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First Impressions
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the July 8th, 2004 edition of SmackDown, Billy Kidman and Paul London
successfully won the WWE Tag Team Championship titles from the Dudley Boys
in a hard fought match. Both men, dressed in matching white wrestling shorts,
make their way to the backstage area with big smiles on their faces. "Oh
yeah! We did it! We knocked off the Dudleys and now we're the champs!" Kidman
says as he proudly looks at his tag team title belt.

"Billy, I'm so damn excited! I never thought I would win a title this soon
in my career in the WWE..." London says as he drapes his title belt over his
right shoulder.

Kidman smirks, "This is only the start... we keep these belts for a while,
we'll be on top of the world..."

"Totally!" London nods his head, and the two talented cruiserweights walk
towards the locker room area passing by the manipulative diva Sable who was
watching their match on a backstage monitor.

Sable folds her arms and presses her lips together as she narrows her eyes
mischievously as she watches the new WWE Tag Team Champions on SmackDown,
Billy Kidman and Paul London casually pass by the manipulative seductress.
Sable, dressed in a black one-piece outfit consisting of a top, concealing
her large chest, and pant legged bottoms. Sable licks her lips as she flips
her blonde, soft hair back "Excuse me..." Sable says as she turns to face
the newly crowned Tag Team Champions.

London and Kidman both stop in their tracks, thinking that Sable was talking
them. They turn around and look at the Sablicious woman, and they smiles,
"Hey Sable, what's up?" London asks as she takes his tag title belt off from
his shoulder.

"Did you see our match? We're the new champs," Kidman adds with a proud look
on his handsome face.

Sable smirks slightly as she nods her head "Ohh…yeah I saw alright." Sable
says as she points at both of them, noticeably at both of their crotches
"You two are pretty damn impressive.." Sable says as she licks her lips,
while locking her lust filled, manipulative eyes on the two SmackDown studs.
Sable places her hands on her slender hips and presses her soft, pouty lips

"Thanks Sable..." London smiles, "Some might think we got lucky, but we've
been beating the Dudleys on Velocity for weeks now."

"And now we get to celebrate being champions," Kidman adds, even though he's
been a tag team and cruiserweight champion multiple times in his career.

Sable smirks as she raises her eyebrow seductively "So...what do you boys
think of my...Oh so...Sablelious body?" Sable asks as she begins slide her
soft hands up from her hips and up her waist and stops at her chest, before
folding her arms over her chest.

Sable's seductive tone of voice and her alluring question gets both men to
look at her beautiful body. Kidman licks his lips unconsciously as he hangs
his tag team title belt around his neck, "It's hot Sable... you really stay
in great shape."

London nods his head in agreement, "Yeah... I got both of your Playboys back
from 1999... and you were hot then and you're hot now."

Sable smirks and presses her lips together " know...all the men
come to see me...and all those women...well those sluts, just want to be me!"
Sable says arrogantly before glancing down at the crotches of Kidman and
London once again "But...lets talk about you two."

London flips his fairly long black hair back so the bangs aren't hanging over
his eyes, "Ok... what about us?" He asks with a laugh.

Kidman catches Sable looking down at his crotch, "Or we can talk about
you..." Kidman says with a bit of a smirk.

Sable shrugs her shoulders with an arrogant smirk "I love talking about
me..." Sable says as she places her hands back on her slender hips and
slightly presses her large chest out "But...what I want to you
two have what it takes to be with this...Oh so Sablicious Diva."

"I dunno..." London shrugs his shoulders, "I would guess having a big dick
would be one of the qualifications..." London says with a slight laugh.

"Or being a pretty damn good looking guy," Kidman adds to the answer London
gave, as he start to see what Sable is getting at, "Or having championship

Sable nods her head and laughs " know..." Sable says as she starts
to approach London and Kidman "I just love a man...or men with gold..." Sable
says as she licks her lips, locking her sultry eyes on the two SmackDown

Kidman licks his lips as Sable comes closer, making it easier for himself and
London to smell the sweet perfume she's wearing, "Well... we're two men...
and we have gold..." Kidman says as he takes the tag title belt off from
around his neck. London catches on to what Sable means and grins as he looks
into her deep sexy eyes.

Sable flips her blonde hair back and smirks " boys...looking for

London nods his head; "I'm always up for fun... no matter what it is..."

Kidman laughs at his partner's eagerness, "I think we're both interested in
some fun Sable... especially some fun with someone... Sablicious..."

Sable grits her teeth gently as she folds arms off her chest "Good..." Sable
pauses for a moment and presses her lips together with a mischievous smirk
"Why don't you boys set down those titles...and get naked..."

Kidman and London both look around, since they are in a hallway, "Ummm out
here?" London asks with a raised eyebrow.

"I think we should go some place comfortable..." Kidman says even though he
places a hand on his tights to push them down in case Sable doesn't want to
go someplace private.

Sable shakes her head and laughs a bit "Ohhh no...if you want Sable...then
you get her...on her terms only..." Sable replies with an arrogant, conceded

London and Kidman both exchange looks before they each shrug and look back at
Sable, "I think we're cool with those terms..." Kidman says with a grin as he
lays his tag team title belt on top of a equipment trunk.

"Yeah... that's gonna be fun..." London says as he puts his tag title belt
next to Kidman's before they both being to lower their white wrestling

Sable slides her right hand through her soft, sultry blonde hair as she locks
her manipulative, seductive eyes on Kidman and London. She licks her lips
"Mmmm...I think I'm gonna have some fun..."

The two new WWE Tag Team champions lower their wrestling shorts from their
waists down to their ankles and step out of them. With the shorts being the
only piece of clothing they are wearing, Sable instantly sees London's
nine-inch cock and Kidman's eight-inch long shaft. Both men's dicks are very
thick, which is much to Sable's liking. London looks at Sable as she scans
his and Kidman's body with her sexy, calculating eyes, "You know Sable, you
seem a bit over dressed for fun..."

Sable smirks and presses her lips together "I'll make that decision..."
Sable replies with a cocky tone as she takes another step towards London and
Kidman, and is still a short distance away from them. Sable licks her lips
"You...come to me."

As if Sable casted a spell on him, Kidman walks the short distance towards
Sable, "I like a woman in charge..." Kidman says as he looks right into
Sable's eyes and is either unable or unwilling to look anywhere else.

Sable smirks and nods her head "Good..." Sable says before she lowers herself
down onto her knees in front of Kidman and gently grips his cock with both of
her hands. The manipulative Diva begins to gently stroke his cock up and down
with both of her soft, delicate hands.

Kidman moans instantly as Sable's experienced hands gently bring his cock to
its full hardness within moments. "Ohhhh fuck..." Kidman says as he closes
his eyes due to Sable being able to tease him as she stroke his shaft. Sable
looks up at Kidman with a sly smirk before she slowly leans her head in and
places her wet, manipulative tongue against the head of his cock. Sable then
begins to circle her skilled tongue around the head on his cock.

Just with the gentleness of her approach is making Kidman's body shiver with
pleasure, as Sable has him right where she wants him. "Mmmm... ohhh damn..."
Kidman says as he opens his eyes to look down at her as she slides her soft
warm tongue back and forth against the tip of his cock.

Sable locks her seductive, controlling eyes with Kidman as she starts to
gently tap her tongue against the head of his cock, before she pull her head
away. Sable smirks up at Kidman "Where's your buddy at?"

"I'm right here..." London says as he was standing behind Kidman, quietly
stroking his shaft. He walks towards his partner and Sable, and stands on
Kidman's right side. "You asked for me?" London asks with a smile as Sable's
eyes lock on him. Sable licks her lips and nods her head as she glances at
London's cock. Sable reaches down and grips London's cock with her right
hand, while still stroking Kidman's cock with her left hand. Sable pulls
London's cock towards her mouth and opens her mouth, taking his cock in
right away. She wraps her lips tightly around his cock and begins to bob
her head, while moving her hand up and down Kidman's shaft.

London instantly submits to Sable's hot moist mouth traveling back and forth
along his nine-inch shaft, coating it with her saliva. "Ohhhh my god... ohhh
my god..." London moans as he tilts his head back and looks up at the
ceiling. Kidman closes his eyes again and he moves his hips back and forth,
pushing his cock against Sable's left hand. Sable, with lips tightly locked
around London's cock begins to bob her head more swiftly and quickly then she
was before. Sable laps her luscious, wet tongue around his cock, splashing
his cock with her warm saliva. Sable removes her hand from Kidman's cock and
motions for him to get behind her, despite Sable still being clothed.

Kidman moves behind Sable and kneels down behind the former Women's champion.
He pulls her body up a bit so her round clothed behind is sticking up in the
air, and he runs his hands over her rump. "Uh Sable... I can't exactly have
fun back here... with you still dressed..." Kidman says as he pats her ass
with his hands.

London bites on his right index finger as Sable blows his mind away, "Ohhh...
ahhh shit... totally... Sablicious..." London moans loudly as he pushes his
left hand through her naturally blond hair. Sable slowly lifts her head up
from London's now saliva coated cock and looks back at Kidman with an annoyed
look on her face "Well...then take it off..." Sable replies in a somewhat
snotty tone as she starts rub her saliva against London's cock with the palm
of her right hand.

"I will..." Kidman replies with a smile as he begins to look for the zipper
on the back of Sable's black one-piece outfit. He soon finds it, and then
pulls it down, causing the tight material to become loose around Sable's
body. Sable smirks as she flips her blonde hair back and returns her
attention to London's cock. Sable once again opens her warm, wet mouth and
stuffs his cock back into her saliva-dripping mouth. Sable starts to swiftly
bob her head once again on the cock of Paul London.

"Ohhh... if I... died right now... I'd me going to heaven very happy..."
London says as he pushes his cock forward past her lips.

Kidman doesn't pay attention to his partner's comments as he tugs on the
material of Sable's black one-piece outfit, pulling it down her upper body.
His efforts are soon rewarded as he exposes Sable's tanned hot body. He rolls
the one-piece outfit down Sable's back then over her round perfect ass and he
almost faints as he looks at her backside, "Fuck you look great from back
here..." Kidman says as he gets close behind her to launch his cock into her
pussy as soon as possible.

Sable smiles a bit around London's cock as she starts to pat her tongue
gently around his prick as she bobs her head swiftly on his cock. The
arrogant diva, moans softly against London's cock and she cups his
ballsack with her left hand and begins to massage his balls. London bites
his lip as he can't quite voice how good Sable is making him feel as she
gives him the hottest blowjob he's ever had. Behind the arrogant diva,
Kidman places his hands on Sable's lower back as he starts thrusting his
thick eight-inch stick in and out of her tight pussy the moment the tip
passes her soft pussy lips. "Uhhh... ohhh fuck..." Kidman groans as the
tightness of Sable's luscious pussy clamps down on his cock, making it
difficult for him to fuck her faster than he is.

Sable's body jolts forward as feeling the sudden impact of Kidman's large
cock into her sweet pussy "Mmmmm ahhhh..." Sable moans around London's cock
as she starts to lap up London's cock in her mouth, taking more of the hot
stud's cock into her warm mouth.

"Mmmm... ahhh... Sable.... take it... ohh god..." London moans and his eyes
roll back a bit as Sable orally stimulates his cock. London puts both of his
hands on her head to keep himself balanced. Kidman grits his teeth and begins
sweating while he pumps his cock in and out of her pussy. He slides his hands
over her perfectly tanned skin, giving her lower back a slight massage as he
fucks her with eager driven intensity.

Sable's moan vibrate against London's cock as her backside slams back against
Kidman's cock as her quickly darts his cock in and out of her sweet pussy.
Sable slowly lifts her head up from London's cock and smirks "How about
some...Oh So...Sablicious tag team action?"

London looks down at her and smiles like a kid in a candy store, "Oh yes...
that's a great... hot idea..." London says as he wraps his right hand around
his cock to stroke it in order to keep it stiff.

A sweaty Kidman continues to bang Sable, "Hey... Paul... you want... to fuck
her ass...." He asks as he looks at his tag team partner.

London shakes his head, "No... I want... to fuck her pussy... I bet it's
tight as fuck... you can bang her ass..."

Kidman pretends to frown after hearing London's answer and pulls out of
Sable's pussy, "Fine... but her ass is Sablicious, so I win either way..."

Sable licks her lips "Ohhh have no idea."

"Well... let's get down and dirty..." London says with a smirk as he lays
down on the hallway, with his head right against the equipment trunk where
he and Kidman laid their tag title belts.

"Need a hand getting mounted on him?" Kidman asks Sable with a sly grin.

Sable shakes her head and smirks "No...I got that one handle.." Sable says as
she lowers herself down on to the floor and mounts herself on top of London's
rock solid, hard cock "Mmmm...ohhh...shit.." Sable groans as she places her
hands down on his chest before she starts to rock back and forth on his cock
as she begins to ride him.

London immediately puts his hands on Sable's round large chest and
presses his palms against her nipples. "Ohh... uhhh... damn... you're fuck
Sablicious..." London moans as Sable rocks smoothly back and forth on his
shaft. Kidman kneels behind the multi-time Playboy covergirl and presses his
thick cock against her tight asshole. Kidman doesn't thrust into her; instead
Sable pushes back against him and impales her own asshole with his cock.
Sable tilts her head back and groans after feeling Kidman's cock enter her
tight asshole after she rocks back on him cock. Sable grits her teeth as she
begins to buck her hips and ride London's cock faster, while bouncing and
pushing herself back against Kidman's cock in her tight asshole.

The veteran of the new WWE Tag Team champion begins the repeatedly drive his
shaft in and out of Sable's almost airtight asshole. "Uhhh... ohhhh mmmmm
baby..." Kidman grunts as he wraps his arms around Sable's body and places
his hands flat on Sable's flat stomach. London continues to play with Sable's
near perfect tits as he arches his back to slam his shaft up into her cunt.

Sable closes her eyes as she continually slams down on London's cock,
occasionally slamming down harder while she bucks her hips and throws all of
her weight back against Kidman's cock. The manipulative diva begins to sweat
as she moans "Ohhhhh fuck...yessss!"

London licks his lips as Sable keeps her full control of how fast and hard
she rocks and bounces on his nine-inch dick. "Ahhhh Sable... fuck you're...
so damn fun...." London moans as slides his hands from her large tits up to
her slender shoulders. Meanwhile, Kidman is focused on drilling Sable's
gorgeous ass with swift sharp thrusts that almost pushes her off of London's
hard dick.

Sable opens her eyes and looks down at London, shaking her head "Ohhh no...
baby...I'm the best..." Sable groans as she comes down roughly on London's
cock and her pussy begins to erupt with cum.

"Ohhhh... damn... ohhh fuck... ahhhh damn!" London moans loudly as Sable's
pussy squeezes his cock as she has a powerful orgasm. The warmth of Sable's
cum combined with her continuing to bounce on his cock is enough to make the
young WWE Tag Team Champion begin to blow his load inside of her cunt.

Kidman, meanwhile, is still fucking Sable's Sablicious ass with every thing
he has, until he can't hold out anymore. "Ohhh...damn you're hot... Sable...
hottest diva ever..." Kidman grunts as he pulls out of Sable ass and sprays
his hot sticky cum all over her beautiful backside.

Sable licks her lips and tilts her head back "Ohhh yesss..."

Kidman takes a moment to catch his breath after he's done cumming on Sable's
ass. He then moves and sits on the floor next to Sable and London. "Fuck...
that was fun... perfect... way to celebrate... us winning the tag straps
tonight...." Kidman says with an exhausted smile.

Sable smiles as she remains on top of London's cock. Sable shrugs "
guys weren't so bad.." She then smirks "Nothing like me though..." Sable says
as she flips her blonde hair back with an arrogant smile.

"Yeah... but I bet we left a good first impression with you..." London says
as he looks up at Sable as she moves a bit while still on his cock.

Sable smirks and nods her head slightly " did leave a good
impression.." Sable says as she lifts herself off of London's cock "Maybe in
a few weeks you boys...can make a better impression, though"

Kidman smirks as he watches Sable stand up, "If that's an offer to make a
second impression in a few weeks... we'll take it."

Sable smirks as she folds her arms over her bare chest "And...I'll be ready
for that."


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