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Forever Unchained
by LaughLoveLive

WWE Monday Night RAW (circa 2004)

Trish Stratus was in the generic Raw Locker Room ahead of her match with
Molly Holly and Gail Kim against Lita, Victoria and Nidia. She placed her
bags down on at the bottom of one of the lockers and began to get changed
into her wrestling attire. First of all, she peeled off her T-Shirt (which
was a Stratisfaction one of course) and revealed her curvacious physique
which she knew had so many guys (and girls) in awe of.

With Trish's eyes closed, she lightly stroked her tight stomach and breathed
out deeply. Afterwards, she grabbed the waistband of her pants and started to
pull them down. She was already wearing her wrestling tights - the blue ones
with black detail. Damn she missed the days of wearing different ring shorts,
as did many of her fans due to the fact they showed off her perfect round
ass. This was exactly the reason why she was told not to wear them anymore,
because her ass cheeks were so round and firm that each diva opponent
couldn't stop touching them and apparently Vince McMahon didn't want that.

As she was changing, one of her opponents - Victoria, walked in to the locker
room to get ready for the match as well. She put her things down on a bench
as she and Trish exchanged pleasantries before starting to get changed.

"You ready for the match tonight?" Victoria asked as she removed her
sunglasses and started to remove her tight black t-shirt.

Trish's expression changed, and it showed that she was deep in thought about

"Yeah I guess so, but I'm getting really bored these days. I mean, yeah it's
great to be one of the top divas in the company...but I just miss the days of
feuding with you 2 years ago y'know? The days when you and I would be out
every night at a bar or a club and there was no pressure on anyone to have
the best matches of the year?"

Victoria undid her black leather belt as she pulled down her dark blue jeans
which showed off her ass to perfection...

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I guess Vince just thought my psycho character
had run its course. You're right though, those years were the best. Yeah, I
love being Women's Champion but I loved how tight we were, getting ready for
matches together, fighting each other. They were good days girl."

Trish, who was just about to put her ring tights on, reached into her black
gym bag...

"Hey Victoria, I have an idea. Something that will help us remember those
days a little more, if you know what I mean..."

She held up a bottle of baby oil with a smile on her face as Victoria's face
started to show a grin as it became clear she understood exactly what Trish
Stratus meant. Victoria motioned for Trish to throw her the bottle, and Trish
was more than happy to oblige...

Victoria opened the cap of the bottle and squeezed a little onto her hands
before rubbing them together...

"I have a question. Was that whole speech just an attempt for me to oil you
up again?"

Trish had her back towards Victoria. It became clear that they had done this
many times before and had a routine, start with the back first. Trish started
to grin and lowered her head...

"It worked didn't it? You remember how you used to do it?"

Victoria stepped towards Trish and placed her oily hands on the shoulders of
the former Babe Of The Year. She started to massage the body oil into Trish's
shoulders as Trish let out a slight groan. Victoria started to move further
down Trish's arms - her elbow, then to her forearm and finally to her wrists.
Victoria went back to the bottle of oil and put some more on her hands. She
started to rub it into the back of Trish and started to get slightly wet in
the process, just like she always did.

After Trish's back had been nicely oiled up, Trish turned round to face
Victoria and Victoria then turned her back to Trish and passed her the
bottle. Much like Victoria, Trish started with the arms and then the back of
Victoria. Whilst Victoria's back was turned, Trish put her right hand down
her tights and wiped her wetness away from her soaking pussy which was
getting increasingly hot in order to hide it from Victoria.

Trish rubbed some more oil onto her hands before getting down to her knees
and started to rub it onto the quads and calf muscles of Victoria, but
Victoria interrupted her...

"Uhh, a spot..."

Trish laughed and finished up the legs of Victoria and then took a hold of
the Black wrestling tights that Victoria was wearing, and pulled them back
down, exposing Victoria's round ass. Trish thought to her that even though
Victoria was in her mid 30s, she still had a nicer ass than a lot of the
younger divas in the locker room.

She took her time as she rubbed the oil into Victoria's bubble, smooth ass.
Then, keeping one hand on Victoria, she pulled her own tights down and
removed them without Victoria noticing. Trish's now aching pussy was out to
attention as quite possibly the most perfect set of round cheeks fell behind
it. Trish eventually finished oiling Victoria and stood back up. As she stood
up, she remained close to Victoria as her head fell next to Victoria.

Trish breathed out into the eye of Victoria who raised an eyebrow and pulled
her tights back up for now. Trish kissed the neck of Victoria and whispered
"my turn" in her ear. Victoria turned round and was a little shocked to see
Trish standing there completely naked, but despite being shocked, it made
Victoria very happy...

"Wow. You really weren't kidding when you said you wanted it EXACTLY like the
old days!" Victoria joked to Trish who flashed a cute little smile back.

Victoria squirted another layer of baby oil onto her hands and with a huge
grin on her face, placed her hands on Trish's chest whilst stepping in closer
to the former Women's Champion. Victoria rubbed the oil into the left breast
of Trish and casually pinched Trish's left nipple which made Trish groan, and
then again as Victoria did it to the other one.

"Oh, and I think since you uh, kissed my neck back then, I think I owe you

Victoria stepped into Trish who was starting to oil her hands, and kissed her
passionately on the lips. Trish opened her mouth to let the tongue of
Victoria inside. While this was going on, Victoria moved her hands down to
Trish's hard abs and massaged the oil into them. They continued to kiss and
Trish couldn't resist rubbing her oily hands all up and down Victoria's
smooth-like body. Trish was pleased however, when the strong hands of
Victoria found her ass, and started to moan a little as Victoria played
around with Trish's bubble butt.

The pair broke the kiss and gazed into each other's eyes. Trish, without
taking her eye off of Victoria, pulled at Victoria's waistband and playfully
rubbed Victoria's pussy. This made Victoria smile as she wrapped her arms
around Trish in an embrace, and they started to kiss again.

After another 2 minutes had passed roughly, they finally stopped kissing as
Trish said quietly...

"Alright, I really have to get ready for our match."

"I'll see you out there then. By the way, you haven't forgotten the hotel I
stay at when we're in this town have you?" questioned Victoria.

"After the last time Vic, I don't think I'll EVER forget what hotel you stay
in," mentioned Trish with a sexy smile on her face. The smile remained on
Trish's face as she reminisced about her night of passion with the girl with
her bad self.

"Good, then make sure you stop by later for part two, if you know what I

Victoria pulled a hotel key out of her bag and slid down the side of Trish's
tights which Trish seemed to enjoy a little too much. As Trish began to walk
off to the bathroom, she passed Victoria who playfully slapped her very round

Victoria laughed to herself as she placed her fingers against her soaking wet
pussy and sat back down on the bench...

* * *

A few hours later....

Victoria pushed Trish backwards onto the double bed, and pinned her arms to
it as she kissed her passionately. Victoria ripped off Trish's shirt and
began to suck on her nipples, hearing her start to moan quietly. She bit down
a little, and teased a long sigh from her lips. She left a trail of soft
kisses over Trish's smooth stomach, working her way ever closer to her pussy.
Victoria's hands stroked Trish's inner thighs gently, which she knew was the
fastest way to get her horny. Sure enough, it had worked - when she pulled
her jeans and panties down in one motion, she could see Trish's pussy was
already wet.

A devious grin spread over Victoria's face. They both knew just how good
Victoria was at making a woman cum using only her tongue. Victoria lent in,
smelt the familiar smell of Trish, tasted the familiar taste of her clit as
her tongue dived inside her...

As she flicked her tongue back and forth inside Trish, she began to moan
deeply, and arched her back up off of the bed sheets. Her long, blonde hair
was getting messed up from rolling around on the pillow, but she didn't care
- in fact, she was pretty sure that it turned Victoria on. Her tongue was
creeping deeper inside her in any case, and her eyes kept looking up her
body, taking in her impressive tits, nipples erect, and her toned stomach.

She was getting close to orgasm. She started arching her back further off the
mattress, grinding her pussy into Victoria's face, willing her tongue to
probe as deep inside her as it could. And she wasn't disappointed - Victoria
knew exactly what to do. Her hands still stroking her sensitive thighs, she
stretched her tongue into the part of her pussy that Victoria had previously
been avoiding. It was as if she had pulled a trigger. A loud moan escaped
Trish's lips and her whole body shook with the force of the orgasm. Her back
arched even further off the mattress. Trish's mouth flooded with her pussy

Eventually, Trish collapsed back onto the mattress, exhausted from her
powerful orgasm. Victoria crept back up the bed and lied down next to her, a
big smile on her face. She looked into Victoria's eyes, an arrogant look that
seemed to say she knew exactly how good she was. The look she shot her back,
filled with lust, showed Victoria just how grateful she was, and that she was
ready to pay her back.

She stood up on the bed, then looked down at Victoria, her naked body on full
display for her. Victoria stared up at her, transfixed, and wondering what
she was about to do next. Trish ordered her to get naked, and she obediently
stripped off her T-shirt and jeans, leaving just a black thong on her body.
She reminded Victoria that she said naked, not almost naked.

Victoria pulled off her black thong, letting her juicy pussy on the bed as it
started practically leaking on the sheets. Trish placed her hands on her own
hips, then slowly moved them up over the contours of her body. She cupped
them over her tits, played around with her nipples a little, then moved them
up over her neck to her head, running her slender fingers seductively down
through her long black hair.

Trish smiled a little, seeing Victoria's eyes follow her hands all over her
body. She made eye contact with her, and Victoria saw in her eyes a look of
raw animal lust that she'd never seen from her before. Victoria stared back
intently, wondering what was going on.

Suddenly, she dropped down on the bed, her legs spread wide across the double
bed. Victoria had fantasized about seeing Trish in this position for so long
that he could barely believe it was happening in real life. Her mouth briefly
hung open before she realized and quickly closed it.

Trish leant back a little, exposing her pink pussy to Victoria with a wicked
grin on her face. It was an invitation, a request, a demand for her to
pleasure her again, only this time, Trish wanted her fingers rather than his
tongue. Victoria was more than happy to oblige.

Victoria guided her three fingers slowly deep into Trish's pussy. Her thick
long fingers probed deep inside Trish, deeper than anyone else ever had, and
she loved the feeling. The pleasure more than balanced out the pain of her
three fingers being inside her, but even so, it was all she could do to stop
herself from screaming.

Her legs were still spread wide. Victoria grabbed onto them around the
ankles, and pulled them up over her shoulders, pulling her body further down
her fingers. Trish wrapped her legs tight around Victoria's neck, hoping to
pull her body closer to hers, wanting as much as possible of Victoria's
fingers inside of her.

Victoria's fingers began thrusting away harder and harder. She saw the look
of pleasure on Trish's face and knew that she was getting close too. Victoria
moved her free hand from Trish's hips down to her own thighs, and found the
part that was most sensitive. She started stroking her area in time with her
thrusts into Trish, gradually getting more forceful as her thrusts became
more powerful. Victoria knew Trish was about to cum, but tried to hold out
long enough for it to happen at the same time.

Suddenly, the two of them shouted out at the same time - Victoria letting out
a deep, loud moan, Trish's more of a high pitched scream -as they orgasmed
simultaneously. Victoria's fingers on both hands became filled with hot white
cum from both her and Trish's tight pussies. The feeling was phenomenal, not
just due to the power of their orgasms, but due to the feeling of intimacy.
Their bodies, shaking with the force of the orgasm, ground up against one

They collapsed back onto the bed, sweaty faces resting on the pillows, and
stared into each other's eyes, desperately trying to catch their breath,
ready to go again.


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