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suits! Better yet do something stupid and blame video games, no one's sick of
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Author's Note: I figured I'd held add to WOWEFA again, after D+K need to get
a new keyboard after the stories they sent in. Happy 500 guys ;) This will
probably be a series, should I get decent enough feedback and this story is
set just before Jay Lethal became 'The Black Machismo'. I'm not too sure on
the time line as I missed a whole lot of TNA so don't cry plot holes on
me. ;)

Knockout: Traci 'Miss' Brooks

Codes: MF, Cons, Inter, Anal, Oral

First You Get The Money... How To Make A Star In TNA
by Doctor Rock (

As TNA comes back from an ad break on Spike TV we see Don West and Mike Tenay
at the broadcast table. "Well Don as some of the viewers of TNA today may
have noticed is that Jay Lethal has...Well a unique talent aside from his
ring ability!"

Don laughs in his trademark gravel like voice and looks at Mike. "That's
right Mike let's show the viewers at home what TNA Idol caught on tape!"

Mike smiles a sly smile. "Roll the footage guys in the back!"

The camera's cut to footage caught on the popular TNA Today video service
hosted by Youtube and TNA's website. Val is steadily drinking herself into a
coma and the other two judges are sitting bored stiff. Jay Lethal walks into
the room, 'Big Kev', already bored of Jay and his X-Division antics rolls his
eyes and nods. Jay returns the nod and nervously clears his throat; he then
proceeds to blast out a very weak rendition of 'Saving Grace'. Kev's eyes bug
out, the other judge bursts out laughing and Val sprays his alcoholic
substance forward laughing at the rendition.

"Holy hell son! That was awful! What possessed you to sing that!?" Kevin
laughs as Jay starts to suffer from a terrible shade of embarrassment.

"Well Kevin this isn't just about singing...Jay, do you have any other
talents?" Val said drunkenly, Kevin shakes his head as she starts to eye Jay

Jay looks up and smiles slightly; he slowly rubs his chin and speaks up.
"Other talents? Well I do have one..."

Kevin lets out a disappointed sound and motions for Jay to carry on. Jay then
lets rip with his amazing Macho man impression, knocking the socks off of the
judges, Val imparticular. She quickly rubs her eyes and swaps the vodka for
bottled water. Kevin lets out a roar of laughter and rubs his hands
excitedly, he stands up and walks over to Jay, and putting his big arm around
Jay's shoulder he pats him on the chest. "Ladies and gentlemen...We have a
winner! Now Jay we've got so much to talk about..."

As the camera's cut back to Mike and Don, Mike raises his eyebrows as Don
lightly chuckles and gently strokes his chin. "Well there you have it folks!
Jay Lethal has a new supporter in 'Big Kev' Kevin Nash. I understand that
they've both been working hard in the gym, preparing for the unveiling of the
Jay Lethal!"

Mike smiles as Don speaks up to the camera and seemingly splitting his
attention to the viewers at home and Mike. "Well, it's no secret that Jay has
been checking the 'L' column a lot lately. Let's hope he can turn his luck
around in his match tonight against Robert Roode!"

"Speaking of which that match is next!" Mike says as he almost cuts Don off,
'No More Tears', Roode's theme music hits the p.a and he is hit by a chorus
of boos. Roode steps out of the ramp as his pyro display is set off,
accompanying Roode to the ring as ever is 'The Floatation Floozy' Miss
Brooks. They both make their way down to the ring as the crowd continue to
boo him; Ms Brooks takes the time to personally yell at some fans. Roode
stops at the ring side and yells at Miss Brooks to part the ropes for him.
Miss Brooks hurries to the ring and parts the ropes, Roode steps in with
his elegant ring robe and walks to the middle embracing the boos.

The music then swaps over to Jay Lethal's music as Roode and Miss Brooks look
to the entrance ramp in disgust. Jay Lethal then steps out minus Kevin Nash;
Jay looks at the ring and nods his head positively. Jay walks down to the
ramp to the positive cheers of the crowd, Jay slaps hands with a few of them
before sliding into the ring to start the match. "Well here we go DW, let's
see if Kevin Nash's training has helped Jay out at all!"

* * *

It didn't. Jay Lethal lost to Robert Roode after interference from Miss
Brooks. Impact goes off the air but TNA Today catches Kevin Nash and his new
protégé, Jay Lethal walking backstage. Kevin is wearing the brown suit he had
on in the TNA Idol skit, Jay is wearing his wrestling shorts minus the knee
pads and has on over his chest a plain black 'Impact' shirt. "I don't get it
Kevin, how did I lose the match with Roode? I thought this training was sure
to have got me the win!"

Kevin sighs gently and puts his hand on Jay's shoulder. "Son, these star
makeovers don't happen over night. You've got to work on it, put time and
effort into it. But don't strain yourself too hard, you don't want to burn
yourself out. Take time to get their and the victory will be that much
sweeter, like the saying goes... "First you get the money, then you get the
power, then you get the respect!"

Jay crooked an eyebrow as Kevin finished speaking; a sly grin crept across
Jay's face as he looked at Kevin and nodded. "Right I got you; I've got
somewhere to be Kevin. I'll talk to you later!" Jay then makes his way off
as Kevin holds his arms apart in 'where you going' type fashion.

Kevin shakes his head and turns away as the cameras follow Jay Lethal down
the hall. We can hear from off the camera a woman yelling at somebody who did
something wrong. The camera spins over Jay's shoulder and we can see Miss
Brooks wearing: a short black skirt, long black boots and a tight white shirt
roughly two sizes too small showing off her impressive chest. Her hair is
tied up in a bun and she has her red rimmed glasses folded over clipped on
the front of the shirt just below her massive cleavage. She is yelling at a
worker backstage who is clearly quite upset, Jay steps forward and taps Miss
Brooks on the shoulder. Miss Brooks spins around still frothing with anger.

"What!? Oh jeez...Uh...Jay is...Is this about your match earlier?" Miss
Brooks slowly stutters out, she slowly steps back, her anger being faded out
by fear. Jay puts his hands up in the air and slowly runs a hand through his
shoulder length black hair.

"No, this is actually about something Kevin told me, he said 'first I get the
money'. I figured you were the best person to talk about money."

Miss Brooks looks Jay up and down, she seems almost unsure as to whether or
not he's luring her into a trick. "Honestly? You came to me for advice about

Jay nods as she looks him up and down. "Sure we can go to my office, Robert's
away at a meeting, he said he didn't need me. It's just this way." Miss
Brooks turned around in a one eighty and started to walk down the hall. Jay
turns around to the camera and gives it an 'All right!' style thumbs up.

Miss Brooks opens up a door and lets the camera and Jay into a nice sized
office tucked away in a corner of the sound stage at Orlando. As Miss Brooks
closes the door Jay spins around to look at her, he seems restless as he puts
his hands behind his back but quickly lets them drop again. "So Jay, you want
to talk money do you?" Jay nods and makes a yes sound, Miss Brooks smiles
slyly as she moves her hands up and undoes the bun in her hair. "You want to
get the money yeah?" Jay nods again unsure as of the path where Miss Brooks
is taking him. "Well, first you have to earn it! Take off your clothes."

Jay's jaw drops slightly and tilts his head to the left unsure of what he
just heard. Miss Brooks takes her glasses off of her shirt's front and slowly
starts to unbutton said shirt. She puts her glasses down on the side and
takes off the shirt, her massive chest spilling out of it. Jay smiles and
slips his shirt off over his head, before slowly pulling his wrestling shorts
down releasing his soft eight inch cock. As Jay starts to unlace his boots
Miss Brooks catches a look of Jay's cock, she grins and throws the shirt on
the floor.

Miss Brooks now clad in a lacy black bra, short skirt and boots walks over to
the expensive couch. She goes down on her hands and knees and moves forward,
shaking her ass tauntingly. "If you want the money, you have to earn it. Now
eat out my ass hole!" Miss Brooks said with a grin as she pushes her ass into
the air, Jay looks at her and smiles.

Moving forward Jay goes down to his knee's behind the kneeling beauty in
front of him. Smiling Jay moves his hands up to her short skirt and slowly
starts to pull it down revealing a lacy black thong matching her bra. Jay
slides the thing down from her ass, looking down at her juicy cunt Jay could
already see that she was starting to get wet.

We see Jay puts his hands on her ass, gently squeezing he parts her ass
cheeks letting him see her brown ass hole. Moving his head closer, Jay
extends his tongue and gently flicks it over the hole. The sudden sensation
sent a shockwave down Miss Brook's spine making her moan eagerly. Jay taking
this sign started to flick his tongue over her asshole making circles with it
and darting it in and out. Miss Brooks started to breath heavier as she
reached behind her and unclasped her bra letting her tits fall out loosely.
Miss Brooks let out a moan as she started to cum over the sensation in her
ass, pushing her ass back; Jay slowly moved holes and scooped up some of her
cum. His tongue lightly grazing her soaking wet cunt, Miss Brooks sighed and
wiped the sweat off of her brow. "Now fuck my ass! See if you can manage to
make me cum again, but don't you even think about cumming!"

Jay's now rock hard thirteen inch dick had no lubrication but that didn't
seem to bother Jay as he gripped it in his right hand. Using his left hand to
part her ass cheeks he took one look at her and quickly slammed his big black
dick in her instantly going balls deep. Miss Brooks let out a moan of
surprise as she felt his big balls smack against her cunt, putting both of
his hands on her ass cheeks Jay started to pull out and slide straight back
in. Miss Brooks' moans let him know he was doing a good job as she moved a
hand down between her legs and slowly started to finger herself, Jay smiled
and started to quicken up his pace. Sweat started to drip down his chest as
he saw Miss Brooks' back start arch again, he could sense her orgasm was
coming he just had to keep his own one at bay.

Giving up, Miss Brooks threw her head back and came all over her fingers, her
juice running down her legs. Coming down off of the orgasm she felt that Jay
was till pounding away in her ass. "Ugh, good boy now fuck my wet cunt, it's
just aching for a big cock!" Pulling out of her ass, Jay redirects his aim
and slams straight back into her cunt; Jay wipes some sweat away from his
forehead. Jay then grips her ass cheeks and starts to pump mercilessly away,
Miss Brooks throws her head back and let's out a loud moan bouncing around
the room. Miss Brooks' tilts herself back and starts to ride Jay's dick,
moving her hands up Miss Brooks starts to fondle her tits. Jay then wraps his
arms around her smooth stomach; he gently starts to help her bounce on his
massive black dick. Eventually it got to the point where with her added
bounces he started to fall out of her cunt and slam straight back in.

"Ah...I'm gonna cum soon!" Jay reluctantly let out as they both started to
slow the bounces, neither able to keep up the pace.

"All right let me get off you and then you get the money!" Jay crooks his
left eye brow as he stops bouncing her and let her climb off of his massive
dick, slick with her pussy juice. "Now sit down!" Miss Brooks commanded as
Jay sat down on the sofa leaning back and putting his arms on the back. Miss
Brooks sank to her knees and wrapped a hand around Jay's black cock and
started to jerk, leaning forward Miss Brooks opened her mouth and let her
tongue flick over the head. Making a circle Miss Brooks then stopped jerking
and went completely down on his dick, Jay watched in awe as Miss Brooks deep
throated him with little to no trouble.

Pulling her head back, Miss Brooks starts to bob her head more rapidly,
losing the deep throat but roughly covering six inches of his big dick. Miss
Brooks put her hand up on the base and held it still as she increased her
bobbing, using her right hand she moved that up to his ball sack and start to
roll them about in her fingers. "Ugh, I'm gonna...I'm gonna...OH YEAH!" Jay
let out suddenly again as Macho Man.

Miss Brooks raised an eyebrow and pulled up off of his dick allowing him to
cum all over her sweaty face. Shots tore through the air smacking her all
over the face some landing on her left cheek, sticking her tongue out Miss
Brooks caught most of it in her mouth while the rest landed on her right
cheek. The strands stopped coming and Jay let his head fall forward exhausted
from the encounter, Miss Brooks looked up at Jay, swallowed hard and smiled.
"Now you've got the money, what's next?"

Wiping some sweat away again, Jay looked own at her scratching his head
lightly. "Power...Who has power around here?"

Snorting loudly Miss Brooks got up off of her knees and scooped up the cum.
"That little bitch Christy Hemme has 'Hemme power'. Whatever that is..." Miss
Brooks her head as the TNA Today episode comes to a close.

Authors Note 2: I'm not sure about that 'Oh yeah!' whenever he cums, made me
chuckle when I thought of it but I could see it getting annoying quickly. If
you'd like to include that in the feedback I'd appreciate it!

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