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This story is around the time of the Invasion angle.

Forget Raven, What About Terri
by Big Chief (

Our story begins at a house show where Raven is fighting Perry Saturn.
Raven threw Saturn into the corner to set him up for signature clothesline,
but after he bounced off the ropes Saturn caught him, tossing him over his
head with a T-Bone Suplex. As soon as he got back to his feet he walked
into Saturn's signature move the Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza.
1-2-3, and Raven lost yet another match to the mop loving Saturn. As Saturn
celebrated in the ring, Terri led the beaten Raven to the back.

After bringing Raven to the locker room Terri went off to find Stephanie
McMahon. In her search she ran across fellow Alliance member Tommy Dreamer.

"Hey Tommy, have you seen Stephanie McMahon around anywhere?"

"I think she left the arena already. Maybe you could catch her tomorrow
night during RAW."

"Damn, I was hoping to talk to her tonight. Well thanks anyway."

She headed back to the locker rooms, a little pissed off, but she knew she
could get Steph tomorrow like Tommy suggested. When she made it back to the
locker room Raven was sitting in a chair holding an ice pack to the back of
his head.

"Well I couldn't find her, but we'll try again tomorrow. Is your head
hurting bad baby?"

"Yeah, that crazy tattooed bastard dropped me right on my head."

"Well, then let me kiss it and make it all better."

With that she sat on his lap and gave him a quick peck to the top of his
head where he had the ice pack. The two then started to make out, but then
Raven stopped the whole thing.

"Hold on Terri. I don't think I can do this tonight. My head is hurting
me too damn much."

She looked at him with a girlish little pout.

"Ohpooh. Well I guess I'll have something to look forward to then won't

With that her pout switched to her famous smile as she climbed off his
lap. Before she left she reached her hand down and grabbed the bulge in
Raven's pants, "But remember I really hate to wait."

Terri arrived at the arena with Raven and Tommy Dreamer, hoping today she
could find Stephanie and have the talk she wanted to have last night. As she
once again went around looking for Steph she came across senior WCW referee
Nick Patrick. The two talked for a few minutes and Terri found out that her
boss hadn't even arrived at the arena yet.

"Well, Nick, when she arrives could you tell her that I'm looking for her
and I want to have a talk."

"That"s no problem. I"ll see you later, Terri."

Like last night she was a little ticked off, but she knew that Nick would
get the message to Stephanie whenever she arrived. After walking around for a
few minutes she decided to relax by taking a nice warm shower before show

When she got to the locker room she realized none of the other Alliance
Divas where here tonight. Torrie was off at an autograph signing, Stacy was
at WWF New York, and Ivory had the night off. This was great; she could
actually relax in peace for a change. After putting herstuff into an open
locker she stripped off her t-shirt and jeans, grabbed a towel and headed
for the showers. As she walked her hips swayed back and for, showcasing her
beautiful bare ass.

As soon as she got the water just right, she stepped under the stream of
water and let it cover her petite body.

"Oh there's nothing like a nice hot shower to calm the nerves." She
mumbled to herself. When her whole body became covered in water she grabbed
the bar of soap and began lathering herself up. Like always she started with
her massive chest and slowly worked her way down. She then threw her head
back and let the water wash to soap away.

As the water hit her body, she thought she heard a door open, but just put
it off as hearing things. Just before she turned the water off she gave both
her nipples a quick pinch. After drying herself off, Terri wrapped the towel
around her body and walked out of the shower. As she stepped back into the
locker room she was somewhat startled to find Stephanie sitting with her arms
and legs crossed, sitting on a bench.

"Geez, Stephanie, you startled me."

"Well, I just ran into Nick and he said you wanted to talk with me so I
came right over."

"Oh yeah, I did. I wanted to talk about Raven. It seems as of late, all
he has gotten are matches with that freak Saturn and only appears on Heat or
Metal. I know he can do better if you and Shane were just to give him a
chance. I mean your father already misused him in the WWF and that would not
be right for it to happen again in the Alliance."

"Actually Terri, I know what you're talking about. I was looking for some
to bring up as another star next to Austin and RVD and Raven's name did come
up. I mean he is a former ECW World Champion. However I want to know what
you plan to do to get him there."

With that Steph casually uncrossed her legs. When she did this Terri saw
that Steph was not wearing any panties under her skirt.

"Well Stephanie, I'm willing to do what ever it takes no matter what."

"Oh that's good to hear. I tell you what, I'll put Raven in a match
tonight. After the show you can come to my dressing room to talk more about

"Oh Steph, that sounds just great thanks." The two women then stood up
and gave each other a friendly hug.

"So I'll see you later Terri." Terri just waved and smiled.

After Steph left Terri realized that her pussy was soaking wet. She
thought how cute Stephanie's bald cunt looked, while giving her own bald
pussy a few rubs before getting dressed. She really wanted to tell Raven
the good news.

Raven was on top of United States Champion Tajiri pounding away at his
face. All of a sudden Torrie Wilson got on the apron, which got Raven's
attention away from her Japanese boyfriend. As he turned back around he
received on of the Japanese Buzzsaw's stiff kicks right on the side of his
head. Luckily though he was able to just barely get his shoulder up before
the three count.

While Raven was trying to recover from the hard kick, Tajiri went to
launch himself off the ropes, however Terri grabbed his leg stopping him in
his tracks. As she celebrated what she just did, Tajiri grabbed her by the
hair a proceeded to pull her up on the apron. Raven was now up and saw the
opening he needed, as he spun the distracted Tajiri around, kicked him in
the gut and delivered the Raven Effect DDT! 1-2-3.

"The winner of this match and new WCW United States Champion, Raven!"

Terri quickly grabbed the U.S. title belt, narrowly escaping a pissed
off Torrie Wilson.

When the two made it back to the locker room, Terri embraced the new

"Damn, I knew you could do it baby. I got to go talk with Stephanie, but
when I get back we'll celebrate the right way," said Terri with a sexy smile.

* * *

Stephanie McMahon was sitting in her dressing room think what she had
planned for Terri. While she was waiting she raised her ass up off the chair
in order to slide her panties off. The one thing she hated about wearing
skirts on TV was that she had to wear panties with them too. She would
always wait till right before she went out to put them on and a soon as she
reached the back, off they came.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Come in."

Terri entered the room.

"Oh, Terri hi. Well, I guess you were right about your boy Raven."

"I told you he would be able to do it, given the right opportunity. So
does this mean that he gets a better spot in the Alliance?"

"Well not exactly. Like I was telling you before you need to convince me
as to why Raven really deserves that better spot. I mean we could just strip
him of the belt and keep him in time filler matches."

"No, what could I do to make sure he keeps that spot. I don't want to see
him finally get something good and just have it taken away like that."

At that point Stephanie who had her legs crossed, uncrossed them and for
the second time revealed her bald pussy to the horny little she-devil.

"Oh I bet I could think of something that you could do."

Upon hearing what her boss just said and what she was doing, Terri began
to get her sexy smile back.

"I think that I have an idea of what I could do. Would this work?"

Terri then walked over to Stephanie and planted a big kiss to the
billion-dollar princess. As she kissed Steph, her right hand began to creep
under the leather skirt and massage her inner thigh. Terri kept this up for
almost a minute until she just stopped.

"Is that what you had in mind boss?"

"That was good, but I'm not sure if I'm convinced yet." And that famous
grin appeared again.

"Then let's see just what I can do about that."

Terri then knelt down so she was right in front of her sitting boss. She
pushed up on the sides of Stephanie's leather skirt and finally saw her bald
pussy, fully exposed with nothing covering it.

"Mmmm. I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?"

"Well, I guess you won't know until you taste it."

Not needing any more encouragement, Terri leaned her head in between
Steph's open legs. She stuck her tongue out so just the tip touched
Stephanie's outer lips. After letting it rest for a few seconds, Terri
began to move her tongue up and down the height of Steph's slit. While
performing her tease, Terri got a familiar taste on her tongue, realizing
Steph was getting wet.

"Oh Terri you really know how to press a girl's right buttons!"

As Terri continued, Stephanie undid her leather top, revealing her
man-made wondrous globes. Wanting to increase the pleasure she was
receiving, Steph took her nipples in between her fingers andbegan to
twist and pinch at them.

Meanwhile, in between her legs Terri saw the target for her attack. The
light licking that she had been performing had helped Stephanie's clit to
come out from its hiding place. With a smile Terri put her mouth over the
pleasure bud and began to suck on it. This one little action got loud moans
from the young brunette. Within seconds it seemed that Stephanie was about
to cum, but yet again Terri stopped.

Steph was about to say something, but had an idea that Terri knew exactly
what she was doing. The petite she-devil then raised her head and brought
her mouth to one of her boss' massive breasts. Using her tongue she gave
the nipple a few flicks before covering it like she had done with her clit.
While she paid oral attention to on nipple, she'd use her hand to massage the
other one. This was driving the brunette so wild with excitement; she threw
her head back and tightly clenched her eyes closed. Terri knew that she now
had Stephanie "ready for the kill."

While still sucking on the nipple and using her right hand on the other
one, she lowered her free left hand. Being the complete nympho that she was
Terri was able to put her hand right to Steph's clit without even looking.
After giving it a fewflicks Terri placed her palm over the bud and began to
massage it. Now Stephanie was in complete and utter heaven. She tried to
hold back her moans, but she was just fighting a loosing battle.


Knowing she could get more, Terri increased her sucking, pinching and
rubbing. She didn"t have to wait long until Stephanie's moans began to get
to the point where Terri could tell the young McMahon was about to cum.


As Stephanie was screaming her pelvis was thrashing wildly and she was
clenching the back of Terri's head with both hands. As the climax ripped
through her body her juices began to cover Terri's still moving hand. The
billion-dollar princess's orgasm erupted for a little over a minute before
it finally subsidedand her body began to calm down. As Stephanie was
composing herself, Terri brought her left hand to her mouth and licked up
all of Stephanie's juices that covered it.

"Mmmm... tasty."

Steph smiled at the comment and was finally able to talk again.

"Well Terri, I guess you were able to convince me that Raven does deserve
a push after all. And if you ever need anything don't be afraid to ask."
As she said this, she had a grin from ear to ear on her face. Terri just
flashed a smile back as she madeit back to her feet and left the dressing

After Terri left, Stephanie zipped her top back up. She then ran her hand
across her still wet pussy, collecting her own juices onto her fingers. She
then brought the glistening fingers to her mouth and tasted her sweet nectar.

"Mmm, she was right." She then got up, pulling the leather skirt back
into place and left the room to find her limo.

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