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Filthy Animals: Discovery Channel Style
by Big Dick Dudley (

(Kidman was hanging out backstage waiting for his homie Rey Rey to show up.)

Kidman: Where the hell is he? Dammit, I need him to show up if I ever want a
fucking push!

(Finally and true to Filthy Animals tradition, Rey showed up late.)

Rey: Sup Billy Boy! How they treatin' you in here?

Kidman: Like shit. They can't even recognize my potential. It's sad really.

Rey: Tell me 'bout it man. Lets get up and the fuck on out of here, it's cold
as shit, dogg.

(The two men entered the arena looking for some action and they found it
outside the ladies locker room.)

Rey: Wait up. I gotta get my socks blown or I'm gonna lose it. Who gives it
up round here?

Kidman: You want me make a fuckin' list man? Just walk in and take your

Rey: What if it's that prude bitch Stacy?

Kidman: She kicked that shit. She is up for grabs.

Rey: Word?

Kidman: Yeah.

(The two cruiserweights entered the locker room and took a look around...

Rey: You have got to be kidding me.

(Just then Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus walk out of the shower. They see
the guys and say hi.)

Rey: Torrie, it's been some time hasn't it? And who's this?

Trish: I'm Trish. It's a pleasure.

(Trish extends her hand and Rey kisses it.)

Rey: Believe me, the pleasure is all mine.

(Trish grinned at the smaller latin man and Torrie just looked at him and
rolled her eyes. She knew every last one of his tricks because he used them
all on her and he taught Billy a few.)

Kidman: Hey Torr, where have you been latley?

Torrie: Busy.

Kidman: Had any time on your hands?

Torrie: No.

Kidman: Now you do.

(Kidman leaned in and kissed Torrie on her delicate neck. She smiled and let
out a girlish giggle. One of her more favorite tricks of Rey's. It was that
little kiss on the neck that got her riding Rey to health when he broke his
leg the third time. Trish was still enamorated with the cute guy in front of
her. She lifted his shirt and ran her slender fingers accross his muscular
chest and abs. She ran her hand all the way down to his belt buckle. She
looked into his eys as she undid the strap.)

Rey (thinking): Shit, this didn't take me hardly no time at all.

(Trish got on her knees and continued undoing his pants. She undid the
button and leaned in to undo his zipper with her teeth. She bit down on the
brass and pulled it down. When that was done his pants dropped to the floor
like and ton of bricks and the bombshell was face to face with Tommy
Hilfiger boxers and a tent low on one of the pant legs. She was impressed
with the luchador's huge package. She lifted up the pant leg to reveal her
prize. Her eyes nearly glew as his member was pointing right at her face.
She looked up and similed at Rey and took the head of his prick in her
mouth. On the other side, Kidman was decorating Torrie's large breasts with
licks and kisses. She was having flash backs of when he would do that and
what he did right after. Predictably, Kidman did exactly that. He licked her
cleavage and kissed his way down her abdomen. Once facing her pussy he
nuzzled his face in and dug his toung as far as it would go inside of her.
Predictable, yes. After all the time he's had to make up something new. Did
she mind, no. His cunnilingus skills never ceased to amaze her. The
sensations he brought out of her were worth the cheap skills he used towards
getting there. Inadverantly, she began to hump his tongue. Her eyes were
locked shut as she was grinding on the muscle inside of her hot body. She
managed to open her eyes and looked over at Trish giving Rey a blow job. She
never lost the awe in looking at the large cock. It having been in her quiet
a few times in the past she knew that he knew what to do with it. She was
even more impressed with the fact that that whore Trish managed to take so
much of it down her throat. Her voyuerism stopped as out of no where Billy
pulled out and new trick. She groaned long and deep as she felt his finger
caress her tight asshole. Not penetrating it, just rubbing it. Where he
learned it didn't matter because it was driving her wild. She looked down
and smiled at Billy and pushed his head off of her.)

Kidman: What's wrong?

Torrie: Nothing, just you get comfortable.

(Torrie walked over to her friend Trish who was in the middle of choking on
Rey's burrito. Trish pulled down Rey's boxers to see how much she had left
to take in. Before she could indulge herself again Torrie stopped her.)

Trish: Torr, I'm busy. Or havn't you noticed I've been sucking his cock?

Torrie: I want a go at him.

Trish: Just gimme a minute more.

(Trish went back at it. She opened her mouth wide and put the head on her
toung. She slid more in 'till it filled her mouth. She tilted her head back
a bit and slowly took more down her glullet, filling her throat with his
meat. She took in more until her nose was in his pubes. She looked at Rey
and winked at him and continued the deep throat on him. Torrie was amazed at
the slut's cock sucking ability. Trish slowly pulled it out of her throat.
Torrie watched as Rey's dick seemed to go on forever in the blonde's mouth.
After what seemed to be an enternity, the head was finally out of the lock
of her pouty lips.)

Trish: He's all yours.

(Torrie looked at Mysterio who was still shocked at what just happend. No
one has ever managed a deepthroat on his shit. But Trish did it. He now
focused his attetion on Torrie. He looked at the model. She smiled at him
and french kissed him. She got on her knees and trapped his dick in between
her large tits. She pushed her large love pillows together and he started to
slowly tit fuck her. Everytime he thrust it hit her in the chin. She
released his dick and went on all fours with her ass in the air. He took off
his shirt and got behind her. He slid his dick in her twat like it was a
sheath. Her labia contracted around his thick member, cutting off
circulation. But Rey persisted and shoved it in as far as it would go. Once
inside as much as her body would let him he began to hump her like an
animal. Thrusting in and out wildly. Torrie held on for dear life as the
luchador fucked the shit out of her. His thick wood was stretching her out
and at the same time the length of his piece was hitting everything inside
of her. She was getting it so good that she thought she was gonna blow her
mind. Rey wasn't letting up at all and was still keeping his fast pace.
Torrie's breath quickened and she was on the verge of an orgasim that would
make her go unconsious. Rey sped up and Torrie let out an ear shattering
yelp before she came hard then just passed out on the floor compleatly limp.
Rey stayed with her and rubbed her down while she was out. Trish and Billy
were busy as well. While the other two were screwing Billy and Trish were in
a standing 69 position exchanging in their equal oral skills with one
another. Trish was upside down and her head was bobbing like a jackhammer as
Kidman ate her out and played with her anus. Billy couldn't hold her up any
longer and let her down. His cock made a loud pop as Trish pulled it from
her mouth. She smiled at him turned around and grabbed her ankles. Billy
shoved his dick in her pretty pussy and started to direct her ass back and
forth on his rock hard on. Trish began to do it on her own as she got more
and more into it. Her face lit up as Kidman's dick slid in and out of her
verticle smile. They kept a steady pace and she began to moan. She used her
muscle control to tighten her pussy lip grip around it. Kidman wasn't faring
well. Between the great bj and her amazing pussy Kidman knew he was gonna
shoot and soon. Trish picked up on this and sped up her actions. She
tightened her cunt as mush as her body would let her and Kidman started to
fuck her pussy wild. She let out moans and tiny yelp in pleasure. Kidman
couldn't hold it anymore. He pulled out and started to beat off Trish went
to her knees and pushed her tits together as Billy shot a load on the
blonde's huge tits. Billy got lightheaded and layed down after the shot he
blew. Trish got her towel and wiped the nut off her chest. She was
disappointed in Billy and his inability to handle her. She looked at Rey who
was still feeling up Torrie while she regained consiousness.)

Trish: What did you do to her?

Rey: I fucked her and I guess she couldn't handle it.

Trish: Right answer.

(Trish laid next to the cruiserweight and jerked him to his full proud
height. Once at his largest Trish strattled Rey Rey and took his huge cock
to the hilt. She adjusted to the large piece and started to ride him. The
more she adjusted the faster she rode and before long she was riding him
like a bronco. Her breasts bouncing and her ass jiggling everytime she came
down on his pecker. She was getting everything she ever hoped for sexually
from Mysterio. She felt an orgasm that mustv'e built up inside her for
years. She hasn't had any sexual satisfaction in years on account of no man
could handle that pussy. Now, after what seemed to be an eternity she was
finally gonna cum, and cum hard. Rey layed her on her back and started to
pump the slut for all she was. She took it deep, fast, and hard. Rey
Mysterio Jr. was slam fucking Trish Stratus and she was gonna cum so hard
she was going deaf. She wrapped her arms around his neck and watched as his
cock sawed in and out of her delicate cunt. She started yelling and cursing
and before she knew it.)


(Her body spasmed and her whole body twiched as her girl goo drenched Rey's
cock and balls. He pulled his dick out and every cenemeter was slick from
her warm fluid. Rey strattled her stomach and pushed his cock between her
tits and started to fuck them. Her cum lubed it up so much it just slid in
and out with ease. Whenever his dick head poked out from her cleaveage she
would take it into her mouth. Rey began to hump faster as he was on the
verge of release. He shoved his dick in for the last time as Trish took it
into her mouth and sucked on the head until he shot jet after jet of his
semen in her mouth. Trish immediatly swollowed the goo. Rey stood up and
Trish throated his cock a few moe times before Kidman and Torrie woke up.
They got dressed and left the room together. Trish and Torrie went their own
way while the boys got ready for the show.)

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