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Paring: Becky Lynch and Naomi

Time Period: Smackdown Live, August 16th, 2016

Feel The Glow
by CudderN9neSonicDaHamiltonB.o.B

Becky Lynch and Carmella stood backstage, discussing their tag team match later in the night. Two weeks before, Becky was scheduled to face Eva Marie, who tripped on the ring steps, "injuring" herself. The match was rescheduled for last week's Smackdown, but was again cancelled, because Eva had a "wardrobe malfunction". Instead, she faced Alexa Bliss, and lost after Eva returned to ringside, distracting her. Carmella similarly had issues getting a fair one on one match with Natalya, being attacked by her pre-match two weeks before. However, last week, in her WWE debut, she got an upset win against the Canadian veteran. Tonight, Becky and Carmella were scheduled to face Natalya and Alexa, in the words of Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan, "killing two birds with one stone."

"I think Daniel just set this match up because there isn't enough space for two women's matches tonight." Becky said, crossing her arms, watching the show on the television screen backstage.

Carmella looked confused, as Becky continued to watch The Usos, Hype Bros, Vaudevillians, Ascension, Breezango, and American Alpha have their 12 man tag match.

"What are you talking about? Naomi got cleared to compete."

Becky looked a bit shocked. She had almost forgotten Naomi was on the Smackdown roster, due to her inactivity from injury.

"Oh, that's cool. Against Eva, I assume?"

"Yeah. Unless Eva breaks a nail or something during her entrance." Carmella laughed.

Becky laughed too, as the referee started to lose control of the match, with tag teams flying left and right.

While Carmella was paying attention to the monitor, Becky was paying attention to Carmella. Becky had developed a bad habit of checking out the other women in the locker room. In her defense, she was pretty sneaky with it. She'd done it almost once a week since she got called up to the main roster a year ago, and had only been caught one time, by Sasha Banks, about a month before Mania. When Sasha called her out on it, Becky simply said she was daydreaming and happened to be staring in her direction. Sasha seemed to believe her, and didn't question her further. No one knew about her interest in women, except maybe Sasha, and Becky was still coming to terms with it herself. Of course she looked at girls in the locker room, and maybe a few of them slipped into her imagination while pleasuring herself at night, but for the most part, she considered herself straight, so she never dared to tell any one of her colleagues if she ended up taking a liking to them.

"It's over." Carmella declared, as Chad Gable and Jason Jordan hit Aiden English with Grand Amplitude and pinned him for the win.

Just then, Naomi approached the girls in her new skin tight, colorful ring attire, wearing a backpack.

"Hey guys!"

Becky's eyes nearly jumped out of her skull, and her lips came apart, as Carmella turned around looked in shock.

"Oh my god! I love it!"

"Thanks! Really!?"

"Yes! Fab as fuck!" Carmella laughed, high-fiving her.

Becky still said nothing, her eyes still open wide and her jaw still slightly dropped. Throughout all her curiosity, she had never really looked at Naomi in a sexual way before. Her preferred type of woman was blonde and white, more specifically Charlotte and Natalya, and very recently, Carmella. Even though she definitely didn't find black women unattractive, her brief thing for Sasha faded away almost as quickly as it came, and she was over it after about a week. But for some reason, Naomi's attire was making her more attracted to her at that very moment than she had ever been to any woman on the roster.

"You okay, Becky?" Naomi asked.

"I-uh... it... it's great, I... I really, I just, I really like it." Becky stuttered, snapping out of her gaze.

"Wow, you're a terrible liar. I understand though, it's really loud, a lot of people won't like it." Naomi chuckled, completely misreading Becky's response.

Before Becky could respond, Carmella cut her off.

"Who cares what they think, as long as you like it? I for one think it's fab."

"So just a second ago it was fab as fuck, now it's just fab?" Naomi asked.

Carmella laughed.

"Correction, I think it's fab as fuck."

"Oh, take these." Naomi said, taking off her backpack, and handing each of them a black shirt, with her new "FEEL THE GLOW" design.

"Feel The Glow?" Carmella read.

"It's a long story, I'll explain later."

Naomi made her way to the gorilla position for her match, as Becky stared her down, admiring all her well complimented curves in her new attire.

"I don't know why you don't like it, it's so perfect for her." Carmella said.

Becky realized that lying and saying she didn't like Naomi's attire was a way better option than explaining to Carmella that her brain turned into mush due to the dirty thoughts that raced through her mind when she saw it, so she shrugged.

"I prefer duller colors."

The new modified version of Naomi's theme began playing through the monitor. Becky and Carmella looked on as the lights in the arena went dark, before Naomi came out, dancing in her glow in the dark attire.

"She got a new entrance!? Someone's hype." Carmella laughed.

"Fuck." Becky basically moaned out loud, involuntarily, as Naomi twerked for a short 3 seconds, before removing her backpack and handing glow sticks to the crowd.

Carmella turned to Becky in shock, with a huge smile.

"You're feeling the glow a little too much." she chuckled, before turning her attention back to the screen.

Becky snapped back to reality and simply covered her mouth, too embarrassed to respond. She had never zoned out like that before in her life.

Naomi handed a fan a t-shirt, before seductively dancing onto the ring ropes.

Carmella smiled and turned to look at Becky, who was biting her fist, watching Naomi sway her ass back and forth, before the camera switched angles, and she jumped over the top rope, into the ring.

"Well now I know why you were stuttering earlier." she laughed.

Becky once again snapped out of her daze, and immediately removed her fist from her mouth, looking at Carmella as if she had seen a ghost.

"It's okay, I can't say I'd blame you. If I was into girls I'd be loving that too."

"Into girls? No that's not... that's not why I was like that, I-"

"Becky, come on. You were looking at her how I look at leopard print."

Becky sighed.

"I'm not gonna tell anyone or treat you differently." Carmella shrugged.

"...thank you." Becky said, sheepishly, realizing there was no use lying about it anymore.

"EVA MARIE!... has been delayed due to traffic and will be unable to compete." the voice-over announcer said.

Carmella simply laughed, as Becky rolled her eyes.

Naomi disappointedly returned backstage.

"She didn't show up. She's smarter than I thought." Naomi said, walking back to the locker room.

Becky once again stared her up and down as she walked away.

In the middle of the tag match, Becky and Natalya both took each other out with diving crossbodies at the same time. As they both layed in the middle of the ring, the red lights and music signaling Eva Marie's entrance hit.

Eva slowly started walking towards the ring, before Naomi's music hit. Naomi came out, and began chasing Eva around ringside. As Becky and Natalya got to their feet, Eva ran into the ring, and Naomi followed her. Natalya quickly threw Naomi out of the ring as Eva escaped on the other side. Noticing her opportunity, Becky charged at Natalya, who countered with a roll-up.


Becky kicked out, and flipped Natalya right into the Dis-Arm-Her, forcing her to tap out.

The crowd roared as Becky's music began playing, and Carmella got back into the ring.


Becky hugged Carmella, as Naomi re-entered the ring. To Naomi's surprise, Becky pulled her in for a hug too, while Eva stood awkwardly on the ramp, realizing she had cost Natalya the match.

"That was amazing!" Carmella exclaimed, walking backstage, in between Becky and Naomi.

"Still excited to be on the main roster, I see." Becky said, teasingly.

"It's just so cool being in front of all those fans like that! And on live TV! It's gonna take a little bit to get used to this."

The girls entered the locker room.

"Dammit, I left my other clothes in the car." Carmella said, leaving Becky and Naomi alone.

Naomi laughed, as Becky's entire mood shifted. She wasn't exactly sure why, but a strong wave of anxiety seemed to wash over her the second Carmella left the room.

"One of these days someone is gonna catch up to Eva and snatch that red right off of her head." Naomi said, taking off her light up boots.

"Yeah, she's definitely got it coming!" Becky laughed, nervously, way too hard.

"...are you okay?"

"Yeah, definitely."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"...okay." Naomi shrugged, beginning to take her attire off. She pulled down the top part, revealing her bra, before turning away from Becky, and pulling it all the way down to her ankles, revealing her silk neon green panties. She turned back around to face Becky, who quickly looked away.

"Hey, Naomi?" Becky asked, still not looking at her.

"...that's me."

"If someone liked you, how would you want them to approach you about it?"

Naomi thought for a bit.

"Boldly. No beating around the bush. It's so much easier when guys just come out and say what they want, you know? I had to deal with trying to figure out if Jimmy liked me for 2 years before he told me, it was annoying. I never understood the point of hiding it, the worst I could say is no." Naomi laughed.

"Yeah, definitely, uh... you know that dance you do with your butt?" Becky asked, shakily, as her heartbeat kept increasing.

"You mean twerking?" Naomi asked, with another laugh.


"Yeah, what about it?"

"Boldly. No beating around the bush." Becky thought to herself, as her arm began involuntarily shaking.

"C-can you do it on me face?"

"What!?" Naomi asked, in complete shock, almost looking offended.

Becky stared back in shock as well. She couldn't even believe what she had just said.

Just then, Alexa Bliss, Natalya, and Eva Marie walked into the locker room, arguing over who's fault the tag match loss was.

"If you never came out there, we wouldn't have lost!" Alexa exclaimed.

"Wait wait wait, Alexa, where the hell were you when I needed you to break up that submission hold!?" Natalya asked, as Naomi continued to stare at Becky in shock.

"You tapped out so fast I didn't have time to get into the ring!"

Eva laughed as Natalya and Alexa continued to argue.

For the entire 4 minutes that it took them to argue and get dressed, Naomi continued standing there, with her attire around her ankles, looking at Becky with the same "what the fuck did you just say?" stare, while Becky stared back, still in disbelief of what she said.

Natalya, Alexa, and Eva left the room.

"Did you just ask me to twerk on your face?" Naomi said, as Carmella walked in the locker room, stopping in her tracks when she heard that.

"You know what, I'll just change in the bathroom." Carmella said, with an awkward smile, turning around and leaving.

"I don't know why I said that." Becky said, putting her hands on her head.

"But you definitely said it right? Like... I didn't imagine that or mishear it or anything?"

"...I'm so sorry."

"Lay down on that bench."

"What?" Becky asked confused.

"Lay down on that bench over there." Naomi said pointing.


"So I can twerk on your face." she said, as if it was obvious.

Becky's eyes got huge, and her eyebrows raised.


"...Okay, remember like 5 minutes ago when you asked me to-"

"Yeah, yeah, I remember. You actually want to do it!?"

"Don't you want me to do it?" Naomi asked.

Becky had so many more questions, but decided to just go along with it. Without saying another word, she walked over to the bench and layed down.

Naomi followed her and stepped over the bench with one foot, positioning herself over Becky's head. Becky looked up, clearly seeing the outline of Naomi's vagina through her tight underwear.

"What if someone comes in?" Becky asked.

"Well, the mean girls took all their stuff and they're probably going home, Carmella already knows what's happening in here, and this is the girls locker room, so I don't think anyone else would come in." Naomi said, squatting down near Becky's face.

Becky began breathing even heavier.

"You ready?" Naomi asked.

"So ready." Becky replied.

Naomi began bouncing her ass up and down, repeatedly smacking Becky's forehead and nose with it. Becky couldn't help herself and reached down into her own underwear, beginning to rub her own clitoris.

"Enjoying yourself?" Naomi asked, slowing down a bit.

"Uh huh." Becky moaned, somehow breathing even heavier that before.

"Getting a little tired here."

"Oh my god!. I just... I've never seen an arse like that in me life, holy shit!"

"Arse." Naomi repeated to herself quietly, with a chuckle, as she stopped, and stepped her foot back onto the other side of the bench.

Becky sat up.

"Anything else?" Naomi asked.

"I wanna please you. And vice-versa."

"Okay." she shrugged.

Becky wanted to ask why Naomi was just going along with everything, but instead, she stood up and began kissing her. Naomi tentatively kissed back, and Becky licked Naomi's bottom lip once. Naomi immediately opened her mouth, letting Becky's tongue inside. Becky's hand wandered down into Naomi's panties, causing Naomi to moan into the kiss. Naomi grabbed Becky's bright orange hair, tangling it around her fingers as she started to push her tongue into Becky's mouth. Becky put both hands on Naomi's ass, alternating between squeezing it and smacking it. The two girls continued like this for a while, tasting each other's mouths, until Becky broke the kiss.

"Get on the bench on your knees and elbows." she said.

Naomi immediately complied, getting onto the bench, doggystyle.

Becky got behind her and sat on the bench. She pulled her panties down, kissing her ass a few times, before slowly sliding her tongue into Naomi's womanhood.

"Yes." Naomi moaned softly, starting to rub her own clit, and Becky began to tongue fuck her.

"Oh my god Becky!"

Becky continued, plunging as deep as she possibly could. As a result of that, her nose pressed hard against Naomi's asshole, adding a whole nother sensation to Naomi's pleasure.

"FUCK!" Naomi screamed, as Becky gave her a hard smack on the ass.

Becky continued her tongue assault on Naomi's vagina, loving the taste and smell of her, as she spanked her again.

"I'm so close! Bitch you better make me cum!"

Naomi began rubbing herself even faster.


Becky's heartbeat started increasing again. In the heat of the moment, without even thinking about it, Becky began licking Naomi's asshole.

Naomi gasped, as she rubbed even faster.


Becky lowered her tongue back down, tasting Naomi's release, as she continued to cum. Becky kept going, not stopping. Naomi, sensitive from her orgasm, began trying to escape, but Becky grabbed her by her waist and held her down.


Becky let her go and layed down on the bench.

Naomi stayed in position, recovering for a bit, before getting up and getting on top of Becky.

They kissed for a while longer. Naomi, tasting herself on Becky's lips, and Becky, getting wetter and wetter by the second.

Naomi broke the kiss and stood up, pulling Becky's boots, attire bottoms, and underwear down.

"I'm so close, you really don't have to do much work." Becky said, parting her legs.

Naomi immediately wrapped her tongue around Becky's clit and began sucking.


Naomi wrapped her tongue around Becky's clit again, and Becky gasped.


"Can't take anymore!?" Naomi teased.

"I'm not a pussy like you, I don't have to tap out, I can lay here and take it." Becky moaned.

Naomi smirked, before returning to her clit.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! FUCK! YOU'RE FUCKING CHEATING! I CAN'T HANDLE IT RIGHT ON IT IT'S SO SENSITIVE RIGHT NOW! FUCK, BUT IT'S SO GOOD! HOLY SHIT!" Becky screamed, out of breath, while Naomi relentlessly pleased her with her tongue.

"Tapping out yet?" Naomi asked.


Naomi laughed, getting up from the bench, and beginning to get dressed, while Becky just layed there, completely happy. By the time Becky managed to sit up, Naomi was completely dressed and had her attire in her bag, which was over her shoulder.

"I've been wanting to do that to you for so long." Naomi said.

"You... you liked me? Since when?"

"When did you come to the main roster? Like 13 months ago? Since then."

"But... but you said you would want someone that likes you to be bold and come out and say it."

"Yeah, I want OTHER people to do it, that way I don't have to." Naomi said with a laugh.

Becky rolled her eyes and laughed as well.

"I still feel myself shaking. Is that what the Glow is? Cause I definitely felt that."

Naomi laughed again.

"You know, I only tapped out because I needed a break right? Like I just needed 5 minutes."

"So you're saying you wanna go again?" Becky asked.

"Maybe, meet me at my hotel room?"

"...isn't your husband going to be at your hotel room?"


"...he'd be okay with us having sex?"

"Okay with it!? He's a guy! He'll want to watch!"

Becky laughed, and kissed Naomi once more.

Naomi left, while Becky began getting dressed, beyond excited to feel the glow again later that night.

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