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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Forever Stratusfying
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the second Elimination Chamber match of the night gets started during the
2011 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge,
wearing black wrestling tights, is in the backstage area of Oakland,
California's Orcale Arena with his long time friend Christian, who made a
surprise appearance in saving Edge from an ambush by Alberto Del Rio earlier
in the evening. "I did not know you were in town..." Edge says with a grin.

"Oh I just happened to be doing an autograph signing across the bay in San
Francisco and figured, what the hell, I should pop on over here," Christian
says and he's dressed in blue jeans and a gray sweatshirt. "And since Del Rio
put me out, seemed like a good time to make an appearance..." Christian

"And I do appreciate your timing...": Edge laughs, "But seriously, are you
ready to be back on the road?"

"I wish, I'm not medically cleared for a match until like the end of March,
so I'll be lucky to get a match at WrestleMania," Christian replies. "But
that's not to say I won't pop up here and there to screw with Del Rio when

Edge smirks, "Screw with him all you want, just be sure to use protection..."
Edge says as Trish Stratus, who was revealed as one of the trainers for the
WWE's soon to be revived Tough Enough reality show, comes around a corner and
hears just part of what he said.

"Protection is always a good thing to remember..." The familiar voice of
seven-time Women's Champion Trish Stratus says with a laugh, dressed in a
pair of tight fitting black pants, a tight black tank top with her yoga
studio's logo 'Stratusphere' on the front, and a long sleeved gray jacket, as
she approaches Edge and Christian from behind.

Edge and Christian both turn to look at Trish, "Wait who are you? You look
like someone I know... but she had blond hair... Christian you know who I'm
talking about..." Edge says as he smirks at Trish.

Christian nods his head, "Yeah... in fact I dated that same girl... you look
a lot like her..." Christian says with a grin.

Trish places her hands onto her hips and nods her head. "Real funny
guys...real funny..." Trish pauses and looks at Christian for a moment. "You
know I remember hearing something about that blond girl you used to date,
that she dumped you cause you ended up being a big loser and cry baby...but
then again I may have heard that wrong..." Trish says with a smile.

"Hey... that was before we went out..." Christian quickly replies.

Edge laughs, "That's why I only get into relationships with redheads and only
have fun with blondes... and brunettes..." Edge grins.

Trish Stratus laughs and glances at Edge. "So go after pretty
much anything with boobs, right?"

Edge smirks, "Well they need to have pulse too..." Edge says.

Christian looks at Edge, "That was awkward..." Christian says before he looks
at Trish, "I did see the news Trish, pretty epic that you're gonna be
babysitting some kids on Tough Enough..." Christian says teasingly.

Trish laughs a bit before she presses her lips together and nods her head.
"Yeah...I'm going to be on Tough Enough, but I'm not doing any babysitting...
I'm going to make those kids sweat and work hard!" Trish says.

"If they let you around any guys, I know they are gonna be sweating and hard
as they try to work..." Edge says as he playfully teases Trish.

Trish turns her head and glances at Edge for a moment before she bites down
on her bottom lip and shakes her head. "Boy...things certainly don't change
around here. Edge, you've still got something about sex always on your mind."

"You're saying that as if it was a bad thing..." Edge smirks.

"To some extent it is a bad thing..." Trish says before she pauses and
glances at Christian. "Christian will probably agree with me...there's normal
thinking about sex, but then there's you...and that's all you think ever!"

"Hey I think about other things," Edge smirks, "Like how I'm gonna spear
someone... where to eat.. hotel reservations..."

"Yeah, yeah.... I'll just bet you're thinking about nailing Trish right now,"
Christian laughs.

"Oh like you're not?" Edge replies with a laugh.

"I didn't say I wasn't thinking it..." Christian says as he forgets for a
moment Trish is standing near him.

Trish clears her throat and presses her lips together. "Guys...I'm still
right here..." Trish says with a laugh as she glances back and forth between
Edge and Christian.

"That reminds me Trish, you can't just waltz back into the WWE... you got to
be... re-initiated..." Edge smirks

Trish raises an eyebrow and looks at Edge, crossing her arms against her
chest. "What are you talking about? I've never heard anything about a re-
initiation..." Trish says with a shake of her now brunette head.

Christian pauses for a moment and then grins, "Yeah know how it
goes, after you leave, when you come back, you have to show you still got

Trish rolls her eyes. "Whatever guys...I was here seven years and I had seen
people leave and come back, and never once was there a re-initiation..."
Trish says as she takes a step back slightly. "But listen guys, it was great
seeing you and I'm sure I'll see you guys again soon, I have to head back for
the filming of Tough Enough..."

"Man who would've thought Trish Stratus would admit she doesn't have it any
more..." Edge says.

"Yeah...I'm shocked..' Christian says.

Trish is about to turn to walk away, but stops as she turns to glance back at
Christian and Edge. "Hey...I've still got it...I haven't lost anything since
leaving the WWE..." Trish replies, a bit defensive.

"I don't know....I just hear a lot of talk..." Edge says while shaking his

Trish takes a step forward closer to Edge and Christian. "Hey I still got
it!" Trish replies in a firm tone. "I still do and I take on any of the
current girls easily..." Trish pauses and then laughs. "Hell...I can out do
whatever those girls can do now!"

"Well if you insist... since Edge already had his match, and I'm free... we
could go see if what you say is true," Christian smirks.

Trish raises an eyebrow and suspiciously looks at Christian. "What are you
getting at?"

"You just said you still got it and you can out do what the Divas can do
now..." Christian says.

"That's what I heard..." Edge nods his head.

Trish narrows her eyes slightly as she looks at Edge and Christian.
"Alright...alright...where to then?"

* * *

Later in the night at Edge's hotel room, Edge, now wearing a long sleeved
shirt and jeans, is closing the hotel room door as Christian, still wearing
blue jeans and a gray sweatshirt, and Trish Stratus make their way towards
the bed. "Being World Champion sure has its perks..." Christian says in
teasing manner as he notices that the hotel room is standard size.

"Hey there's only one type of size that matters and it ain't the size of the
room," Edge replies as he approaches Trish and Christian.

Trish Stratus crosses her eyes and casually glances around the hotel room,
which is nothing to get excited about. "Hmmm..this must be the after midnight
red light district of town..." Trish says as she glances back at the Rated R
Superstar with a raised eyebrow.

Edge looks at Trish with a smirk, "You say that as if you've only stayed in
hotels in the nice side of town..."

"Yeah...well that one time I stayed with you was a major mistake..." Trish
replies as she turns to glance away.

Christian raises an eyebrow, "When was this?" Christian asks as he looks at
Edge and then at Trish.

Trish turns her head to glance back at Christian. "Oh back in like the summer
of 2004 or so..." Trish replies.

Christian makes a face, "That was when you and I were..."

Edge smacks Christian's back as he grins, "Hey Trish since you brought it up,
why don't we show Christian what you and I did back then..."

Trish Stratus turns to look at Christian and smiles weakly. "It was when you
were injured and...I was...ummm lonely..."

Christian looks at Edge, "That really sounds familiar..." Christian says.

Edge shrugs as he moves closer to Trish, "What can I say... chicks like a guy
that can help them not feel lonely..." Edge licks his teeth. Trish presses
her soft lips together and lifts her beautiful eyes to look up at Edge as he
places her hands onto her hips, before pulling her closer. Edge lowers his
head slightly as Trish places her hands on his chest. As Edge flicks his
tongue against Trish's lips, Trish slides her hands up to his shoulders
as Edge moves his hands from her hips to her ass. Trish closes her eyes and
as she rubs her hands gently against Edge's strong shoulders as she leans her
head forward, presses her lips against Edge's lips, allowing his tongue to
enter her mouth.

"Fuck..." Christian groans a bit as he watches Trish make out with Edge. Edge
squeezes Trish's ass as he circles his tongue around Trish's tongue within
her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Trish moans softly as she slides her tongue against Edge's
tongue as he invades her mouth, lustfully and deeply kissing her. Trish
lowers her hands from Edge's shoulders, moving them down to his waist as she
starts to unbuckle the belt on his jeans. Edge gropes Trish's tight fitting
pants covered ass as she skillfully unbuckles his belt and pulls it through
the loops of his jeans without breaking the kiss with him. Trish gently pats
her tongue against Edge's tongue as he continues to deeply kiss the seven-
time Women's Champion, noticing that her breathing has become heavy. After
dropping his belt to the floor, Trish guides her hands to begin unbuttoning
his jeans.

Edge breaks the kiss with Trish and smirks at her as she breathes heavily and
looks lustfully up at him while she nearly rips open his jeans as she
unbuttons them. Without unzipping his jeans, Trish grabs the waistline of
Edge's jeans and tugs them downward as she starts to lower herself to her
knees. Trish licks her lips as she seductively glances up at Edge, lowering
his jeans down to his ankles, before moving her hands against his black
boxer briefs. Trish smirks slyly up at Edge as she grabs the waistline of his
boxer briefs and starts to lower them from his toned waist.

"I know that look..." Edge says with a grin as he pulls off his shirt
revealing his toned upper body as Trish pulls down his boxer briefs to free
his long, thick and hardening cock.

Trish raises an eyebrow and smirks up at Edge. "Oh you do?" Trish asks as she
wraps her right hand around the base of Edge's cock and begins to stroke his
shaft, feeling his cock begin to instantly become more stiff.

"Yeah... it's the look you get when you need a big hard cock..." Edge says as
Trish expertly strokes his cock. Christian shakes his head a bit before he
begins to remove his sweatshirt, revealing his nicely toned upper body.

Trish laughs a bit as she works her right hand along Edge's shaft. "You act
like we've done this many times before..." Trish comments before she lowers
her brunette head slightly and spit some of her soothing, wet saliva onto his
shaft, lubing his cock up with her right hand.

"What are you talking about... we have done this many times before..." Edge
replies with a smirk as Trish spits more saliva onto his stiff cock as she
strokes it with her right hand.

Trish playfully laughs "Yeah...maybe in your dreams..." Trish says with a
seductive wink before she lowers her head and taps her wet tongue against the
head of his cock, while moving her saliva coated right hand along the length
of his Rated R shaft.

"Mmmmmmm...." Edge moans as Trish flicks her tongue over the head of his cock
as she skillfully strokes his cock. Christian tries not to laugh at Trish's
comment as he undoes his jeans and lowers them from his waist along with his
boxer briefs. Trish closes her eyes as she gently works her wet tongue with
skill around the head of Edge's shaft, coating the head nicely with her wet
saliva as she continues to jerk her right hand back and forth.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Edge moans as Trish tugs on his cock as she circles her
tongue around the head of his cock until it's dripping with her saliva. Trish
parts her luscious and pouty lips as she rubs her lips across the head of
Edge's cock, with her mouth open, before she takes the head of his cock into
her mouth.

"Ahhhhh.... mmmmm fuck..." Edge moans as Trish starts to bob her head on his
cock as she lowers her right hand to the base of his tool to hold it steady.

"Ohhhh yeah Trish show me you still got it..." Edge moans as Trish bobs her
head straight up and down on his cock.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Trish continues to moan lustfully around Edge's cock as
she starts to bob her brunette head at a quick pace with her lips smoothly
gliding back and forth on his shaft. Edge licks his teeth as Trish sucks and
slurps on his cock before he notices her starting to push her tight fitting
pants from her hips. Trish Stratus removes her right hand from the base of
Edge's cock and assists her left hand as she lowers her black pants down from
her hips to expose her nicely toned, tanned, rounded, juicy ass, as she
continues to expertly move her head on Edge's Rated R cock.

"Ohhhh yeah.... suck that dick Trish..." Edge moans as Trish more eagerly
sucks on his cock. Christian kneels behind Trish and helps her by grabbing
her pants and pulling them completely off from her legs.

Trish slowly lifts her head off Edge's cock for a moment, placing her right
hand around the base of his shaft before she turns her head to smile back at
Christian. "Thanks Christian..." Trish says as he completely removes her

Christian smirks as he tosses Trish's pants to his left, "If you really want
to thank me Trish... how about giving me some head..." Christian replies.

Trish raises an eyebrow and smirks a bit as she keeps her head turn back to
Christian. "I don't know if Edge is ready to pass me off yet..."

"As long as I get first crack at your snatch... you can suck Christian's
dick..." Edge smirks.

Trish shrugs her shoulder and laughs. "That sounds fair enough to me..."
Trish says before she removes her right hand from Edge's cock and turns
around on her knees to face Christian as he is on his knees as well.

"Sound really fair to me..." Christian says as Trish proceed to wraps her
left hand around his cock. Edge kneels behind Trish and as she starts to
stroke Christian's cock, Edge guides his shaft into her warm, wet and tight

"Mmmmmm...ohhh fuck Edge..." Trish moans and licks her lips as she rocks
forward slightly on her knees. "You don't waste any time, do you?" Trish says
as she moves her left hand up and down on Christian's cock before taking him
directly into her hot Stratusfying mouth.

"Mmmmm damn right I don't..." Edge replies with a groans as he thrusts his
cock in and out of Trish's tight wet cunt. Christian places a hand on Trish's
head as she begins to bob her head on his rock hard cock.

"Mmmmmmm...." Trish moans softly around Christian's cock as her luscious lips
press smoothly around his shaft as she bobs her brunette head back and forth,
with her lips grinding lightly. Trish perfectly rocks back and forth on her
knees, teasingly move away from Edge's cock inside of her pussy, before
pushing back and taking him deeply.

"Ahhhh mmmm..." Christian moans as Trish turns her head from side to side on
his cock as she bobs her head on it. Edge smirks as he grabs Trish's hips and
pushes her forward until her pussy is nearly off of his cock before he jerks
her backward to slam his cock into her.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Trish moans loudly around Christian's cock as she feels Edge's
cock suddenly ramming deep inside of her wet snatch. Trish closes her eyes as
she perfectly bobs her head on Christian's cock letting her tongue and lips
travel against the length.

"Mmmmmmm fuck..." Edge moans as he spears Trish's snatch as she rocks back
against him. Christian slides his fingers through Trish's hair as she bobs
her head at nearly the same pace Edge is using to fuck her with. Trish
presses her luscious lips tightly around Christian's cock and turns her head
as she holds over hand of his cock inside of her mouth as she expertly rocks
back on her knees to smack her gorgeous ass against Edge's toned waist.

"Ohhh fuck Trish..." Christian moans as Trish traps his cock within her
mouth. Christian places both hands on the back of Trish's head as he starts
to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth while Edge continues to fuck her
from behind.

"Ohhhhhhhh..mmmmmm!" Trish moans around Christian's cock as he swiftly pumps
his shaft in and out of her wet mouth, with her pouty lips brushing back and
forth against his cock. Meanwhile, Trish steadily rocks back and forth on her
knees with Edge eagerly and steadily thrusting into her snatch.

"Mmmmmm yeah..." Edge moans as he drives the entire length of his cock balls
deep into Trish's cunt. Christian licks his lips as he fucks Trish's mouth
with long thrusts, pulling his cock nearly all the way out before pushing as
far forward as he can.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Gahhhhhhh! Gahhhhhhh!" Trish moans and suddenly gags on the
head of Christian's cock as he forces his cock as deep as possible, while
holding her head down on his shaft with his hands on the back of her brunette

"Mmmmmm fuck.... no one in the WWE gags on a cock like Trish..." Christian
moans as the formally blond haired Diva continues to moan and gag on his cock
while her body is rocking forward thanks to Edge's firm thrusts from behind.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm! GAHHHHHHHH!" Trish moans as her lips loosen around
Christian's cock as she continues to moan and gag with Christian working his
cock freely into her mouth.

"Ahhhh shit... mmmm..." Edge moans as he continues to drill Trish's cunt with
his long hard cock as Christian fucks her beautiful face. After a few more
thrusts, Christian pulls his cock out of Trish's saliva dripping mouth and
smirks down at her.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmm fuck..." Trish moans and raises her right hand wipe the sides
of her saliva dripping mouth, as she at the same time attempts to catch her
breath, while she continues to be pulled back Edge as he drills her snatch.

"I bet you missed this a lot...' Christian says to Trish as he watches Edge
hammer her cunt front behind with deep thrusts.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh shit.." Trish groans and opens her eyes to look up at
Christian as she continues to swiftly rock back and forth on her knees with
Edge spearing her wet pussy from behind. " have no idea..."

"I bet I do... at home with a lame fuck of a husband... you do whatever it
takes to be out of the house... movies... travel shows... your yoga
studio..." Edge smirks as he starts to pull his dick out of Trish's wet
pussy. Christian helps Trish up from the floor and Trish takes advantage by
shoving him onto the large bed of Edge's hotel room.

Trish glances over her shoulder and glares slightly at Edge. "My husband
isn't a lame fuck..." Trish replies before she climbs onto the bed, tossing
her brunette hair back as she straddles Christian, placing her hands down
onto his toned chest as she eases herself down onto his cock.

"Mmmmmm fuck... what would you call him?" Christian asks as Trish starts to
rock back and forth on his cock.

"He's good..." Trish replies with a slight moan as she rocks smoothly on
Christian's cock. "Why do either of you care?" Trish asks as she starts to
gradually move at a quick pace on Christian's shaft.

"Honestly... we don't..." Edge laughs as he kneels on the bed behind Trish as
she leans forward slightly as she rides Christian. As Christian starts to
thrust up into Trish's cunt, Edge spreads Trish's ass cheeks and lowers his
head to where he can flick his tongue against her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm....fuck...." Trish groans as she feels Edge's tongue circling
around her asshole as she rocks back and forth on Christian's cock, grinding
her pussy down as she lowers herself at a smooth pace.

"Ohhhh yeah..." Christian groans as Trish grinds her cunt on his upward
thrusting cock. As Christian moves his hands up to Trish's big juicy tits,
Edge pushes his tongue into Trish's ass.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhhh!" Trish moans as her body trembles slightly as she
feels Edge's tongue inside of her asshole. Trish grits her teeth tightly and
sharply rocks forward on Christian's cock, while Edge thrusts his tongue in
and out of her sweet ass.

"Mmmmm... mmmm!" Edge moans against Trish's ass as he fucks her asshole with
his tongue. Edge digs his fingers into Trish's juicy ass cheeks as Christian
sharply thrusts his cock up into her pussy causing her to bounce up and down.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...mmmm fuck...mmmmm I've been gone way too long!" Trish moans as
she leans forward slightly on Christian's cock as she continues to bounce and
rock with each of his thrusts, allowing Edge access to more easily thrusting
his tongue into her tight asshole.

"Mmmmm fuck yeah you have...." Christian replies with a grin Trish bounces
and rocks on his cock while she pushes back against Edge in an attempt to get
his tongue deeper into her asshole. Trish lowers her head down and begins to
kiss Christian, with her tongue sliding into his mouth, as she rocks back and
forth on his cock, feeling him start to sharply thrust up into her snatch.

"Mmmmmm..." Edge moans into Trish's gorgeous ass before he starts to lift his
head up. Christian grabs Trish's hips as she kisses him and thrusts his cock
up harder into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Trish moans deeply into Christian's mouth as her tongue slides
against his tongue as he sharply hammers his cock upward into her wet pussy.

"Mmmmm!" Christian moans into Trish's mouth as she darts her tongue in and
out of his mouth while she bounces on his upward thrusting dick. Trish's soft
hands move back and forth against Christian's chest as she deepens her kiss
with her former boyfriend, as she grinds her pussy down on his rapidly
thrusting cock. Edge licks his teeth as he watches Trish grind herself
nonstop on Christian's pistoning cock and he gives her ass a firm smack that
causes Trish to bounce hard on Christian's pole.

"Ohhhhhhh..." Trish moans into Christian's mouth as she increasingly rocks
forward on Christian's cock, after Edge encouraged her with a smack of her
tanned, toned, gorgeous ass. Edge smirks and he proceeds to smack Trish's
juicy round ass again, resulting Trish again bouncing firmly on Christian's

"Ahhhhh..." Christian groans into Trish's mouth each time she slams herself
down on his cock as a result of Edge smacking her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh..." Trish moans before she lifts her head to break her kiss with
Christian. "Mmmmm fuck...ohhhhh yeah!" Trish moans as she sits straight up on
Christian's cock as she smoothly and quickly bounces on his cock, moving at a
quicker pace as Edge smacks her gorgeous ass.

"Mmmmm shit.... ahhh!" Christian groans as Trish is starting to out-fuck him
as a result of Edge smacking her ass repeatedly. Trish tosses her brunette
hair back and licks her lips as her breath heavily increases and starts drips
down her face, as she bounces at a rapid pace, grinding her pussy down on his
shaft, with encouragement from the Rated R Superstar.

Edge smirks, "You fucking missed this a lot didn't you Trish?" Edge asks as
Trish almost savagely rides Christian's cock as it starts to throb within her

"Ohhhhhh yeah...mmmmm I did..." Trish moans as she feels Christian's cock
throbbing against her pussy. "Shit...I think Christian needs a little

"You sure... it isn't you who need.... the break..." Christian groans as
Trish lifts herself up off of his cock.

Trish raises an eyebrow and smirks as she moves off of Christian and sits
down on the bed next to him on her head. " getting ready to
cum...and I'm not done with either of you yet..." Trish replies with a cute

"No I wasn't.." Christian replies with a sly smirk. With Trish distracted,
Edge proceeds to push her to lay on the bed next to him and Trish responds by
lifting and spreading her legs so that when Edge kneels in front of her, her
legs are partly resting against his body. The Rated R Superstar smirks at
Trish as he proceeds to shove his cock into her pussy, causing her to arch
back in response.

"Mmmmmmm...shit..." Trish groans and closes her eyes as she keeps her back
arched for a moment as she starts move forward on the bed as Edge deeply
spears his cock into her wet, tight pussy.

"Mmmmm fuck yeah..." Edge moans as he rocks on his knees to gain momentum as
he thrusts his cock in and out of Trish's cunt.

Trish lowers her back onto the surface of the back and licks her lips as she
seductive looks up at Edge as he continues to easily plow his cock into her
pussy, pulling her body against him as he thrusts into her. Edge licks his
teeth as he looks at Trish while he pounds her pussy with his massive cock.
The Rated R Superstar grabs Trish's hips and pulls her forward, causing her
legs to slide up slightly on his body to where she can drape them over Edge's
shoulders as he fucks her.

"Mmmmmmm...did you miss this Edge? Mmmmm ohhhh...fuck...did you?" Trish asks
and moans as she grinds her pussy against his cock as he deeply and swiftly
works his Rated R cock into her.

"You have no idea..." Edge replies with a smirk as he spears Trish's pussy
repeatedly. The sounds of skin slapping against each other as he drives his
cock sharply into Trish's cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhh!" Trish moans loudly as she tanned body
moves against Edge's body as he sharply spears her snatch, sweat dripping on
her toned, tanned, gorgeously curved body.

Edge tosses his blond hair back as he leans forward, causing Trish's legs to
pushed to be lined up above her shoulders as he hammers her tight wet pussy
with swift hard and deep thrusts.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmmmm...mmmmm fuck...come on Edge...spear me...I know you
can..." Trish moans loudly as she closes her eyes as Edge is on top of her,
rapidly pumping his shaft into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm fuck... take it Trish... take that fucking cock..." Edge groans as he
drives his cock down into her soaking wet pussy. Edge reaches around Trish's
legs and grabs her big juicy tits are bouncing wildly with every one of his
deep thrusts into her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh fuck! Come on Edge! Come on....I bet Christian is loving
watching you spear me!" Trish moans lustfully

Christian smirks, "It ain't bad... I fuck your twat a lot better than Edge is
doing right now..." Christian says to Trish as Edge gets more aggressive with
his thrusts, driving his cock all the way into Trish's cunt and causing his
balls to bounce against Trish's ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Mmmmm fuck...why don't you....mmmm fucking prove it to him..."
Trish moans as she looks at Christian with a smirk on her face.

"Yeah big mouth..." Edge smirks as he pulls his cock out of Trish's pussy.
Christian kneels on the bed and grabs Trish as soon as Edge moves back
slightly. Christian turns Trish onto her stomach, and instead of letting her
get on all fours, Christian straddles her legs and forces his cock between
her ass cheeks and into her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm....fuck" Trish groans as she feels Christian's cock enter her
tight asshole as she keeps her head down on the bed with her front pressed
firmly down onto the bed.

"Mmmmm yeah..." Christian moans as he rocks on Trish's legs as he thrusts his
cock in and out of Trish's asshole. Christian leans forward and places his
hands on Trish's shoulder to keep her pinned down on the bed as he drills her

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmmm you like fucking that ass, don't you Christian...mmmm you
even loved it when I was your personal slut..." Trish moans as she licks her
lips, completely drenched with sweat.

"Mmmmm fuck yeah... you were... and still are a dirty fucking slut..."
Christian groans as he increases his pace as he shoves his cock deeper into
Trish's asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmmm....ohhhh yeah...tell me how much I am..." Trish moans and
closes eyes as she feels Christian's cock ramming deeply into her ass with
him practically sitting on top of her.

"Mmmm ahhh fuck you're such a dirty fucking slut you love to take two cocks
in the ass..." Christian grunts as he intentionally leans forward and spreads
his legs. Edge catches on to what Christian has in mind and moves to kneel
between Christian and Trish's legs. As Christian pounds Trish's asshole, Edge
leans himself forward and guides his cock under Christian's ballsack and cock
in order to push it into Trish's already stuffed ass.

"MMMMMMMMMM! FUCK!" Trish yells loudly and grits her teeth as she extends her
hands and grabs onto the sheets of the hotel bed, feeling both Edge and
Christian's cocks working in unison to drill her ass.

"Mmmm Trish was not expecting that..." Edge laughs as he and Christian thrust
their huge cocks in and out of Trish's asshole as the former multi-time
Women's Champion squirms beneath Christian.

"Ohhhhhhhh...mmmmmm...fuck...ohhhhhhhh shit..." Trish moans loudly and leans
her head up slightly as she feels Edge's cock first slamming into her ass,
followed by Christian's cock.

"Mmmmm fuck you like that Trish?" Christian asks as he is laying on top of
Trish while he and Edge continue to trade thrusts with Edge slamming deep
into Trish first and Christian going second, resulting in Trish getting a
nonstop sequence of their cocks pounding her ass.

"Mmmmmmm...fuck...I really was gone way too long..." Trish moans. Edge and
Christian grunt and groan as they continue to alternate thrusts as they
double team Trish's stretched out asshole with their long hard and thick

"Mmmmmmmm guys did really miss me..." Trish moans and laughs as
she grinds herself back against Edge and Christian's cock as they continue to
stretch out her ass.

"Mmmmmm you have no idea..." Edge replies as he increases his pace of his
thrusts. Christian grits his teeth as his cock starts to throb again while he
keeps a steady pace.

"Mmmmmmmm fuck....mmmmm..." Trish moans and licks her lips as she tilts her
head back as Christian keeps his hands down on her shoulders, pinning to the

"Ahhhh mmmm fuck.... ahhhhh...." Christian groans as he starts to cum inside
of Trish's asshole just as seconds after Edge chooses to pull his huge cock
out of Trish's ass.

"Mmmmmmm....fuck..." Trish moans and rubs her lips together as she moves back
against Christian's cock as he remains inside her with his cum shooting into
her ass.

"Ohhh fuck... mmmm..." Christian moans as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Trish's cum filled ass until he pulls out and moves off of her body. Edge
moves next to Trish and rolls her onto her back so that he can straddle her
sweat drenched body so that he lay his cock between her big juicy tits.

Trish licks her lips as she looks up at Edge, locking her seductive eyes with
him. "Mmmmmm...I bet you have a big load for me, Edge..."

"Oh yeah..." Edge grins as Trish presses her tits against the sides of his
cock before he starts to thrust his shaft between them. Trish presses her
pouty and luscious lips together as she watches Edge's cock slide smoothly
and quickly between her juicy tits as she holds them against his shaft.

"Mmmmmm fuck..." Edge moans as he fucks Trish's big juicy tits as his cock
starts to throb between them.

"Mmmmmm....come on babe, cum...I've been waiting for it all night..." Trish
says with a laugh as she opens her mouth, feeling and watching his cock begin
to rapidly thrust between her juicy tits.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Edge grunts and he pulls his cock from between Trish's tits and
strokes it with his right hand. After a few moments, Edge starts to cum,
spraying his warm thick load in the direction of Trish's wide open mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Trish moans happily as she closes her eyes and opens her mouth
open, allowing his entire load to spray into her mouth, with some of the cum
beading on her lips. Edge licks his teeth as he continues to stroke his cock,
pumping more cum to shoot towards Trish's mouth until he's totally spent.
Trish closes her mouth and presses her pouty lips together as she leans her
head back completely on the bed. Trish then opens her beautiful eyes to look
up at Edge and then opens her mouth to show off her completely empty mouth.

"Mmmmm I think you still got it Trish..." Edge says with a smirk as he eases
himself off of her hot body.

"Yeah have to agree with that..." Christian adds.

Trish Stratus sits up and licks her lips as she turns her head to glance over
at the digital clock on the nightstand. "Hmmm...I better leave you guys alone
so you can get some sleep and catch that early flight in the morning..."

"Early flight? I don't work Mondays..." Edge laughs.

"Neither do I..." Christian adds with a grin.

"Oh..." Trish smiles as she stands up from the bed and laughs. "Well...I know
I have to get headed back for the Tough Enough filming..."

"Hmmmm Trish may not be able to go all night like she used too..." Christian
says with a smirk.

Trish pauses and raises an eyebrow as she looks back at Christian. "You guys
got me once with your whole 'Trish doesn't still have it' thing..." Trish
says as she crosses her arms against her chest.

"Yeah you may still have it... but you used to be able to go all night..."
Edge replies.

"I still can..." Trish says with a nod of her brunette head. "Yeah...I still
can..." Trish says as she looks at Edge and Christian. "I still can...I know
I fact my husband and I went all night a couple weeks ago..." Trish
says as she shrugs her shoulders. "Sure we had to take a couple breaks..."

"I don't know... I just hear a lot of talk..." Christian says.

"Yeah, how do we know you can go all night still?" Edge asks.

Trish presses her lips together. "I just proved I still have it...I don't
need to prove anything else to either of you..."

"Alright Trish, but you know how it goes, when someone says they can do
something and don't back it up, word travels fast..." Edge grins.

"You guys are so lame..." Trish says with a shake of her head and laughs.

"So is that a yes?" Christian asks with a grin.

Trish nods her head and sighs. "Yeah...but you could have just
asked if I wanted to go again..."

Edge smirks as Trish gets back on the bed, "Yeah... but it's more fun to see
if you still have the Diva attitude..."

"Oh..." Trish says before she nods her head. "I've still got it!"


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