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Fixing A Model
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown TV Taping in the late spring of 2006, the
narcissistic metrosexual model known as Sylvan is standing near the make-up
area, looking at himself in the mirror. Dressed in white wrestling shorts, a
white sleeveless trenchcoat, Sylvan admires himself in the mirror, "Ah
Sylvan... once again you find yourself backstage instead of in front of all
your admirers in the ring... Things need to change..." Sylvan says to himself
as he checks his highly gelled up hair. Sylvan steps away from make-up table
and starts walking to the locker room area. Sylvan struts arrogantly as he
walks until he passes by the monitor area, where Jillian Hall is watching a
match. Sylvain changes directions and he walks over to the monitor area and
coughs to get her attention. "Ahem!"

The gorgeous, stunning SmackDown Diva Jillian Hall has her arms folded as she
focuses on the monitor backstage as she watches a match going on in the ring.
Jillian raises her eyebrow as she slowly turns around to face the metrosexual
model, Sylvain. "Yes?" Jillian says as she looks at Sylvan while dressed in a
tight-fitting pair of white pants and a light blue long-sleeved buttoned top.

Sylvan takes off his sunglasses, "Who is in the match out in the ring? Who is
taking MY spotlight..." Sylvan asks pointing at the monitor Jillian was just

Jillian, the former Fixer of JBL, sighs as she looks back at the monitor "I
believe Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki..." Jillian replies as she looks back at
Sylvan with her soft lips pressed together while she tosses her flowing
blonde hair back.

Sylvan grits his teeth together angrily, "Scotty 2 Hotty... and... Funaki?
Those two.... no bodies get what is mine! This is not fair!" Sylvan shouts
as he folds his sunglasses and shoves them into the pocket of his white
sleeveless trenchcoat.

Jillian sighs and rolls her eyes slightly "Don't cry to me about it..."
Jillian groans slightly as she looks back at the monitor and turns away from

Sylvan looks at Jillian, "Don't you talk back to me... I am a star! I should
be out their each and every week..." Sylvan says, sounding increasingly
frustrated with his lack of television time.

Jillian smirks a bit and laughs a bit "Ok...if you say so..." Jillian says as
she focuses her eyes back on the television monitor backstage.

Sylvan opens his trenchcoat and puts his hands on his waist. He looks at the
match that is taking place and then looks at Jillian, "Can you help me in
fixing this situation?" Sylvan asks.

Jillian raises her eyebrow as she turns back to Sylvan slightly while her
arms remain folded over her chest "And...why would you think I'd want to do
that?" Jillian replies.

Sylvan locks his eyes onto Jillian, "You specialize in this sort of thing...
and I will pay any price to get myself back into MY rightful spotlight,"
Sylvan says in a very serious tone of voice, stressing how important it is
for him to seen.

Jillian sighs "Fixing...isn't my thing anymore...I gave it up..." Jillian
replies as presses her lips together and looks back at Sylvan, locking her
eyes with his "After getting fired by not only MNM, but JBL too...after all
the hard work I did for them...what's the point?" Jillian smirks slightly
"It's time to look out for's time to look out for Jillian..."

"Then what better way for you too look out for you... than by getting someone
to the top..." Sylvan replies, "And if someone is willing to pay any price...
you should take it and use it to your advantage later on..."

Jillian rolls her eyes and sighs again "You look like you can use the help.
Alright...fine, I'll help you...I'll help fix your image" Jillian replies as
she tosses her soft, flowing blonde hair back and nods her head slowly as she
examines Sylvan's impressive, well-maintained body "So...what do you have to

Sylvan smirks slightly, "I have plenty to offer... and whatever you want you
can have..." Sylvan answers as he sees Jillian eyeing his well-toned, tanned
body. The arrogant SmackDown Superstar takes off his white sleeveless
trenchcoat and folds his over one arm.

Jillian smirks as she shrugs her shoulders "You show me what you have to
offer...I need to know full-well what I'm working with..." Jillian pauses and
locks her eyes with Sylvan "You do want my help, right?"

"That I do..." Sylvan says as he lays his white trenchcoat on top of a table,
now just wearing his white wrestling shorts. "As you see I am a perfect
physical specimen..." Sylvan says as he waves his hands over the front of his
impressive body, and as he lowers his hands, they bump against the noticeably
crotch of his white wrestling shorts.

Jillian casually glances down at the large bulge formed in Sylvan's white
wrestling shorts. The former Fixer of JBL, licks her lips slightly as she
nods her head "Alright...alright...but perfect are you?"

Sylvan raises an eyebrow for a moment, before he realizes that Jillian is
looking right at the crotch of his white wrestling shorts, "You shall see how
perfect I am..." Sylvan answers as he puts his hands on his waist and then he
starts to lower his wrestling shorts down his legs. He pushes his shorts all
the way down his smooth, muscular legs and then steps out of them. When
Sylvan stands straight up, he puts his hands back on his hips, with a very
thick, twelve inch cock hanging between his legs.

Jillian smirks, impressed by the size of Sylvan's model of a cock, and
she nods her head "Very nice...but can you use it?" Jillian asks with a
delightful laugh as she unfolds her arms.

Sylvan looks at Jillian as if she just insulted him, "That is a very ignorant
question... of course I can use it!" Sylvan says with a slight smirk.

Jillian smirks as she licks her lips while she steps forward to Sylvan
"But...can you use good?" Jillian asks as she locks her soft, gentle eyes on
the sight of Sylvan's hard, thick cock.

Sylvan nods his head, "I am an expert in using it... and if you wish, as
payment I shall show you exactly how it should be used..." Sylvan says as his
cock slowly rises to attention and points straight at the beautiful Jillian

Jillian nods her head "I think that would be an appropriate payment..."

Sylvan smirks slightly before licking his lips, "Then we now have an
agreement... and I trust... that you collect payment up front..." Sylvan says
as he steps towards Jillian, raises his hands and starts to unbutton the blue
long-sleeved top she is wearing.

Jillian smirks and nods her head with a soft laugh " bet I collect
up front..." Jillian replies as she places her soft, gentle hands around the
cock of Sylvan and begins to gently move her hands along his shaft, stroking
his cock, as Sylvan begins to unbutton her light blue top.

"Mmm..." Sylvan moans a bit as Jillian strokes his cock with both of her
hands. He quickly unbuttons each button of Jillian's blue top and pushes it
open to reveal Jillian's large, round, black bra covered tits.

Jillian removes her hands from Sylvan's hard, thick shaft and licks her lips
"Mmmm... allow me to get a better look..." Jillian says with a sly smirk as
she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Sylvan and removes her
light blue top, as she exposes her black bra that covers her large, rounded
tits. Jillian smirks up at Sylvan as she reaches back and unclips her bra,
peeling the bra off of her large, firm chest before she leans forward and
opens her wet mouth, taking Sylvan's cock into her mouth.

"Awww... ohhh... my..." Sylvan groans as Jillian takes over half of his cock
into her warm wet mouth with one motion. The egotistical model puts his right
hand on the TV monitor to keep his balance as he looks down at Jillian with a
stunned look on his face as she hold his cock in her mouth for a long moment.

Jillian closes her eyes as she gently taps her tongue against Sylvan's cock
as she smoothly bobs her head on his cock as she gently rotates her head
around in his cock, causing her soft lips to grind against his shaft.
"Mmmm...mmmmm..." Jillian softly moans as she bobs her head on his cock and
places her soft, gentle hands up on Sylvan's smooth, muscular and tanned

Sylvan grits hit teeth a bit as he starts moving his hips back and forth,
thrusting his cock forward into Jillian's mouth at the same smooth way she's
bobbing her head on his shaft. "Ahhh... oooo..." Sylvan has shivers running
up his spine as he feels each one of Jillian's moans vibrating against his
thick cock. Jillian loosens the grip of her lips slightly as she lowers her
head further down on his cock as she begins to bob her head at a quicker
pace, while her warm and wet saliva drips down on his cock and slides down
his shaft until her saliva drips against his large, shaven ballsack. "Ohhh
damn... mmm..." Sylvan groans and he puts his left hand on the top of
Jillian's head and pushes her smooth blond hair back. "Ahh... you really
take an up close look... at things..." Sylvan groans more and more of
Jillian's saliva splashes against his cock.

Jillian slowly opens her eyes and looks up at Sylvan as she slowly lifts her
head up from Sylvan's cock, coated in her warm saliva. Jillian licks her lips
as she stands up from the floor and begins to unbutton her tight-fitting
white pants. Once her white pants are unbuttoned, she begins to push them off
of her slender, rounded hips and guides them down her smooth, tanned legs
before she steps out of them. Sylvan licks his lips as he looks at the black
lacy panties Jillian is wearing.

"Allow me..." Sylvan says as he smirks and places his hand Jillian's slender,
round hips in order to lower her black panties down her smooth, tanned legs
all the way to her feet. Jillian smiles and licks her lips before she steps
out of her black laced panties and stands in front of Sylvan with her
completely stunning, gorgeous nude body. Sylvan takes a moment to study
Jillian's hot body and he licks his lips, "You can easily be a model of
perfection..." The narcissistic metrosexual says with a smirk as he places
his hands on Jillian's large, round firm tits and he proceeds to slide his
hands over the entire front of Jillian's body.

Jillian presses her lips together into a smirk as Sylvan feels up her large,
firm chest "Mmm...So Sylvan, you want to take this to the next level?"

"Of course..." Sylvan replies as he removes his smooth hands from Jillian's
chest and places them on Jillian's waist in order to turn her so that she's
facing the TV Monitor table. Sylvan puts his right hand on Jillian's hip as
he bends his knees slightly and uses his left hand to guide his thick
twelve-inch cock into Jillian's hot, tight pussy.

Jillian bites down on her bottom lip as she bends over slightly, while she
remains standing "Mmmm...ohhh yesss..." Jillian softly moans as Sylvan works
his cock into her tight, warm pussy. The former Fixer of JBL, gently pushes
herself back against Sylvan's cock, feeling him enter her pussy completely
"Ohhhh yeah...mmm...give me that big dick."

Sylvan licks his lips as he wraps his arms firmly around Jillian's waist as
he thrusts his cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy, "Uhhh... ahhhh
fuck..." Sylvan groans as he pulls the gorgeous blond diva back towards him,
helping her keep her balance as he gives her several short, but stiff
thrusts, just as Jillian puts a hand on top of his both of his hands that
are on her flat, perfectly toned stomach.

Jillian closes her eyes as her hot, stunning body slams back against Sylvan's
cock as he deeply thrusts his hard cock into her tight pussy "Ohhhh...mmm...
yesss...give that big dick to me!" Jillian moans as she starts to push
herself back against his cock at a slightly rougher, but smooth pace.

Sylvan continues to rock his hips back and forth as he starts making longer
thrusts, which result in him slamming his cock harder into Jillian's pussy,
forcing her having to the put a hand on the television monitor to help brace
herself for each one of Sylvan's deep thrusts. "Ahh... uhhhh... yea... you
like that?" Sylvain grunts as he unwraps his arms from around Jillian's waist
and turns her around to lift her up onto the Television Monitor table.

Jillian grits her teeth as she wraps her arms around his neck as she wraps
her legs around his waist and begins to rock her hot, stunning body against
Sylvan's cock while she sits on top of the table. "Ohhhh...ohhhh...yesss...
mmmmm..." Jillian moans as sweat drips off of her body.

Sylvan puts his hands flat against Jillian's smooth, lightly tanned legs as
he slams hs cock in and out of Jillian's hot pussy. "Uhhh... ahh... ohh
yea..." Sylvan licks his lips and leans his head back as he makes each of
his thrusts harder and sharper than the previous.

Jillian bites down on her bottom lip as she begins to sharply grind her hot,
tight pussy against Sylvan's cock as she begins to gently rock against the
table due to Sylvan's hard, quick thrusts. "Ohhhh....mmm ohhh yesss..."
Jillian moans as she closes her eyes and begins to breath heavily. Sylvan
leans forward as sweat starts to drip down his smooth, muscular body and he
wraps his arms around Jillian's hot, gorgeous body. He pulls her towards him
on the table so that her pussy is pressing right against his crotch, and the
two of them are bumping against each other as Sylvan thrusts into her and
Jillian grinds against him.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah!" Jillian tilts her head back and groans as Sylvan delivers
a solid, sharp and deep thrust to her pussy. Jillian closes eyes as she
gently rocks against Sylvan's muscular, tanned and sweating body.

"I... hope... my payment... is meeting... your requirements..." Sylvan grunts
as he lifts Jillian cleanly off the table and steps back a few steps. The
sweating, metrosexual stud has Jillian unwrap her arms from around his neck
and he leans her down so that her back is resting on table. Sylvain holds her
lower body up by hooking his arms under her legs and he slams his cock in and
out repeatedly of her pussy. Sylvan's large ballsack swings back and forth,
and it hits against the Jillian's smooth skin.

Jillian grits her teeth as she keeps her eyes closed while Sylvan's cock
slams into her warm, tight pussy "Ohhh...ohhhh...mmm...ohhh yesss!" Jillian
moans, breathing heavily and sweating before she starts to cum.

Sylvan grits his teeth as he smirks slightly when he feels Jillian's pussy
squeeze his cock like a vice as her warm cum flows onto his fat pistoning
cock. "Ahhhh... ahhhhh... ohhh my... ahhh..." Sylvan breathes hard as he
continues to deliver hard deep thrusts as he starts to cum inside of
Jillian's hot wet pussy.

Jillian tilts her head back "Ohhhh yeah..." Jillian groans as sweat drips off
of her hot, gorgeous body.

Sylvan holds his cock inside of Jillian's pussy as she helps her sit up on
the table, "Was... my payment satisfactory?"

Jillian slowly opens her eyes and smirks as she nods her head and licks her
lips "Mmmm...I think so..."

Sylvan smirks as sweat drips down his face, "If it isn't... I am... willing
to make another payment... in advance for your services..."

Jillian shakes her head as she folds her arms "No...I think this payment was
good as for...what needs to be the terms of fixing
your image..."

Sylvan pulls his cock out of Jillian's pussy, "Yes?" Sylvan asks as he waits
to hear Jillian's idea.

Jillian presses her lips together and slowly nods her head, before snapping
her fingers "I got it..." Jillian smiles proudly "I should return
to your roots..."


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