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Fate Of An Angel Part 2: December 2005 - Talent Scouting
by Y2Curry (

TNA Impact: November 26th, 2005

"What a great opening match that was, Don. And now let's send it to Shane
Douglas, who's backstage with Christopher Daniels and Tracy Brooks."

"Thanks, Mike. As you said, I'm here with the Fallen Angel Christopher
Daniels and Tracy Brooks, who shocked us all when she turned on long time
companion Matt Bentley to join with Daniels at TNA's Genesis just six days
ago. Tracy, what everyone wants to know is: why'd you do it?"

Tracy, resting her head on Daniels' chest, smiled at Shane before responding.
"It's simple, Shane. Matt Bentley didn't realize how good he had it with me.
He gave me none of the credit for his successes, and all of the blame for his
failures. Now I've found a man who will acknowledge all of the good I can do
for his career, and I'm going to do absolutely everything in my power to make
sure he achieves all of his goals. And to top it off, my new man can satisfy
certain...needs of mine in ways Matt Bentley could never dream." With that,
Tracy and Daniels shared a passionate kiss as Shane Douglas observed.

"Well, Mike, I guess it's back to..."

"Not so fast, Shane," Daniels interrupted. "As I said at Genesis, Tracy is
the first member of my Prophecy. But she won't be the last. Next week, I'm
going to be watching the matches very intently. If anyone impresses me, I
might consider accepting them into my Prophecy."

"What makes you think anyone would want to join you?"

"Shane, the Fallen Angel has a lot to offer for someone's career. I was the
longest reigning X Division champion in the history of TNA, and I did it with
management trying to cut my legs out from under me at every turn. Under my
guidance and with my support, an up-and-coming TNA superstar could fulfill
their destiny. But aside from gaining an ally as powerful as me, any
prospective Prophecy member will receive certain...fringe benefits," Daniels
finished as he glanced at Tracy, who smiled back at him seductively. Douglas,
meanwhile, stared into the camera with his mouth agape.

"Does he mean what I think he means?"

* * *

TNA Impact: December 3rd, 2005

"Welcome to TNA Impact, ladies and gentlemen! I'm Mike Tenay, joined as
always by Don West, and we also have a special guest with us this evening:
the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels. Mr. Daniels, based on your comments
last week, I assume you're here to scout talent for your new group?"

"Nothing gets by you, does it Tenay? Tracy and I will be watching tonight's
action very closely. But don't let us keep you from doing your job."

"That...shouldn't be a problem," West said uneasily as Tracy, sitting in
Daniels' lap, blew him a kiss playfully.

Austin Aries defeats Shannon Moore in the opening match.

"What did you think of the performance of Austin Aries, Daniels?" Tenay

"I already knew that Austin Aries is the real deal between the ropes. Aries
was the man who ended Samoa Joe's nearly two-year run as the Ring of Honor
champion, and under my watchful eye, he could achieve the same level of
greatness here in the bright lights of TNA. But I'm not making any decisions
just yet."

Alex Shelley defeats Roderick Strong.

"I like this Shelley. He's a very good mat wrestler, but more importantly is
the way that he carries himself. He has a self confidence in him that reminds
me of myself when I was a young upstart."

"So he's another potential Prophecy member?"

"Like I said earlier, Tenay, I'm not making any decisions just yet. Besides,
getting the job done in the ring isn't the only thing we're looking for in
our new ally. Right, Tracy?" Daniels' sexy companion winked at Don West as
she bounced playfully in her master's lap.

"Pay attention, Don; the next match is about to begin."

"S..sorry Mike," West stammered, hastily looking away from Tracy's bouncing
cleavage and back to the ring.

Sonjay Dutt defeats Petey Williams.

"How about Sonjay Dutt, Fallen Angel?"

"He's a bit goofy, but he's a great high-flyer to be sure. If he can just
get serious and start focusing more on the job to be done - which I'm sure
he'd be able to do with my help - he could become a top contender for the X
division championship. But I'm not the only one who's going to have say in
this decision; what do you think of him, Tracy?"

"All I want to know is how well that "Sprinkler" works in..."

"Watch it, my pet. We don't want TNA getting fined by the FCC. Zybysko
wouldn't hesitate to suspend us. Well, we've seen all we need to see for now.
I've been encouraged by what I've seen out here tonight, but more research
needs to be done."

* * *

TNA Impact: December 10th, 2005

"No need for us to make an appearance out there tonight, Tracy. We have more
important business to attend to. Let's see..." Daniels and Tracy arrive at
the dressing room assigned for Daniels, and found Austin Aries, Sonjay Dutt
and Alex Shelley waiting outside, as instructed.

"Hey, you three. Pretty impressive out there last week."

"Thanks, Chris. Now let's get real. We all know I'm the man for the job, and
these other two chumps aren't even in my league. So why waste any more time:
I'll join your Prophecy." Dutt and Aries roll their eyes at Shelley's
brashness. Daniels chuckled.

"I like your spirit, Shelley, but no decision has been made yet. Like I said
last week, getting it done out there is only one part of the equation. You
see, since leaving that goof Matt Bentley and hooking up with yours truly,
my little Tracy has discovered just how...pleasurable life can be. But
unfortunately, I'm a busy man, and I can't always give her the time and
attention she so richly deserves. So any new member of my Prophecy will need
to be able to at least keep her sane while I'm otherwise occupied."

"I heard what you said a couple of weeks ago about fringe benefits, but I
thought you were joking," Aries remarked.

"No joke. Now who goes first, Tracy?"

"I want the Sprinkler," Tracy said, pointing at Sonjay.

"Very well. Everyone else, come with me. Give me a ring when you're ready for
the next one." Daniels led Aries and Shelley to another section of the arena,
while Tracy and Sonjay entered the locker room.

"So..." Sonjay stuttered, unsure of what he should do.

"Take your pants off and stand over here," Tracy commanded, taking control of
the situation. Sonjay complied, and in no time his member, already hard from
anticipation, was in plain sight.

"'s no Master Daniels, but at least you're bigger than Bentley..."
Sonjay blushed self-consciously, but any feelings of embarrassment were
quickly forgotten as the voluptuous beauty dropped to her knees and began
jerking him off in earnest. She flicked her tongue across the tip of his
dick, and Sonjay grunted. Deciding to move things along, she took Sonjay's
cock into her mouth. Having become accustomed to Daniels' size, she was able
to deep throat Sonjay with ease. He groaned in pleasure, and she responded
by fondling his nut sack with her right hand. Wanting more, Tracy sped up,
bobbing her head up and down on his cock on an almost ferocious pace. "My
god, she's an animal," Sonjay thought to himself, as he wondered how much
longer he could possibly last at this pace.

His question was answered a few minutes later, as he felt the end coming.
Sonjay tried to warn her that he was about to cum, but he found that he
couldn't speak coherently. It wouldn't have mattered any way, as she happily
swallowed every drop of cum that he had in him. After Sonjay slipped his now
flaccid dick from her mouth, she licked her lips and smiled up at him

"God....that was incredible," Sonjay gasped as he began to slip his boxers
back on. Tracy frowned at him, confused.

"Um...yeah, sorry we didn't get any further. But damn, what do you expect?
That blowjob was out of this world! Maybe next time." Sonjay buttoned his
pants and closed the locker room door behind him on his way out.

"...Next time? Fat chance, Flash!" Tracy said to herself in disgust. She
picked up her cell phone and dialed Daniels' number.

"Next!" she barked into the phone.

"Already?" Daniels responded, taken aback. "Very well. I'll send the next
applicant momentarily." He hung up, and nodded towards Aries and Shelley.

"What a pathetic loser," Shelley said, cackling. Daniels laughed in response,
and even the normally stoic Aries grinned at the circumstances.

"Well guys, it looks like this is down to a two person race. Give it your
best shot," Daniels said before sending Aries on his way to Tracy.

While she was waiting, Tracy calmed herself down first by playing with her
large breasts through her shirt, and then by removing her jean shorts and
slipping her hand down her panties. She was just about to insert her fingers
into her hole when Aries arrived.

"Just in time," she panted. "Get over here and shove your fingers inside me,

The former ROH champion was more than happy to comply, wasting no time in
shoving one, and then two fingers into Tracy's pussy. She moaned loudly and
started to thrust her hips against his fingers. Eager to move things along
after her disappointing experience with Sonjay, she made Aries remove his
fingers from her twat, and hastily took his pants and boxers off before once
again dropping to her knees.

Tracy took Aries' semi-hard dick into her hands and began jerking him off.
She took his member into her mouth and sucked on it slowly, afraid she might
get another preemie if she put her all into this blowjob. Aries eased her
fears by placing his hands on the back of her head and jerking his hips
forward, his balls bouncing off her chin. The twinkle in Tracy's eyes
confirmed she enjoyed this faster pace, so Aries began steadily fucking her
face. Tracy's hand once again found its way down her panties, and she began
fingering herself as Aries continued to hump her face, his balls hitting her
chin with every thrust.

When he felt his release approaching, Aries showed the restraint Sonjay had
lacked and pulled Tracy's face away from his crotch. After taking a few
moments to compose himself, Aries positioned Tracy so she was leaning over
the couch, with her ass sticking out invitingly towards him. He swatted her
ass a few times, and she cooed in response.

"Can I..." Aries began, but Tracy cut him off.

"Sorry...Master's orders. My ass is off-limits until further notice." Aries
groaned in disappointment, but he didn't stay frustrated for long, as he
realized he could still have his way with her cunt. He slipped on the condom
he had been instructed to bring, and quickly entered her dripping wet snatch
from behind.

"Ohhh's about time..." Tracy uttered, her earlier anger now
completely forgotten. Aries thrust into her slowly at first, not wanting to
blow his load too quickly. But Tracy's anticipation was too great to take
things slowly at this point, and she urged him to go faster by grinding her
hips back into him rapidly. Figuring his most important task was to keep her
happy, Aries did what she wanted and put caution to the wind, fucking her as
fast as he possibly could.

"GODDD, YESSSS!" Tracy screamed, her enormous breasts bouncing wildly inside
her shirt as Aries screwed her for all he was worth, his balls slapping
against her ass every time he thrust back in. Wanting to see what those
monsters looked like outside their cage, Aries fumbled with the buttons on
her shirt, but Tracy brushed his hands away and tore the shirt clean from
her body, her breasts now fully on display. Aries took a globe in each hand
as he continued his lighting-fast thrusting from behind. Aries' thrusts
became even faster as he could feel that he was very close to being spent.
Tracy picked up on this, and became anxious that she would be denied her
ultimate satisfaction yet again.

"Unhh...I'm almost there...just a bit longer!" Tracy pleaded. Aries held out
as long as he possibly could, but in the end it was no use. He let out a loud
grunt, and then lost control.

"S...sorry, but I can't...UHH!" He finished as he shot off into the condom.
He pulled out of her, threw the condom into the trash can, and wiped the
sweat off of his forehead as Tracy was still bent over, breathing heavily,
and fingering herself in a futile attempt to climax.

"P...please...can't you get it up again?!" Tracy desperately begged.

"Sorry, but I'm completely spent. But if Shelley finishes you off quickly,
just remember this: I'm the one who did all the work." With that, Aries got
dressed and exited. Tracy once again called Daniels.


"You heard the lady. Get going." Shelley nodded.

"It's in the bag, Chris. You're looking at the newest member of the
Prophecy." Shelley headed off for his date with destiny, practically
sprinting all the way there so as not to anger the extremely horny woman
who would decide his future.

"It is I, Alex Shelley, here to satisfy your every last desire, and prove

"SHUT THE HELL UP AND FUCK ME!" Tracy yelled impatiently. Shelley scrambled
to remove his clothing.

"I'd be more than happy to, but I'll need your assistance in getting ready,
so if you'd just lie on the couch..." Tracy did as Shelley requested, and
looked up at him with a desperate fire in her eyes. Shelley climbed on top
of her, and pointed to her breasts. "I think those will do the trick," he
commented as he stuck his dick in between them. Tracy immediately began
pushing her massive tits together around Shelley's cock, and sure enough he
was fully hard in no time. "Now that I'm ready, would you like to switch
positions?" he offered as he slipped his condom on.

Without a word, Tracy shoved Shelley onto his back and straddled his dick.
She immediately began bouncing up and down on his dick with incredible tempo.
Shelley reached up and grabbed hold of her glorious breasts as she continued
to hump with reckless abandon. As she was already on the brink, it didn't
take all that long for her to feel her orgasm approaching.

"OHH...UNGH...YESSSSSSS!!!!!" she shouted, throwing her head back in ecstasy
as she released her juices. She continued to bounce up and down on his dick
at a steady pace as she was riding the wave of her climax. She got off of him
and rolled to the floor, panting and breathless. After taking a few minutes
to catch her breath , she looked at Shelley with an apologetic look.

"Sorry, but I can't finish you off. If I do, I'll get horny again, and..."

"Don't worry about it," Shelley reassured her, doing his best to hide his
disappointment. "This is all about you. Besides, there will be plenty of
chances for you to return the favor once Daniels lets me into the group."
Shelley smiled, confident this selfless display would seal his spot in the

Half an hour later...

Tracy finished drying herself off after her shower, and got dressed. Daniels
took no notice of her at first, as he was too focused on the Impact main
event, which saw Samoa Joe defeat former X Division champion Jerry Lynn
decisively and with little difficulty. "I have a feeling the road to
regaining the X Division championship goes through him.." Daniels thought to
himself. He looked up and noticed Tracy was back.

"Well, what's the verdict?"

* * *

TNA Impact: December 17th, 2005

"Damn that America's Most Wanted! They stole another victory tonight!"

"Absolutely, Mike. Eventually those guys are going to get what's coming to

"Let's hope so, Don. Anyway, it's now time for...hey, wait a minute. That's
the music of Christopher Daniels. I don't have this on my schedule." Daniels
made his way to the ring, with Tracy in tow. He grabbed a microphone and
entered the ring, opening the ropes for Tracy.

"Greetings, all. As I said a few weeks back, Tracy and I have been on the
lookout for a worthy member to join us in our quest to rule TNA. Well, we
did some rather rigorous and extensive research last week, and we've come to
a decision. Would you like me to introduce the newest member of the Prophecy
right here, right now?" The crowd voiced their approval, curious as to who
Daniels could have swayed over to his side.

"Well, too bad." The crowd booed. "TNA's Turning Point is 24 hours from now,
and I think that's a much more suitable environment for this important
announcement. So you'll just have to wait." Daniels looked around at the
crowd, soaking in their disappointment, but was surprised to hear them begin
to cheer.

"Look at this, Mike! It's Matt Bentley and Shark Boy! They're attacking
Christopher Daniels!"

"And why not, Don? Remember several weeks back, when Daniels went overboard
in his match with Shark Boy? And who can forget Tracy's betrayal of Bentley
at Genesis?"

"Look at the ramp, Mike! It's Alex Shelley!"

"He's come to the aid of Daniels! He must be the man that Daniels selected
to join the Prophecy!" Security ran down to separate the four men, and Larry
Zybysko appeared from backstage.

"If you four guys want to fight so bad, let's have a tag team match at
Turning Point tomorrow night; Bentley and Shark Boy against Daniels and

"I like that idea, Don! Let's settle this conflict in the ring!"

* * *

TNA Turning Point: December 18th, 2005

"What a double team move from Daniels and Shelley! Say what you want about
Christopher Daniels and his views of TNA management, but he certainly knows
how to pick 'em. He and Alex Shelley have shown some fantastic chemistry so
far, Don."

"No question about it, Mike. They look like they've been wrestling together
for years. I think Bentley and Shark Boy may be overmatched.

"It has certainly seemed that way so far." Shark Boy blocks an Angel's Wings
attempt, and connects with a DDT.

"Desperation move by Shark Boy, but it just may buy him enough time to get
the tag to the fresh man...and there it is! Bentley is in, and he's cleaning
house! A clothesline on Daniels, and a dropkick for Shelley! Now he's setting
up for the Sweet Shane Music; what's Tracy doing up on the apron?!" Bentley
turns his attention to his ex-girlfriend, who smiles at him and jiggles her
breasts. Shelley takes advantage of the distraction, and drops Bentley with
Sliced Bread #2.

"Daniels makes the cover...1, 2, and 3! Daniels and Shelley prevail, with an
assist to Tracy."

"She's quite an asset to Daniels and Shelley."

About an hour later...

"Very good, both of you. It was vital to the Prophecy's long-term goals that
we establish ourselves with a victory tonight, and we banded together and did
exactly that."

"Yeah, yeah, that's great and all, Chris...but when can we celebrate?
Shaking my boobs like that got me horny as fuck." Daniels grinned at Tracy's
insatiable sexual appetite; he knew it would continue to be a tremendous
asset for the Prophecy.

"I'm not really one for double-teaming, so why don't you and Alex celebrate?
You can repay him for last week." Tracy grinned and nodded, and she and
Shelley went over towards the bed of her hotel room as Daniels went off to
his own room to watch the remainder of Turning Point.

Tracy got on all fours on the bed, and Shelley, already hard from
anticipation of what he knew was coming, began ramming into her doggy-style.
He reached underneath her and fondled her tits as she moaned in pleasure.

"God, I'm so horny! Fuck me hard, Alex!" Shelley began spanking her ass as
hard as he could, which only excited her all the more. She reached behind
her and tickled his balls as he continued to pound her, and he shuddered,
pleasantly surprised.

Though Tracy's lovemaking could be heard throughout the entire floor, Daniels
barely took notice of it next door. He was completely engrossed in the X
Division championship match pitting Samoa Joe against his hated rival, AJ
Styles. And while a part of him reveled in watching Styles get choked out and
lose the title, he couldn't help but feel that Joe posed an even greater
threat to his plans. "I've got to figure out a way to stop him," Daniels

One room over, Shelley and Tracy couldn't have cared less about what was
happening in the arena. They were enjoying themselves far too much for that.
They were still going at it doggy-style, and both were completely drenched
with sweat. Shelley gave her ass cheeks a good squeeze as he pulled out of
her. He was nearly finished, and he wanted to end things differently.

"Come sit on the edge of the bed," he said as he stood up. "I want to shoot
it on your face." She did as asked, with an ear to ear grin on her face.
Tracy took hold of his dick and gave it a few good pumps, and he shot his
load all over her face. She grinned up at him, cum covering her face and
sliding down into her ample cleavage.

"I think I'm going to enjoy this," Shelley said out loud as Tracy took his
dick into her mouth and cleaned it for him, happy to suck down anything she

Daniels was still lost in thought, trying to figure out a solution to the
Samoa Joe problem, when something caught his eye.

"My god, Mike, it's CHRISTIAN CAGE! What in the world is he doing here?!"

Daniels watched attentively as Christian spoke to the electric crowd. He knew
Christian was a very intelligent individual, and understood the importance of
having a few friends to watch your back in this cut-throat business. Now, he
just had to get to him before Jeff Jarrett did...

"Perhaps I'll need Tracy again sooner than I thought."

End of Chapter 2

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