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The First Time Monologues Part 1: Ms. Elizabeth
by Steph's Tittybaby

Hello, My name's Elizabeth and I guess I was chosen to tell you about my
first time making love. Well, it didn't happen until I was 19 back in 1976
when I met Randy. I was at a liqour store with a couple of other girlfriends
(oh, we weren't "like that"), but we just wanted to get a little drunk for
the night (you know how teenagers are). Just as we were about to pay for the
tequila and vodka, the clerk asked for I.D. and we all showed him our fake
IDs. Well, that wasn't a good idea, as we were busted (yes in that sense too
haha), and for sure we thought he was gonna call the cops and he started
dialing ... When a man walked in and said, "Stop right there, these fine
lookin ladies are buying that for ME!"

I turned my head and he was the most gorgous man I'd ever seen. He had thick
shades on, long frizzy hair, and was quite built for a smaller guy. He pulled
out his ID and paid for the liquor himself, as we all just stood in shock,
hoping noone would get in trouble. The clerk became more leanent and said,
"Go ahead and get the hell outta here."

After we left the liqour store and into the parking lot, we followed this man
as he got into his '67 Mustang Convertable.

"Hey, we want our liqour back", said Sherri a friend with us.

"Nope, I paid for it, it's MINE!" Said the strange man. He followed, "But
I'll let one of you lucky gals drink it with me ... And as he said that, he
looked up into my brown eyes and said, "And I think I'll choose you, hope on
in honey". I did what he said, "It's ok" I told my friends as they backed
away with talk of "Whatever" and "Who does she think she is?!" under their

"The name's Randy, what's yours?"


"Lizzy, I like that. That's short for what?"

"It's short for Elizabeth."

I think his heart melt once I told him my name because he just looked at me
with a glow on his face, I blushed a little bit.

"Well let's down this liquor before it stales on us," said Randy.

We each took turns taking shots on the tequila and I ment to buy orange
juice for the vodka to make ScrewDrivers, but Randy wanted to shoot it down
anyways. After about 25 minutes of pure binging, I was feeling very loosend
up and very dizzy from the enormous buzz I was feeling. Randy just sat back
and looked over at me, looking into my eyes, then down at my chest and
further to my hips and legs (although my entire body was covered with dark
denim). I was just relaxing and enjoying the buzz, listening to "Macho Man"
by The Villiage People on the radio.

Without saying anything, he leaned into me and kissed me and at the sametime,
cupped my right breast and begin feeling it through my pink sweater. I was a
bit shocked, but too dazed to do anything about it, besides, I was felt up
before in High School and I liked a guy's hands on my boobs.

Soon, he had my sweater pushed up along with my black silk bra and was
sucking on my nipples. Noone's ever done that to me before and to be quite
honest, it's a very good sensation. His hands felt my legs and thighs before
starting to undo my jeans and before I realized it, they were off along with
my shoes and socks. I knew what I think Randy was doing, and since I did have
an instant attraction to him, I didn't bother stopping him, so I just lifted
my tops off of me and that's when he suggested we go into the back seat.

I crawled back, wearing only my black silk panties, but Randy kept in the
front seat. I looked over the seat and he was taking off his jeans and
briefs. He took off his shirt before comming into the back seat with me. He
immediatly took off my panties and leaned down and started licking my pussy
lips. I thought I was in heaven before he reached up and started playing
with my boobs. I was only a 34B but Randy's hands sure felt good on them.
He licked me out for a good 5 min. before he knelt up and said, "Have you
ever tasted a Macho cock before?". I just shook my head no, then he grabbed
the back of my head and brought me into his cock as I opened my mouth and
started licking it.

"Suck it Elizabeth, suck this MACHO cock!"

I did was this Macho Man wanted me to do, and I kept sucking and sucking on
his weiner, hearing him moan was really started to turn me on as his licked
and playing did earlier.

"Ok, that's it! Now I'm gonna fuck your brains out, OH YEAH!"

Since it was my first time, I was bit nervous, but with Randy quickly
grabbing my ankles and holding them up to the car ceiling, I didn't have time
to be nervous as he slid his cock into me, brushing on into my love canel for
the first time, breaking my hymen at the sametime. The pain was bad, but the
way Randy held onto my ankles with my legs spread and up in the air, the way
he was fucking me, I was too turned on to take in the pain. And soon he came
inside of me at the sametime I was on my 2nd orgasm.

After that, we both got dressed and he drove me home. He stopped me as I was
walking away, towards my house.

"Hey. Elizabeth."

I turned, "Yes Randy?"

"Listen, I'm wrestling in Orlando this next weekend. Maybe you'd like to come
along and check it out." He suggested to me.

I just smiled, "Remember this address, I'll be ready by 2".

He just replied, "I can dig it, OHHHhhh YEAHHHHhhh!", and he drove off and
that's how I lost my virginity.
_ _ _

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