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Wow, it feels like forever since I've written anything! I lost interest in
wrestling for quite awhile as TNA became less and less interesting to me,
and when you combine that with my hard drive crashing, taking the work I'd
done with it, it added up to me not feeling like writing anything. But I've
started watching WWE over the past few weeks, and suddenly got the itch to
write something. Oddly, that something is a continuation of a TNA story. OK,
I'm going to stop rambling now and get on with the actual story.

Note: This is a “kayfabe” story, meaning the wrestlers really are the
characters they portray on television and the storylines are authentic.

Fate Of An Angel Part 3: January 2006 - Recruiting Captain Charisma
by Y2Curry (

TNA Impact: December 24th, 2005

Christopher Daniels was becoming impatient. He'd been standing in the
parking lot for nearly an hour waiting for TNA's newest addition, Christian
Cage, to arrive. Daniels felt it was important to talk to Christian before
Jeff Jarrett got the chance, as he knew Jarrett would see Christian as a
potential threat to his reign as NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and thus
would likely do whatever he possibly could to make sure the ex-WWE star
wound up an ally instead. Most of the wrestlers had long since arrived. He
looked up when he heard footsteps approaching, but glared when he saw not
the man he was looking for, but longtime nemesis AJ Styles.

"What're you doing out here, Daniels? Looking for another gutter skank to
add to your little group?"

Daniels didn't respond to the verbal jab at his seductive companion, Tracy
Brooks, who the Fallen Angel had assigned to stay backstage with fellow
Prophecy member Alex Shelley. He had instructed the two of them to
unobtrusively keep an eye on the members of Jeff Jarrett's camp so they
could try and figure out what the NWA Champion's plans were.

"Well? I guess you can't deny what I said about your girl, because you know
it's true, right?" AJ was clearly trying to get under his skin, but Daniels
had no interest in a verbal sparring contest at the moment.

"Sorry, Styles, but I'm a little bit busy at the moment. You see, I only
have time to talk to winners. And since you lost the X Division championship
to Samoa Joe at Turning Point last weekend, that would make you a loser, and
thus not worthy of my time."

"Don't forget, Chris, that I had the belt in the first place because I took
it from you. And then I gave you a rematch, and beat you again. So watch who
you call a loser, or I might just kick your ass yet again!"

"All right, guys, that's enough!" TNA Director of Authority Larry Zybysko
interrupted the confrontation before it could become physical.

"Ahh, Zybysko, how wonderful to see you," Daniels said sarcastically.

"Yeah, and you're a real joy yourself, Daniels. Let's move it along, guys;
I'm ordering both of you to get out of this parking lot and into the
building, where I can keep an eye on you. I wouldn't want one of my
superstars to injure themselves in a parking lot, without a camera in
sight." Styles obeyed his superior's orders and entered the building, but
Daniels did not budge.

"I really, truly appreciate your concern for my well-being, Larry, but I've
got business out here."

"With who? All the boys are already here."

"Not all of them."

"You mean Christian?"

"Wow, you're a sharp one, Larry."

"Well, it really pains me to have to tell you this, Chris," Larry began,
clearly not meaning it, "but wait out here as long as you like, and you
still won't catch sight of him."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that he's not coming to the show tonight. He sent a videotaped
message to our offices that he wants us to play during the show, but he made
it clear that he wouldn't be here in person."

Daniels was more than a little surprised by this news. "You're telling me
that less than a week after his grand entrance into TNA, he's not even
coming to the show? Why not? His debut has been the talk of the wrestling
world for the past week. He's never been hotter. It seems peculiar to me
that he would miss out on this opportunity to further increase his star."

"I'm not a psychologist, Daniels. If you want to know what he's thinking,
ask him yourself."

'Believe me, I will.' Daniels thought to himself. 'As soon as I get the
chance.' With no reason to remain in the parking lot any longer, the leader
of the Prophecy entered the building and quickly tracked down Tracy and
Shelley. Shelley opened his mouth as if to speak, but Daniels shook his head
and motioned to the door of their locker room. All three members of the
Prophecy entered, and after glancing around to make sure no one was
snooping, Daniels shut the door and turned to his disciples, who were both
sitting on the couch.

"Any sign of Christian, boss?" Shelley questioned.

"No, and according to Zybysko, he's not coming at all this week. Did you
two catch anyone in Jarrett's camp saying or doing anything unusual?"

"Jeff seemed to be planning some kind of party for next week, but since
that's New Year's Eve, I didn't think anything of it," Tracy answered.

"Yeah, that's probably all it was. Oh well, I guess all we can really do is
sit back, watch for anything out of the norm, and see what Christian has to
say on the tape he sent in."

And so the Prophecy settled in and watched as the Christmas Eve edition of
Impact unfolded. At one point, Shelley reached out to play with Tracy's
boobs, but Daniels saw it out of the corner of his eye and shook his head.

"Ah, c'mon boss, why can't I? You haven't let me have any fun with her
since Thursday!"

"Yeah, and not only that, but you and I haven't done it since Monday!
C'mon, master!" Tracy whined.

Daniels chuckled. "You know, Alex, some people don't have sex once a month,
much less once a day. I understand your eagerness, since after all Tracy
looks like a goddess, not to mention how skilled she is in that department,"
Tracy smiled brightly at her leader's praise, "but you could learn some
restraint. As for you, Tracy, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I know you were
neglected for far too long before you joined me, and I also know I promised
to take care of those needs."

Tracy's smile grew as she clearly thought that her boss was about to please
her. "And I really hate to have to say this, but you're going to have to
continue to wait." Tracy's smile instantly vanished from her face as she
groaned. "I'm sorry, but it is vitally important that
meeting with Christian goes exactly according to plan. We can't afford any
screw-ups here. You're going to have to do without until we can put our plan
in motion."

"YOU MEAN I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK?!" Tracy screamed. Daniels got
out of his chair and walked over to the busty knockout, putting his hand on
her shoulder in a comforting manner.

"Unfortunately, yes. I had hoped to get to Christian tonight, but this may
actually work out better for us in the long run. I know how antsy you can be
after even 24 hours without. But a full week? I just hope you keep Christian
in one piece." Tracy offered a half-hearted smile in response, not happy
with the situation, but trusting that her boss would make it up to her in
the end.

Satisfied that the issue had been resolved for the time being, Daniels
settled back in to continue watching the show. He scoffed listening to Mike
Tenay praise AJ Styles for nearly defeating Samoa Joe at Turning Point. 'Joe
choked him out just like he has everyone else since he got here.' He watched
closely during Jeff Jarrett's non-title match with Raven, looking for any
clues as to Jarrett's mood, but couldn't discern anything from the champion's
expression, nor that of his valet Gail Kim or his reluctant servant Jackie
Gayda. Finally, as the show neared its conclusion, it was time for
Christian's pre-recorded message. Daniels watched as Christian talked about
his TNA debut, and how it had everyone talking.

"And I know everyone wants to know: where are you, Christian? Why aren't
you in the Impact Zone basking in the glory of your triumphant arrival with
all the members of the Christian Coalition? Well, the simple truth is,
Christian Cage is not a foolish man. I know full well that there is a locker
room full of young upstarts who would love nothing better than to make their
name by putting me out of commission and stealing my spotlight. I'm not
about to walk into that lion's den without a game plan. So for now, I'm
going to sit back and bide my time. I'll show up when I'm good and ready.
Maybe it'll be next week, maybe it won't. But whenever I do turn back up,
know this: Captain Charisma has arrived, and he's headed straight to the top
of TNA!"

Daniels sat back with his hand on his chin absorbing what he'd just heard.
He had assumed Christian would be open to the idea of making a few friends
to watch his back, and Christian's comments seemed to support that thought.
And while Christian hadn't specifically mentioned the NWA World Championship,
Daniels knew the idea of holding that prestigious and historic title would
appeal to Christian. 'Jarrett will try and gloss it over, but the bottom line
is that Christian can never be the NWA champion if he allies himself with
Jarrett. I would not only be OK with him being the champion, I'd do
everything in my power to make sure it happened.'

* * *

TNA Impact: December 31st 2005

"Wow, what an incredible performance that was by Austin Aries! He wins
the X Division shootout, and now he'll receive a shot at the X Division
Championship at Final Resolution!"

"That's right, Mike, but don't forget that that means he'll have to go face
to face with the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe!"

"A tough spot, for sure, but for the title perhaps anything's worth it...and
what's this?? The Prophecy, led by Christopher Daniels, are making their way
to the ring! What could this be about?"

"Well, Christopher Daniels has a microphone in his hands, so I guess we're
about to find out."

"Congratulations on your little victory there, Aries, but I've got something
to say, so you can take your leave now." Aries didn't flinch and stared back
at Daniels defiantly.

"I only ask once. Now I'm telling: get out of the ring now unless you want
us to demonstrate to the entire world why we deemed you unworthy of joining
the Prophecy." Aries' expression didn't change, but after a few moments he
left the ring.

"Smart move. Save your energy for your title shot against Joe; you're going
to need it. Now, down to business. I would have preferred to handle this
backstage, but that opportunity hasn't presented itself for two weeks running
now, so this will have to do. Christian Cage, if you're in the building, I'd
like for you to come out to the ring now. I have a proposition for you."

"No one has seen Christian since Turning Point, nearly two weeks ago. Where
do you think he is, Mike?"

"Well, Don, I can't say for sure, but...hey, what's this? Now Jeff Jarrett
and America's Most Wanted are coming out here! But where are Gail and
Jackie?" Jarrett and AMW stopped on the entrance ramp.

"Hey, Chris, how you doin'?" Jarrett asked with a smirk on his face.

"Just fine, Jeff. What do you want?"

"Actually, that's what I wanted to ask you. What's this proposition you
have for Christian? Are you trying to get him to join your little group?"

"That's for Christian and I to discuss. It's none of your business."

"Well, see, here's the thing. I've taken it upon myself to make sure that
Christian receives the proper welcome here in TNA. I've even gone to great
pains to make sure he rings in the new year in style a couple of hours from
now, which is why Gail and Jackie couldn't be here tonight. So any business
you have with Christian Cage, I am making my business."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's real simple, Daniels; you're overstepping your bounds. I've allowed
you and your little group of misfits to have your fun over the last couple
of months because you've stayed out of my way. But if you're thinking of
trying to recruit Christian into your little gang, then I'll have no choice
but to intervene. I'll let you in on a little secret: I've spoken to
Christian, and he'll be at Impact next week. I expect you to leave him
alone. If you don't, we're going to have a problem. I hope you make the
right decision." Jarrett and AMW walked to the back, satisfied that their
point had been made.

"Strong words from the World Heavyweight champion, Don," Tenay commented.

"They certainly were, Mike, but the question is, how will Christopher Daniels
respond? Will he heed Jarrett's warning and stay away from Christian? Or will
he ignore it and make his proposition, risking a war with Jarrett in the

The three members of the Prophecy were silent all the way back to the hotel.
Shelley and Tracy both recognized the look on their leader's face, and knew
that the best thing to do was to let him think in silence. After a long
while, curiosity finally got the better of Shelley.

"So, boss..where do we go from here?" Alex asked uncertainly.

"What do you mean, Alex?"

" we risk getting on Jarrett's bad side? I mean, I know he would've
become an enemy once Christian joined us, but now that he's on to
just seems like a dangerous situation, with Jarrett and AMW against the two
of us. Plus, what if he's already gotten to Christian? You heard what he
said about arranging a "party" for Christian, with Gail and Jackie.."

"Yes, yes, I heard him. I was there, in case you'd forgotten."

"I know that, it's just..."

"Enough, Alex. You're worrying too much. I'm sure Gail and Jackie will make
quite an impression on Christian tonight, and there's nothing we can do
about that. But don't forget, we've got a little something to entice him
with as well."

"And after a week without any action at all, I'm going stir crazy.
Christian won't know what hit him." Tracy grinned.

"Just imagine how you'll be feeling when you finally get your chance to
seduce him next week." Daniels replied with a smirk.

Tracy suddenly grew worried. "Do you mean I'm going to have to wait ANOTHER

"You'll have to wait, yes."

As Tracy began to pout, Daniels came up with a solution.

"Tell you what. Since you're being such a team player, I'll let you use a
vibrator tonight. But after that, I'll have to ask you to do without until
next week. And I'll make you a promise right now: if we're successful in
bringing Christian into the Prophecy, we can have sex as much as you want
for a full 24 hours."

Tracy's mood brightened considerably at the prospect of 24 uninterrupted
hours with her talented boss. "You promise?"

"Absolutely. And Alex, you're forgetting one very important thing. We can
offer Christian something that Jarrett can't: a chance to be the NWA World
Heavyweight champion."

* * *

Christian Cage took another sip of the fine wine provided to him by Jeff
Jarrett. The Times Square countdown to the New Year was playing on his
television, but he wasn't paying any attention to the festivities. Instead,
he was watching with mild amusement as Gail Kim and Jackie Gayda were having
a heated argument in the corner of the hotel suite which was also courtesy
of Jeff Jarrett. Christian couldn't overhear the conversation, but he had a
pretty good idea as to what it was about. 'I just hope they shut up soon so
we can get on with this.'

"You don't have a choice in this, Jackie! You know what will happen if you
don't do what I say!" Gail barked, referring to the incriminating videotape
of Jackie that was in Jarrett's possession.

"But..this is just so...I mean, come on, you don't really want to do this
either, do you?"

"Want has nothing to do with it, Jackie. This is a cutthroat business, and
working alongside Jeff means I have a spot at the top. In exchange,
sometimes I have to do some dirty work for him. It's not so bad. Sometimes
it can even be pretty fun, depending on who the assignment is. Just go with
it. It's not like you have any other option anyway."

With that, Gail walked out of the corner and towards the center of the suite,
where Christian was seated in a recliner.

"You guys work out your issues?" Christian inquired.

"Yeah, everything's taken care of now. Right, Jackie?" Gail turned back to
stare at her reluctant companion, who was still standing over in the corner
with her arms folded across her chest.

"Yeah, Gail. I'll do my part," Jackie said softly.

"Tone it down a notch, Jackie, your enthusiasm is infectious," Christian
said sarcastically. "Don't worry, I promise you'll enjoy yourself. Well,
how about we get this meeting going then?"

"With pleasure," Gail responded with a seductive smile and a wink. She
walked forward until she was standing right in front of Christian. "Can I
sit down?"

"Feel free."

Gail sat down, straddling Christian's lap. "Jeff is sorry he couldn't be
here, Christian. He had some things to do at Impact, but I hope Jackie and I
can make it up to you?"

"I'm sure you can. So let's hear your sales pitch."

"It's like this. You're a hot topic these days, Christian. Every single
person in the TNA locker room is talking about you, and wondering what
you're going to do next. Like you said in your interview last week, there
are a lot of people in TNA who would love to use you as a stepping stone to
fame. You're going to need some friends. People who can watch your back.
People who can take care of you." Gail began running her right index finger
along Christian's jaw.

"And you think you can take care of me?"

"I'll let you be the judge of that." Gail leaned in and kissed Christian
on the lips. Christian grinned into the kiss, happy that this meeting was
finally getting somewhere. He began running his hands down Gail's back,
making the valet giggle. When Christian slipped his hands under her shirt
and started rubbing her flat stomach, Gail broke away and stood up.

"Let's move this over to the bed, shall we?" Christian smirked and nodded
in response. "Jackie, you'll be joining us." Gayda sighed and nodded her
head resignedly, following the more eager couple over to the lavish bed,
where they had resumed their kissing. Christian pulled Gail's shirt over her
head, revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Planning ahead. I like that."

"I thought you would. Jackie, follow my example," Gail commanded. Jackie
nodded and pulled her own shirt off, showcasing her ample chest in a plain
white bra. Christian whistled at the sight. Jackie blushed slightly and went
to take the bra off, but Christian cut her off.

"Why don't you come over here and sit down, and I'll do that for you. I'd
like to see those bad boys up close." Jackie sat down on the bed next to
Christian, nervously awaiting his touch.

She didn't have to wait long, as Christian wasted little time in unclasping
the bra and chucking it away. He stared at her breasts admiringly for a
brief moment before reaching out and cupping them in his hands. She
flinched, expecting him to begin tweaking them painfully, but he surprised
her by stroking them softly. She expressed her welcome surprise with a gasp,
and Gail laughed.

"Weren't expecting me to be so gentle, huh? I'm just full of surprises,"
Christian said. Jackie opened her mouth to respond, but all that came out
was a moan as he latched onto her right breast with his mouth, still teasing
the left breast with his fingers. Gail started becoming aroused watching the
display, and began playing with her own bare breasts and rubbing her panty-
covered crotch. Christian saw this out of the corner of his eye and broke
off of Jackie's tit, causing her to whimper.

"Didn't mean to exclude you, Gail. I just got a bit carried away when I saw
those incredible boobs she was so reluctant to show off."

"Don't worry about it, Christian," Gail said with a smile. "This is all
about you, after all. But I'm more than willing to get involved."

"Have you ever had a menage before, Jackie?" Christian asked. She looked
back at him with wide eyes, too flustered to respond, so she simply shook
her head no. "Well, there's a first time for everything," Christian said,
a broad smile on his face. He stopped for a moment to consider the best way
to proceed, before making his decision.

"OK, I'm going to lie down. Gail, you can get to work down there,"
Christian instructed, pointing the in the general direction of his crotch.
Gail smirked and nodded her agreement. "As for you, Jackie, I'd like for
you to lay down with me; I'm not through with those bad boys just yet.
Silicone or not, they're really quite spectacular." Jackie blushed, not
used to being praised. Christian sprawled out on his back, waiting for the
two women to follow his directions.

Gail went straight to work, pulling Christian's jeans off and rubbing the
tent forming in his boxers. Jackie settled in next to Christian, noticeably
less nervous than she'd been just minutes earlier. Christian's hands
immediately returned to her breasts, and she let out another moan. He
started flicking his tongue back and forth across her left nipple, and her
moans increased in volume.

Meanwhile, Gail stripped the "Instant Classic" of his boxers, his cock now
fully hard. She wrapped her hand around his length and gave him a few pumps
before lapping at the head with her tongue. She took him into her mouth and
began bobbing her head up and down, establishing a blistering pace as the
low groans coming from Christian's throat indicated he approved of her oral
skills. Gail added to the stimulation by lightly playing with his balls,
causing Christian to gasp.

", you've done this a time or two, haven't you?" Christian
questioned, turning his head to glance at Gail with his cheek resting on
Jackie's left breast as he used his fingers to tease her right nipple,
causing the buxom blonde to let out little gasps of pleasure.

Gail let Christian's cock slip out of her mouth and looked up into his eyes.
"Should I take that as a compliment?" she asked.

"Of course. You're damn good at what you do."

"I aim to please." She went to lock him back between her lips, but he held
up his hand as a signal to stop. He removed his head from Jackie's chest and
sat up on the bed, garnering the attention of both girls.

"Sorry, Jackie. I'd never get tired of playing with your boobs, but at the
rate Gail was going, I doubt I would've lasted much longer. And while
Captain Charisma is capable of a.....second wind, if needed, I'd rather not
have to call on the reserves just yet."

"Alright, Christian, we can switch gears if you like. But just so you know,
I would've swallowed." Gail said with a grin.

"That's good to know, and I may just have to hold you to that later. But
right now, I think I'd like to try out another hole of yours. While I go
grab a condom, how about you get rid of what's left of your clothes and take
my place here in the center of the bed?" Christian rolled off of the bed
and went to fish a condom out of the drawer as Gail slipped her tight shorts
off, leaving her completely nude. As the Asian seductress positioned herself
on the bed, Jackie spoke up.

"Umm....Christian, what do you want me to do?" she asked uncertainly.

Christian returned, condom already on, and smiled at the blonde. "Oh, don't
worry Jackie, I didn't forget about you." She was about to get off of the
bed and wait for Christian's next order, but he stopped her. "Don't get off
of the bed; you won't be moving far. You'll only need to move a little bit;
just enough so that you can sit on Gail's face."

Jackie's jaw dropped and her face turned beet red. ", I can't do
that!" she stammered. "I've never been with a girl before!"

Christian smiled and walked over to her, putting his hand on her shoulder.
"Everything I've had you do so far has been fun, right?"

She nodded slightly. While his latest request seemed extreme to her, there
was no denying that up to this point this had been the most satisfying and
erotic experience in her sexually frustrated life.

"Then trust me. I haven't disappointed you yet, and I promise that you'll
enjoy this. She knows what she's doing with that mouth, believe me." Gail
laughed and stuck her tongue out at Jackie when she looked over. Jackie's
blush became an even deeper hue of red when Gail began swirling her tongue
across her lips in a suggestive manner.

Christian laughed at Jackie's innocent reaction and cupped her chin with his
hand. "C'mon, have a little faith in me. Go ahead and take off those pants,
and let Gail do her thing." Jackie was still uncertain, but knew she didn't
have much choice anyway, so she did as Christian asked and removed her pants
and white cotton panties, exposing her shaved pussy.

Seeing that Jackie was finally giving in, Christian returned his attention
to the beautiful naked Asian woman laying in anticipation. He joined her on
the bed and began rubbing his member against her entrance, making her moan.

"Please, Christian, I can't wait any more...put it in!" Gail begged.

Christian complied and pushed himself into her already slick pussy. Gail
winced as Christian slowly worked more and more of his shaft inside her. Her
show of discomfort didn't go unnoticed by Christian.

"Something the matter?" he asked.

"I'll be OK," she replied, her wince fading as her pussy grew accustomed
to Christian's length. "You're just a little bit bigger than I'm used to.
Don't worry, it's already starting to feel good. Go ahead and move at
whatever speed you want."

"I'll do that." He slowly pulled his member out of Gail's wet folds before
thrusting it back in, going a bit faster than he had originally. Seeing no
pain on her face, Christian repeated the process, moving a little bit
faster. Gail's minor discomfort was long forgotten as Christian's steady
rhythm soon had her crying out in pleasure.

"Oh god, yes! That feels so good! Keep going, just like that! Unh!" Gail's
cries grew another decibel when Christian cupped her breasts in his hands,
giving her nipples the same gentle treatment he had given to Jackie's
earlier. Deciding to see if Gail could handle more speed, Christian upped
his thrusts another notch, now pounding into Gail at a rather quick pace.
Gail's mouth hung open in a silent expression of her pleasure as their lower
halves collided over and over, creating a unique melody of sounds.

As he continued to pump into Gail, Christian glanced over and saw that
Jackie hadn't moved from where he'd left her, as she was sitting naked on
the bed and watching the action while biting her bottom lip. "OK, Jackie,
time for you to rejoin the party," he said through clenched teeth, Gail's
pussy putting pressure on his dick in the best way possible.

Jackie nodded at Christian and went to sit on Gail's face, but Christian
stopped her. Seeing the confusion on her face, he explained exactly what it
was he wanted from her. "I want you to face me, so I can take those
fabulous tits between my fingers again." Jackie smiled, the knowledge that
he'd use those magic fingers on her once again easing her nerves somewhat.
She crawled over next to Gail and mounted her, her pussy lips lined up
perfectly with Gail's mouth, and the Asian immediately set to work, running
her tongue along Jackie's entrance before swiftly inserting it into her

Jackie let out a yelp of surprise and her eyes grew as wide as saucers as
she officially began her first ever sexual act with another girl. Christian
smiled at her reaction before reaching out and, as promised, resuming the
soft touching that Jackie loved so much. Jackie's shocked expression was
replaced by a look of ecstasy as Christian's pleasurable strokes helped her
get over the strange sensations of Gail's tongue. Before long, Jackie had
grown quite used to Gail's tongue work. She was, in fact, beginning to
rather enjoy the feeling of Gail's skilled tongue moving around inside her,
touching her in a way that was unusual and foreign to Jackie, but undeniably
pleasurable .

Jackie's pure pleasure was written all over her face, and Christian smiled
at the sight. "See, I told you you'd enjoy yourself," he said smugly. She
didn't respond verbally. Instead, she took Christian and even herself by
surprise when she leaned forward just enough to kiss him firmly on the lips.
Her tongue was out in no time and begging entrance into his mouth, and he
gladly accepted it, drawing a moan from her as he sucked on her tongue.

Christian's gaze shifted from the blonde he was kissing and fondling to the
Asian he was screwing, as Gail's legs suddenly locked around his waist. He
tore his mouth away from Jackie's and was about to ask Gail what was up when
she answered his question for him by letting out a scream that, while
partially muffled due to the fact that her face was buried in Jackie's
crotch, was still quite audible. Her pussy clamped down on Christian's cock
and her body shook as his pumps brought her over the edge. With more than a
little reluctance, Christian pulled out of Gail's passage, as he felt his
own end approaching and was not willing to conclude this extremely
productive "business meeting" quite yet.

Jackie was brought back to reality as Christian's hands left her sensitive
breasts. She looked at him, trying to figure out what was going on, and saw
that he had gotten off of the bed and was on his feet. Around the same time
that her brain processed this, she also realized that Gail's once steady
oral work had slowed to almost a complete halt. Frustrated, she started
grinding herself down on Gail's face, trying to get her going again, but
Gail was too spent to continue. Letting out a grunt of annoyance as Gail
stopped altogether, Jackie crawled off of the bed and looked at Christian

"Gail's too exhausted to continue right now, and I'm close to being spent
myself," he explained to her. "I figured we'd better stop and give her
time to recover so we..."

"NO!" Jackie cut him off. "My entire body feels like it's on fire! I've
never felt this way before! I need more!"

Christian smiled at her boiling desire, a complete 180 from the uncertainty
that she'd had when the night had begun. "What do you think, Gail? Do you
mind if Jackie and I finish this 'meeting'?"

Letting out an exhausted laugh as Jackie stared at her pleadingly, Gail
shook her head. "Go ahead. I'm drained, and besides, how could I say no to
that eager face?" Gail laughed again as Jackie's face lit up.

Before Christian could even open his mouth to respond, Jackie had broken out
into a sprint and lunged at him, knocking him off his feet and onto his back
on the thankfully carpeted floor. She kissed him hard before unceremoniously
impaling herself on his member. The lust that Christian and Gail had
unlocked in her was evident as she continuously slammed herself down onto
Christian as fast and as hard as she possibly could.

Christian had been caught off-guard at first by the sudden assault, but he
got his bearings quickly. Part of him wanted to tell Jackie to slow down and
pace herself, as he knew he wouldn't last long at the rate they were going.
He knew that, thanks to his treatment of her thus far, she would do what he
asked, even if she did so begrudgingly. But he sensed that Jackie had never
been allowed to set the pace or do as she pleased by any of her previous
lovers. So, hoping to gain some brownie points to cash in at some point in
the future, he decided to let her ride to her heart's content.

"Jesus Christ, you're so tight. The tightest I've ever been in," Christian
said, being completely truthful.

"Is that....good?" Jackie breathlessly asked, a look of concern crossing her
face as she continued to bounce up and down on him.

"No; it's great," Christian answered, smiling up at her as he reached out
and grabbed hold of her ass, cupping a cheek in each hand and helping her
bounce even faster. The concern turned into a dazzling smile, which turned
into a look of bliss as she felt her orgasm approaching.

"Are you close to cumming?" she asked, her eyes screwed shut.

"Extremely close, actually. Are you?"

"Yes, SO close! Please, PLEASE hold on! For me?"

"I'll do what I can." He grit his teeth and focused, trying to fight off
the inevitable. Jackie suddenly let out an ear-piercing scream that actually
frightened Gail, who had been cleaning up and putting her clothes on with
her back to her sex-starved servant.

"Holy shit, you're loud! I had the feeling you'd been "backed up" for a
long time, but I had no idea it was THIS bad!" Gail said, with a hint of
wonder in her voice.

Jackie didn't even hear her, as she was focusing on the single most pleasing
experience of her life. She'd had orgasms in the past, but none could have
prepared her for this one.

love this! You're so good; this is so good!" Slowing down slightly, Jackie
stopped talking and just started moaning. The moans became soft whimpers and
the bouncing stopped as Jackie's pleasure died down.

Opening her eyes, Jackie smiled down at Christian and pecked him on the lips
before rolling off of him and standing up. Brushing her hair out of her eyes
and some sweat off of her face, she looked back at the now-standing
Christian and noticed something.

"You didn't cum?" she asked, surprised. "I thought you were close?"

"I, am. I just sort of got caught up in watching you. It was quite
a sight to behold."

Jackie beamed at him. "Well, let's take care of that little problem, shall
we?" She walked over to where Christian was standing and pulled the condom
off of him, tossing it into a nearby trashcan. She stared deep into
Christian's eyes and licked her lips.

"So..what'd you have in mind?" he asked her.

"I can suck you off if you like...but I'm not as good as Gail," she admitted,
blushing as Gail chuckled. "Or...I could use my hand, and you could cum on my
face?" she offered.

"That sounds like a winner," he said, smiling. She laughed and nodded,
dropping down to her knees on the floor in front of him. Jackie took his
member into her hand and started jerking him off, going slowly at first, but
increasing her speed at Christian's encouragement.

"Uhhh..get ready, Jackie; here it comes." With a loud grunt, Christian
shot his load. Jackie had closed her eyes when Christian warned her, not
wanting to deal with getting any splooge out of them, but most of the rest
of her face got a healthy dose of sperm. Christian smiled wide, knowing the
image of Jackie's pretty face covered in his semen would be a memory that
would stay with him as long as he lived. He tossed her a towel to wipe her
face off and Gail handed her clothes to her, the time for pleasure over.

"How was it?" Christian asked Jackie, knowing the answer to the question
but wanting to hear it from her lips.

"Wow. I've never experienced anything like that in my whole
life," she answered, smiling brightly. "Was it enjoyable for you?" she
asked shyly, looking down slightly.

"Fantastic. Jackie, any time you get the itch, know that I will always be
ready and very, very willing to scratch it for you." She blushed and
giggled happily at his words.

"You were excellent too, Gail," Christian added, knowing she wasn't
concerned with his praise like Jackie was, but figuring it couldn't hurt.

"Thanks, Christian. I hope we made an impressive sales pitch?"

"Oh, without a doubt."

"So, can I pass on word to Jeff that you're going to be a team player, and
receive all the perks that go with that?" she asked, winking at him. "Or
do you still need some more time?"

"I think I still need some more time to weigh all my options. I don't want
to make any rash decisions that I wind up regretting."

"So be it. I'll let him know. Perhaps you and Jeff can discuss things
further next week at Impact?"

"Of course. I'll be there.

* * *

TNA Impact: January 7th, 2006

"Is he still in Jarrett's locker room?"

"Yes, boss," Tracy answered. After spotting Christian enter Jeff Jarrett's
locker room earlier in the day, Daniels had posted Tracy and Alex close
enough to Jarrett's locker room to see anyone who entered or exited the
room, but hopefully far enough away to avoid being noticed. One of them
would come back to their own locker room and give him updates every few
minutes as he watched Impact on the television monitor.

"He's been in there since 4 in the afternoon. I'm beginning to wonder if
we'll even get a chance to talk to him tonight."

"If you make me wait ANOTHER week..." Tracy growled.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Impact's only just started, and there's
no guarantee that he'll leave as soon as the show's over. We just need to
keep an eye out and hope for a chance to get him alone for an extended
period of time, so I can explain what we can do for his career, and you can
make your own impression on him."

Alex Shelley was growing bored. He'd been watching Jeff Jarrett's door for
hours, and not one person had entered or exited in all that time. 'And he
won't even let me play with Tracy's boobs to pass the time,' he thought
sulkily. Daniels had kept Tracy from doing anything with either of them for
over two weeks now, and Shelley was beyond restless. 'We better get this
done tonight; I can't stand being around her, with that smoking body and
those incredible boobs, and not being able to enjoy them.'

Shelley's internal pouting was interrupted by the locker room door opening
at last. Out walked the man himself: Christian Cage, all alone. He looked
around a bit, glanced back at the door to make sure no one was following
him, and then walked down the hallway, stopping directly in front of
Shelley's hiding spot behind several boxes of production equipment.

Christian leaned down and pretended to tie his shoe, before whispering,
"Hello, you two." Not getting any response, he stood up and pulled out his
cell phone, pretending to talk on it as he continued on. "It's no good; I
saw you guys lurking around as I was coming in, there's no way you've gone
far, and this is the only place close enough to watch the locker room while
still offering full concealment. You're lucky no one in Jarrett's camp
noticed you, or they'd probably have arranged a nasty surprise for you."

Realizing this was his chance to make contact with Christian on behalf of
the Prophecy, Shelley spoke up. "Actually, Christian, it's only me right
now. Tracy went to brief Chris."

"I see. I understand Daniels has an offer he wants to make to me?"

"That's right; he wants you to joi--"

"Not now. I need to move; the longer I stay here, the more chance there is
of someone from Jeff's group coming out and noticing that I did not, in
fact, go back to my hotel room for the night. Now where is Daniels?"

"How do I know this isn't a tra--"

"You don't. But I imagine Daniels won't be happy with you when he hears
that you had a chance to lead me to him without Jarrett noticing, and didn't
take it."

Knowing he was right, Shelley made to stand up to walk Christian to the
Prophecy's base of operations, but Christian shot that idea down quickly.

"Don't stand up; if Jarrett has any eyes out there that we don't know
about, I want them to see me walking the hallways alone. If they see me
walking with you, it won't be too hard to figure out what's up. Now where is

Shelley whispered the approximate location of their locker room, and
Christian set off to hear what the Fallen Angel had to say.

"Come on, Chris, please??" Tracy begged, attempting to grab at Daniels'
crotch before he reached out his hand to stop her.

"No, Tracy. We've been over this. You need to bottle up all of that
frustration and use it when we can finally get you alone with Christian. Now
go; you should be getting back to Jarrett's locker room."

Tracy let out a deep sigh and stood up to do as her leader asked, but her
movement was stopped as the door suddenly opened. She gasped, as in stepped
Christian Cage.

"I believe you wanted to see me, Daniels?" Christian said. Daniels got up
from his seat on the couch and sat down in the chair across from it,
motioning for Christian to take the couch. Christian did so, and after a nod
from Daniels, Tracy sat down on the couch next to him, butterflies in her
stomach as she began to hope that her needs would finally be met.

"Nice to see you, Christian. So, came alone, did you? Does Jarrett know
you're here?" Daniels asked.

"Not unless Shelley screwed up and gave his position away to anyone else.
Now I assume you wanted to talk to me so you could offer me a spot in your
group?" Daniels nodded. "So, why do you think I should join you?"

"I've got two reasons you should join right here," Tracy said, her eyes
burning as she made to pounce onto the man sitting next to her, but Daniels
stopped her.

"Not just yet, Tracy. Well Christian, I think Tracy just made one benefit
of being a member of the Prophecy crystal clear." Christian laughed and
nodded. "But I'm not a fool. I know Jarrett can offer you much the same
benefit, only he has two beautiful women at his disposal. I trust, however,
that you came to TNA to do more than just have sex with beautiful women?"

"Well, sure, but it doesn't hurt. So, you and Shelley can watch my back?"
Daniels nodded. "Jarrett and AMW can do that, too. What can you offer me
that Jarrett can't?"

Daniels smiled, because he knew this would be the most intriguing part of
his offer. "Simple: a chance to do what you've never done before. A chance
to become the World Heavyweight champion."

Christian's eyebrows shot up in confusion at this. "You're telling me that
you, the leader of the group, will stand by and allow me to become the World

"No; I'm saying I'll do everything in my power to make it happen."

Christian laughed derisively. "Yeah, right. And as soon as it happens,
you'll screw me over and try and take the title for yourself."

Daniels shook his head. "I can honestly say that I have no interest in
holding the World title for myself. It's not that I don't think I can win
it; I just feel that the X Division is a more fitting platform for me to
show my skills. I want the Prophecy to hold all of the gold here in TNA, and
since I've set my sights on the X title, that leaves the World title wide

Seeing that Christian still looked skeptical, Daniels shrugged. "There's
really no way for me to convince you of my sincerity. But think about it: if
I'm being honest, you'll have all of the tools at my disposal backing you,
and I'll use all of my cunning to help you overcome Jarrett's cronies and
take his title. Whatever else Jarrett may offer you, you know full well that
there's no way he's offering you so much as a title shot."

"Yes, I suppose there's no denying that. When do you expect me to have an
answer for you?"

Daniels shrugged. "Take as much time as you need; it doesn't matter."
Daniels' attention shifted back to the Impact broadcast as AJ Styles made
his way to the ring for an interview with Mike Tenay. "I think I'm going to
go crash AJ's party. How about I leave the two of you alone so you can get
better acquainted? Tracy, I'll meet you back here, say, an hour after the
show ends?" Daniels stood up, smiled at the eager look on Tracy's face, and
headed out the door and to the ring.

"So, Tracy, how do you fee..." Christian was cut off mid-sentence as Tracy
was all over him the moment Daniels closed the door behind him, planting
kisses on his neck and face and pulling his shirt off. As she reached down
and unzipped his pants, she stared into his eyes, with a look of such fervor
on her face that Christian audibly gulped.

"I hope you're ready to go, Christian. I've had to hold off for over two
weeks for this damn meeting, and I plan on making up for lost time. Starting
right now."

"So 8 days from now, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe defends the X Division
Championship against Austin Aries. Any predictions for that title match?"
Tenay asked the former champion.

"I think Joe is too much for Aries, Mike. But what I'm out here to say is
this: where's my rematch? I'm the former champion, and besides, I gave Joe
his toughest match yet last month!"

As Tenay prepared to ask AJ another question, Christopher Daniels appeared
in the aisle and started walking towards the ring.

"What're you doing out here, Daniels?!" AJ snarled. "Didn't get enough
back at Bound for Glory? I'd be more than happy to kick your ass again if
that's what you want!"

Daniels entered the ring and walked to the center, getting right in AJ's
face. "AJ, you have to be kidding me. You think you deserve a shot at Joe?
Has the beating he gave you at Turning Point made you half-stupid? You had
your shot at ending Joe's undefeated streak, and you failed. I, on the other
hand, have never had a one on one match against Joe here in TNA. And aside
from that, I'm also the longest reigning champion in X Division history. So
if anyone around here is deserving of a title match, it's me."

AJ went to respond, but TNA Director of Authority Larry Zybysko appeared in
the entry way with a microphone in hand.

"Hold on just a second there, guys," Zybysko said. "There's no denying
the fact that you two are among the greatest champions the X Division has
ever had, as well as two of the best wrestlers in the world today. Both of
you feel you deserve a title shot, and I think both of you make a good
point. In addition, you two have no love lost for each other. So I've come
up with a solution that's great for both you and the fans of TNA: at Final
Resolution in 8 days, it will be AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels, and the
winner will become the new #1 contender for the X Division championship."

Daniels and Styles had a face to face staredown as Zybysko headed to the

Christian watched with fascination as Tracy hastily pulled off her pink
thong, leaving both of them completely nude. He'd been with some wild women
in his time, but he had never seen any that looked as eager to have sex as
Tracy seemed to be. It appeared that the no-sex mandate that Daniels had
given to Tracy had nearly driven her mad, and he was going to witness the
results firsthand. 'I don't know whether to be excited or nervous as hell.'

With all pesky clothing now out of the way, Tracy prepared to quench her
thirst at last. She none too gently pushed Christian so he was laying on his
back on the couch, and climbed on top of him, shoving her pussy into his
face as she took his hardening member between her lips. She didn't bother to
start off slow and gradually gain speed; she went fast and furious right off
the bat, bobbing her head as fast as she could without giving herself
whiplash. There was a problem, though; Christian was so mesmerized by her
frenetic pace that he wasn't taking advantage of the position she had put
them in by eating her out. When she realized Christian wasn't about to
return the favor, she grunted in frustration and wiggled her hips, rubbing
her pussy in his face in an attempt to get her message across without
actually breaking away from his cock. Christian took the hint and began
pleasuring her with his tongue, causing her to sigh around his cock with

The enthusiastic blowjob took its toll on Christian, and he knew he needed
to stop her soon. Tracy cried out in disappointment when Christian stopped
licking her, but he quickly explained himself.

"Sorry, but I think we need to stop for a sec." She pulled her head off of
his member and spun around to look at him face to face, glaring at him.

"And just why should we do that?" she spat.

"Well, I don't know if you noticed, but that blowjob was like....honestly, I
don't even know how to describe it. It was really, really fast and intense.
And if you had kept it up for much longer, I wouldn't have lasted. And I
don't think either one of us is ready for this experience to end just yet."
She nodded, understanding that he needed a break for a minute, but not very
pleased with the situation. She tried to take her mind off of her
restlessness by playing with her slit, an activity that did not go unnoticed
by Christian. She inserted a finger into her vagina and moaned softly,
slowly moving the finger around. It was a poor substitute for what she had
been missing out on for the past two weeks, but it was good enough to keep
her mind occupied while Christian took his breather.

Watching the erotic display, Christian decided to get on with the
proceedings. He knew he should wait a little bit longer so he could fully
recover, but watching Tracy desperately play with herself, he decided he
didn't want to keep her waiting any longer.

When Tracy saw Christian pick up the condom he had brought with him and
begin to put it on, her hand left her crotch and she walked up to him,
eyeing his manhood hungrily. As soon as Christian got the condom on, she
brought her lips to his in a needy kiss before leaping up and wrapping her
legs around him, her momentum backing him up into the wall. Tracy's tongue
left her mouth and sought entrance into Christian's, and he accepted, his
tongue meeting hers. As their tongues fought for dominance, Christian began
running his hands up and down her sides, making her coo. Beginning to become
uncomfortable with his back pressed firmly against the wall, Christian
wrapped his arms around Tracy and carried her back over to the couch, laying
her on her back. He climbed atop her and started lapping at her right nipple
with his tongue as he used his fingers to play with her slit.

Under ordinary circumstances, Tracy would have been a huge fan of the way
Christian used his tongue to tease her sensitive breasts, and the way he
delicately touched her most sensitive of areas. But these were not ordinary
circumstances. The recent lack of sex had essentially turned her into a
junkie craving a fix that was being denied to her, and now that she finally
had a chance to fill that void, she was in no mood for soft and gentle. She
decided to let this be known by using the heels of her feet to nudge
Christian away. He stood up and looked down at her inquisitively.

"Don't get me wrong; that was nice. I'm a girl who can enjoy herself at any
speed. Slow and savoring is usually just fine by me. But right now, I'm not
in the mood for nice and slow; I want you to go as hard as you can go, as
fast as you can go. Can you do that for me?"

"I can if you like. But what if I finish before you? I get the feeling
you're not going to be very happy if I don't make you cum."

"If that happens, I'll do what I can to get you back up. If that doesn't
work, then I'll get Master Daniels to finish me off. So, please?"

Christian grinned. "Hey, don't get me wrong. You don't have to beg me to go
fast; fast is no problem. I just didn't want you to leave here unsatisfied.
But if you want fast, you've got fast."

Christian was about to get back on top of Tracy when she shook her head at
him. "Fuck me against the wall," she demanded, a feral grin on her face.
Christian smiled back at her and scooped her up off of the couch, her legs
once again wrapping around his waist as he carried her over to the far side
of the room and backed her up against the wall. He thrust his rock hard
member inside of her, going in as hard and as fast as he could.

Tracy murmured her satisfaction as Christian slammed into her for all he was
worth. She soon realized a problem with this setup, though; the force of
Christian's thrusts were bouncing her off the wall with a great deal of
impact. At first it was actually sort of a turn on for her, but before long
the pain overrode any pleasure she was receiving.

"Back up a little bit. This is getting painful," she requested. Christian
backed away from the wall, and Tracy adjusted herself and started bouncing
on his cock. Christian gripped her ass with his hands and assisted her,
increasing the speed of her bouncing. Tracy moaned, now able to focus
entirely on her pleasure. She put her all into her bouncing, letting out
over two weeks of sexual frustration. Her hair, damp with sweat, hung in her
eyes, clouding her vision, but it didn't stop her. She just kept bouncing up
and down, up and down.

Christian let out a sigh and moved one hand off of her ass, stroking the
tattoo on her lower back. Tracy moaned, the tattoo one of her most sensitive
areas. She thew her head back and grinned, her body on fire as she slammed
her pelvis down onto Christian over and over again.

Tracy's animalistic fucking was rapidly bringing Christian towards his
breaking point. He tried to open his mouth to inform her of this, but he
didn't have the breath to form the words. Tracy continued to bring herself
down onto Christian's member with authority as she neared her own climax.

She could feel how close she was, and silently prayed that Christian would
be able to hold out and bring her to the finish line, but let out a whimper
of disappointment as she heard the word she was dreading.

"C....cumming..." Christian whispered hoarsely, losing his battle with himself
as he came inside of the condom. He grunted and rested his head against her
heaving chest as she slowed her bouncing.

"Sorry.." he said, his breathing a little more steady.

"Don't worry about it," she said, though the frustration was evident in
her voice. "I knew the risk I was taking. You did a good job; I can't
imagine anyone being able to keep up that pace for long."

She turned around and walked back over to the couch, reclaiming her seat and
staring at the TV set, which was now blank as Impact had ended. Christian
knew this meeting was supposed to be all about him, but couldn't help but
feel a bit guilty at the obvious disappointment in Tracy. He supposed she
could just wait until Daniels got back, but he wanted to finish what he
started. Suddenly, he got an idea.

Tracy let out a surprised squeak as Christian climbed onto the couch and
grabbed her legs, spinning her around so her back was against the arm of the
couch and her front faced him. Before she could ask him what he was doing,
he attached his mouth to her needy pussy and took her large breasts into his
hands. His tongue work was rapid and insistent, and the gentle touching that
Jackie's nipples had enjoyed a week earlier were nowhere to be found.
Instead, Christian took Tracy's mood into account and tweaked her nipples
roughly before rolling them around in his hands. Tracy gasped as Christian's
rough attention once again brought her to the brink.

"Yeah, Christian...just like that! Come on, make me cum, you son of a bitch!

Christian smiled inwardly as he felt Tracy's hands play with his hair and
pull him even closer to her, forcing his face down so that his nose was
pressed into her crotch. Her body went rigid as she felt what she'd been
waiting for.

"Here it comes...oh god, YES!" Christian enjoyed the fruits of his labor and
lapped at her juices as he relished the sighs of contentment coming from
Tracy's body. He got off of the couch and looked down at Tracy, who had her
eyes closed and a goofy grin on her sweat-covered face.

"Thank you so, SO much," she gasped. "It would've been hell waiting for
Master Daniels to get back. I owe you," she said, looking up at him

Christian chuckled at that. "I think we're more than even, honestly. But
who knows: I imagine if I accept Daniels' offer to become a member of the
Prophecy, we'll get a chance to do this quite a bit."

Tracy nodded at him. "Oh, absolutely! I'd LOVE it if you joined! I worship
the ground Master Daniels walks on, and Alex is fun, but it'd be great to
have you available to satisfy my needs also! So, gonna join??" she asked

"I can't let that cat out of the bag just yet. But you've certainly made
quite an impression in the Prophecy's favor. See you next week at Impact."

Christian got dressed and walked out of the locker room, making sure no one
was spying on him before heading off. He ran into Christopher Daniels on the
way out and nodded at him. Daniels smiled at the look on Christian's face.
He could tell that Tracy had done her part. Now all that was left was to sit
back and see how things played out.

* * *

TNA Impact: January 14th, 2006

Christopher Daniels sat on the bed of his Orlando hotel room, watching as
Impact unfolded. He'd already spoken to Christian Cage earlier in the week,
and Christian had informed him that he would announce his decision at Final
Resolution. Knowing that, and with neither himself nor Alex Shelley
scheduled to wrestle on this week's Impact, he elected to skip the show.
He'd given Shelley and Tracy the night off and told them to enjoy
themselves. He had no doubt how they'd choose to do so.

'She's been a fiend for the past week. I need to be careful in the future; I
had no idea just how riled up she'd get after I lifted the no-sex rule.'

Daniels sneered as he listened to Jeff Jarrett talk about how, in a mere 24
hours, Christian Cage would officially be the newest member of Team Jarrett.
Christian had told Daniels that he was going to pretend that he hadn't had
any contact with him, giving Jarrett the impression that Daniels had
listened to his warning and was staying away. Either Christian was keeping
his word, or he and Jarrett had worked out a scheme, because Jarrett had
made no mention of Daniels or the Prophecy since their encounter two weeks

It bothered Daniels to be so in the dark. He could come up with as many
contingency plans as he liked, but the fact was that he'd really left
himself and the Prophecy wide open and unprotected with his dealings with
Christian. For all he knew, Christian could have agreed to join Jarrett
before he even debuted in TNA, and he'd just been stringing him along. He
had briefly considered heeding Jarrett's warning, wondering if it was worth
the risk to try and get Christian in the fold. But in the end he decided to
go with his gut, and his gut told him that someone with Christian's ego
wouldn't be able to take playing second fiddle to Jarrett, with no title
opportunities on the horizon.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, Christian Cage!" The crowd erupted as
Christian came to the ring for an interview with Shane Douglas.

"Christian, Final Resolution is just 24 hours away. You don't have a match,
nor have you had a match yet since your TNA debut last month at Turning
Point. When can we expect to see the Instant Classic in action?" Douglas

"Well Shane, an event as momentous as the TNA in-ring debut of someone of
my caliber can't be done without the proper planning. Captain Charisma will
have his first TNA match only when the time is right."

"Be that as it may, you no doubt heard what Jeff Jarrett said earlier in
the show. He seemed very confident that you would be accepting his offer to
join his group. Care to comment?"

"Shane, it's like I told Jeff: he'll get his answer at Final Resolution. I
will say that Jackie Gayda and Gail Kim are two of the most persuasive
negotiators I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. But I'm no
fool. I've taken plenty of time to mull my future, and figure out which path
is in the best interests of yours truly. I've already made my decision, but
since I'm a man who likes to do things in style, I'll meet Jeff Jarrett
right in the middle of the ring tomorrow night, live on Pay-Per-View, and
reveal to Jarrett and the world just where I stand."

'Well, nothing new learned there,' Daniels thought to himself. 'Guess I'll
have to wait until tomorrow, just like everyone else.

* * *

TNA Final Resolution: January 15th, 2006

Alex Shelley and Tracy Brooks watched in silence as Christopher Daniels
stretched in preparation for his match against AJ Styles. Little had been
said all day; all three understood the importance of this night, and knew
that one way or another, the Prophecy would change drastically.

The silence continued until Daniels' cell phone rang. Seeing that he was
just continuing his warm-ups, Shelley answered the phone for him.

"Uh, boss? I think you're going to want to take this call. It's

Daniels halted his exercises and accepted the phone from Shelley. "Hello,
Christian. What can I do for you?"


"A great victory for Team 3D! I think AMW better be on guard, because 3D
have looked great over the last several months, and it's only a matter of
time before they're knocking on the door of the NWA World Tag Team

"Agreed, Don. And now it's time to determine the #1 Contender for the X
Division Championship. It's AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels, and the
winner challenges Samoa Joe at Against All Odds. Joe was dominant in
retaining the title against Austin Aries earlier tonight, but maybe the
winner of this match can pose a tougher challenge."

Christopher Daniels made his way to the ring, with Tracy at his side. She
helped him take off his ring robe and rubbed his shoulders as AJ Styles came
to the ring.

"Ready, boss?" she asked him.

"Definitely. It's payback time for Styles."

Daniels and Styles went back and forth for almost the entire match, their
frequent matches against one another meaning they were very familiar with
each other's strengths and weaknesses. The major momentum shift of the match
came when AJ failed to take into account the new ace up Daniels' sleeve: the
beautiful sexpot standing on the floor. When AJ climbed to the top rope to
attempt a high risk maneuver, Tracy subtly shook the ropes, making sure the
referee wasn't looking in her direction.

"What a dirty trick that was! Tracy shakes the ropes behind the referee's
back, and AJ loses his footing and lands crotch-first on the top
turnbuckle!" Tenay hollered. Quickly capitalizing on the opening, Daniels
used a cross-arm Iconoclasm to stun AJ, and then went right for the kill,
planting his opponent with the Angel's Wings. Three seconds later,
Christopher Daniels was the #1 Contender for Samoa Joe's X Division title.

Tracy stepped through the ropes and jumped into his arms in celebration,
planting a kiss on his lips. Daniels wrapped one arm around her waist and
raised the other in the air in triumph.

"Nicely done, Tracy. That was a good job of thinking on the fly," Daniels
said as they began their walk out of the ring and to their locker room.

"Thanks, Master!" Tracy exclaimed, beaming at her boss' praise. "So, what
did Chri..." she started to say, before Daniels hushed her into silence.

"Not here, Tracy," he said in a low tone. "You'll find out soon enough."

Soon enough came in the final portion of the show, as Jeff Jarrett, Gail Kim
and Jackie Gayda all stood in the ring. Jarrett talked about himself and his
team for a few moments before getting to the point of his being out there.

"OK, as we all know, I've done all I could to ensure that Christian Cage
received the star treatment here in TNA. I think I can say that, with the
help of Jackie and Gail, he had a better New Year's Eve party than anyone
else on the face of the earth," Jarrett said, as Gail smirked and Jackie
smiled, a blush spreading across her cheeks. "Now, the question is: will
Christian make the best decision of his career, and join Team Jarrett? I
think it's obvious what his answer will be, but let's get him out here to
give the good news himself. Ladies and gentlemen, Christian Cage!"

Christian walked out to the ring and posed to the crowd. He smiled at Gail
and blew a kiss at Jackie, who blushed and hid her face in her hands.

"Nice to see you, Christian," Jarrett said. "I believe you have something
you'd like to say?" Christian nodded, and Jarrett handed him the

"Yes, I do, Jeff. As you said, Jackie and Gail make one hell of a nice
bargaining chip. And if you're looking to make some powerful friends to
watch your back, well, you can't do much better than the NWA Tag Team
Champions and the Heavyweight Champion of the world." Jarrett grinned and
nodded, clearly feeling this was going exactly as he'd hoped. "Basically,
what I'm trying to say is-" Christian was cut off by the music of the
Prophecy, as Christopher Daniels, Alex Shelley and Tracy Brooks all made
their way to the ring, Daniels holding a microphone.

"What the hell are you doing out here, Daniels?" Jarrett demanded. "I
thought I made myself clear to you a couple of weeks back: this doesn't
concern you. I'm conducting business out here, so scram unless you want me
to remove you myself."

"Hold on just a second there, Jeff," Daniels said. "What makes you think
you're the only one who has incentives to offer? I'm sure Gail and Jackie...
drive a hard bargain, but I can think of a couple of nice attention grabbers
in the Prophecy's stable." Tracy giggled and arched her back, pushing her
boobs out.

"That's great, Daniels. But you're standing face to face with the NWA World
Heavyweight Champion. You wrestle in the X Division. And you're not even the
champion. So if Christian wants to align himself with the best in the world,
he need look no further than Team Jarrett. Now I'm going to turn my back to
you, because you're not worth my time." He did just that, and Daniels
looked outraged. Shelley took a step towards him, but Daniels held him back.

"Not yet," he whispered to Shelley. Alex stared at him, seeking an
explanation, but Daniels simply winked at him and turned back to watch the
scene unfold.

"Christian, the time to make your choice is here. I'm going to extend my
hand, and if you want to join me and see just how far you can go with me in
your corner, you can shake it and we can leave these chumps behind." Jarrett
stuck his hand out towards Christian. Christian stared at the hand for a
heartbeat before smiling and reaching out to shake it. Jarrett laughed
and turned his head back towards Daniels.

"You see, Daniels, Christian is a man who knows there's only one path to the
top, and that's-" Christian pulled on his hand, turning Jarrett back towards
him and bringing them nose to nose before speaking into the microphone.

"-becoming the World Heavyweight champion," Christian finished the sentence.
Jarrett stared at him, dumbfounded. Daniels suddenly sprung into action,
blindsiding the World champion and stomping away at him. Christian joined
in the beating, and Shelley joined in as well. Gail and Jackie both looked
shocked, but were powerless to stop the three on one beating. Christian
pulled Jarrett to his feet and gave him an Unprettier, driving him
face-first onto the NWA title. Daniels picked the microphone up off of the

"I introduce to you the newest member of the Prophecy, and the next NWA
World Heavyweight Champion: Christian Cage!" Daniels, Christian, Shelley
and Tracy all joined hands and posed. The fans cheered, happy to see Jarrett
getting a taste of his own medicine, as the show ended.
_ _ _

Well, that's that. Hope you guys liked it. Before I end this, I'd like some
feedback on something. In a future chapter of this story (probably either
chapter 5 or 6), the Prophecy is going to audition some "out of work"
women in order to add another female presence to their group. I haven't
worked out the specifics yet, but I'll probably use 3 or 4 of them, with at
least one becoming a permanent fixture. What I'd like is your opinions on
who I should use. I'm going to try and use girls who don't get featured
quite as much on WOWEFA. Some names I'm considering are Nitro Girl Spice,
Molly Holly, The Kat, Dawn Marie, Beulah and Kimona. If you have any other
suggestions, or just want to voice your approval of one or more of the girls
I listed, I'd like to hear it. You can e-mail me (, or
contact me via the message board. General feedback is more than welcome too,
of course.

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