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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Foes to Partners
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the WWE Superstars locker room following the March 17, 2008 edition of
RAW, WWE Champion Randy Orton, wearing black wrestling trunks, and John Cena,
wearing blue jean shorts, are shaking hands following their epic match
against the rest of the RAW roster. "Impressive John.... One would think
you're motivated for WrestleMania..."

John lets go of Randy's hand, "Ready? I'm more than ready... I know what you
can do, what you're capable of... and you just saw there ain't any quit in

Randy smirks, "Oh I know that John, in fact I'm counting on it for when I
beat you and Triple H to keep the WWE title in two weeks..."

John laughs, "Really? You see, after seeing how sharp you were tonight... I'm
going to becoming into WrestleMania with guns blazing."

Randy nods his head, "Well then... guess we'll see who the better man is..."
Randy says just as the door to the Superstars locker room is opened. Both
John and Randy turn their heads to see who is entering the locker room.

The happily-crazed and energetic RAW Diva, Mickie James, cutely walks into
the locker room, with a little excited bounce in her step. Mickie, who's
dressed in her pink wrestling pants and matching tight fitting pink top,
presses her lips together as her eyes widen excitedly as she sees Randy
Orton and John Cena inside of the locker room "Like oh my god! That was so
crazy out there!" Mickie says as she slightly and cutely rushes towards
Orton and Cena "Oh my god! That had to be nuts! What was it like being with
all the guys in the ring?!"

Randy Orton and John Cena both exchange looks before they look at Mickie
James, "Yeah it was..." John says.

"You know this is the men's locker room right?" Randy asks.

Mickie smiles and nods her head "Yep! Yep! You bet I do!" Mickie says with a
laugh "I just heard you guys were in here and I wanted to like tell
crazy and awesome you two did!"

"Well... it's nothing... I'm the WWE Champion...." Randy says.

"For now..." John says as he interrupts, "But like he said, it's nothing,
when we go to war, we go all out," John winks at Mickie after he finishes

Mickie bites down on her bottom lip and blushes with a laugh "That would me
like so cool...if like me...and like you know the other Divas had like a
special match against like you two! Oh my god!" Mickie laughs and bounces
excitedly "That would me like the most awesomest thing ever!"

Randy and John both laugh a bit as they exchange looks, "You know John that
would be one hell of a match," Randy says.

John nods his head, "Yeah.... two of us taking on every Diva at once.... I
think all of us will have a big smile on our faces when that was over...."
John says.

Mickie nods her head and smiles "Yeah! That would be like so crazy and fun!"
Mickie presses her lips together and looks at Randy Orton, then at John Cena
"I know I would love that! Yep! Yep! You bet!"

Randy raises an eyebrow, "John.... I think we could do a little team work
action right now..."

"Yeah I think so..." John laughs a bit.

Mickie's happily crazed and cute eyes widen with excitement "No way! Like
really!? Oh my god that would be like so cool!"

Randy licks his lips, "So Mickie... what special rules are there... for me
and John to take you on... right now?"

Mickie presses her lips together "Ummm..." Mickie cutely moves her head from
side to side as she thinks for a moment " what about no clothes!?"
Mickie asks with an excited laugh.

John laughs a bit, "No clothes?" Randy looks at his 'tag team partner',
"What's a mater John? Nothing to brag about down stairs?"

John raises an eyebrow, "Don't know about you... but I'm packing plenty..."
John says before undoes his jean shorts and lowers them along with his boxer
shirts to let out his fourteen inch cock. Randy raises an eyebrow and gets
a slightly embarrassed look on his face before he pushes down his wrestling
trunks to free his slightly shorter twelve inch shaft.

"Oh my god!" Mickie says loudly as she cutely licks her lips and stares down
at the hardening cocks of John Cena and Randy Orton "Those are like so big!
Yep! Big! HUGE!" Mickie says as she tosses her brown hair back and happily
bounces to Cena and Orton. Mickie instantly drops down onto her knees in
front of them and places her left hand around Orton's cock and her right
hand around Cena's cock to stroke both shafts.

"Well.... it official... Mickie likes big dicks..." John moans and laughs as
Mickie strokes his cock with her right hand.

"Yeah.... I've noticed..." Randy smirks as Mickie moves her left hand back
and forth on his dick.

"Wow! I can't believe this! You guys are like the hottest! Yep! Yep! So like
hot!" Mickie James says with a laugh as she looks up at Randy Orton and John
Cena while the happily-crazed Diva eagerly and excitedly moves her hands
against both cocks at a quick and fun pace.

"Mmmmm... fuck.... how about showing us what you like to do with two big
cocks..." Randy Orton laughs a bit as he puts his hands on his waist.

Mickie laughs "Ok!" Mickie says eagerly both she leans her head forward to
Randy Orton's cock to gently slap her spunky and excited tongue against the
head of his shaft, before she cutely bounces her head over to John Cena's
fourteen inch cock to smack her tongue against the head of his shaft, while
she happily teases both cocks.

"Mmmmm ohhhh shit..." John moans and licks his lips as Mickie slides her
tongue around his cock.

"Damn..." Randy moans as Mickie turns her head back to his cock to give him
equal attention. Mickie cutely looks up at Randy Orton as she spreads her
wet saliva around the head of his cock while smoothly moving her left hand
against his thick shaft. Mickie James slowly moves her head to John Cena's
cock and opens her happily-crazed mouth to take his cock into her eager
mouth. Mickie wraps her spunky lips around his shaft and begins to happily
bob her head at an impressive quickening pace.

"Ohhh shit.... fuck.... press those lips down..." John moans as Mickie bobs
her head along the length of his fourteen inch cock while taking it deeper
into her mouth.

"Mmmmm!" Mickie James happily moans as she presses her spunky and soft lips
tightly around John Cena's cock as she bobs her head back and forth against
his rock hard fourteen inch cock. Mickie closes her adorable eyes as she
laps her tongue gently around his cock, while she starts to lightly rock
forward on her knees to take John's cock deeper into her mouth as she
continues to move her left hand playfully against Randy's cock.

"Mmmm damn... she's an eager little dick lover..." Randy smirks as Mickie
twists her left hand around his foot long cock.

"Fuck... I'm not going to argue with that..." John moans as the
happily-crazed Mickie James bobs her head rapidly on his shaft.

"Mmmmmm!" Mickie happily moans as she moves her head at a quick and smooth
pace, causing her lips to brush against his shaft. Mickie taps her tongue
against Cena's cock as she takes nine inches of his hard cock into her wet
and happy mouth. Mickie opens her eyes and glances up at Randy Orton as she
lowers her left hand on his shaft and playfully rubs his ballsack. Mickie
James locks her eyes with Randy Orton as she excitedly sucks the cock of
John Cena.

"Ohhhh damn Mickie.... you really know what you're doing..." John moans as he
tilts his head back and licks his lips as Mickie twists her head slightly
around his cock.

"Hey I know I'm not as big... but come on Mickie... this is a team effort..."
Randy smirks as he looks into her happily crazed eyes.

Mickie cutely laughs around John Cena's cock before she lifts her head from
his cock and smiles up at Randy Orton "You want me to suck it Randy!?" Mickie
asks excitedly as she moves on her knees to Randy Orton while she strokes her
left hand against his cock. Mickie James lowers her head and slaps her tongue
playfully against his cock before she eagerly pops his cock into her mouth.

"Damn straight I do..." Randy smirks as he folds his arms over his gorgeously
smooth chest. John Cena smirks a bit as gets behind Mickie and starts to pull
of her pink wrestling pants.

Mickie James smiles and laughs around Randy Orton's cock as she wraps her
perky lips tightly around his cock while she starts to bob her head at a
quick and smooth pace as her saliva drips on his cock. "Mmmmm!" Mickie
moans happily as she slaps her tongue against his cock while she stands up
slightly, so John Cena can remove her pink tight fitting wrestling pants to
expose her juicy and perfectly rounded and tanned ass.

"Damn... Mickie's got some nice junk in her trunk..." John says as he slaps
Mickie's juicy, hot ass with his right hand.

"Mmm.... don't bang it to bad before I get to it..." Randy moans as he places
his hands on Mickie's head as she sucks and slurps on his dick.

"No promises..." John replies before he bends his knees slightly so that he
can push his saliva dripping fourteen inch cock into Mickie's tight wet and
warm pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" Mickie moans and bobs her head on Randy Orton's cock, pleased with
John Cena as he pushes his cock into her warm and wet pussy. Mickie happily
smacks her juicy ass back against John's muscular waist to feel his cock
enter her pussy deeply. Mickie closes her eyes as she cutely twists her head
around Randy Orton's cock, seductively smacking her lips around his shaft as
she deeply takes him into her mouth.

"Mmmmm ohhh shit yeah..." Randy moans as he starts to move his hips to thrust
his cock in and out of Mickie's mouth as she takes his cock all the way into
her mouth. John licks his lips as he holds onto Mickie's hips as he pumps his
huge dick in and out of her juicy wet pussy as she rocks on her feet back
against him.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Mickie moans as she rocks forward on her knees from John's
firm thrusts that ram deeply into her pussy as she impressively and happily
deep throats Randy Orton's cock while her saliva slobbers all over his cock.

"Fuck... ohhh damn... Mickie loves it big..." John grunts as he thrusts his
cock quickly and firmly in and out of Mickie's pussy.

"I can see that..." Randy moans as Mickie slobbers all over his cock and
he can feel her saliva dripping down to his balls. Randy steps back and
gradually pulls his cock out of Mickie's happily crazed mouth.

"Mmmmm! Ohhh yeah! I love banging! Yep! Yep!" Mickie James laughs and moans
as she tosses her brown hair back after Randy Orton has removed his cock from
her mouth. Mickie closes her eyes as she quickly and happily smacks her
juicy, tanned and perfectly rounded ass back against John Cena's muscular
waist as he swiftly drills her pussy.

Randy walks over to the locker room bench and sits down, "How about coming
for a ride Mickie... while sucking John's dick?" Randy asks with a smirk as
John continues to pound Mickie's pussy before managing to remove her tight
fitting pink top to free her juicy tits.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhhh! Mmmmm! Ohhhh that's totally!" Mickie moans as she
losers her head and grits her teeth as John Cena roughly pounds her pussy,
causing her ass to back against his waist while her juicy and large tits
swaying back and forth.

"Ahhh... ohhh yeah..." John moans as he keeps driving his cock deep into
Mickie's pussy before he pulls out.

Mickie presses her lips together and sits up on her knees before she looks
over at Randy Orton "Oh! I'm going to bang you like so good! Yep! Yep!"
Mickie laughs as she walks over to the bench Randy is sitting on and happily
bounces onto Randy's lap, suddenly smacking her juicy ass down on his thighs
as she takes his cock into her pussy.

"Ohhh shit.... fuck... where did you learn to do that?" Randy asks wit ha
grunt as Mickie pushes him to lay down flat on the bench as she starts to
rapidly bounce on his dick.

Mickie James places her presses her hands down onto Randy's smooth and
incredibly tanned chest as she happily rocks back and forth on Randy Orton's
cock. "Ohhh just know from being around!" Mickie laughs as she
eagerly rocks her juicy and tanned body on Randy's cock as she quickly

"Ahhhh... shit... fuck.... you must've been around a lot..." Randy grunts as
he starts to thrust his cock upward into Mickie's pussy.

John Cena licks his lips as he walks over to the bench, "Hey Mickie... you're
gonna suck it again?" John asks with a grin as he reaches down behind Mickie
and pushes two fingers into her asshole.

"Mmmm! Ohhhh yeah! Oh my god yeah!" Mickie James laughs and moans as she sits
up on Randy Orton's cock and turns her head to face John's fourteen inch cock
as she happily wraps her lips around his cock, taking him into her warm mouth
to start to suck his cock once again.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck...." John moans as Mickie bobs her head on his cock.
John leans slightly to his right so that he's also able to pump his two
fingers in and out of Mickie's juicy ass. Randy grabs Mickie's large hot tits
with both hands as he pistons his cock up into her cunt.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Mickie James moans as she immediately bobs her head at an
eager and excited pace, as her lips brush against his cock. Mickie twists her
head on John Cena's cock as she impressively takes him deeper into her mouth
while bouncing at a quick pace on Randy Orton's cock, smacking her juicy ass
down against his upper thighs.

"Ohhh shit... fuck... she's so damn wild..." Randy moans as he pumps his cock
up into Mickie's pussy. John grits his teeth together as he pulls his fingers
out of Mickie's juicy ass as she completely swallows his entire fourteen inch

"Mmmmmm!" Mickie moans happily as the head of John Cena's cock smacks against
the back of her eager and hot mouth as she holds his cock impressively in her
mouth as she allows her saliva to just drip on his shaft. Mickie closes her
eyes as she slowly rocks on Randy Orton's cock, smoothly moving her hands
against Orton's gorgeous and tanned, muscular chest.

"Ahhhh damn... fuck..." John moans as he pulls his fourteen inch cock out of
Mickie's saliva dripping mouth before he lifts the spunky, hot and juicy WWE
Diva off of Randy Orton's dick.

Mickie presses her perky lips together and looks at John Cena as she stands
up after being lifted off of Randy Orton's cock "So what's like next?!"

John smirks a bit, "How about... we stretch that ass?" John suggests as he
lays down on the floor of the locker room and pulls Mickie down with him.

"Oh my god! That is like so crazy!" Mickie James lays as she lowers herself
down onto the locker room floor with John Cena before he lifts her and mounts
her juicy ass onto his cock, push up into her ass.

"Ahhh yeah..." John moans as he feels Mickie as she perfectly settles
herself on his fourteen inch cock.

Randy Orton licks his lips and gets off the locker room bench, "Shit
Mickie... you're pretty good in a handicap match..." Randy smirks as he
kneels in front of Mickie and proceeds to push his twelve inch cock into
Mickie's ass along side Cena's dick.

"Oh my god! This is like so crazy!" Mickie moans loudly as she grits her
teeth and closes her eyes as her juicy ass is filled with the large cocks
of John Cena and Randy Orton. Mickie places her hands behind her on John's
muscular chest as she smoothly rocks between him and Orton, feeling both
cocks thrust into her ass.

"Ohhh shit.... fuck..." Randy grunts as he grabs Mickie's legs as he starts
to pump his cock in and out of Mickie's double stuffed ass, which causes his
cock to grind against John's. John licks his lips and places his hands on
Mickie's lower back as he smoothly lifts his lower body to thrust his cock
up into Mickie's asshole, and very gradually, he and Randy begin to build a
quickening pace.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh this is like the bestest ever!" Mickie James moans as she
tilts her head back as she moves between John Cena and Randy Orton, smoothly
grinding her juicy ass against both cocks as she feels their thrusts becoming
smoother and quicker "Ohhhh! I love a good handicap match! Yep! Yep!"

"Ahhhh... fuck... damn Mickie!" John moans as he and Randy drive their
cocks quicker and harder in and out of Mickie's ass. Randy grinds his teeth
together as he feels his dick grinding roughly against John's dick while they
rapidly fuck Mickie's asshole.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh! This is so much fun! Yep! Yep!" Mickie James moans and laughs
as she rocks forward against Randy's cock while John Cena thrusts up into her
ass "Ohhhh! Ohhhh my god!" Mickie moans.

"Ohhh god damn.... John... I think we should nail Mickie... with a big
finish..." Randy grunts as Mickie moves between him and John as they pound
her juicy hot ass.

"Sounds.... like a plan..." John licks his teeth as he feels Mickie's ass
cheeks grinding on his muscular waist just as Randy pulls his twelve inch
cock out of her stretched out asshole.

Mickie opens her eyes and looks up at Randy Orton with perky lips pressed
together, feeling John Cena thrusting and slamming cock up into her ass while
she bounces quicker on his cock "Ohhhh! Ohhhh my god! Ohhhh yeah!"

John puts his hands on Mickie's hips and surprises her by lifting her off of
his cock and he then gets up to his feet. Both he and Randy then both start
to stroke their throbbing cocks while looking down at the spunky and
happily-crazed former three-time Women's Champion.

Mickie smiles up at John Cena and Randy Orton as she watches them stroking
their throbbing cocks "Ohhh! Wow! Is that like all for me!?"

"I don't see anyone else here..." John laughs a bit as he and Randy step a
bit closer to Mickie.

"Me either..." Randy adds as he grits his teeth. Randy holds his cock steady
just as he starts to shoot his cum onto Mickie's face, and John begins to cum
a split-second later, and the two men skillfully spray their warm cum onto
Mickie's face.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh yeah!" Mickie moans and laughs as she licks her lips, feeling
the cum warm of John Cena and Randy Orton spraying and splattering against
her face.

"Fuck.... Mickie you must love getting facials..." John laughs a bit as he
finishes cumming.

"She probably loves that almost as much as she loves big dicks..." Randy adds
as he finishes cumming, leaving Mickie's face dripping with cum.

Mickie presses her lips together and smiles up at Randy Orton and John Cena
" you think you two with tag team again?"

Randy and John both exchange looks, "Not to sure about that..." Randy says.

John nods his head and looks down at Mickie, "But you never know... as the
man said, anything can happen in the WWE..."


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