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Flooding waters
by PreciousJessica

Mickie and Trish was out at a creek having a picnic as the rain started to pour down as they looked at each other they didn't want to leave as they was enjoying them by being alone as the waters from the creek start to rise they started to look abit scared as they got up and started to pack but the water quickly was rising and both women was drenched from the rain as Mickie got picked up from the rain flooded creek she started to scream for help as Trish went to help her both women not fighting to get to someplace safe just then a man heard them screaming for help as he went to jump in. This Black man swimming as he got to them he pulled them out of the creek and onto where the creek hadn't risen yet.

Trish: Thank you thank you so much.

Both women drench to the bone as he led them to his house which was far away from the water as Kofi just looked at them their clothes clinging to their bodies as he licked his lips.

Kofi: No problem but you both and well myself need to get out of these wet clothes I mean we could get sick.

Mickie: We don't have any clothes and our car is so far from here.

She was confused as Kofi started to take his clothes off his thick monstrous black cock escaping the confines of his clothes as he looked at them both as they was shocked that he wasn't shy about being naked in front of them. Trish looked at Mickie as Trish started to take her clothes and place them on the floor as Kofi looked at Trish and smirked as he walked over to her.

Kofi: Since I did rescue the both of you I think you both should repay me.

Mickie: No I can't.

Trish: I will I mean it's the least I can do for being my hero. Plus mmm I never been fucked by a black man before.

He smirked as Trish ran her fingers down his body and to his cock as she started to play with his cock stroking it to make it nice and hard as Mickie looked on at them both she seen his thick cock and how Trish didn't have no problems paying him back as she sighed not knowing what to do.

Kofi: Could always throw you back out there Mickie I mean it's the least you can do I didn't have to save you.

Mickie sighed hearing that he was right and he did as she looked at Trish who was down on her knees sucking on his thick monstrous cock gagging on his cock as Mickie soon started to undress herself her clothes laying on the floor as Kofi smirked looking at her as her body trembled from being so nervous as he motioned for her to come to him as he pulled on Trish's hair forcing his cock further down her throat as she gagged on it.

Kofi: Good little slut now sit on my face let me show you how a real man fucks a woman.

He leaned back as Mickie went over to him climbing on his face her pussy just brushing against his lips as he took his tongue out flicking it against her clit a few times as she whimpered out feeling it tease her clit as Trish was sucking taking his full length down her throat as he thrusted his hips to give her more of his cock as he slide his fingers up and spread Mickie's pussy lips apart sliding his tongue inside of her as she whimpered for him as he went to work on her pussy flicking his tongue in and out of it as she cried for more as her nails dug into the couch as she started to bounce up and down on his face his tongue thrusting into her as she cried for him as Trish pulled away she looked up.

Trish: Fuck Mickie our husbands was never this fucking good..

Mickie had to agree with her on that as she closed her eyes as Trish soon got up as she slide her pussy down onto his cock as she started to ride him bouncing up and down as both women whimpered from the actions closing their eyes as they focused on their actions.

Mickie: Oh god.. Fuck... My man isn't this good or this fucking huge.

Kofi just smirked hearing them talk down about their men as he thrust his cock in one and his tongue in the other as they moaned you could hear him clicking his tongue in and out of her pussy as she gasped in pleasure as she closed her eyes for him as he took his hands slapping both of their asses as Mickie soon started to orgasam as he slurped her juices up as she slide off him he looked down seeing Trish straddle his cock and bounce up and down on his cock as he then looked at Mickie.

Kofi: Fucking whores both of you wanting my black cock.. Tell me I'm fucking better then your loser men that you both fuck but think of a black man fucking you.

Mickie whimpered hearing the way he talked as Trish moaned out hearing it as she clawed at his chest he growled at her as she moved her body as he felt his cock twitch inside of her as she moved herself starting to cum all over his cock he looked at her.

Kofi: Get off my fucking cock you whore. I'm not cumming inside either of you sluts.

Trish got off his cock as he looked at them both pushing them down onto the floor as they faced each other as he smirked.

Kofi: Eat each other out you fucking whores as I stroke my cock.

He started to stroke his cock as both women got in 69 position as their tongues wiggled against each other's clit as they worked their tongues inside purring and moaning inside of each other's pussies as he stroked his cock feeling his cock twitch as he watched them he couldn't help but stand over them cumming all over their faces as they worked their tongues in and out flicking and thrusting as he smirked.

Kofi: That's right fucking sluts beg for each other to cum as my cum drips all over your body their you both can lick my cum off me and each other.

They both started to cum moaning out for each other as they drink the juices up out of each other making sure the other is cleaned up as they started to lick the cum off each other when sitting up soon turning to face him they took his cock licking the cum right off it as Trish smirked looking at Mickie as they started to kiss against his cock at each other as the scene faded out.

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