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Free For The Month Of November
by Arcanine878

After hard work and tedious hours, I've finally saved enough money to treat myself for the holidays. As Raw was coming to Seattle, I was able to snag a deal on a VIP Ticket, including signings from superstars and an exclusive backstage tour from a mystery wrestler or diva. I was stoked. I had to be at the arena two hours before the actual event started, that way I wouldn't miss the show. I parked my car close up to the backstage entrance and walked up to the door. A security officer stopped me in my tracks, and looked me up and down as if I didn't belong.

"The event doesn't start for a while sir, you can go through the front doors." He said.

"I bought VIP Tickets sir. Let me take it out..." I said, as I began patting my pockets, trying to feel for my ticket. I couldn't feel it. I took my wallet, phone, spare change, and lint out of my pocket, but I found no tickets. "Fuck!" I yelled to myself. "Please tell me I didn't loose it..." Just as I was about to head back to my car to search, another person exited the door the security officer was guarding.

"Oh, hey! You're the VIP of the night, right?"

I turned around, and there was the beautiful boss, Stephanie McMahon. She looked at her watch quickly and back up at me.

"You're just in time. Come on in, I'll be your tour guide today!" She said with a smile. I walked towards the door, smirked at the security guard, and walked right on in.

"Sorry about that security officer. He's as dumb as our Adam Rose gimmick. Anyways, welcome to the WWE! Not so many people have wondered back here yet, so you're lucky." Steph said, as we walked through a long set of halls surrounded by many electrical and storage boxes. There was so many superstars walking by me, I felt like I was actually apart of them. She showed me multiple changing rooms; make up room, and even the seamstress area. I also got to view the production truck, seeing the many different camera angles that the WWE Camera-men can take. It was all so fascinating. Steph then led me to WWE Superstar Cesaro. I chatted with him for a bit, as Stephanie left us to her office. Cesaro gave me his signature shirt and signed it on the right shoulder, and shook my hand.

There was still a lot of time left before the actual show started. I decided to wander around a bit more. I walked through halls I never saw in the tour, and I eventually led myself to Stephanie and Triple H's office. I pressed my ear against the door, hearing if there was anyone else in there. I heard nothing, so I decided to go on in. I opened the large doors, and damn, this was one of the best offices I've ever seen. There was the WWE Championship belt hanging on the wall, next to pictures of past and present WWE stars. There was so much memorabilia. It was amazing. I looked to the other side of the room, seeing what other golden items lay, and for sure there was one that stood out perfectly.

I stood in awe-struck, as Steph's ass definitely caught my attention.

"I knew you'd come in here." Steph said, as she walked over to the door and locked it, locking her eyes on me the whole time.

"You know, when you first came in this building, you looked like one of our horny fans that would die to get their hands on a diva, especially one like me." She said, as she started gliding her hands across her body, pushing her tits together. I started getting hard, but I tried my best at controlling it down. Steph came over to me, and pushed me into a chair. She pulled her shirt top down, exposing her huge breasts.

Damn they looked fine. I started slowly massaging my cock to her. She knew I was too horny to not touch my cock, and she loved seeing it. She crawled on the floor, letting her tits hang down. She looked up at me with her beady eyes, and slowly took my pants off, exposing my hard dick. She squatted up and sat on my thighs, as she leaned into me. I couldn't help myself, as I began to lick her tits, swirling the tip of her nipple around my wet tongue. Her nipples were huge, but it didn't take long to get one of them hard, as I moved to the next nipple, tasting equally as good. As I tasted her nipples, she grabbed my cock and slowly, teasingly, pumped it, pressing the tip of my head against her underwear. Just getting a centimeter of her panties was really good, but it just made me lust for more. I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to me, as we made out. I ran my fingers through her soft hair as we pressed tongues.

Stephanie got up, and leaned against her desk. She slid her pants down and bent over, exposing her tight pink pussy. She laid across her desk, and said "Bring that hard cock over here."

I quickly ran over to her, as she spread her legs and laid on her back. I slid my tongue into her pussy, spreading her walls as they grip around my tongue. I flicked my tongue around in her, as she began arching her back from pleasure.

"Mmmm...Fuck yes." She moaned, as I sucked on her sweet pussy. I moved my tongue in and out, bobbing my head against her pussy, and then sucked as hard as I can on her clit, as she let out a loud moan.

"Oh FUCK yes!" She yelled, as I held her legs down and moved my tongue around harder. Her pussy tasted so sweet, probably one of the best I've ever tasted.

I stood up and grabbed my cock and wanked it over her body. She stared at it eagerly, as she grabbed it with both hands and pumped it for me.

"Mmm you like that?" She moaned.

"Mmm fuck yes Steph." I replied. She guided my cock by her pussy, as I began to slide my cock into her tight pussy. I began fucking her, as she quickly got wetter and wetter. I looked down at her, as every time I thrusted her, her tits bounced around in circles. Her face was in pure joy. I slowed down for a bit, as I grabbed her legs and held them higher in the air. I let my hips do the action, as I began fucking her quicker. Stephanie let out a huge moan, as you could see her face was in full joy. "Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck me baby!" She moaned.

I slid my cock out of her pussy. My dick was drenched from her vagina. I leaned forward, as Stephanie laid on her side. I slid my cock into her tight ass slowly. Her ass was so tight, yet so big. As I fucked her, I squeezed and slapped her ass, and each time she let out a soft moan, turning her on even more. She bit her lips as I managed to get in her ass deeper. God I love her ass.

I slid my cock out, and all of a sudden, "The Authorities" music was playing. "Oh shit." Stephanie said. "We gotta finish this now, but maybe we could continue this after the show?" She said, as she grabbed my cock and wanked it as fast as she could. from the base all the way to the head. I couldn't hold back any longer, as my knees buckled and I cummed all over her belly. She quickly cleaned up and redressed as my cock got soft again. She gave me her phone number and planted a kiss on my cheek, as she quickly ran out to go open up for the show.

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