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Fixing Mattitude Problems
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Matt Hardy walks around the backstage area of SmackDown taping, completely
depressed. For the fifth straight week he finds himself not scheduled to
wrestle in a match to be broadcasted. "Shit… I probably need a change..."
Matt says to himself as he leans against an equipment trunk and folds his
arms. Dressed in grayish colored camouflage style pants, Matt Hardy sighs
as he looks down and starts to think about what direction his career should
take. "I really need to fix my problems..." Matt says out loud as he
summarizes what he needs to do. Matt stands up and starts walking towards
the locker room area to pack his stuff and head to hotel. As he walks he
sees Jillian Hall, the beautiful 'fixer' of the WWE, and Matt decides to
take a chance. He walks over to her and clears his throat, "Hey Jillian...
you got a minute."

Jillian Hall, who had her back to Matt, slowly turns around with her arms
folded and smiles "Oh hey Matt, sure I got some time. What do you need?"
Jillian asks as she looks at Matt Hardy and unfolds her arms as she dressed
in a pair of tight-fitting black pants and a light blue buttoned up blouse.

"Ummm I need... a little help...." Matt says, sounding a bit embarrassed,
"My career... needs a little fixing... no.... correction... it needs a lot
of fixing..." Matt says as he slides his hands into the pockets of his pants.

Jillian nods her head as she presses her lips together "I see...I see, and
you came to see if I would help, correct?" Jillian asks with a soft smile.

Matt nods his head, "Yeah... you got MNM and JBL out of the ruts they were
in... and I'm hoping you could do the same for me..." Matt says with a smile,
feeling more at ease after Jillian smiles at him.

"I'll see what I can do, I'm not making any promises though..." Jillian says
as she glances away for a moment "I know I'm good, but even I sometimes get
stumped..." Jillian tosses her beautiful, soft and flowing blonde hair back
"Why don't you come with me for a bit, and we can see what I can do with

"Sounds good.... I'm really hoping you can offer some advice...." Matt says
with smile as Jillian starts to walk down the hall. "It always seems like
when I take a step forward, I have a major set-back..." Matt sighs as he
starts to follow Jillian when she starts to walk.

Jillian nods her head "Just so I far are you willing to go?"
Jillian asks innocently with a slight smirk as she walks down the hallway
with Matt Hardy towards the Women's Locker room at the SmackDown tapings.

Matt thinks for a moment, "As far as possible... I want to get back on being
on SmackDown regularly... so anything you suggest I'm willing to do..." Matt
answers as he looks at Jillian and smiles.

Jillian nods her head and licks her lips slightly "That's good to know..."
Jillian says as her and Matt approach the door to the Women's Locker room.
Jillian leans against the door with her back and pushes the door open for
Matt "You may enter, Mr. Hardy."

"Call me Matt.... I hate being called Mr. Hardy..." Matt laughs a little as
he casually walks into the women's locker room. "So... what's you're first
bit of advice?" Matt asks with a curious smile as he turns to look at Jillian
as she closes the Women's Locker room door.

Jillian folds her arms over her large chest as she takes a moment to get a
good look at the North Carolina stud "Well Matt...that all depends on how
physical you like to get..."

Matt puts his hands on his hips and bites his bottom lip slightly. "Hmmm...
well... I'm willing to get very physical, it's been awhile since I was doing
Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches but I could get like that again..." Matt

Jillian laughs a little "I don't think you understand completely Matt..."
Jillian pauses "Now, I know you're with Ashley...but this is a world of
competition and if you want my help, you're going to have to work hard for
it." Jillian says as she looks at Matt seriously.

Matt nods his head, "Yeah I know... I'm willing to do all the hard work
necessary to get to the top..."

Jillian smirks "That's we're on the same page now?" Jillian Hall
the Fixer asks as she licks her lips, keeping her eyes locked on the studdly
Matt Hardy.

Matt nods his head and smiles, 'Yeah... of course we are, I know what I got
to do..." Matt pauses after he locks his eyes with Jillian's, "Well I think
I do... so... what do you suggest I do first to get my problems fixed."

Jillian presses her lips together as she places her hands on her slender hips
and takes a step towards Matt "Well...first of all, you need to get more

Unaware of what Jillian means, Matt Hardy raises an eyebrow, "Umm I'm already
comfortable..." Matt says as he looks at Jillian, then he thinks, "Wait...
you don't mean... you want me too strip..."

Jillian folds her arms as she stands in front of Matt and nods her head with
a smirk "That's what I mean, Mister...Hardy..." Jillian says in a soft,
seductive voice "I want to see why Ashley has the hots for you so much..."

Matt raises an eyebrow, "Ummm I dunno... Ashley could get pissed... ain't
this a strange way to... start fixing my career?" Matt asks nervously.

" you want my help or not?"

Matt sighs, "Yeah I do..." Matt answers while he nods his head. "So... I
guess the pants come off...." Matt says as he starts to undo the buttons of
his pants.

Jillian laughs "Oh that's the spirit! The pants come off!" Jillian
says as she licks her soft lips and watches Matt Hardy unbutton his gray
camouflage style pants.

Matt smiles a little as he lowers his gray camouflage style pants down from
his waist down to his ankles. The former six-time Tag Team champion steps out
of them, and then lowers a pair of tight fitting black briefs down freeing
large ten-inch cock. Matt steps out of his briefs and looks at Jillian with a
smile, "All right... I'm naked...."

Jillian nods her head "I can see that..." Jillian says as she steps towards
Matt "Now Matt...I need to know, just how aggressive you can be?" Jillian
asks as she keeps her eyes locked on the sight of Matt's large ten-inch cock.

"Aggressive? What do you mean?" Matt asks as he puts his hands on his hips as
he looks at Jillian while slightly licking his lips.

"Well do you like to get rough and wild?" Jillian asks with her lips pressed
together and she then lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Matt
Hardy. Jillian gently places her hands around Matt's shaft before he has a
chance to protest and begins to gently stroke his cock to hardness.

Matt moans as Jillian's hands move back and forth along his fat ten-inch long
prick, "Mmmmm.... yeah... I do like to get... rough... and wild..." Matt
moans softly as he looks down at Jillian.

Jillian smiles up at Matt as she moves her hands gently against his hardening
shaft "That's good...I like too as well..." Jillian says as she licks her
lips and leans her head down towards Matt's cock. Jillian gently places the
her tongue against the head of his cock, almost teasing the cock of Matt
Hardy before she opens her warm, wet mouth and takes Matt's cock into her

"Ahhhhh... geez...." Matt moans as he feels the warmth and wetness of
Jillian's mouth on his cock. Matt puts both his hands on top of Jillian's
head and licks his lips. "Fuck your mouth is hot..." Matt says before Jillian
starts bobbing her head slowly on his dick. Jillian presses her lips gently
against Matt's shaft as she moves her head smoothly on the length of his
ten-inch cock. Jillian begins to twirl her tongue against his shaft as she
sucks gently on Matt's meaty, hard cock. Jillian keeps her eyes down as she
focusing solely on giving Matt one of the hottest blowjobs he's ever
received. "Ohhh.... uhhhh yeah.... god damn...." Matt moans as he grits his
teeth. Matt pushes Jillian's blond hair back and begins to lightly thrust his
hips forward, in and out between her soft lips.

Jillian wraps her lips tighter around Matt's cock as she laps her saliva
around his cock as she guides her tongue around his cock continually. With
Jillian tightening her lips around his shaft, she's is now able to bob her
head further down on Matt's cock as she takes more of his meaty cock into
her warm, soothing mouth. Jillian gently cups Matt's ballsack with her left
hand and begins to massage his ballsack as she sucks on his cock. Matt tilts
his head back and closes his eyes, "Ahhh.... ohhh.... shit Jillian.... you
suck dick... like a... fucking pro..." Matt groans as he lightly pulls on
Jillian's blond hair, and he can feel the hair on the back of his neck stand
up when Jillian moans around his cock. Matt sharply thrusts his pelvis,
pushing almost his entire ten-inch shaft into Jillian's warm moist mouth.
Jillian begins to twist her head on his cock as she gently lashes her
delicate tongue against his shaft, spraying his cock with her warm saliva.
With her left hand Jillian removes it from her ballsack and begins to stroke
the small portion of Matt's cock that isn't inside of soothing mouth. Jillian
casually glances up and Matt before she suddenly and surprisingly takes
Matt's entire cock into her mouth with one swift, cunning head bob. Matt
gasps as Jillian deep-throats his fat meaty cock with one movement, "Ahhhhhh
mother fucker.... ohhhh shit.... that's fucking incredible..." Matt moans
loudly as he licks his lips, "Damn... I gotta fuck ya Jillian... you're so
fucking great..."

Jillian slowly and casually lifts her head off of Matt's cock as her warm
saliva drips down his long shaft. Jillian licks her lips and smirks up at
Matt "You want to fuck me, you really do Matt?" Jillian asks as she scoots
back on her knees and begins to unbutton her light blue blouse.

Matt nods his head, "You bet I fucking do...' Matt says as he gets down onto
his knees in front of Jillian. He pulls Jillian's hand away from her light
blue blouse after she's unbutton half of it. Matt then grabs the Jillian's
blouse and rips it open, exposing Jillian's large round tits and her white
cotton bra.

Jillian smiles " must really want me.." Jillian says with a laugh
as she fully removes her light blue blouse and sets it to the side as she
reaches over her shoulder and unclips her white cotton bra. Jillian shrugs
the straps of her bra off of her shoulders and casually peels the bra off of
her large, perky chest.

Matt smirks a bit, "You have no idea...." Matt replies as he pushes Jillian
back slightly. Matt lowers his head down between Jillian's tits and rubs his
face against both as he unbuttons Jillian's tight-fitting black pants.
Jillian smiles as she places her hands behind her on the floor to support
herself as she leans back while Matt unbuttons her tight-fitting black pants
and begins to pull them down, off of her hips.

Matt lifts his head from Jillian's tits and licks his lips, "You're going...
to get a little Mattitude adjustment..." Matt says with a grin as he scoots
back in order to tug Jillian's tight-fitting black pants down and off of her
smooth legs. Once they are off, Matt moves quickly to remove Jillian's white
thong that she's wearing, exposing her stunning wet and smooth pussy.

"I better get the full Hardy experience..." Jillian says with a smile as she
spreads her smooth, tanned legs apart to reveal her glorious, hot pussy.

"You're going to get it..." Matt replies as he kneels between Jillian's legs.
He places his right hand on Jillian's hip and uses his left hand to guide his
fat ten-inch cock into Jillian's waiting hot pussy.

Jillian grits her teeth gently as she feels Matt Hardy's cock ease into her
warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh shit Matt.." Jillian moans as he begins to thrust
his cock into her pussy. Matt presses his teeth together and puts his left
hand on Jillian's waist. The black-haired North Carolina stud slowly begins
to pump his cock in and out of Jillian's extremely tight pussy, and he pulls
her hips towards him so his shaft penetrates her more sharply. Jillian
reaches up and places her hands on Matt's strong arms as he drives his cock
in and out her tight, wet pussy. Jillian then wraps her smooth legs around
Matt's waist and begins to grind her pussy up against Matt's cock as he
thrusts his cock deeply.

Matt steadily moves his cock in and out of Jillian's pussy, slowly at first
but each one of his thrusts is very firm. "Ahhh.... fuck you're tight..."
Matt grunts as he begins to gradually increase the pace in which he's fucking
the gorgeous blond-haired fixer. Matt slides his hands up from Jillian's hips
and puts them on the sides of Jillian's shoulders.

Jillian grits her teeth as she feels Matt's cock slam into her pussy quicker
and harder "Mmmmm ohhh like that tight pussy, don't you?"

Matt grins, "What... do you think?" Matt moans as he drives his cock faster
in and out of her hot wet pussy. Matt moves his hands back down to Jillian's
waist and waits for her to arch her back so he can slide his hands underneath
her. Matt then rolls over on the floor so that now Jillian is on top of her
newest 'fixer project'.

Jillian grits her teeth and she placing her hands firmly on Matt's chest
before "The Fixer" Jillian Hall bucks her hips and begins to aggressively
rock back and forth on Matt's cock as she bounces smoothly and quickly on
his hard cock. "Mmmmm ohhhh fuck!" Jillian moans as she begins to sweat.

Matt lays his hands on Jillian's firm, smooth tan thighs casually thrusts his
ten-inch pole up into Jillian's pussy, timing his movement's so that that his
cock goes up into her when she comes down hard. "Ahhh.... ohhhh shit!" Matt
moans as drips of sweat start to form on his forehead.

"Mmmm Matt...ohhh...yess you like that don't you!?" Jillian moans as she
comes slamming down harder on Matt's cock causing their skin to smack and rub
against each other.

"Uhhhh yeah.... I fucking love it..." Matt grunts as he answers. Matt pumps
his cock up into Jillian's pussy and moves his hands up to her large tits.
The talented former Tag Team Champion pushes Jillian's tits up and down as
she bounces on his stiff cock.

Jillian licks her lips as she rocks back and forth on Matt's cock "Mmmm...
Matt...I're going to be an easy target to fix..."

Matt smirks, "Mmmmm you may be right... cause I know... you're a hot...
babe... to fuck...." Matt says as he lowers his hands back down to Jillian's
waist and lifts her off of his rock hard cock.

Jillian smiles "Mmmm me a favor.." Jillian pauses and turns around
on her knees and knees, she smiles back at Matt over her shoulder "And tap
this ass..."

"Oh I'm going to...." Matt says as he gets on his knees behind the
blond-haired diva. Matt puts his left hand on Jillian's left ass cheek and
grips his ten-inch shaft with his right hand. Matt licks his lips and
squeezes his cock into Jillian's tight asshole. "Ohhh shit..." Matt moans
as he gets half of his cock into Jillian's ass. He grabs hold of Jillian's
sexy hips and pulls her back towards him so that all of his cock enters her
glorious ass. Jillian grits her teeth and lets her head hang down as Matt
begins to thrust his hard cock into her tight asshole. Jillian groans before
she starts to push herself back against Matt's cock as he begins to get
rougher and quicker with his thrusts.

"Whew.... fuck Jillian...." Matt grunts as he drills his cock in and out of
Jillian's asshole. As her anal cavity becomes use to his shaft plowing in
and out of it, Matt Hardy is able to slam his cock into Jillian harder and
fast. Matt's ballsack swings back and forth with each of his thrusts, and
they smack against Jillian's skin every time Matt pierces her asshole with
his sharp ten-inch cock.

Jillian closes her eyes and arches her head back "Ohhhhh fuck Matt...mmmm
give it to me good!" Jillian groans.

Matt clenches his teeth as sweat flies off of his body while he pumps his
cock into Jillian's tight asshole. Matt reaches underneath her as she pushes
back against him, and he starts rubbing Jillian's hot wet pussy with right
hand. Matt then pushes two fingers into her pussy, and thrusts them in and
out at the same rate his cock is drilling her ass. Jillian grits her teeth
tightly as she suddenly slams herself back hard against Matt's, forcing his
cock deeply into her tight asshole "Awwwww shit Matt!" Jillian moans as she
breathes heavily and her body is dripping of sweat.

"Uhhhh yeah... ohhh fuck Jillian..." Matt clenches his eyes shut as he pumps
his cock in and out of Jillian's asshole as hard and as fast as she can.
Meanwhile he continues to finger-fuck Jillian's soaking wet pussy, thrusting
his fingers in and out swiftly.

Jillian runs the tip of her tongue back and forth against her upper and lower
lips as she closes her eyes while getting fucked in her tight asshole by the
stud Matt Hardy. Jillian tilts her head back groans as she begins to cum on
Matt's fingers "Ohhhh"

Matt pulls his fingers out of Jillian's pussy and brings them to his mouth
to lick Jillian's cum off of them. Matt continues to fuck Jillian's hot ass,
driving his cock in and out, with his balls slapping against her skin with
each thrust. Matt grits his teeth when he can't keep going, "Ahhhh shit....
ohhhh fuck...." Matt groans as he pulls his cock out of Jillian's tight ass
with his right hand and strokes a bit. Within moments Matt starts to blow,
and his sprays Jillian's ass cheeks with his warm, white spunk.

Jillian licks her lips as she feels Matt's warm cum spraying against her
cute, rounded ass "Mmmm...Matt..."

Matt lays the head of his cock on Jillian's ass after he finishes cumming and
he places his hands on Jillian's now cum covered ass cheeks, "Ohhhh... damn
Jillian... that was fucking... awesome...."

Jillian smirks as she turns on her knees to face Matt "Ok...Matt I think I
have something to help 'fix' you..." Jillian says as she stands up from the

Matt gets up from the floor as well, "Really? What do you have that can 'fix
me?" Matt asks eagerly.

Jillian presses her lips together and folds her arms over her chest "I team up with an old make that a close relative...
reform a certain tag team..."

"An old relative? But that would mean...." Matt trails off as he realizes
Jillian's suggestion, and then slowly, Matt gets a smile on his face,
"Jillian... you're a genius..."

Jillian nods her head and smiles "I do wonders with fixing..." Jillian pauses
as her eyes light with excitement "Oh...and it gets better!"

"It does?" Matt asks with a smile, "How does it get better?"

"Well..." Jillian smiles "I suggest you two get yourself a manager, someone
cute...but extreme.." Jillian pauses and snaps her fingers "Your girlfriend,

Matt nods his head and smiles, "Jillian... you are for sure a genius....
that's going to fix my career...."

Jillian nods her head "Remember...I can fix anything, and anyone..."


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