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Francine Teases One Time Too Many!
by Joker

Billy sits at home with his buddies anxiously waiting for the main
event of ECW's latest Pay Per View. The guys are fans of most of the
wrestlers, but their favorite is none other than the Queen of Extreme,
FRANCINE!!! They get together once, pitching in their hard earned money,
just to buy the shows. They love the way she comes out, smiling and
flirting with the guys in the crowd, teasing their cocks throughout the
match. Billy and his boys cheer extra loud when Francine comes out and
stands at ring side. She always has the sexiest outfits. They especially
love her huge breasts, sexy smile, the way she humps the top rope in a
skimpy silky thong, and her CUTE and SEXY feet! These guys are not known
to have a foot fetish, but the naked feet of one Francine Fournier have
the same effect her naked breasts do.

"Hey everybody, HERE SHE COMES!", screams Billy to his friends making
food and grabbing some beer.

Francine comes strutting out in a sexy cleavage showing top that is
barely holding in her sizeable breasts. The camera zooms down to her
legs and ass as she enters the ring. Her skirt is very short and you can
see her thong panties from the camera's view. Francine flicks her tongue
into the camera and humps the middle rope as she enters the ring.

"WOOOOOOO! Yeah!!!!!!!" Billy and his friends cheer as Francine flirts
and wiggles around the ring.

"Hey Bill. Didn't you try to get tickets to the show tonight?" Jake

"Yeah but they sold out about 2 minutes before I was supposed to get

"That sucks", hollared Joe from the other side of the room, "they
should have given you something for standing out in the cold for 3

"Yeah I know but....", Billy was then cut off.

Andy yelled, "Hey Billy boy, didn't you miss work just to go there?"

"Well yeah I did but..."

"Ah yeah. I don't know who is the real bitch.....Billy or Francine!"
Everyone laughed. Billy grinned just to fit in, but he knew they had a
point. He always takes shit and never seems to care. Billy's fake smile
turned into a huge grin as he zoned out and thought about a million
things he could do to get some pay back.

Billy spoke over the laughter, "Hey guys. We pretty much know who is
gonna win the match tonight. And my VCR is on record. What do you say we
hop in the van and go down to the arena and get some autographs as the
wrestlers leave." Being the sick perverts that they were, they knew that
Billy didn't just want "autographs", he wanted a litte something extra.

They all grinned at the same time, like a gang of misfits ran by a
single mind. "Yeah Billy, we are with you!"

They jumped in a van and floored it all the way to the building. They
got there just as the last few wrestlers were coming out. Their van
pulled up behind a huge billboard, hiding in waiting. There was no fans
outside, just a security guard outside of the main exit for the talent.
A member of security yelled into the building "ANY MORE LEFT?" someone
responded "Yeah Francine is almost ready! She is the last one!" They
security replied "OK I'll be in the parking lot waiting!" then he walked
about 100 yards to the parking lot. The guard was long gone and Billy
planned briefly. "You guys leave the van running and I'll do the rest."
He then jumped from the vehicle and jogged over, hiding in the darkness.
Out comes Francine still wearing her skimpy top and short dress, covered
with a coat. She hesitates, looks around, and begins to go through her
purse, feeling safe and sound. The door closes behind her. Billy sweats
and breathes heavily, shaking in anticipation. He looks to the guard in
the parking lot. His back is turned and he is putting something in his
trunk. Suddenly Billy charges Francine, grabs her around the waist and
covers her mouth instantly. She screams, but it is muffled, and she
thrust wildly. Billy begins to choke her from behind and she passes out
in about 10 seconds. The guard is still occupied, so Billy puts Francine
on his shoulder and sprints to the van. He flings the door open and
plops Francine in.

"Guys! You know the plan. Go get every guy that you know and meet me
back at the house." Billy says. Just then, all the guys jump out and run
off into the night, while Billy takes Francine and drives off.

Several minutes pass. Francine starts to come to. "Where....where the
fuck am I?" she mumbles.

"Hey baby. You know how good you looked tonight? I was so hard watching
you come to the ring. Tell me, how many people to you think you teased
tonight and gave blue balls to? Huh? Lets see....about 5,000 in the
arena....about a couple hundred thousand watching on pay per view...."
Billy says.

Francine looks around and tries to get up. Her head is hurting and she
can barely stand up. "What do you want from me?" she begs.

"Ummm.....gee....let me think. The baddest and sexiest bad girl in
wrestling history is here in my room and I am horny as hell. What do you
think I want??" he says.

"Look. I have money....I have connections.... I can give you what you
want." she says.

"Well, I have money and connections and.... yes, you WILL give me what I
want. And right now, I want.....YOU!"

Francine makes a run for the door, but Billy laughs. "You can't fight it
baby. You can't go anywhere. Ohhhh that is so sexy watching you wiggle
trying to open the door." he says as Francine tries to open the door
with a dead bolt lock on it. Billy walks over to her, grabs her around
he waist, and kisses and smells her neck. She quivers and says "You
don't have to do this. Please....."

"OH but I do have to do this. You see, I represent every hot blooded
male who has ever looked at you and knew they wanted to fuck you but
couldn't. You are such a cock tease, but now, the teasing is over. I
want to see if you really are EXTREME."

Billy flings her to the bed and her shoes fly off, exposing the sexiest
feet bottoms ever. "Just let me do exactly what I want, and you can
leave in one piece", she nods her head yes with tears in her eyes and
Billy goes to work. He quickly set up a camcorder and hits record. "I am
gonna mail this tape to every F'n wrestling fan that wants of
charge. Billy strips down to his boxers and walks towards Francine on
the bed. "Take off you skirt and your top. NOW!" Francine jumps when he
yells and quickly gets to stripping. Out pop two of the biggest breasts
he has ever seen on a thin girl. He grabs her by the ankles and yanks
her towards him. Still wearing a silk thong, Francine struggles to keep
her legs together. Billy looks down at her cute little feet and leans
down to kiss them. He licks all over the soles and begins to suck her
toes. She wiggles in resistance, but he has a good grip. Minutes go by
and he moves up to her tits. He grabs ahold of them firmly and squeezes
them. She jerks away and back up.

"Look you little bitch. I am a fan of yours and I even like you in ways
beyond sexual. Don't fuck with me or you'll regret it!" He leans in to
suckle on her big brown nipples. He goes back and forth between the two,
studying them and feeling them thoroughly. "Rub my dick now" he says and
her warm hard begins to touch his quickly growing cock. She removes his
boxers and tucks gently on the head of it. He slips 3 fingers under her
thong and right into her pussy which is suprisingly wet.

"Unnnnhhhhhh" she moans, feeling his rough fingers up in her. He
manuevers his fingers inside her warm wet pussy for a minute. "You like
that you little slut don't you? She starts to suck his dick like a
vacuum and he almost busts a nut the second her lips touch it. She
doesn't delay and bobs her warm moist mouth up and down, faster and
faster. He grabs the back of her head to slow her down, but she is going
full force now. Suddenly she stops, leans back, and spreads her legs,
still wearing the thong and says "Fuck me! Fuck me you pervert! Give it
to me!" He plunges forward into her pussy all the way. "OAAHHHHHHHHHH
YESSSS!" she moans at the top of her lungs. He grabs her ankles and
fucks her hard, sucking on her toes. She is very wet and has an orgasm
that unexpectingly squirts out like urine. Billy stays inside her and
slows down, now just grinding. "Why are you so into this?" he asks her.

"Because you are an attractive man. I am really starting to enjoy this."
she says. Billy looks into her eyes in shock. "they why did you diss me
a few months ago at a show? I tried to talk to you and you told me to
fuck off. We could have hooked up without all this bull shit."

"Well, I mean, I think you are a hot guy, but I want a guy that is
rich....some old fart ready to die. And I don't have alot of sex because
I am always on the road, so I'll take whatever will do. But as far as
long term, I want a rich guy. I figure if a cute guy kidnaps me and
fucks me, I might as well enjoy myself."

"You dirty slut!" Billy says. Francine stops grinding on him and her
guys grow bigger in fear and she backs away on the bed. "This isn't some
fucking joke. I brought you here to teach you a lesson, not so you could
get off." Francine is even more scared now and starts to tremble. "You
are a fucking gold digger? You'll sell your soul for a buck huh? FUCK
THIS easy shit. You are not supposed to like it. Now it's time for the
rough stuff you little hooker!"

Francine makes a mad dash for the door again, but Billy is something
less caring at this point. He grabs her by the hair and yanks her to the
ground. She hits hard and is slow to get up. She is out of it, dizzy and
shaken up. "No more Mister Nice Guy!" Billy yells as he throws her on
the bed ass up. Before she can even think of what to do to get away,
her hands are tied to the table across the bed and she is on her stomach
with her face down and her ass up in the air. She runs in place, but
Billy just gets more turned on watching her big ass wiggle. He does what
many wrestlers have done, and spanks her ass HARD. She whines and
squeels, but can't escape the ass smacking.

Billy begins to make a game out of it. He sits on the bed and continues
to push on her lower back, holding her in this position. He rests his
face on her warm plump bottom and gives it little kisses. "Tell me you
love me, but if I don't believe you, then you get a hard smack." he
says. She hesitates then says "I love you". She can't look back to see
what he is doing, so she holds her breathe in anticipation. A hard SMACK
comes down on her behind and she yelps loudly. "Try again" Billy says.
"Ummm" she says with a slight sob, "I love you". SMACK! Even harder then
the first one! She tenses and wiggles her butt, trying to get the firey
pain from the smack off, but it doesn't help. "Try again" he says with a
fully erect 9 inch cock throbbing. She wimpers and whines in a sexy
voice almost the way she talks in her wrestling promos "I love you!" she
says. Her butt cheeks flex several times in anticipation of the smack,
but Billy just leans down and kisses her perfect plump butt bent over.
It is red now and Francine relaxes a bit thinking she convinced him.
SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! Over and over she gets a full on spanking! She
moans and whines, flexing her butt over and over, yelping with each
smack like a little puppy dog. Billy gets up and leaves her there. She
struggles to look to see what he is doing, but she can't see.

Suddenly he appears in front of her. He is naked with a 9 inch cock,
fully erect, and all lubed up. Her eyes zoom in at the cock and her
bottom lip begins to tremble. He smiles and says "now I know you have
fucked alot of guys before, but has anyone ever fucked you up the butt?"
She shakes her head no and Billy walks out of her view. She immediately
wiggles to get free, but Billy holds her lower back once more.

"Please! No! Your dick is too big for my little ass hole! I never even
let guys lick it or put a finger in it! Please! Don't!" she begs as her
silk thong is quickly yanked off down to her ankles. Billy touches the
thick head of his cock to her tightly puckered butt hole. Her hips move
quickly, trying to get away, but he has a firm grip in her. He toys with
her and just leaves it lined up. "Hey Francine, is this extreme enough
for you?" he asks with a grin on his face. "No! PLEASE! IT'S TOO BIG!
DON'T DO IT! PLE.... uuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! aaaaahhhhhhh!" she moans
as Billy inserts just the head of his dick. Francine goes limp and lays
there just whining. "Aw come on girl. Don't tell me that is all you can
take. I got about 8 inches left." he says to her. He pushes a little and
Francine bucks and jerks in agony as another inch goes in. "Ugggggghhhhh
unnnnnnnnhhhhhh. No don't! It's too much! Ohhhhhh! Don't put any more
in! It's too big! My butthole is stretched as far as it can go! Please!
Don't ........AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screams as he puts all 9 inches
in ALL THE WAY and stays there. He is about to cum because it is so
fucking tight. Virgin buttholes are tight as hell, but this one is a
plump nice perfect muscular round virgin butt hole! Billy knows he is
gonna cum so he begins to move it in and out slowly. "Damn baby I
thought you would be good, but I didn't know it would be this TIGHT!" he
says, going in and out, picking up speed. He holds her ass cheeks wide
open. Francine moans and yelps with every deep tight thrust "OHHHH
AGGGGHHH! oh my gosh UHHH! damn! OUCH!!! ooooooo OH FUCK! OH! no it's
too big no! ahhhhhhhh! AHHH! UHHHH!" He is now at a full pump, deep
inside her pink anus, and she can't do anything about it. She starts to
back up and pound her plump butt hard into his hips. "What are you doing
baby? Don't tell me you like this." he says. "No uhhhhh uhhhh OHHHH!!"
she replies, "the quicker AHHHyou cum, the OH!sooner I get to leave.
UHHHHNNNN Uhhnnnn Ouch! OH! OH!" Billy gets a huge smile on his face.
"Francine, I forgot to tell you......." just then, the door opens and
there are Billy's friends with about 100 guys. Francine looks over in
Billy says, "yeah guys don't just stand there , DO SOMETHING!" One guy
comes over and smacks her in the face "SUCK MY DICK YOU COCK TEASE!"
ramming his hard cock down her throat. One guy grabs her foot and sucks
her toes, focusing on the big toe. Another guy rubs his hard dick on her
other warm foot bottom. Francine is in shock as guys fill the room,
cheering and waiting their turn. Two guys take turns sucking her clit.
One guy slips in and shoves his cock all the way up her pussy. Billy
keeps pounding her up the butt and busts a load of nut up inside her
tight little ass. He pulls out and steps to the side. The guys stand her
up and put her on her back on the bed. She is disoriented, but still
resisting. Two guys hold her arms, two hold her ankles and they spread
her wide open. Two more guys suckle and bite her huge breasts. Her feet
are kissed and sucked more, while even more guys mount her and fuck her
tight pussy. Francine finally passes out from exhaustion and she is
fucked and molested while she sleeps like a piece of meat. People come
and go throughout the night, alot with camera and videocameras getting
all they can handle from her. Billy gathers his clothes and grabs his
camcorder, running into the night. He runs into Joe outside the house.
"Hey Bill. Where ya going? I thought this was your place?"

"No Joe. I am sorry I lied to you about that, but I need to be
anonymous. And my name is not Billy. Sorry dude."

He turns away and starts to leave. "Hey!" Joe yells, "Ha ha. My name
ain't Joe!" They pause and both guys start to laugh. "Let's do this
again next month for the pay per view." "OK man. Definately!" They both
laugh and go their seperate ways as the action continues inside.


You decide.....

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