendous, but I don't want to end this night before we can get
to the main attraction." Since there were no beds or any similar comforts in
the locker room, Tracy placed her hands on a folding chair and bent over,
sticking her ass out at Daniels and smiling back at him. He walked up to her
and prepared to take her from behind. He noticed the butterfly tattoo on her
lower back, and gave it a kiss as he entered her.

"Unnhh," she grunted as he gave her body time to adjust. He began thrusting
into her from behind, slowly at first. As her moans became louder and louder,
he continued to increase the speed of his thrusts.

"OHHHH!" Daniels could tell Tracy was close to coming, so he slowed down his
thrusts to prolong the experience. She was breathing heavily, begging him to
go faster, but he did not oblige; establishing dominance right off the bat
was vital if he was going to be able to properly utilize this busty vixen in
his plans. With the slower pace, he also began mixing in some light spanks to
her ass. After several minutes of begging, Daniels decided to test her.

"Do you want me to speed up, Tracy?"

"Unnh...oh...yes, please..."

"Who's your master?"

" are, Chris..."

"Very good; I'll do as you wish." Satisfied, he went back to his high-speed
fucking, and Tracy came in no time.

"OHHHH GODDD!!!!" she cried out as she came for the second time that night,
this time with Daniels inside of her. Daniels wasn't finished, but he also
didn't want to run the risk of getting her pregnant; a pregnant Tracy was
useless. So he pulled out of her and ordered her to finish him off orally.

Tracy once again began sucking on Daniels' cock as he ran his hands through
her long, dark hair. He pulled on her hair, forcing her nose into his crotch.
He began face fucking the girl at a rapid pace, as she just laid back and let
her new master have his way with her. Before long, he was ready to explode.

"Swallow it all," he commanded. She obliged, sucking down every drop of semen
she could manage. Any cum that escaped her mouth was quickly lapped up.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Daniels asked, already knowing the answer to his
question. Unable to catch her breath and voice a reply, she just nodded her
head and slumped down on the floor, covered in sweat and smelling of semen.

"Good. Do you wish to leave Bentley, and join me on a permanent basis?"
Again, a nod. "OK, but I'll say this: I aspire to rule TNA, and I will
stop at absolutely nothing to do so. Are you willing to make that same
commitment?" Her breathing beginning to turn back to a more normal level,
she responded with words this time.

"As long as I get to be fucked like that on a regular basis, I'll do whatever
you ask of me." Daniels grinned widely; this had been even easier than he had

"Fantastic. Before we part for the night, I have some instructions for you:
when Bentley calls you and apologizes like he inevitably will, I want you to
forgive him like you always have done. I think we should hold off on making
our association public until Genesis. A double-cross needs to be done in
grand fashion, and what grander than a pay per view event? Do whatever
Bentley wants until then, and don't attempt to contact me, either. I'm going
to skip Impact next week, but I'll be back at my hotel room. Stop by when you
get a chance, and we'll work out our plan."

"Whatever you say," she dreamily replied as they both began getting dressed.

TNA Genesis: November 20th, 2005

"Daniels goes for Angel's Wings, but Bentley counters it with a back body
drop. Daniels hops up and goes for a lariat, but Bentley ducks and hits a
neckbreaker. Boy Don, Matt Bentley sure seems to be on par with Christopher
Daniels, despite what the Fallen Angel would have you believe."

"Absolutely, Mike; this guy has all the talent in the world, and I think even
Daniels will have no choice but to admit it after his performance in this
match tonight."

"Bentley hits a huge piled river! What impact! Now he's climbing the
turnbuckle, possibly for that flying elbow drop he loves to use..." Tracy
yanks on Bentley's foot, causing her longtime boyfriend to crotch himself
on the top turnbuckle.

"What on earth, Mike! Why would Tracy do that to Bentley?!"

"I have no clue, Don! The referee was checking on Daniels and didn't see
it, too." Bentley slumps to the mat in both pain and shock. Seizing the
opportunity, Daniels quickly strikes with the Last Rites neckbreaker and
picks up the win. Tracy rolls into the ring and jumps into Daniels' arms,
wrapping her legs around him as they kiss.

"I don't believe it, Don! How long have Tracy and Daniels been planning
this??" Daniels picks up a microphone and wraps his arm around Tracy as
Bentley looks on, dumbfounded.

"Bentley, I told you that Tracy Brooks was the best thing to ever happen to
your career. Now, since you weren't man enough for her, she's going to be the
best thing that's ever happened to mine. TNA, the Fallen Angel will regain
his belt, be sure, but this time I do things MY way! Tonight, I form The
Prophecy! Tracy, and whoever else I deem worthy, will join me in our quest
for absolute domination of TNA! So be warned, TNA management: your days of
screwing Christopher Daniels are over! Now Tracy, take out the trash,
please." Tracy smiled at her lover as she kicked Bentley right in the groin.

At the hotel...

"Ohhh....god, you're so big!" Tracy exclaimed as she happily bounced up on
down on Daniels' dick. Daniels laid back and let Tracy do the work, as he
was also observing the remainder of Genesis on the TV. He paid particular
attention as the undefeated Samoa Joe choked out Chris Sabin to become #1
contender for the X Division championship.

"Ah, baby, I'm coommmmmiinnnnnggg!" Tracy shouted. She rolled off and lay
beside Daniels, placing her head on his chest.

"How was it?" she asked excitedly.

"Great, just great. You're wonderful," Daniels answered, but he was watching
AJ Styles versus Petey Williams for the X Division title with a great deal of
interest. Whomever walked out with the strap was his primary target, and as
much as he hated AJ, he half hoped he would retain. Taking the belt off of
that vermin would make it all the sweeter. And AJ did retain in a hard-fought

"Very well," Daniels thought to himself. "Styles, enjoy it while it lasts.
I'm coming for what's mine.

End of Chapter 1

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