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Francine's a Slut Part 1
by Tammy Lover (

Here's a story for a guy who wrote me a Tammy story. Hey anyone else wanna
write me a Tam story? I got plenty of ideas, email me.

As Francine woke up the sun light panned into her window, and across her
face. She slowly opened her eyes as the rays of light covered her large
exposed silicone breasts. Her covers pushed to the side it galred right down
her stomatch to the folds of her open pussy. She looked out her window, and
began to get dressed. She pulled out some lime green thong back panties. As
she pulls them over her hips and up to her, she then grabs a pullover tanktop
and stretches it on. She is about to head to the bathroom and maybe take a
shower when....

"DING DONG" The doorbell. Francine walks to the door, and opens it, when
a boy about 19 drops his jaw.

"Your.....your from ECW...." He stammers.

Francine smiles and notices the young boy shaking. He has a clip board in
hand, and is clearly taking some sort of survey.

"Do you want something?" She says seductivly.

The boy stares at her panties, through the silky green material she has
camel toed out. Her pussy folds are outlined by the fabric. He starts trying
to talk to her about ECW, but Franny quickly tells him that ECW is closed
and she hasn't had a paycheck in a while. As the two chat about ECW's closing
and financial problems, Fran notices he still can't keep his eyes off her

"See something you like?"

"Yes...I mean, its just I've never...never seen with such a big wide...
I mean..."

"Its ok honey, this pussy is for fucking. I'm sure your girlfriend hasn't
ever had two cocks up hers."

"No...its really beautiful, I'm sorry."

"You wanna fuck it? You can if your dicks big enough"

Blushing the boy asks...

"How big?"

"We'll just have to suck it and see..."

With that Francine dropped to her knees and unzipped the boys fly. At
first he thought this surely wasn't happening, this was something straight
out of Hustler. But as she wrapped her lips around his rigid cock, he quickly
realized he wasn't dreaming. What a slut he thought. As she bobbed her head
faster and faster, he knew why she was called the Head Cheerleader. Yet he
felt some strange feeling he should share it with her.

"Your a nasty little cocksucking bitch aren't you?" He said evily.

"I am...."

"WHORE keep your mouth on my dick. Your mouth wasn't made to speak, it
was made to eat cum. Now shut the hell up and keep working."

As amazing as it was for her to be a slut, he found it even more amazing
that he had just taken over as the most dominating person he'd ever been.
Here he was Steve Baker, a door to door spokesman for Colgate with Francine
the ECW megababe on her knees blowing him. Not only was she sucking his dick
better then it had ever been done before, but he was making sure she did it
right. He quickly realized she was a super tramp, and that he'd have to take
maximum advantage of this. All this thinking wasn't stopping his body though,
as he busted a nut right in her jaw. She swallowed, and she swallowed again
as jet after jet went into her mouth. Suddenly he realized....SHE WANTED
MORE! She kept sucking his cock, until it acutally hurt him. She had drained
even more cum from his balls. He sat down on the kitchen chair, and to his
surprise, Fran kept her mouth glued to his cock. She sucked his cock, she
nursed it limp like a gerbil getting water. She kept sucking. He couldn't
believe this.

"Don't you stop?" But she didn't, not even to answer him. She just kept
sucking his dick. Fianlly after he blew a second load, and her lips were
chapped... she stopped. Steve looked down at her, and told her to put on
something better. He told her he was going to get some friends and dick her
down at the beach. She smiled, as she turned to go into the other room, she
wiggled her ass at him. He watched her undress as she slowly put on a leather
bikini outfit. Steve called his brother over, the two drove with Francine to
the local beach. Steve quickly found the right spot.

"Here we go Fran, now listen Chris and I are gonna give you all the cock
you can take here tonight, right Chris?"

Francine began to undo her top but Chris couldn't do it.

"Look, I'm sorry, This just ain't me Steve. You know I've always wanted
Francine, but I didn't want her like this....she's....she's a slut."

"I am I am", Francine quickly let out. Before she could let loose another
word, Steve shoved his cock down her throat. Chris just left, he couldn't
imagine that anyone was that big of a whore. Luckily for Francine, a couple
of local sufers found Steve's spot on the beach. After a moment of surprise,
Francine quickly convinced them to join the fun. Steve fucked her ass, then
one of the guys fucked her ass next. A big large blonde haired sufer guy,
who's name Francine never bothered to ask, fucked her pussy first. This
pissed Steve off, here was his girl. He didn't want sloppy seconds, and as
quickly as he had fallen for his slut, he lost interest.

"Fuck this, I got a real girl at home. Its been nice cocksucker, but I'm
outta here..." Steve paced off.

Francine was way too in the heat of the two sufers to realize what
happened. Eventually the three nearly passed out, as Fran took two more
loads in her ass, one down her throat and a solid three in her pussy.
Unfortunately, just like Steve, the sufers took off. Francine nearly burst
into tears when she realized here she was, alone, in the middle of some
beach, with no money, no car. She then noticed amongst the towels and crap
Steve had left behind was Steve's cell phone number and his wallet. She was

Francine was up on the boardwalk and had no idea what to do. All she had
was a cell phone number inside her bikini and she had tried dialing three
friends and nobody was home. Finally she decided to call Steve up at his
house and tell him he was a piece of shit. She dialed in the numbers and on
the 3rd ring somebody picked up.

"Steve you are a big piece of shit you know that! I fucking hate your
guts!" Francine screamed into the phone as about 50 people on the boardwalk
heard her.

"WHOA, CALM DOWN, FRANCINE," Steve's brother screamed back into the phone
as Francine now realized it wasn't Steve. She had forgotten that Steve had a
brother, he hadn't left her, he didn't want anything to do with the

"Oh sorry. Your brother left me stranded, down the fuckin' shore,"
Francine pleaded.

"Oh that fuckin asshole. Well I can come get you and take you home if you
wish. Where you at now, still on the beach?" Chris asked.

"I am at Broad and Spring Street in Seaside Heights and this is Chris
right," Francine pleaded thankful she was going home.

"OK I will be there soon. Be on that street, I will find you okay, just
let me get dressed," Chris said as he got up and did just that.

He got up and clicked off the phone and went and put on a pair of shorts
and got into his car and headed to the shore, not having a clue why he was
doing it.

Francine on the other hand was glad that she was going home. She then
bent down and kicked off her shoes, as she knew Chris wouldn't be around for
at least a good forty-five minutes. She then decided to go take a walk to
calm her nerves down. She was lucky that Steve had left alot of stuff on the
beach. His cell number, and his wallet. She was gonna get him good. Send over
some ECW alumni to fuck him up. She thought to herself, maybe she'd even take
advantage of Steve's girl. She decided it was time to blow his money too.

She went into an arcade and played a few games and then she decided to go
to the end of the boardwalk to get some pizza. She quickly wolfed it down as
Chris might be coming soon so she got up and headed to the street where Chris
would be at, hopefully. She slid her long legs out of the booth and headed
for the street where she walked along the street and sidewalk.

She leaned against a pole as she tapped her foot and then sat down and
just began to think how messed up her life was. She then heard a car pull up.

"Hey, how are you Francine," a voice called out. Francine popped up and
opened the car door.

"Oh Chris, thanks a million for picking me up. I really appreciate it,"
Francine said as she threw her shoes in the back seat and slid her legs
onto the passenger floor as she made eye contact with Chris through her

She eyed him up and down. She hadn't seen Chris earlier that well, she
was too busy with Steve and boy did he fill out, Francine said to herself.
Big strong legs, nice big arms, broad shoulders, and a chest to die for.

Francine found herself staring at his big chest and then she moved her
eyes away. Chris was also checking her out and her tanned legs were killing
him. Her long hair was a plus as well and the fact that she was barefoot was
driving him mad.

"I am sorry I yelled at you," Francine said as she slid in the seat and
curled her toes a bit as she caught Chris looking at her legs. The rest of
the trip the two made small talk and soon they were almost home.

Chris pulled up in Francine's driveway as she went back and got her shoes.

"Chris, want to come in and have a beer? It is the least I can do since
you were so nice," Francine said as she bent over and got her shoes.

Chris wasn't going to, but the sight of that ass got him in the loins and
he gave in and in the house they went. Chris watched as Francine wiggled that
ass into the kitchen and his cock was telling him how much he wanted that ass
as she disappeared.

He was secretly hoping to get a peek at her feet before he left as they
looked all nice and tanned. Francine came back in the room and handed Chris
a beer and sat down and crossed her legs and swung her foot up and down.

Chris sat there and sipped on his beer.

"Chris that was really sweet of you to come and get me. Me and your
brother got in a big fight and he said I was ugly and fat and that nobody
would want me and stuff. Chris do you think I am ugly," Francine purred as
she moved a bit closer.

"I think...I think you're very nice looking Francine, hell I've thought
you were great since you managed the Pitbulls," Chris managed to sneak out.

"Oh thank you Chris," Francine said as she drank down the rest of her

"Chris you like my legs," Francine outstretched them and moved them toward

Chris backed a way a bit.

"Oh Chris they won't bite, go ahead touch them if you want," Francine
purred as she was getting hot looking at Chris's legs.

Finally, he leaned over and put two fingers on her knees and touched them.

"See told you they wouldn't bite," Francine said as she leaned over and
kissed Chris right on the lips.

Chris eyes were wide open as he opened his mouth and his tongue slid into
Francine's mouth. Round and round their tongues went, as Francine slid her
hand up his shirt. She felt his chest and she moved her fingers up and down
it as she pulled his shirt up, their mouths still locked as she ran her
fingers down his muscular back.

Up and down her fingers went as she slid away from him and then stood up
and unhooked her bra from under her shirt. She bent over and slid a finger in
her jean shorts and then unhooked the lock and unzipped her fly.

Winking at Chris she unzipped the fly all the way down and wiggled her
hips back and forth as the jean shorts fell down to her knees.

"Want some Chris," Francine said as she kicked the shorts off her legs and
to the floor.

He nodded and Francine then pointed at the upstairs.

"Follow me if you want some," Francine purred as she went upstairs as
Chris watched her go up the steps.

Chris didn't need a second invitation as he was right behind her. Francine
plopped on the bed and spread her legs wide.

"MMMMMM Chris, come and get me hon," Francine purred as she spread her
legs and Chris began to suck on her tits.

He moved his lips and mouth around her nipple and began to suck on it
gently. Then he played around the nipple with his tongue. He sucked on it
some more, feeling it get hard in his mouth.

Then he moved to the other breast and began to suck on that until Francine
grabbed him and pushed her head between her pussy and clamped her legs around
his head. She then noticed her feet were filthy black on the bottoms as she
slid her feet away.

"Sorry, Chris my feet must smell," Francine said.

"Oh Francine don't be sorry, not at all, I don't mind them...don't mind
them at all," Chris said as Francine was like okay and put her legs back in
place as Chris began to eat her out.

His tongue began to slide all around her pussy and deep into her hole.
Francine began to move all about and she leaned over and began to feel
Chris's cock. It was semi rock. She moved her legs up in the air and as she
did so she saw Chris take a deep inhale breath and his cock began to get

Francine had no idea why, but she liked watching cocks grow.

Chris was doing a great job on her pussy. In and out his tongue darted,
in and out of her pussy like a small cock. Her whole body began to shake as
she approached orgasm.

She wrapped her legs around Chris tight, her feet almost in his face as
she grabbed her hair and her body let loose with one of the most intense
orgasms of her life. Chris's mouth was like a little dam stopper as juice
flooded his mouth. He tried in vain to swallow it as it trickled out his

Francine's body slowed down a bit as she moved her legs off Chris and he
moved up and rubbed her legs.

"Whew Chris oh my what can I say? You eat pussy like a pro," Francine was
rubbing her foot on his big arm when Chris took her leg and began to rub it.

"God your pussy tasted beyond godly...oh your juice is so sweet. Thanks
for letting me have the honor of licking it," Chris purred as he leaned over
and gave her foot a kiss right in the middle of her dirty sole.

Chris smiled as he took his lips away and Francine kinda just watched him
as she was really into his body and Chris fell down and began to rub her

"Oh that feels good," Francine said as Chris slid his hands into her soles
and around the toes.

He then got a bit bold and began to give them a light little kiss as he
rubbed them. Chris was now really staring at her feet and Francine looked up
and noticed how hard his cock was as it was twitching and straining, aching
for release.

Francine then got up and stroked his cock.

"I want you in me," Francine said as she spread her legs for Chris.

Chris slipped the head in her still wet pussy and then slid it out and
back in.

Within three strokes the cock was all the way in. Chris held on the
bedposts as he was fucking Francine. He began to stop and start and then he
teased her by rubbing the tip against her cit. Chris began to lose his
balance so Francine moved and put her feet up on his shoulders and she saw
that made Chris sort of more excited.

He really began to fuck her hard as her body began to shake and then it
dawned on her. Chris likes my feet. He has to like them. But they are all
dirty, Francine thought to herself. However, by the way Chris was pounding
her she didn't have time to think.

"Oh Chris. Fuck me baby, oh yeah, you got a big dick. Oh yeah, ram it in
there, fuck my pussy," Francine screamed and when Chris opened his mouth to
groan she moved her foot to his lips.

"Open" Francine commanded as she stuck her foot in his mouth.

"Oh he really is into feet," Francine thought to herself as she watched
her foot go in his mouth.

She had never met a foot guy, but had heard about them. She thought Chris
looked cute with her foot in his mouth.

"Oh Chris you want my feet, have them, fuck me Chris and I will give you
my feet," Francine said as she put her other foot right in front of his eyes.

This caused Chris to gulp and stir and it was like waking up a hornet's
nest as he went wild on her pussy. His cock was like a fucking rocking piston
as he fucked her so fast it almost caused her to be ripped in half.

God she couldn't imagine the effect her feet were having on Chris, but god
it felt good. Chris looked down as he watched his cock slide between her wet
pussy lips. Grabbing her legs he moved his hips up and then really plowed in
her. His tongue slid off her dirty foot as he was gonna cum soon.

"When you cum I want it in my mouth Chris," Francine purred as her body
was rocking into multiple orgasms.

Chris continued to suck on her little toes and feet and then suddenly he
pumped two more times. Then he moved off her feet and grabbed his cock and
pulled it out. He moved it toward her mouth.

Francine watched and lay down and opened her mouth as Chris fisted his
cock two times and the first spurt dropped out of the cock and into her
willing, open mouth.

"Oh yeah Francine swallow my cum baby," Chris screamed as he jerked the
next spurt right between her lips and watched the cum fly right in her mouth
and she gulped it.

He continued to pump his cock a bit more slowly as he wanted her to
swallow it all, and swallow she did as she moved up and mounted the cock and
pumped his cock dry with her mouth and tongue, sliding it on his tip and his
hole, causing him to shudder and release more cum in her mouth.

The cum was salty and sweet and she took it all as the last few drops
spurted out and on her lips, which she quickly slid off with her fingers and
licked the cum off her fingers. She let his dick go out of her mouth as she

"God, Chris that was incredible. God, you fuck like a pit bull. My pussy
is gonna be sore tomorrow," and as Francine slid up, they kissed.

Francine wrapping her tongue around his mouth and his tongue as they
played catch with a few drops of cum still in her mouth as she finally
swallowed it.

"Whatya say, you help me get some payback on your know...
some REVENGE!"


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