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First Cum Match Part 1
by dadud

"I can't wait to win my main roster debut" said Alexa Bliss. "It's my time to show all these divas from the old era that the NXT women are going to takeover, and I'm going to be leading the charge."

Alexa was cutting a promo backstage to hype up her debut tonight against Nikki Bella. Despite her boasting, she really was happy to be there, and had a tremendous amount of respect for the women who were up on the main roster before the women from her generation moved up. The ones left had managed to hang with the new generation, now that they were there for more than to fill time. She was just tired of being overlooked. Alexa often wasn't mentioned in the same breath as the four horsewomen. She always felt like she was just outside of them. Not getting the recognition she deserved despite being down there in NXT training with them. Alexa finally got moved up to the main roster, and she was going to prove she belonged there as much as anyone. She wanted to prove to the world that she was the best.

* * *

Meanwhile, in a room backstage, Nikki, Natayla, and Naomi were watching Alexa run down all of them in her promo.

"I can't believe this shit!" Screamed Nikki. "All these new girls keep coming up here, and try to make a name at our expense. I'm tired of it, and I'm not going to let it happen again. I'm going to take that bitch down a few pegs. You girls want to help?"

"I'm going to take a pass on that." Said Naomi, as she got up to leave. "We were all young too, and we know what it was like to struggle to make a name for ourselves."

"Fine." Said Nikki. "I don't need you for this anyway. What about you Nattie?"

"Of course I'll help." responded Nattie. "These new girls need to learn some respect, and I have the perfect idea on how to teach her."

* * *

Alexas music hit. It was time to show the world what she was capable. Not only were their millions of people watching at home, but she made sure her family and friends were all watching tonight. She preformed best under pressure, and she wanted to make sure they all saw her win her first match. She made some bitchy faces to the fans. This tough girl persona always made her feel stronger for whatever reason. All she knew was her career took off when she changed her attitude.

Alexa made it to the ring, and turned around to see her opponent come out. Nikki came out with Nattie who was holding something in her hands. Alexa was confused on what Nattie was doing there, but decided that it wouldn't make a difference. As long as she focused on the match everything was going to be fine.

The bell rung, and Alexa charged straight at Nikki. Nikki quickly dropped down, as Alexa hit the ropes to turn back around. She was sure Nikki was going to still be on the ground, but to her surprise Nikki had already managed to get up. Alexa ran into a big forearm, which dropped her to the ground.

"Stupid!" Alexa thought. "I can't believe I got so careless"

To Alexas surprise, Nikki didn't make the cover. Alexa struggled to her feet to try to figure out what was going on, but it was already too late. Nikki had crawled out of the ring and grabbed one of the items that Nattie had brought with her, then circled around behind Alexa as she was getting up. Alexa felt a pair of hands grab her shorts and yank them down to her knees.

"What the hell are you doing?" She yelled, as her she covered her exposed pussy with her hands.

Alexa turned around to look at Nikki, and her anger turned to fear as she realized what she was holding. She had a large pair of fabric scissors in her hand. Two snips on the straps on her shoulder and another down the middle was all it took for her top to come off in front of the crowd. Her perky B-cups came into view as the crowd started chanting "Holy shit!"

Alexa screamed and tried to cover her boobs with her other hand as Nikki threw her ruined top into the crowd. Then Nikki turned her attention back to the defenseless Alexa Bliss. Her shorts were around her knees and she was busy trying to cover herself up with her hands. Nikki grabbed her by the hair and slammed her down to the mat. She then grabbed her shorts, and pulled them completely off and threw those into the crowd as well.

Alexa was mortified. This was supposed to be her big debut, and she was laying in the middle of the ring, wearing nothing except for her ring boots on live TV. She couldn't believe this was happening.

"What's the problem Alexa?" Yelled Nikki. "Don't you want to show all these people who's going to be leading the charge?"

She grabbed Alexas arm and held them behind her back, and lifted her off the ground giving the crowd a good view of everything that Alexa was trying to hide.

"You can't do this!" Screamed Alexa.

"Why don't you try to stop me then." Said Nikki, as she carried Alexa around the ring to make sure every member of the crowd got a good look at her body.

"Please Nikki." Alexa pleaded, as she noticed all the cell phones recording her humiliation to be watched back whenever the owner wanted.

"It's a bit late now you dumb bitch. Maybe you should of thought about the consequences before running your mouth" Nikki responded.

Alexas eyes darted to the jumbo tron showing a close up view of her naked body. She couldn't believe all her friends and family back home were going to see her like this. How was she ever going to live this down? Weirdly enough, the thoughts were starting to turn her on, and she noticed she was getting wet.

"Oh no." Alexa thought. "If Nikki realizes that I'm getting horny then this is going to get even worse"

"Are you actually getting wet you little slut!" Screamed Nikki.

"Shit." she thought, as Nikki shoved her to the ground.

"Nattie, toss me the zip ties. I'm going to make this bitch cum in front of the world."

"No! please Nikki. You can't do this, my life will be over if everyone sees me like that"

"Well why don't we just ask the crowd then" Said Nikki, as she tightened the zip ties around her wrists and ankles. Nikki then grabbed a mic "WWE Universe! Who wants to see this slut cum in the middle of the ring!"

"YES! YES! YES!" the crowd chanted

"Sorry bitch." Said Nikki, as she tossed the mic away.

Nikki then sat Alexa up on her knees on hard camera exposing her body to the cameras and cell phones once again. Nikki sat on her knees right behind Alexa reached her arm around and stuck two fingers into her pussy.

Alexa couldn't believe this was happening. She had to avoid cumming at all costs. How was she going to look anyone in the eye, when everybody she knew had seen her cum. Try as she might, nothing was working. Every time she thought about the entire world seeing her cum, she just got more and more turned on.

"I can't cum" Alexa thought, as Nikki's fingers started going faster and faster. "Whatever I do I can't cum."

It was too late. Alexas let out a loud moan, as her back arched. The pleasure of the orgasm was the best she had in her entire life. It went on for a solid 30 seconds before she collapsed in a heap.

"I don't think she'll ever disrespect her elders again" said Nikki, as she left the ring, leaving the ruined superstar behind.

"Thank you Nikki!" was the last chant Alexa heard from the crowd before passing out in the middle of the ring.

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