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Fear Of Domination Part 2
by Big Diva Pimpin'

I slowly took her tight jeans off her and tossed them to the floor as I was
suprised to see her bare vagina with a slight strip of pubic hair.

"Why, you nasty thang, you!"

"(softly) That's the way you like it, baby."

"Damn right."

Alright, NOW is the time that I taste her sweet essence. Now I know that a
lot of you guys are saying to yourselves 'Man, I don't do that shit' or
'That's nasty', but there's one thing you have to learn. For every man that
won't, there's a man that will! So for every guy reading this who's either
curious or is in denial in public, take notes! I softly kissed her legs all
the way down to her juicy inner thighs. That always made it better for not
only me, but for the woman as well. She was just aching for me to start
eating her as she panted in anticipation making me hard once again. Her
wetness was just seeping out her lovely womenhood as I heard her beg for
any kind of touch.

"(moaning) Unnhhh, god...c'mon, baby. Don't make me wait...please."

"(softly) Trust me, it'll make it a whole lot better..."

I took my fingers and spread her lips apart. Man, she was so fuckin' wet!
I took two of my fingers and slowly pushed them in and out of her. Moans
escaped her mouth as after about a minute or two I added an extra finger.
Just getting it ready for myself. I finally found what I was looking for
which was her clitoris. It was so sweetly scented that I couldn't wait
any more. As my tongue hit her sensitive bud, she quickly gasped much to
my delight. It made me horny as fuck to hear a woman moan, especially if
I have something to do with it. (lol) I had continued to suck and lick her
vagina as moan after moan she got closer to the end. I could tell that it
wouldn't be long before she blew, so my mouth left her cunt, but my fingers
remained. I know that she ate mine, but I just wasn't prepared to eat a
woman's cum yet. I've heard different versions on how it tasted, but I
really didn't know. Then again, I had always been curious... aww, fuck it!
I'm already eating it. Might as well finish the job. My tongue went back in
her twat as she grabbed my bald head and dug me deeper into her sweetspot.
A few minutes had past as I had her right where I wanted her when suddenly
a loud, lustful scream escaped her mouth and her legs shook uncontrollably.

"C'mon Steph. Cum for me, baby..."

"Awww! Awwww!! Shiiiitt!!!! I'm fucking cumming!!! AWWWWW!!!!"

She almost broke my fingers as her climax had arrived with a vengeance. This
was the moment I'd been waiting for. Would I like it or not? I soon found my
answer as her white nectar had hit my lips. I restrained myself at first, but
the more she came, the more tolerant I became of the taste. It wasn't as bad
as I thought it would be, in fact it was kinda alright...ha, imagine that! I
guess I shouldn't have been surprised. I mean, I do eat pussy, after all!
After she caught her breath, she kissed my lips before I could even react.
Guess she wasn't as cautious as I was when it came to that kind of stuff.
Well, fuck it, she already kissed me so I might as well enjoy it. So I did
just that.

I was erect for the second time tonight as I lowered my hand to my rock
hard penis and started to stroke it. Our lips parted when she noticed me
attempting to beat my meat.

"Baby, what are ya doing?"

"Girl, you got me fuckin' hard again. I just need a release, baby. That's

"Well, why don't we take care of that?"

She quickly moved my hand and took it in hers stroking it herself. I kissed
her neck and asked her where she wanted it. She gave my favorite answer when
she said...

"(softly) anywhere..."

I seized the opportunity presented in front of me and grabbed her waist as I
prepared for her wetness within. She put her slender hands on my shoulders
and straddled me again as our lips brushed one another's once again for a
yet another passionate kiss. She slowly sat on me and slid all the way on me
as we both moaned in each others mouth. Our sweaty bodies were the perfect
catalyst for our hot sex session as she rode me slowly then increased her
movements. My hands made their way to her luscious derriere as I squeezed
both cheeks for support. Our erotic moaning had grown quite loud as the
friction between us became more intense by the second. I held her sweet ass
even tighter as our fucking had got more extreme riding me faster and faster.

"Awww!! Come on, baby!! Fuck me!! Fuck me! Awwww!!!"

"Oh shit!! Aww, gimme' that pussy!!! Fuck!!!!

As we continued to give each other our best, she grabbed both of her large
tits sqeezing them. My lips and mouth made every attempt to pleasure them,
but couldn't do much due to our out of uncontrollable intercourse. Although
I could feel my second orgasm already coming, she totally surprised me when
she was ready to explode first.

"Aw FUCK!! I'm gon-gonna.....AWWWW!!!"

She quickly slid off me as she once again blew her cum all over my lower
extremities. As she was slowly catching her breath, I had no choice but to
beat myself, so I thought. She knew I was on the brink of my climax,
therefore she took my manmeat in her hand and slid it up and down between
her large, smooth boobs. The feeling was way too much at this point due to
her glistening and it didn't take long for me to blow.

"Ohhhhh Fuck!!! I'm gonna fuckin' cum!!! Awwwww!!!!"

"C'mon, baby. Squirt it right on my tits!!!"

If I didn't know any better, I would've sworn that my dick was gonna split
in two! The orgasm I got from that was just plain brutal. She spread my sperm
all over her hot boobs as my sweat ran down my face stuggling to breathe. I
closed my eyes just to wipe the sweat off my brow when I opened them again
only to find she was gone and my clothing was still in tact. I looked at my
pants and noticed a clear spot on them much to my chagrin. Man, I need a
long, cold shower!

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