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Fear Of Domination Part 1
by Big Diva Pimpin'

It was 4:45 PM. The only thing in sight as I slipped my key in the keyhole of
my small apartment was the gate to salvation as a drop of sweat sweeped its
way into my eye due to the intense afternoon heat. Mixed with my awful day at
work just escalated my anger and woes as I swung the door open in hopes of
finally getting off my feet. The ride home on the bus hadn't exactly been a
pleasurable experience with every seat taken. I had to stand up even longer
all the way to my final destination. I quickly turned the corner and opened
the refrigerator door for an ice cold beer when the phone rang much to my
chagrin. It was unanswered, however, as I gazed down at the caller ID reading
POWERSTEM ELEC. 618-598-9000. I was already well too aware what the call was
about and wanted nothing to do with any bills or utilities.

Fuck 'em! I'm tired. Plopping on my soft black plush couch, I grabbed the
remote and turn on the TV afterwards opening my beer in hopes of temporary
relief. In one corner of my eye was an upside down bottle losing weight by
the second, while in my right eye was the vision of the usual WWE Smackdown
promotion of the week. The next hour was boring as hell for being there
nothing even remotely entertaining on TV, making me eventually dose off.

As I was in my deep slumber, a loud knock woke me up making me pissed off.
So I reluctantly rubbed the cold out my eye and gazed through the peephole,
surprised to find a familiar looking woman standing on the other side of the
door. Letting her in, I gazed at her unending beauty as she made her way in
my arms for a loving embrace and gentle kiss.

"Hey sweetie. How ya doin'?"

"(sigh) Well let's feet hurt, my back hurts, I'm starving. OH! And
I had a shitty day at work. And you?"

"(giggles)'ll be alright. At least your home now. I'll take care of

"Girl, I'm so glad you came over. I've been wanting to see you for a while,
baby...I miss you."

" I've missed you too. But you know how it is. I can't hardly get
a day off with all of the bullshit going on over there."

"Yeah..I can tell by the show. It's really not as exciting as it used to be."

"Yeah..I know. But screw that right know. I'm needed to be with you."

That was exactly what I needed to hear. We both shared another sweet kiss
before the lovely brunette sat on my couch watching me go to the kitchen once

"Hey, babe. Ya want a beer?"

"Depends what kind."

"Well I got Bud, Smirnoff Ice, and Skyy Blue."

"Lemme' try one of those Skyy Blues. I've heard that they were pretty good."

"Trust me, it is."

I made my way toward the couch opening the two bottles, handing her one. As
she reached up for it, her slender fingers came it contact with mine, giving
me a seductive smile. God she was so fine! I almost blushed, but I wasn't
gonna allow myself to though cause you know I gotta to maintain my manhood
(lol). She slowly sipped on her beer as I finally sat beside her and put my
arm around her waist feeling a small amount of baby fat. This did nothing to
make her any less attractive in my eyes. Matter of fact I liked the fact that
she had it on her. I really like women with a little meat on their bones. I
love feeling their smooth skin. Despite what a lot of men think, I'm really
into cuddling and caressing and always felt that I couldn't do that with a
really skinny female with no means of curves, muscle, or body fat. Although
having her with me was making me incredibly happy, I looked at her and kinda
had a feeling that she felt some somewhat negative vibes from me that she
was curious about...

"Sweetie, what's the matter?"

"Oh, nothing babe. I'm fine."

"You sure? You look like you're deep in thought."


"Baby, look at me."

As she turned my face around to stare into my eyes, a worried look covered
hers cause I knew she could see through me from a mile away. But I really
didn't want to burden her with my problems. However, I could feel her
warmth and love making me just break down. Her gentle eyes were all the
encouragement I needed to let her know about my problems.

"It's me. You can talk to me, honey. Now what's the matter?"

"Well...I...,(sigh). Sometimes I wonder what I ever did to deserve the stuff
that I'm going through. I mean, I try to be a good person and I work hard
everyday, but I still can't seem to get a break. I always gotta struggle for

"Babe, I know. I know. I understand that you have a lot to deal with right
now, but trust me it'll get better. You just gotta think positive."

"I mean, yeah, but baby it's hard when you got little money, bills piled up
and it seems like everything I do doesn't make it any better."

"Babe, c'mere..."

Her soft hands felt like silk on my cheek as she leaned over to give me a
soft kiss. Her lips were so soft, it was almost unreal. My mind started to
wonder, and for the first time in a long time, I immediately felt a sence
of relief. When our lips parted, our eyes met leaving us both in a state of
affection. Once again, I felt the loving warmth in her deep blue eyes giving
a slight smile, as I held her beautiful flesh tighter against mine in a
loving embrace.

(softly) "Sweetie, you'll be alright, trust me. I'll always be here for you,
honey. Just don't give up. That's the worse thing you can do."

"I know...thanks. I really needed to hear that."

"I know. Sometimes I need it myself. Some of the stuff that I've gone
through in the past few years have made me really look at things at a
different perspective...on AND of camera."

"You mean your dad?"

(softly) " reputation. I mean, I know that it's all a still hurts..."

Just mentioning that subject almost made her beautiful face drown in sadness
as I gazed at her with tender awe. I really couldn't believe what was
happening. I mean, here was this gorgeous woman who I'd been watching on WWE
programming for years, who had seemed so strong and dominating on TV, and
she's sitting in my lap, so close to me that I can feel her sweet breath. In
my arms like such a fragile flower almost in tears. It really got to me. The
worse thing in the world for me to see is such a lovely sweet woman so hurt,
so much in almost made me cry. I just held her in my arms letting
her feel my love, admiration and respect...

A deafening quiet surrounded us as we continued to hold each other tight on
that couch. I loved being able to comfort such a lovely woman and make her
feel loved. Both of us were in a very vulneralble state right now, and all
I wanted to do at that moment was to kiss her slender tasty lips. To let her
know that I cared so much about her that it hurted me inside. She must've
read my mind cause the next thing I knew we both leaned over to one another,
and gradually let our lips move closer together. I couldn't help but break
the silence when I whispered...

"you're so beautiful..."

The passion that was withheld between us was that of a love story. As our
temperatures rose to greater heights, she straddled herself on me, furthering
herself deeper in our kiss. God, it was so good! I could smell her sweet
perfume. It just intoxicated me so much. I just couldn't help myself. I
wanted her so bad I could taste it. As I continued to go with the sensual
flow, I ran my fingers through her soft auburn hair. One of my hands made its
way under her shirt as I teased her by running my finger on the small of her
back. A sweet giggle came from her mouth when our lips parted. I loved to
tease women while being intimate. The sexy sounds of a pretty lady is a sound
that I never got enough of. The lust in the air soon overshadowed us as she
rose ever so slightly in order for me to slip her shirt off to reveal her
large, ample breasts covered with a silk black bra. I rose up and lured my
mouth toward hers once again intensifying the mood. My tongue quickly came
into play as it left her mouth and started its exploration of her soft skin.
Mmm..she smelled so good. Like sweet strawberries. She let out a deep, sexy
moan as I obviously was hitting the right spots on her neck over and over

(moaning) "Oooo, that feels so good, baby."

"Shit, I know where your spot is now, baby. You're in trouble."

(giggling) "Oh yeah? Well, why don't you go down to my REAL spot?"

"Don't worry. I'll be goin' there soon enough."

I don't think that she really knew how much I meant what I just said. I
really don't cause I couldn't wait to taste her sweet essence. But that's for
later. Right now I was focused at the immediate task at hand - her breasts.
So I stopped and gazed at her busoms for just a minute before my hands made
their way to them. I'd been watching her for years on TV, and always marveled
at her beautiful body, particularly her breasts. Even before her surgery, I
always wondered how it would feel to see them up close, to hold them, caress
them, taste them. When she got the augmentation, it was like a dream come
true for me. But now I had to wait no more. This was my chance to make that
dream into a reality.

So with that I slowly lowered her bra straps seizing the moment. After
laying small kisses on her neck and shoulder, she unfastened the back to
finally let herself out in all her glory. The bra dropped to the floor, and
so did my jaw. Her breasts were everything that I dreamed about and more. My
hands cradled the smooth pair. Ooh, man...they're so soft, almost feeling
like heaven. Everyone always talks about how fake breast don't feel like real
ones. They couldn't be more wrong! It was so wonderful finally caressing her
large, smooth double D's, but I happened to notice 2 small scars on the
inside of them. I lightly skimmed over the left one with my index finger due
to it being more noticable than the other. She gazed at me for a minute as
she noticed me concentrating on it.

"From the surgery?"

" finally started to heal within the last year or so..."

"Is that why you dont pose...or..."

I suddenly stopped in mid sentence as she nodded her head, not quite in
shame, but in a slight state of self conciousness. Although she tried to hide
it, I saw the insecurity on her face, so I gave her a small kiss reassuring
her that I thought that she was a gorgeous woman no matter what. Her face of
uncertainty soon turned into bliss much to my delight.

I once again took her breasts in my hands. I dove right in as I started with
a soft kiss on her hot pink areolas and then worked on her nipples. A sigh
slowly escaped her mouth as I continued to gently suck on her rock hard nips.
They tasted so sweet I never wanted to stop. I could feel myself getting
exited as blood rushed to my manhood. However, I wasn't totally erect yet,
but that's OK. I was too busy with her breasts anyway.

Her hand had made it's way down to my pants and was playing with my bulge.
Now I'm ready to go! She unzipped me and put her hand in my boxers to feel
my 7 1/2 inches. I almost lost my composure for a minute as I gazed at her
and signaled her to do the inevitable. She gave me a devilish smile in
agreement and slowly got to work starting with a gentle kiss and lick on
my helmet.

Trying to playing it cool is one of every man's worse habit when it comes
to sex. I guess cause we feel that we always need to be in control. Egos,
ya know? I'm not saying that I'm not the same, but I really try not to be.
Depends on the situation. This was definetely not one of 'em! The very
second I felt her hot mouth on me, I had absolutely no choice but to let
out a deep moan. With her continuing sucking, and her tongue flickering on
my tip, my brain suddenly went way over the clouds. With a hand full of her
hair, I made her bob her head even faster on my long shaft as I felt it
coming way sooner than I anticipated. At that point I wondered how nasty
she really was. I would soon find out as I couldn't take any more of her
fellatio as my eyes clentched shut and my mouth let out a deep groan.

"Awww Shhhhiiit! C'mon baby! Suck it!!! Oh Fuck!!! Here I come!!!!"

Without warning, I blasted my semen right in her mouth, but she had
absolutely no problem getting it all in. I almost felt myself slipping away
cause I really didn't expect myself to squirt that much. Ya know, it's funny.
I remember during the Mcmahon-Helmsley era when one time she said that the
only time that she was a slut was when she was behind closed doors. Well,
it's almost 4 years later, and she did more than prove it, and it was the
best thing in the world! Now don't get me wrong! I'm not in any way calling
her a slut, but to be a dignified lady in public and a freak in the bedroom
is pretty much every guy's fantasy. Anyway, after all was said and done, she
raised her head from my member, looked me straight in the eye and asked...

"Did ya like that?"

I couldn't help but giggle at her as I wanted to kiss her on the lips, but... know. Instead I unzipped her pants and answered...

"Does this answer your question?"

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