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First Lady Of The Alliance
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the start of an episode of RAW is WAR broadcast in the summer of
2001, Shawn Stasiak and Mark Jindrak; two of the Alliance's talented young
studs are walking down the hallway towards the dressing room of 'Stone Cold'
Steve Austin and Debra. Both studs are dressed in jeans and in black WCW
t-shirts. Stasiak looks at Jindrak with an unsure look on his face, "Hey do
you know why we're going to Stone Cold's locker room?" Shawn asks.

"Don't look at me... I have no clue..." Jindrak says as she shrugs his
shoulders, "But you've been trying to kiss ass and get in good with them
shouldn't you know?"

Stasiak shakes his head, "I really don't have a clue... shit I hope we ain't
getting booted from the Alliance..." Shawn Stasiak says, thinking of the
worst possible outcome of the meeting he and Mark Jindrak are heading too.
The two studdly former WCW World Tag Team Champions slowly approach their
destination, and Jindrak knocks on the locker room door.

"Come on in..." Debra McMichael-Austin calls out from inside of the dressing
room belonging to Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra.

Stasiak and Jindrak exchange looks before Jindrak pushes the door open and
the two studs enter the dressing room. "Hey Debra..." Stasiak says as he
follows Jindrak into the room. Stasiak closes the door behind him and both
of the tall, muscular WCW studs look at Debra.

"You wanted to see us?" Jindrak asks as he puts his hands into the pockets
of his jeans.

The wife of the "Leader of the Alliance" Stone Cold Steve Austin and the
self-proclaimed "First Lady of the Alliance" Debra presses her lips together
and nods her head as she looks at Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak "That's
right...I did call ya here..." Debra replies as the beautiful wife of Stone
Cold Steve Austin is dressed in a tight pair of black leather pants and
tight-fitting leather vest-like top with '316' and 'Austin' printed in red
on the vest.

Stasiak slides a hand over his light brown hair as he shifts his feet a bit,
"So umm... what do you need us for..." Stasiak says as he looks at the
'First Lady of The Alliance' with a rather nervous look on his face.

"Well...first could I offer you some of famous, homemade 'Debra Cookies'?"
Debra asks with a proud smile as she motions to her left hand behind her to
the coffee table where a tray of her tasteless, horrible cookies sit idly by.

Jindrak slightly makes a face before he shakes his head, "No thank you... I
had a big lunch..." Jindrak says politely.

"Yeah me too..." Stasiak adds as he tries not to look at the awful tasting
cookies on the tray.

Jindrak slightly smirks a bit, "Debra he's lying... he didn't eat... and
Shawn loves cookies..." Jindrak says as he plays a little rib on his former
tag team partner.

Debra raises her eyebrow as the feisty wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin folds
her arms over her large, rounded chest "First of two are here for
a reason..." Debra slightly snaps as she narrows her at Jindrak and Stasiak.

Stasiak and Jindrak both turn serious after Debra slightly snaps at both of
the hot, young men. "Yes ma'am!' Jindrak says as he pulls his hands out of
his pockets and holds them at his sides.

Stasiak swallows a bit as he puts his hands behind his back. "We know we're
here for something... but we don't know what..." Stasiak points out, casually
reminding Debra that he and Jindrak have no clue what they are there for.

Debra locks her eyes with Jindrak and Stasiak as she slowly nods her head
"You know our great Leader...Stone Cold Steve Austin, my husband is paving
the way for guys like you, right?" Debra asks as she unfolds her arms and
brushes a strand of her golden blonde hair behind her left ear.

Jindrak and Stasiak both nod their heads at the same time, "Yeah we know...
he's a great leader... and it's awesome how he clears the way for us to
become superstars...." Stasiak says as he sucks up to Debra as he repeats
almost everything Debra has just said. Jindrak slightly gives his friend a
bit of a look, but he keeps his mouth shut.

Debra smirks and places her hands on her smooth, toned and flat stomach
"And...the point I'm trying to Steve, my husband" Debra says with
a proud, arrogant smile "Isn't sure two are loyal to him..."

Jindrak's mouth falls open in complete shock after hearing what Debra just
told him and Stasiak, "What?! We're completely loyal to him! Shawn here
kisses his ass like twenty-four hours a day!" Jindrak says as he gets a
worried look on his handsome face.

Debra nods her head "Well...that's for me to decide if you're loyal to
him..." Debra says with a sly, manipulative smirk.

Shawn Stasiak scratches the back of his head as he seems completely confused,
"Ummm... ok... and... how are you going to decide... cause we'll do anything
to show we're loyal to him..." Stasiak says.

"Yeah... anything!" Jindrak says as he's more worried than his friend is.

Debra laughs slightly "That's a good thing...because if I'm not pleased...
he'll know..." Debra replies as she glances down and narrows her eyes as she
casually looks at Stasiak and Jindrak's crotches "Remove your clothing..."
Debra suddenly says.

"Remove our..." Jindrak starts to question what Debra ordered, but he then
changes his mind and stops. Jindrak and Stasiak quickly start to strip out
of their clothing. Both men quickly pull off their black WCW t-shirts to
reveal their perfectly developed muscular upper bodies, then they move on
to unbuttoning their jeans. In almost near record time, Jindrak and Stasiak
remove their jeans and the boxer shorts they are wearing underneath them so
that they stand before 'The First Lady of the Alliance' completely naked
from head to toe, with their hands at their sides. Jindrak's cock is the
longer of the two studs, standing at thirteen inches in length, but Stasiak's
is noticeably thicker as it checks in at ten inches long.

Debra licks her lips as she nods her head "Very impressive..." Debra pauses
and smirks as she begins to approach Jindrak and Stasiak "Now you see Mark,'s quite simple you're going to fuck prove your loyalty to
the Alliance..." Debra finishes says as she lowers herself down to her knees
in front of Jindrak and Stasiak as she gently takes both of their hard, thick
cocks into her soft, smooth hands. Debra presses her lips together as the
"First Lady of the Alliance" begins to guide both of her hands, up and down,
on Jindrak and Stasiak's cocks.

Jindrak and Stasiak both get smiles on their faces as they exchange looks as
the gorgeous blond-haired wife of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin strokes both of
their cocks at an equally slow, teasing pace, making their meaty cocks grow
stiffer in Debra's soft, delicate hands. "We're... without a doubt ready...
to prove our loyalty to the Alliance!" Stasiak says as he can feel Debra's
hand loosen around his fat dick.

Debra smirks as she glances up at Stasiak and removes her hand from his cock
"Oh really..." Debra licks her lips "Get behind me...and get to work..."
Debra arrogantly commands before she turns to her head Jindrak's cock and
sticks her wet, delicate tongue out of her mouth and gently taps her tongue
against the head of Jindrak's cock.

"Yes ma'am!" Stasiak says with an eager smile on his young, tanned face and
he moves to get behind Debra. The studdly young wrestler nicknamed the 'Mecca
of Manhood' pulls Debra up slightly so that he's able to tug down Debra's
tight fitting black leather pants. As he lowers her pants, Stasiak gets an
eyeful of Debra's perfectly smooth ass cheeks and he licks his lips, "Shit...
I wish I was 'Stone Cold'..." Stasiak says in awe as he gets Debra's leather
pants down completely. After seeing that she isn't wearing any panties,
Stasiak puts his left hand on her waist and uses his right hand to guide his
fat hard cock towards and into Debra's hot, smooth pussy. "Ahhhh damn..."
Stasiak groans as he pushes his cock all the way into Debra's pussy before he
begins to thrust his cock in and out at a good solid pace.

"Mmmmm..." Debra groans as she gently pushes herself back against Stasiak's
cock as she laps her wet, delicate tongue around the head of Jindrak's cock,
coating the head of his cock with her warm and wet saliva. The "First Lady
of the Alliance" closes her eyes as she opens her mouth and lowers her
blonde-haired head down on Jindrak's cock, taking him into her warm and
soothing mouth.

Jindrak puts his hands on Debra's head and he bunches up her blond hair so
that he can hold it above her head with just his left hand. "Mmmm yea... I'll
do anything for the Alliance..." Jindrak moans as he tilts his head back and
enjoys the way Debra starts bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. Behind
Debra, Stasiak has both of his hands on Debra's round waist and is smoothly
picking up the pace as he pumps his cock deeply, in and out of her warm

Debra moans softly against Jindrak's cock and presses her lips tightly around
his shaft as she begins to quickly bob her head up and down on his shaft as
she sucks Jindrak's hard, meaty cock. Debra laps her tongue around Jindrak's
cock as she steadily pushes herself back against Stasiak's hard, thrusting
cock "Mmmm...mmmm...ohhh yess..." Debra moans around Jindrak's cock.

Stasiak groans as he drills Debra's warm tight pussy with sharper and harder
thrusts that make the leather vest wearing 'First Lady of the Alliance' move
back and forth between the two talented young Alliance wrestlers. "Ohhhh
yeah.... I hope... we're showing our loyalty..." Stasiak moans as he slides
his hands from Debra's waist and places them on her round smooth ass cheeks.
Debra slowly lifts her head up from Jindrak's cock as his cock drips off her
warm, wet saliva. Debra presses her lips together as she wraps her left hand
around his saliva coated cock and begins to massage Jindrak's cock with his
own saliva, as she strokes his cock.

Jindrak grits his teeth slightly as he feels Debra's left hand moving up and
down his large, saliva dripping cock, "Ahhh... mmmm.... Debra... what... can
I do... to show... my loyalty... to the Alliance...." Jindrak moans as Debra
twists her hand around his long shaft, while Stasiak continues to pump his
cock in and out of her pussy.

Debra gently grits her teeth together as she tilts her head back as Stasiak
gently slams his cock deeper into Debra's tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh...mmmm...
switch with Shawn..." Debra moans as she leans her head down and flicks her
tongue against the head of Jindrak's cock.

"Yes... ma'am..." Jindrak moans as he feels Debra's tongue flick against
the head of his cock a bit before she lets go of his shaft. He walks around
behind Debra just as Shawn Stasiak pulls his own cock out of her pussy.

"Man... I love proving my loyalty to the Alliance..." Stasiak says as he
licks his lips slightly.

"Same here..." Jindrak says as he positions himself behind Debra and slides
his long hard shaft into her warm, tight pussy. Before he begins to thrust
into her, Jindrak wraps his arms around Debra's slender waist and turns over
onto his back. He brings Debra with him so that now, 'The First Lady of the
Alliance' is mounted on his thick shaft, but with her back towards him.

Debra grits her teeth together as she leans back and places her soft hands
against Jindrak's smooth, muscular chest as she begins to gently rock back
and forth against his cock "Ohhhh ohhh...ohhh yesss..." Debra moans as
Stasiak stands next to her as she opens her mouth and leans her head in
towards Stasiak's cock. Debra wraps her lips around Stasiak's cock and
begins to bob her head along his shaft as she bounces and rocks on Jindrak.

Stasiak licks his lips and leans down in order to unbutton Debra's leather
vest, then he pushes it open so that the Debra's large beautiful tits are
available for him to see. "Ohhhh yes... mmm..." Stasiak moans as Debra takes
a good amount of his fat cock past her ruby-red lips as she slaps her tongue
against the bottom of his shaft.

Meanwhile, Jindrak has both of his strong hands right on Debra's hips and
he's helping the gorgeous wife of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin bounce up and
down on his shaft. "Ahhh... uhhhh damn... all for... the Alliance..." Jindrak
moans and smiles as he begins to thrust his shaft up into Debra's warm, wet
and tight pussy.

Debra twists her lips against Stasiak's cock as she works his cock deeper
into her warm, wet mouth as she bobs her head at a quicker pace along his
shaft, gently slapping her tongue against his cock as she gently grinds her
pussy against Jindrak's hard, thrusting cock "Mmmm....mmmm..." Debra moans
against Stasiak's cock as she begins to sweat.

Shawn Stasiak licks his lips as he reaches down with his left hand a caresses
Debra's left tit as she sucks mighty hard on his fat cock. "Ahhh ohhh fuck...
mmmm..." Stasiak moans as he closes his eyes and moves his hips back and
forth so that he's thrusting his cock between her lips. Jindrak licks his
teeth slightly as he slides his hands from Debra's waist and places them
underneath her ass, where he then begins to squeeze her smooth ass cheeks
each time Debra raises up on his shaft.

Debra slowly pulls her head away from Stasiak's cock, causing some of her
saliva to drip out of her mouth "Ohhhhh yeah..." Debra moans tilting her head
back as she rocks against Jindrak's hard, thrusting cock, as she bounces
smoothly on his cock as well.

Stasiak smirks a bit as he looks down at Debra's large tit jiggle as she
bounces easily on Jindrak's large thick shaft. "I love being part of the
Alliance..." Stasiak says as he kneels down in front of Debra and he puts
a hand on her large, round chest to have her lean back some more so that
he can start pushing his cock into Debra's already dick filled pussy.
Jindrak grits his teeth as he feels Stasiak's cock grind against is as
Debra's pussy stretches for both large, meaty dicks to be inside of her.

Debra licks her lips as she clenches her eyes shut, feeling Stasiak's hard,
thick cock enter her already cock-filled pussy "Ohhhhh...yesss..." Debra
groans as her body drips of sweat, while she gently rocks back against
Jindrak's cock before Stasiak begins to thrust into her pussy.

Stasiak and Jindrak are both sweating as they begin to thrust their cocks in
and out of Debra's pussy at almost the same rate, but there is enough of a
difference so that Debra can tell which man was pushing in deep and who was
pulling back. "Ahhh fuck... shit... shit... fuck..." Jindrak groans as both
his and Stasiak's cock are thrusted sharply into Debra's pussy at the same
time, and the force both men are using is making both of them breathe hard.

Debra tilts her head back and groans as she feels both Stasiak and Jindrak's
powerful cocks quickly ram deeply into her tight, warm pussy "
do have loyalty..." Debra moans as she begins to thrust her body against
Stasiak's cock, while she gently pulls against Jindrak's cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck... we... love the Alliance..." Stasiak groans loudly as
he clenches his teeth. The 'eager to please' studdly Alliance Member gives
Debra's hot tight pussy another deep thrust as he starts to cum inside of
her pussy, all while Jindrak is still thrusting his own dick into her pussy
as well.

As Stasiak's cum flows into Debra's pussy, Jindrak can feel it on his own
shaft, and the sudden added warmth on his own cock is enough to set him off,
and the handsome, muscular young wrestler starts to cum inside of Debra's
pussy as well, "Ahhhh... mmmmm..." Jindrak moans as he and Stasiak fill
Debra's warm tight pussy with their large loads of cum.

Debra closes her eyes as she leans back against Jindrak's smooth, muscular
body as sweat drips off of her hot, stunning body " husband,
Steve... my husband Steve... will now know...that you two are very loyal..."

Stasiak grins a bit, "That's... good... to know... cause we'll do anything to
prove our loyalty... to the Alliance... and especially the First Lady... of
the Alliance..."


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