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Fishnet Fantasy
by Revolution

Trish Stratus had a photo shoot coming up called Divas Undressed, a lingerie
magazine featuring the WWE divas in sexy lingerie. Trish had picked out a
number of outfits, focusing on the color black. Trish thought she had done a
good job in selecting the outfits but there was one she wasn't sure about.
She needed a man's opinion on how it looked but who could she get to give her
an opinion? That's when she remembered one of the guys who worked at her gym.
He was always checking her out but she didn't mind because he did it in a
cute way. He wasn't obvious about it at all but she'd catch him every now and
then looking her over. Trish called Mike and told him of her situation. Mike
jumped right on the opportunity. Trish also told Mike to bring a friend with
him because she wanted a second opinion. The following day, the doorbell rang
and Trish answered the door in a black silk robe. Her blond hair was pulled
back somewhat but it still flowed down her shoulders.

"Hey there buddy," Trish smiled and she gave Mike a kiss on the cheek.

"It's good to be seeing you again, Trish. This is my friend Chris. He'll be
providing the second opinion I talked about with you on the phone," Mike

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Chris said.

"A pleasure," Trish laughed, "I think its going to be a real PLEASURE filled
day today."

"What does THAT mean?" Mike asked.

"Well this outfit, it just makes me feel so erotic, so sexual," Trish winked.

"That's interesting," Chris said.

"Shhhhh," Trish shushed them as she pressed her index finger against Mike's
lips. Trish worked her finger into Mike's mouth, rubbing it against his
tongue while keeping her heavenly hazel eyes locked on him. Trish pulled her
finger out of Mike's mouth then placed it inside of her own mouth, simulating
oral sex.

"Let me show you," Trish said in a low, sexy voice. Trish ever so slowly
undid the three buttons of her black silk robe. She teased the men with a
glimpse of what was underneath before she let it slide down her shoulders
to the floor. Mike and Chris were stunned. They both tried to say something
but nothing would come out. Instead they just stood there with their mouths
hanging wide open and their eyes bulging out of their sockets. They had
literally been rendered speechless as Trish stood before them wearing a
black tube top that went from just above her nipples to a few inches above
her naval. Her lower half was tightly encased by black fishnets and small
black thong. To complete the breathtaking outfit, Trish had on a pair of
black thigh high boots which stopped inches above her knees. She had
definitely outdone herself with this number.

"Why don't we take this into the living room?" Trish said.

Mike thought he had nodded in agreement but was still staring at the amazing
specimen before him. Trish turned around and began leading them into the
living room. Their eyes were locked on her round, thick, yet oh so firm butt
trapped inside those sexy black fishnets and flossed by a small black thong.
It looked as good, if not better, then it did on television and in pictures.
They made their way into the living room where Trish sat both of them down
on the couch. Trish stood a couple feet in front of them with her backside
facing them.

"So Chris, mister second opinion, what's your opinion so far on my outfit?"
Trish asked.

"Holy fuck, Trish. It looks .. It looks .. It looks so YUMMY, especially that
ass!" Chris stammered.

"Your faces and the bulges in your pants say it all. Go ahead, pull those big
things out," Trish encouraged.

The two guys breathed sighs of relief as they undid their flies and let their
rapidly forming hard-on's free. It was a good thing because Trish began to
give Mike and Chris a little show. She grabbed two handfuls of her thick ass
cheeks and began spreading them apart and pushing them together. She dug her
fingers deep into her buns, making them jiggle for them.

"Ohhh god, Trish, that's so hot," Chris commented. "I could stare at that ass
all fucking day," Mike added.

Trish kept jiggling the flesh of her fine ass between her fingers. She then
kept her legs straight as she bent all the forward, touching her toes. Trish
rubbed the thin strip of thong material which covered her asshole and pussy.
Slowly she stood back up and looked over her shoulder, seeing just how much
Mike and Chris were enjoying this wonderful display of her ass. Trish grabbed
the sides of her black tube top and pulled it up over her head, letting her
large breasts bounce free. Trish rubbed her tits as she walked towards them.
She rubbed their chins and got them to stand up.

"I know you came for to see my outfit but you're going to stay for this ass.
I can tell it looks as tasty as ever but don't these look tasty too?" Trish
said, referring to her breasts, "Go ahead and find out."

Mike cupped her right tit in his hands and began sucking on her nipple. It
was very tasty, indeed. Chris focused on her left tit, tasting that nipple.
Trish began sighing and moaning softly as her nipples became very hard.
Trish's arousal grew until she found herself with a cock in each hand and a
man on each breast. Trish rubbed their cocks faster and faster as her arousal
grew. After several minutes of this, Trish released her grip on the dicks and
stepped back. The saliva on her tasty breasts shined in the light.

"I want you to follow me and by the end of this little trip, I promise you
that you'll both be cumming," Trish said. Trish began leading the way like
only she could. The journey brought Mike and Chris to a set of stairs. Trish
took a couple steps up so her ass was just above their eye level and paused.
She leaned forward with each slow step up the stairs pushing out her round
booty. They made their way up the stairs as slowly as Trish did, their eyes
fixated on her fishnet covered ass. Trish began swaying her hips a little
extra with each step shaking that ass from left to right. It took a few
minutes to get up all the way up the stairs going at such a slow pace. They
followed Trish's full butt down the hallway to the master bedroom. By the
time they made it there, the men's cocks were throbbing and their balls
rapidly tightening.

"Are you gonna cum?" Trish asked quietly.

"Almost," Mike said.

"I'm so close," Chris said. Trish dug her fingers deep into her ass and gave
it a couple good jiggles sending them over the top. Trish could tell that
both of the guys were approaching climax so she got right down on her knees.
Trish felt both of their nut sacks then went to Chris first. She opened her
mouth wide and rested the head of his cock against her bottom lip. She gave
it a few tugs and soon streams of cum were shooting into her mouth. Trish
gave Chris' shaft a few more squeezes and moved over in front of Mike.
Trish's mouth was still wide open and she hadn't swallowed the cum. Mike
released his grip and let Trish take control. She rested his cock just inside
her mouth and stroked it. He grunted and groaned as cum shot into her mouth.
Trish tilted her head back, her mouth filled with two big loads of cum. She
took a deep breath in through her nose and closed her mouth. A loud GULP
filled the room followed by the smacking of Trish's lips as she swallowed all
of that cum at once.

"Now that's yummy," Trish said, licking her lips just in case there was any
last little bits of cum left, "But let's get down to business."

Chris sat down on the edge of the bed and Trish began walking towards him.
She slipped her fingers underneath the sides of her thong and started to pull
it down. Mike stepped forward and grabbed Trish's wrists, stopping her from
taking off her thong.

"Allow me," Mike said.

Mike slowly peeled down the thong, revealing that the fishnets covered
everything underneath. The fishnets were wedged deep in Trish's ass crack
along with the thong. He planted a few kisses on her soft buns as he removed
the thong. Trish stepped out of the thong and Mike's hands pressed on her
ass. He grabbed onto that round butt as he began kissing up her fishnet
covered thighs. Trish's thighs were about as scrumptious as her ass. So full,
round and firm yet not too muscular. They were a perfect road up to the prize
that rested on top of them. Mike grabbed Trish's buns tightly and spread them
apart. He ran his tongue along her pussy, as it worked it way through each of
the holes in the fishnets along the way.

"Oohhhh bury your face deep in my ass," Trish said.

SMACK! SMACK! Mike gave her ass a few swift smacks, watching it shake before
his eyes.

"Lay down, baby, and I'll sit right down on that face," Trish said.

Mike laid down on the floor and licked his lips, almost drooling, as Trish
parked her ass on top of his face. Her ass cheeks squished right down against
his face as his nose and tongue were buried between her cheeks. Trish wiggled
around on top of his face as his tongued her anus.

"Don't just sit there, Chris," Trish said, "Bring that cock over here."

Chris stood up and moved himself in front of Trish. Trish continued grinding
against Mike's face but began to suck off Chris at the same time. Trish
began making loud slurping noises as her mouth filled up with saliva, giving
Chris a wet blow job. Mike can hardly breathe with his face amerced in
Trish's tasty fishnet covered butt. As much as Chris enjoys having Trish's
soft pouty lips wrapped around his dick, he wants to devour Trish's ass. Mike
reluctantly gives up his place underneath the blonde's thick booty. Chris
bends Trish over on her knees and spreads her cheeks apart, licking the rim
of Trish's pretty little anus. Trish opens up her mouth, inviting Mike to
stick his long unit inside. Trish sucks tightly on his dick, getting it nice
and wet. She pulls it out of her mouth and starts licking from his balls all
the way up to the tip of his cock. Chris lubes up his index finger with some
saliva and works it into Trish's asshole. He moves his face down and starts
softly biting her clit as he fingers her asshole.

"Oooohhh ooohhhh right there, yeeeah, right ohhhh right there," Trish moans
in approval.

"Ohhh fuck Trish this ass looks so good," Chris sighed.

Chris stepped back and started slapping his rock hard dick against Trish's
soft butt. He lifted up part of the fishnets and slipped his dick in,
trapping it between the fishnets and Trish's ass. He bucked his hips
slightly, grinding against that soft ass flesh. Chris left some small drops
of precum on her butt.

"Don't tease me anymore, Chris, give it to me - give me your big hard cock
deep in my asshole. That's where I want it, Chris, I want it in the butt,"
Trish commanded.

Chris held the base of his shaft and guided it into Trish's asshole. It
barely fit inside the blond bombshell's behind. He very slowly and carefully
pushed it inside, deeper and deeper. Trish's grip on Mike's cock became
tighter as she felt her anal cavity being penetrated. With his dick halfway
inside of Trish's asshole, Chris paused just admiring the view. Chris grabbed
a nice handful of booty as he began pumping deep inside of Trish.

"Fuck I love it in the ass," Trish cooed between slurps on Mike's prick.

She wrapped her hands around Mike's back and pulled him closer, taking
almost all of his cock deep in her luscious mouth. Chris rubbed Trish's butt
and spread her ass cheeks apart so he could increase his tempo. Trish was
starting to really relax now and let her asshole loose. Chris enjoyed every
moment of pounding such a beautiful booty. He thrusted deep into Trish,
feeling his balls smack against her sloppy wet pussy. He watched her ass and
juicy thighs jiggle with each thrust. Those black fishnets making them look
even more delicious. He started going at her real fast, so fast that his dick
slipped out of Trish's ass. He slapped it against her gaping asshole and
shoved it back in.

"You like fucking my ass?" Trish asked.

"Ahhh yeeah, it's so fucking good," Chris groaned.

"Is it nice and tight?" She asked.

"Ohhh fuuck it's too good," Chris grunted.

Chris saw that Mike was dieing to get a piece of that fine ass. He gave Trish
a few more pumps before pulling out. Chris gave Trish's ass a kiss then moved
around her front while Mike moved around back. Trish grabbed Chris' cock
right away and sucked off the taste of her asshole. Mike gave Trish's butt a
couple light slaps then spread her cheeks apart as he inserted himself into
her asshole. He grabbed her hips tightly and just started slamming real deep
and hard into Trish's ass.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh yes! Oh yes! YES! YES!" Mike screamed out.

He squeezed Trish's tanned buns, his fingers sinking deep into her booty
flesh. Trish's head bobbed up and down on Chris' cock. She was having a hard
time sucking on it because she was moaning so much from the intense ass
fucking Mike was giving her. Mike grabbed Trish's blond hair and tugged back
on it, lifting up her head as he pounded her.

"That's it, Mike, you slam that ass hard," Trish encouraged.

"I want back in that booty," Chris said.

"No way, I'm not done yet," Mike responded.

"Why don't you both get in there? Stick both of those big dicks in my ass,"
Trish suggested.

There was no argument from either Mike or Chris. Trish directed them, laying
Chris down on the ground. Trish straddled him and lowered her ass down onto
his prick. She sat right down, taking the cock deep up in her asshole. Mike
then squatted down behind Trish's backside and pushed his cock inside of her
asshole alongside Chris'.

"OH! OH! OHHHH GOD!" Trish cried out, her ass filled up to the brink.

"Fuck that's so tight," Mike grunted.

Mike tried pumping into Trish's asshole but the fit was just so tight. He
grabbed onto her butt and just forced his way in and out of the tight fit. It
was like a vice grip, feeling so good in there.

"Ohhh yess, TWO COCKS IN MY ASS! YEAH! I fucking love that! Ohhh yeeah fuck
that ass! Come on! Ohhhh yes!" Trish moaned loudly.

Both men spread apart Trish's ass cheeks as much as they could as Mike pumped
in and Chris thrusted up. Trish screamed out in pleasure as two big dicks
ripped into her small asshole. Mike and Chris grunted and groaned, going to
work on that beautiful ass. Trish pressed her chest down tight against
Chris', her large breasts rubbing against his chest.

"Spank my ass," Trish requested.

Mike laid some good hard SPANKS on Trish's ass. The fishnet covered goodness
of Trish's booty jiggled with each spank. Trish screamed out in passion, her
asshole filled up with two cocks. She then asked the two men to pick her up.
Slowly, Mike and Chris got up, still inserted into Trish and picked her up
in the air. Chris held Trish by her juicy thighs while Mike supported Trish
with two big handfuls of booty. They bounced Trish up and down in the air,
her asshole double stuffed with man meat.

"Oh god I love it! Oh I love having two dicks all up in my ass! Unnhhhhh!
Unnnhhhhh fuuuuuck yeessss!" Trish screamed out.

"Fuck this ass feels so nice," Mike groaned.

"You're too much Trish! Too fucking much," Chris exclaimed.

They bounced Trish's perfect little frame in the air for a little longer. It
was getting tougher and tougher as the massive loads of cum built up inside
of them. Their knees became weaker and weaker and soon they had to let Trish
down. Trish rubbed her asshole, it was sore and stretched but she loved the
feeling. Trish dropped to her knees and started sucking off both guys at the
same time. She slobbered all over their cocks getting them dripping wet with

"Mmmmhh mmmmhhh so tasty mmmmmmh! Are you about to cum?" Trish asked.

"Almost, Trish, but let get a little bit more of that sweet ass before I do,"
Mike said.

Mike laid Trish down on her side in a spoon position. He laid right down next
to her and inserted his prick back into Trish's inviting asshole. He rubbed
Trish's firm buttocks with one hand and her thick juicy thighs with the
other. Mike kissed Trish on the neck as he pumped into her asshole nice and
slow. Trish enjoyed the change of sensation from a hard double ass fucking to
a nice slow one man job.

"Ohh my god Trish, I'm so close, ohhh I'm almost there," Mike said through
heavy breaths.

"I wanna feel it all over my butt," Trish cooed.

Mike gritted his teeth, trying to hold out, giving Trish's butt a couple more
bangs. Finally, he couldn't hold out any longer. Mike quickly pulled out of
Trish's asshole and with one jerk, he sprayed steaming squirts of white cum
all over Trish's beautiful booty. He grunted as he pushed his shrinking cock
back into Trish's asshole one last time. Trish rolled over onto her stomach
while rubbing the cum all over her butt. Her ass glistened with cum through
the black fishnets. Mike's cock was still throbbing and was a deep purple
color after releasing an excessive amount of jizz onto Trish's behind.

"Your turn, big boy," Trish said to Chris.

Chris spread Trish's legs apart a little more and got right down on top of
her backside. He worked his cock into her asshole. Once it was firmly lodged
in there, Chris held Trish's midsection tight and wildly humped her ass. Her
soft, round buns cushioned Chris' as he slammed down real hard and real fast.

"Your ass makes me so horny, ohhh fuuuck!" Chris shouted.

"Pound it! Pound it! POUND IT HARD! Yeah Chris! Pound that ass like you want
to!" Trish moaned.

"Ohh fuck - so good yesss - so good fuck! I'm gonna blow!" Chris exclaimed.

Chris pulled out and got onto his knees right below Trish's ass. He proceeded
to add another huge load of cum onto Trish's already wet butt. Chris squirted
out every last drop onto Trish's butt. He slapped his cock against her ass,
feeling its goodness.

"I take it that you liked the outfit?" Trish asked with a sly grin.

Both Mike and Chris gave her the double thumbs up. Trish gave them both
kisses on the cheek and then showed them out. Trish closed the door and
laughed to herself, loving the power she had over guys. After this
experience, neither Mike nor Chris would ever be able to have a
relationship because no woman could match up to Trish Stratus.

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