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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters on the story, but if Vince lets me
have Test I'll be a happy camper. I borrowed them for a little while from the

by Michelle

"Damn" Andrew Martin, better known as Test by the WWF fans or Drew by his
closest friends complained bitterly, kicking one side of the car that he had
rented that morning. The car had given them nothing but problems the entire
way, eventually giving up in one final rebellious lurch not 5 miles from
their destination.

They were in the middle of nowhere, an open camp in a Quebec God-forsaking
city named Salluit. He and his partner Trish, were suppose to arrive to a
radio station and host a show for their natal Canada, little they knew that
they were going to get stucked before reaching their destiny.

He looked over at her through the glass window; she was sitting in the
passenger's seat, hugging her knees up to her chest in an attempt of warming
her petite body. The fact that they were through this together didn't made
thing better, he didn't like her and she didn't like him, plain and simple.
To Drew she was just other of the lots and lots of women who use her
barby-doll gorgeous body and flashy attributes to reach their goals, in her
case, the top of the leader in the World Wrestling Federation. He just didn't
like that kind of woman... always staying away from them. They all
represented one thing and one thing only, troubles.

The headlights beamed brightly forward only to be swallowed by the
darkness. The ground outside was blanketed in thick snow and illuminated by
the soft moonlight.

Designated with the fact that they would have to stay there until the
morning came, the tall-blonde man entered into the car, slamming the door

They both stood quietly, trying to ignore the late hour, their rumbling
stomachs... and the fact that the temperature inside the car was rapidly

"What are we going to do?" She queried through chattering teeth. Her toes
were beginning to feel numb and she pulled her feet up underneath her.

"I don't know," he stated bitterly. This was their first time traveling
together and as things were going, it will probably be their last...

Drew looked over at her; his frustration and anger were soon replaced with
concern. Even in the dull, eerie white glow he could see her lips turning
into a frightening shade of blue. She was a lot smaller than he was, so the
effects of the cold temperature were working much more quickly on her. Even
if she wasn't his favorite person on earth, he just couldn't let her freeze
like that.

He took off his coat. "Take" he said curtly, handing her the large coat.

If they would be in another situation she would told him to take his
filthy coat and shove it straight up his ass... but she wasn't as stupid as
everyone seemed to think. The temperature outside was -10 degrees C and in
the half hour that they had been there she was already feeling her
extremities getting numb. Murmuring a weak thanks she took the coat and
wrapped it around her body. It was warm and comfortable, just what she

The only sound audible was the wind that had picked up and was now howling
wildly around the car. He glanced at her once again; her blonde hair was
cascading down her face, making a curtain around her that impeded him to see
her face. Her breathing was deep and slow, that's when he realized that she
was sleeping. "Trish..." he call her laying a hand on her ice cold one.
"Trish" he raised his voice. "You can't fall asleep" she shifted and sat up
slightly, muttering something under her breath.

Once again the car was filled with a deep tiresome silence. Now, Drew
could feel his toes getting numb as well. He stretched an arm in her
direction along the back of the seat. "I think that it would be more
intelligent if we try to warm each other... instead of sitting here getting
our asses frozen" Andrew said with a cold harsh voice.

She chuckled. "You have to be out of your mind..."

"Look" he yelled irritated. "I'm not asking you for a 'slump'. That's the
last thing in this God's green earth I would ask you. I'm just trying to keep
your little ass warm... now it's up to you" He moved his body a little,
giving her space to join him.

She hesitated for a moment, but as much as she disliked admitting it, he
was right. She slid across the seat and sat at his side, the seat had enough
space to accommodate both bodies perfectly, though, it was a little
uncomfortable. He curled his arm around her as she snuggled in close,
grateful for the warmth of his body. They sat in silence, waiting, willing
the time to pass more quickly.

Looking down at his watch once again and discovering that it had passed
just 20 minutes in what seemed like 20 hours, Drew cursed under his breath,
his apprehension growing and growing, knowing that when the morning comes
they could be death, long death.

"Don't fall asleep," he said, this time softer than the previous times.

"I'm not sleeping," she said coldly. Her body trembling involuntary.

"This isn't working..." Without any effort he grabbed her by her waist and
pull her up to his lap.

"What the hell are you doing?" She asked once sitting across his lap.

"Would you stop been so haughty and quit your complaining..."

"Do you think that I'm enjoying been stucked in the middle of nowhere with
a gigantic chauvinist male? Well I got news for you, I dislike this situation
as much as you do"

Closing his eyes, Drew massaged his temple with his fingertips. "For
Christ sake, you are giving me a headache!"

She sighed in annoyance, resting her back against his massive chest.
Dragging over her body the coat that he had given her earlier and covering
herself with it. He slid his arms around her, rubbing her arms so to keep her
warm. She rested her head against his shoulder, turning it a little to the
side, so that her breathing was brushing lightly against his neck. That was
enough to make Drew shiver from the top of his head to the tip of his toe.

'Oh God please NOT' he pleaded in his mind, not because he wanted the
Glorious Lord above the sky to get them out of that awful situation they were
into, he certainly wanted that... but his pleadings were to make the petite
blonde to stay still.

The movement of her hips on him as she tried to maneuver herself into a
more comfortable position was unbearable. He was having the urge to yell at
her to just STOP IT. She was not going to get comfortable, no matter how many
times she swiveled her hips. Drew, on the other hand, was becoming markedly
less comfortable and she was going to have the proof of his discomfort if she
didn't stop.

'This have to be a bad dream, a real bad one' Drew thought to himself.
'Why in the world do I have to get aroused by this woman? That isn't suppose
to happen, not now anyway... it's not that she isn't nice to look at every
now and then... but damm, she is Trish fuckin' Stratus and the situation
isn't helping that much..'.

Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. He slid his hands down to those
active hips and forcefully stilled them. It surprised her some and she
dropped her weight suddenly, pressing her full body against him once again,
so now very inch of her back, head to toe was touching some part of his
front, including his rather indelicate hard on. No missing that, she tried
to get herself off of him.

But he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist while resting his chin
over her shoulder. He wasn't sure if it was because he wasn't thinking
clearly or what, but the thought of taking her right there didn't looked so
bad as it did a few minutes ago... Why to care anyway? Probably by the
morning their life would be over. Kaput. Done. Finire. Arrivae. Acabada.
Finished forever. Deep sixed. A thing of the past. So why don't make their
probably last night on earth a memorable one... Also, he didn't want to die
been the only person in the federation that hadn't fucked Trish.

"Andrew... what are you doing" she gasped trying to free herself.

"What do you think..." he nuzzled her hair away from her neck with his
nose, inhaling slightly, breathing in the unique scent that seemed to be hers
alone. Opening his legs wide, Drew pushed the blonde woman's legs further
astride so that they were lying over, resting on the outside of his.

Trish tried to get herself free again, but he was holding her too tight...
besides she wasn't putting too much effort on it either. She gasped, closing
her eyes in pleasure as she felt his large hands running up over her rib cage
to cup her breasts firmly, his thumbs tracing the outline of her nipples
through her shirt. A little voice deep inside her head was yelling at her to
stop him, to not fall for this, for him. Wasn't this the last thing he wanted
to do in this God's green earth?

His lips descending down to the side of her neck, nipping and kissing a
path of fire across her skin, made her forget about the little voice... she
could feel her blood temperature racing, and that was a good sign. His
growing was starting to grind itself against her through the fabric of his
pants as Trish's hand clamped down on the hard tights supporting her.

He started to knead her breast with one hand while the other one slid down
the flat plane of her stomach, slipping beneath the elastic waistband of her
warm up pants to nestle against her crotch. She whimpered, his fingers
drifting over her warm center, tantalizing her with his teasing caresses
through the light fabric of her panties.

Bringing his hands to the bottom of her shirt, he lifted it up and over
her head before reaching out to undo her bra. Baring her full breast. His now
more warm hands captured her breasts again, this time with nothing between
his palm and her soft flesh. She arched her back into him in pleasure as he
pinched lightly her hard nipples with his expert fingers.

"Oh God," she breathed, purring softly in pleasure as his left hand slid
its way back down to her inner thigh, stroking her soft skin lightly, Driving
first one, then another, finger into her dripping cunt beneath the silk of
her panties. Barely skiming over her moist flesh with the lightest of
caresses, she ground her hips unconsciously into his hardness, seeking

Drew's fingers continued to thrust, while the pad of his thumb finally
began to rub her aching clit softly, his fingers sliding in and out of her
depth rhythmically. Unaware of her doings, Trish began to rock her hips
upwards into Drew's hand.

"Turn around" his husky voice whispered against her ear while tugging at
it softly with his teeth.

His voice was like a slap of realitation right to her face, she didn't
move a muscle. She was been wrenched by a wave of desire like never before,
and she was letting it happen... maybe it was the situation, the need of feel
warm, because Andrew was the last man that she expected to drive her mad with
desire, within a couple of minutes. From been impatient to get the hell out
of there she was now impatient for his touch... for his sex.

Impatient, he lifted her up and made her turn around, making her sat down
upon his rock hard groin, facing him. She was becoming a strain on his
sanity, not to mention to his pants. He looked down to her breast, devouring
them with his fierce gaze.

He lifted his gaze to meet her eyes as she slid her hands down his shirt,
pulling it off of him eventually. Her hands caressing his bare skin and all
he could think about was how long had he not noticed this beautiful woman
working by his side... well, he had surely notice her... but in his mind
never crossed the idea of this...

At the other side, running her hands over his chest, she wondered how
different he suddenly looked to her this man who she had never really seen
until this moment. Her fingertips ran further along his neck; down onto the
chest that rose and fell alongside her own... Stroking a nipple lightly, she
couldn't suppress a grin at the shudder that ran through his body and into

He slowly drifted towards her. When he was just inches away he paused to
study her face, smooth and delicate as porcelain in that incandescent light.
He pressed his lips against hers. They were cool and stiff against his but he
could feel them start to warm at his touch. A delicate cloud of warmth spread
over her face as the color rose in her cheeks. He pulled back briefly, then
kissed her again. Ravaging her tender mouth, he stroked the heated interior,
sipping at the honeyed warmth there. Over and over, his tongue penetrated
her, sliding erotically over her teeth, tugging at her swollen bottom lip,
licking the contours of her mouth. His tongue mimicking the actions that his
rigid cock ached for; to thrust inside her wetness, devour every silken inch
of her.

Drew pulled away first; resting his forehead against hers as he gathered
his thoughts. He could feel her soft breath on his chin; her small hands
running greedily over the broad muscled strength of his chest, she leaned
forward and kissed him hungrily, a small growl escaping from her lips to
ricochet through his mouth, reaching down between his legs to massage the
heat of his cock through his pants.

Gasping into her mouth, Drew gripped her ass beneath her pants and kneaded
her backside firmly.

A knock at the window made the two blondes to abruptly get out of their
own little pleasure world. Quickly, Trish get off of Drew, sliding in the
passenger's seat, covering her bare chest with Andrew's coat as he opened the
window to the police officer standing at the side of the vehicle.

He flashed them both with a flashlight. "Do you have a problem?"

"Oh... yeah. The car isn't working..." Drew replied with husky voice, not
looking at the man.

The police officer looked at them suspiciously. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure" Drew replied in his so usual bitter voice.

"My patrol car is over there. I can give you a ride..."

"That's fine... just give us a minute" The officer nodded and walked away.

Andrew put his shirt on and handed to Trish hers. "I told you that I'll
keep your ass warm" With that said he get out of the car and headed to the
trunk to get their bags, then he walked towards the patrol car and waited until she get out as well.


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