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Intro: Leon Phoenix is a black man, about 6'2. Shaved head with a couple
tattoos on his arms and chest. If you had to pick someone that he looked
like it would be DMX, but a little taller and more rocked. Just stating
this so you can get a small feel for who this man that will be (probably
seldomly :P) be fucking Divas. Enjoy-

From Indy To Big time
by Leon Phoenix

The first match of Smackdown was in the books. It was an opening event for
Leon Phoenix. He had won his first match against a pretty played off "Bad
Ass" Billy Gunn. He was still shining with a oil and sweat as he walked
back towards his locker room, recieving several pats on the back as he
walked passed random Smackdown Superstars.

He really didn't care much. He knew that the first few months would be
boring, and he would have to build up his reputation. He used to be an
indy star back in the good old days, and had been a champion for almost
a full year in the DCW. One thing he always had going for him though,
was his uncanny knack to find women. He had never been single for long,
and since coming to the WWE for the month or so that he had been here,
he was surprised that he had no ass thrown his way. Man, how his luck
was about to change...

He entered the locker room, and slammed it behind him. Obviously a little
flustered about how long it was taking him to get in the main stream, the
crowd knew who he was, and they cheered for him everytime he went out there.
What was taking the damned WWE creative team so long to do this!?!?

He turned his head, and was greeted by something that he certainly wasn't
expecting. It was Stephanie McMahon, with an evil grin on her face as she
walked up to him, and traced her right index finger up and down his
slickened chest.

"Nice match out there today sport." She grinned, and her purt pink tongue
came across her lips, and Leon could tell that she was toying with him.

"Listen Steph, you and I both know that I'm better then just about anyone in
this damned arena. Why haven't I been given the push that I was promised?!"
He would have slapped her hand away if he was thinking straight, but it was
a little more soothing then he had expected, and she didn't seem to be in
any mood to stop it just yet.

"Well, don't worry. In the next couple weeks, you'll be moved over to Raw for
Chris Jericho. A big move, but Smackdown needs more ratings, and Raw needs a
bonafide IC Champion. We think that your the man for the job, and it's the
break that you certainly have been looking forward to."

"Bout fucking time." He sighed, and walked away from Stephanie, taking a
white towel out of his locker and starting to dry some of the oil and sweat
from the top of his head.

"Aww, You want me to go so you can take a shower?" She pouted cutely, but he
needed one.

"I guess so. Thanks for the good news Steph..."

But before he could finish this sentance, Stephanie McMahon has unbuttoned
the top of her blouse, and was still pouting very cutely in Leon's direction.
"Or would you like me to join you..?"

He was tired, he was sweaty, but hell, he wasn't stupid. "It is usually
hard to wash my back..." He grinned, unbuttoning the top of his pants, and
exposing his half-hardened cock indented in his "WWE" boxer shorts.

"Such a company man huh?" She grinned, and pulled the blouse off, exposing a
hot red, silk bra. She unbuttoned the top of her black buisness pants, and
the top of a pair of red panties.

"Is it company issue to wear a thong?" He asked, with a huge grin on his
face. He wanted to see everything before he showed her his full cock. And
she did't seem to be trying to hard to deny any of his request so far.

"Hmm, I don't think so. Molly doesn't very often." She pulled down her pants
ever so slowly, and turned around as she bent to take them off her ankles,
definately a nice red thong. Exposing her full round ass right into the eyes
of Leon. Oh yeah, it was definately worth tapping.

"So, just how many have you fucked exactly?"

She looked slightly pissed, but definately not close to stopping. She walked
up slowly to Leon, and tugged a little on the waistband of his shorts. "Does
that really matter now baby?"

His cock was starting to react to the closeness of her body, and her hand and
he just shook his head. "Nah, not really."

She got down on her knees, and pulled his shorts the rest of the way down,
he lifted his leg to help her get them off. And as she looked up, she was
greeted to the sight of a nice, fat, heavy cock right in front of her eyes.
"Well, you certainly are the biggest I'll tell you that right now."

She put her lips over it, and took the head of his cock in. He groaned
softly at the softness of it, and her tongue slowly rolled over the head as
she looked up into his eyes.

"You like that baby?"

"Fuck yeah, but can you take it all."

Her grin turned into that soft, cute pout again as she took her mouth off,
letting her lips linger at the tip for a second for a light kiss. "Maybe

Leon grinned, and pointed over to the the table in his room. "Lay down, we'll
get more then fucking half of this in there."

Stephanie looked a little timid, but listened to the much bigger man. She
layed on her back, on the table, and looked at the cock now at mouth level,
his balls rested on her nose and Leon couldn't help but let them sway a
little as he waited for his little slut to open up.

"Open up and relax your fucking throat, or this may not be very pleasureful
to you." He didn't really care actually, he just wanted to fuck her throat.
And he was going to, no questions asked, even if he had to rape it.

She did as she was told, like any good slut would. Stephanie had sucked many
a-cock in the past, but many of them just let her do her thing. Leon on the
other hand, knew that she was only going to learn by force. And when she
perfect this, he would teach her other things as well. This was the most
important though.

Leon let his cock slowly slide into Stephanie's throat, and could feel her
throat jolt in a slight gag, and he pulled back. "Better relax, I'm not going
to be nice this whole time. I'll fuck this throat until you puke if you don't
do it right."

Stephanie was a little mad with herself, but was trying her best to keep her
throat nice and loose, and time her breathing. "Sorry baby.."

"It's ok. You just haven't been taught properly." He grinned, time now to
fuck this bitch in a way that no one had the balls to do. And it made him
feel good that he would be able to teach this slut something that she would
probably use for the rest of her life.

Without any warning, he slammed his cock half-way into her mouth, and felt
only a slight cough, and didn't let up this time, starting at a decent rhythm
down her slick throat. She was doing ok, but he hadn't even gotten 3/4th of
his cock down her throat. With every other thrust, he was getting just a
little bit more in, and she seemed to be ok at this pace. But Leon didn't
want to stay.

He only gave her throat and mouth a couple more strokes to get accustomed to
his girth before he started to really thrust himself in and out of her eager
mouth, shoving it deep into her throat and slapping his balls against her
little pointed nose. Every stroke forced him to groan, and forced Stephanie
to gag harshly on his cock, adding to the many pleasures.

Even though it was a little stressful, Stephanie seemed to love it, she put
her hands behind Leon, and grabbed his ass, pushing him deeper into her
mouth, deeper then she ever would have imagined a cock venturing.

Leon pulled it out, and let the saliva drip on Stephanie's forehead, and
rested it on her chin, putting his balls up to her lips. "I'm close baby. But
I want to see it on your pretty little face."

Stephanie's face was covered with her own drool and saliva, and she quickly
turned around on the table, and hopped down, getting on her kness in front
of Leon and grinning micheviously up at him. "Well, just tell me when."

And with that, she shoved her face onto his cock, and Leon held the back
of her head, forcing her to stay deep down on his cock. He could feel her
gagging, and swallowing the head of his cock down into the depths of her
throat, and he loved it. He grabbed the back of her head, and started to
force fuck her face.

Stephanie eagerly swallowed everytime the head of Leon's penis touched the
back of her throat, and massaged his balls with her left hand, kneading his
ass with her right. Trying to give her lover for the night as much pleasure
as she could muster. It wasn't long before Leon pulled his cock from her
mouth, and ordered her to stroke him.

She kept her mouth wide open, still moaning gutterly every so often as she
pumped Leon's rock hard member in her clenched fist. Her other hand could
feel his balls tightening up and knew that she was about to get the treat
that she had been working so hard for, a nice sweet load of cum for her to
play with.

Leon grunted heavily and felt the first huge spurt of protein juice shoot
directly from the head of his cock, into the awaiting mouth and throat of
Stephanie McMahon, and it made her flench a little with the precision of
her own aim, the second shot hit her chin, and dribbled down to her bra,
leaving a nice little spot that she wouldn't be able to get out anytime
soon. Leon pushed her head down, and made sure that he left one huge streak
of cum on this little rich bitches forehead, marking her for later use.

Stephanie swallowed the load that was given to her, and used the head of
Leon's cock to mop as much of the rest as she could, taking it into her
mouth and letting a pop be heard for her secret lover for the night. Leon
couldn't help but grin and moan once again. She definately loved the
flavor of his cum, which was a thing she would definately need if she was
going to continue anything with him.

"Now baby, I'm hitting the shower, you better go as well. It was fun, but
I'm exhausted. If you want to fuck later, which I'm sure your little slut
ass will, then meet me here on Monday, I'll be here watching everyone else
getting ready for my transition."

Leon turned around, and walked towards the shower. Never giving Stephanie
McMahon another look. She was looking a little down, but knew that she would
get to use that massive tool very soon as she walked over to Leon's Mirror
in front of his locker, and proceeded to try and make it look like she hadn't
just gotten her virgin throat raped by the newest superstar of the WWE...
_ _ _

More maybe? Not sure..Email/Reply if it was any good my "FIRST" story. Not
just naughty, first EVER. So eat it bitches...:P

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