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Fine Chyna
By J.D. Morrison

Max sat at the airport bar, nursing a drink and nervously waiting for
HER plane to arrive. Ever since becoming a "superstar" they had only a
long distance freindship and as time apart grew longer, he couldn't get
HER off is mind. And now they were going to meet face to face again for
the first time in months.

The HER in question being the WWF's muscle goddess Chyna, it was not
hard to see why. But to him she was so much more than a sexy hardbody,
more than just a WWF superstar. She was a friend, someone who had been
worn down by the rigors of travel and needed someone to confide in. But
lately their conversations had turned somehow different. A hint of tension
like something just below the surface fighting to be released. Max nearly
jumped out of his seat when he heard the familiar voice behind him out
of nowhere.

"Hi Max, you look lonely, mind if I join you?" he could almost hear
the coy smile in her words.

"Geez, you scared me. I didn't notice you coming up behind me. I
must've been in pretty deep thought." Max responded,spinning around on
the barstool.

"Thinking about the same thing I've been lately you mean?" Chyna asked

Max felt a sudden rush of relief at her words. "You mean you feel it
too, Joanie... or is it Chyna now?",he asked as they both began to laugh.

Chyna just stroked his cheek with her hand and gazed longingly into
his eyes. "Let's not waste any time. We've already danced around this
long enough. I don't know when my schedule is going to give me the time
off to do this again, I want to use every possible moment and make this
a night we'll never forget."

She eaned in and gently kissed him as he took her by the hand and led
her to the parking lot.

Once they got to his car Chyna pulled him close again,this time
embracing him much more forcefully, much more passionatly. Her tongue
exploring his mouth, their bodies reacting to the passion of the moment.

Finally Max broke off the embrace long enough to unlock the car and
get in, "I think it's time to go back to my place." He said as she
quickly got in the car.

After 20 minutes that seemed like hours they finally made it back
to Max's place. As they entered the door, Chyna made no hesitation in
leading him by the hand to his bedroom. They again kissed gently as he
took hold of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She wasted no effort
practically tearing the shirt from his body. Then he unbuttoned her
pants and pulled the zipper down. Slowly he slid her pants down her
strong thights and incredible muscular calves.

Now she was standing in front of him, her flawless body hidden only
by a sheer black bra and matching panties that rode high on her beautiful
hips. Max paused to take in the awesome sight before wrapping his arms
around her, releasing the hooks of her bra and letting the straps drop
down off her shoulders. Chyna held her breath and closed her eyes as his
hands found her ample breasts. Carrasing and massaging her massive tits,
then letting his hands slide down her firm body to her waist. His thumbs
hooked under the waistband of her panties and he pulled them down over
her tanned thighs. As he bent to pull them the rest of the way down, he
gently kissed her almost completely shaven mound, sending shockwaves
through Chyna's body.

Then he led her to the bed. Chyna's aggressive in-ring demeanor was
nowhere to be found as she was like a puppet in his hands. As he removed
his own pants, Chyna watched in eager anticipation. He sat on the bed
and pulled her to him. He kissed her flat, hard stomach down to the point
just above her now moistening pussy. Then he turned her around and ran
his hands over her firm ass. Slowly he moved his hand down to her pussy
and and took some of her wetness onto one of his fingers. Gently he ran
his finger back up to her asshole, rubbing her fluids on her hole and
sending jolts of desire through her body.

He kissed her beautiful ass and flicked his toungue playfully over
her asshole as he rolled her over onto her back.He knelt between her legs
and spread her cunt lips. He fingered her clit until it began to stiffen
and then he turned his attention to the opening of her hole. He spent
minutes fingering her tight hole and rubbing her clit. Then, moving down,
he began to lick and suck on her clit as she moaned and writhed below
him. Feeling her orgasm building he pulled away and began to kiss his way
back up her body. He paused at her incredible tits, licking each one and
sucking her perfect round nipples into his mouth.

Chyna's body gyrated against his as he took his own swollen cock in
his hand and started to rub the head against her opening and her erect
clit. Her head was dizzy with desire as he began to inch his cock into
her. She held him hard as he was moving back and forth, each time
plunging further into her cunt. Her powerful thighs moved up aound his
waist as she pushed against him, forcing every inch of his dick inside

"Ohh, that's what I need," she panted, "I've waited so long for you
to fuck me. Yes, yes!" She practically screamed as their pace quickened.
Max lunged harder and harder until she came, gripping his waist with her
powerful legs until he almost couldn't take it.

Suddenly she released her grip on his waist, totally relaxed and
totally spent. Then Chyna, gazing lovingly into his eyes, rolled over
switching positions with him now on his back under her. She moved her
mouth down his neck, her breath hot against his skin as she continued
her trail downwards. She took one of his nipples into her mouth and
licked and sucked it hard, building his anticipation of what was to

Finally she lowered her mouth over his rigid cock. She drew the head
into her mouth and sucked a little. Then she ran her tongue up and down
his throbbing shaft and back up, again lowering her mouth over the
cockhead. This time she sank down, sucking as much of his dick into her
mouth as she could. She began sucking vigorously, bringing Max to the
verge of climax.

Unexpectidly he gently pushed her back and had her get up on her hands
and knees on the bed. Her tight ass defied description as he got behind
her. His prick entered her hot, wet box from behind as she gasped and
threw her head back. Her hips were gyrating back against his as he pounded
into her. Max felt her pussy tighten around his cock as she bean to come
again. This sent him over the edge as he thrust frantically and released
his semen into her warm hole.

They slumped down on the bed, completely spent and drifted off to sleep
in each others arms.


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