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Flawlessly Addicted To You
by WhereIvegone

Layla rolled her neck from side to side and winced at the cracking, popping
sounds that came from it when she did so. She had a match coming up later
against Natalya that she was preparing for. It was no secret to anybody in
the WWE that the diva had been on a major winning streak, with several
victories against Alicia Fox and Maryse.

"You'll have her tonight Layla." She heard Michelle McCool saying, but it was
becoming increasingly difficult to listen to her words. She wished that she
would "have her tonight", but "her" being Michelle and not her opponent. She
knew the blonde haired vixen was trying to give her a pep talk, but all she
could concentrate on was the way the flawless diva's lips moved when she
spoke, all she could imagine was those lips all over her, doing all sorts of
inappropriate and blush worthy things to her.

Layla knew this was not healthy, she was sleeping much less, which probably
had more to do with Natalya ever beating her than having luck. But her mind
couldn't shut off at night; it was doomed to think of Michelle McCool until
the moment her alarm went off every morning.

They were close, so very close. Best friends Forever as Michelle loved to
tell the world. So the fact that she was fading in and out while her best
friend talked to her, nodding her head and "yep"ing in the right moments just
caused her to feel even more guilty. But her mind couldn't take it anymore,
it wasn't content with reality and it started to zone out completely.

Michelle stopped in mid sentence, forcefully pushing the British native back
into the set of lockers while attaching their lips together. They kissed
passionately until their tongues found each other, Michelle's hands groping
any exposed flesh she could just for gratification.

Fingers slid underneath the waistband of her tights, the digits quickly
slipping under the silk of her panties and roughly pushed into her. Layla
moaned out in pleasure, her head jolting back, not even caring that she just
hit it against the lockers. Michelle nipped at the flesh of her neck as she
removed the garments and continued to thrust in and out of her at a rapid

One finger, then two. Followed by oh God, three, pounding into her wetness,
as the heat in the building seemed to be rising at an alarming rate. Her back
and hips arching off the lockers only to slam back into them microseconds
later to match Michelle's thrusting while a thumb began deftly stroking her
throbbing clit as she continued to moan out her approval.

She rocked her hips back and forth as every inch of her body tingled with the
pleasurable sensations. It seemed like it was never ending, her fingers
didn't slow or stop, if anything the tempo increased, wet digits pumping into
her slick heat over and over again daring Layla to cum. Her thumb furiously
rubbed down onto Layla's swollen clit and she whimpered as her orgasm drew
closer. She thrust her tongue back into Michelle's mouth, needing to kiss her
again as she was quickly unraveling.

"That's it, cum for me baby." Michelle urged her on in that commanding voice.

That was all it took for one half of the Unified WWE Diva's Champion to lose
control, with a loud groaning "Fuck!" she hit her peak, shuttering against
the lockers that were holding her up and slumping forward into the strong
arms of her lover.

"Fuck!" Layla shouted, her eyes tightly shut.

Then all of a sudden, Rosa Mendes opened the door to the diva's locker room
forcing Michelle McCool to pull away from Layla immediately.

"Hey you two, I swear you're always around each other. It's so cute!" Rosa
says, as Layla is still lost in ecstasy trying to recover from her orgasm.

Michelle responds, "Yup we're just the best of friend." Hoping Rosa didn't
hear anything that might have just been going on right before she entered the

"Well good luck in your match out there tonight Layla!" Rosa says as she
finishes changing and leaves the locker room.

Michelle leans into Layla's ear and whispers, "Don't worry we'll continue
this another time."

She kisses Layla on the cheek and leaves the locker room as Layla is left
speechless. Guess she wasn't the only one with more than "best friend"

* * *

One Week Later

Layla's P.O.V.

Let's face it, I don't know much about wrestling. So I really have nothing to
offer her, name wise. But I kind of like it that way, it's always been hard
to weed out the ones who are just using me for hopeful fame and stardom based
on my name. But that doesn't mean that she has any less to offer me, just
because she's not a true wrestler at heart.

The door to the diva's locker room shutting shakes me from my thoughts, and
now I realize that she's in here and seems to be headed my way. God is she
ever gorgeous. Ok breathe, smile and breathe.

"You going to MVP's party tonight?" She asks me timidly. Like she would ever
have a reason to be timid, but it's still cute that she is.

"Yeah... I'll be there." Ok so I resisted the urge to say "Yeah Baby!" and
laugh hysterically in character, but that's besides the point. The point is
that she's interested in knowing if I'm going to be attending a party that
I'm assuming she's also attending, or why else would she ask right?

"What about you?" I ask her. I have to know, assumption has never been enough
for me.

"Yep... I'll see ya there." She says smiling adorably at me, and turning to
walk out of the room Wow Michelle, you sure know how to drive a woman crazy.

* * *

We had a fun time at the party but I didn't get what I wanted once again. I
thought she said she would make up for our interruption last week.

Drinking and dancing with her was hard enough especially since dancing with
her meant grinding and touching in ways that I wished weren't around every
other WWE Superstar. But when the party was over, Michelle said she was tired
and had to catch some rest. Did Michelle forget what happened between us in
the locker room or did it even happen in the first place?

Even with these thoughts I couldn't blame her because I've been pretty sore
lately too from all our matches recently.

I can never truly complain about work being hard or work being miserable. I
enjoy being there almost as much as I enjoy my days off, and if it wasn't for
the lack of sleep that work brings I'd probably love them both equally. The
only small complaint I really have about work is now that I'm working with
the one I love (more then work and days off combined, and that's a lot!) it
can become a very tense and sexual atmosphere. Isn't that everyone's dream?
To get dirty in the workplace? It's not mine, there's way too many risks and
I'm not willing to sacrifice this job no matter how hot she can get me. No
matter how much we have to roll around on top of each other and look sexy
doing it, which we obviously have no problem at all pulling off.

I find my sexual appetite to be much more aggressive since we shared that
moment in the locker room, and I'm sure she understands that. But more
specifically my hunger to taste her just can't seem to be fully satisfied now
that we're around each other even more often. The need to taste her takes
over my thoughts at a completely random time, but if I don't get what I want
right now I feel like I'm going to spontaneously combust.

I don't care about anything else in this single moment, Michelle knows that I
love her, but this isn't the time to get all lovey dovey about it. This is
the time where I ask her back to my hotel room to spend the night.

After the show I wait in my hotel room waiting for her to show until finally
I hear a knock. I open up and give her that mischevious little grin of mine
when she tells me she's ready for bed. This is the time where I throw her
down on the bed roughly and rip those panties off her body as quickly as

She gives me a look of surprise mixed with arousal and I can tell she loved
it when I ambush her like that. And I sware just the hungry look of me eyeing
the naked half of her lower body brings her to wetness. I spread her smooth,
tanned legs apart and run my fingers along her just as a test, and it does
nothing but confirm my suspicions. I slide my index and middle finger inside
of her, gently pushing in and pulling out to get her warmed up. This is just
the appetizer; the four-course meal is still to come.

"Oh God... Layla, more, good." My baby moans out incoherently, and it just
makes me smile.

I've increased my tempo and I'm going much harder now, but Michelle's is a
wildcat in the sack, I know she can handle anything I can dish out. I stop
fingering her just before she reaches her climax, and I taste the
intoxicating flavor that's all over my fingers because I just can't wait any
longer, and plus it's fun to watch her squirm.

Our blue eyes lock in an intense stare and she can already tell what I'm
thinking so before I've even fully moved she's running her fingers through my
blonde hair, guiding my head where it wants to go, right between two of the
sexiest legs I've ever been between. I can tell how eager she is when she
wraps her legs around my head, silently begging me to eat her. And it's that
first taste of paradise I get on the tip of my tongue, that makes me remember
exactly how much I like her.

I run my tongue along her center, teasing her before I plunge it into her
opening. In and out, and all over again, it starts to finish the job my
fingers didn't earlier. I feel her climax approaching again and I stop. She
either really loves me right now or really hates me for not just giving her
what she wants.

She moans out her frustration, and her hands get snugger in my hair, she
doesn't want to wait but she'll loves the result, trust me. My tongue licks
her swollen little clit in counter clockwise circles, and finally I suck it
into my mouth, loosing myself again in the taste of her juices flowing into
my mouth.

I love the feeling I get when she finally orgasms, screaming my name, her
legs tightening around me and pushing me as closely to her as I can
physically be. I gather all of the heavenly taste onto my tongue and swallow
it back in one delicious, refreshing gulp. And my absolute favorite part,
which I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity, is the taste of her

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