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Frosty's Worldwide Adventures Part 1: North Carolina
by Lita & Frost (

The afternoon sun was shining down on the airport in North Carolina; people
were piling out of the airplane with the belongings of theirs that they were
allowed to take on board the plane. There was an independent federation show
tonight in the town of Sanford, North Carolina. Jonathon would be stepping
off of the plane with a simple bag on it. Tuesday night was going to be a
great night for him because it was going to very special. The Indy fed star
was going to be in the Main Event for his first time in front of a live
crowd, this has gotten him so hyped up as he grabbed his bag and placed it
over his shoulder. Heading into the lobby of the airport as he reached into
his pocket and found a dollar bill, perfect, he placed it into the machine
and clicked on the Mountain Dew button, it dispensed shortly later as he
grabbed it from the machine. His cell phone placed in his pocket as he had a
short stint with the WWE but he really didn't make an impact and because he
didn't like the way they did things, he ended leaving after only a month in
the federation. He grabbed his bottle of water and opened it up as he brought
it to his mouth and took a sip, his eyes looking back and forth through the
crowd of people as his cell phone went off. "Lean Back" begins to play
lightly as he grabbed his flip phone and lifted it up.

Jonathon: Yeah, right coach. I am in Sanford right now still at the airport
actually. I will be at the gym in a few minutes for my training session; I
hope I can do well tonight. What will we be working on today? A surprise,
well I hope I can do well with whatever it is.

He hung up his phone and placed it into his pocket as he headed outside and
raised his hand for a cab, climbing in and giving him the place he wanted to
go. Joe's Gym is where he would be training at today as the taxi driver got
their pretty fast. He handed the man the toll money and stepped out of the
taxi and into the gym looking around for his coach. Seeing his coach standing
by some weights in the gym he would walk over to him as they both shook

Coach: There you are. Well we got some work to do today so I pulled some
strings and called in a favor from an old friend of mine, but we'll get to
that later, first some basic weight training and squats on the bench. Got

His coach would point out where exactly he would have his training session
today and what to do, doing the workout himself to show Jonathon exactly how
to do it. The Indy wrestler would look to his coach and nod his head. He was
going to train hard to be the best, then be a champion some day and he would
move to the place his coach hand pointed out to him.

Jonathon: Ok coach, I got you and I hope this friend of yours can help me
improve my ring skills. Some squats though, it sounds easy enough.

He smiled as he grabbed the weight and picked it up, setting it up in the
proper position as he begin to do the squats, the young man was full of
energy and in no time the rep of 20 was done as he set the weights down
behind him and looked over to the coach.

Jonathon: That was easy enough coach so what shall our next step be in my
training today?

The coach would nod to him as he did all he was told and did it pretty well.

Coach: Well Jon, I guess that's warm-up enough for you today, or perhaps...
No I think we need to warm up some more for this... Run for about 5 minutes
on the treadmill.

He would walk over to the treadmills and set up a program for about a fast
run which would last 5 minutes.

Coach: Alright, were all ready, come on... Run for 5, and then we go to the
ring. Got it?

His eyes locking with the coach as he nodded his head and got on the
treadmill, the coach setting up the program as he would place his hands on
the bars and wait.

Jonathon: OK coach, I can't wait till we hit the ring, practicing my ring
skills and my moves for my big show tonight, my chance to shine in wrestling
and show the WWE what they were missing out on.

He smiles to his coach as the treadmill begins to move, his was a lightweight
and running was a breeze for him, his hands moving off of the bars as he ran
on the treadmill with the program, keeping up with the pace of the treadmill
as some sweat begin to drop form his forehead but not a whole lot. He was
quite the superstar and before they knew it the 5 minutes were up.

Jonathon: Ok coach, I am ready for my ring time now.

His coach would nod again as they headed towards the ring that was set up in
the gym.

Coach: Now, I got you a local wrestler to train with for this event of
yours... And yeah... You might have expected something great but hopefully
this will do. I promise you she's good though.

They would approach the ring as his coach instructed him to get in the ring
and run the ropes a little.

Coach: Alright, keep it up while I go get her.

His coach start walking away from the ring disappearing behind a corner that
led to the locker-rooms. He would take a look at his coach as he said it was
someone local. He raised a brow as a thought came to his head but it couldn't
be her, why would she come down her to train with him. He let out a shrug as
his coach walked off and he slid into the ring. Running the ropes was a pain
but he did it because he had to endure it to become a better wrestler, his
body hitting the ropes as he picked up the speed and just kept bouncing off
of them back and forth, waiting for his coach to return. After a little while
he would start getting impatient running the ropes, as he turned to look for
him he didn't see his coach, he saw the person he thought for anything it
couldn't be.

Lita: Hi there... Your Jonathon right? Well if you are then your coach called
me earlier today and cashed in on a favor having me come down here to work a
few moves with you.

She smiles at him and enters the ring now standing in front of him in her
ring gear.

Lita: Well then... Shall we dance?

She chuckled lightly seeing his expression to her question.

Lita: What I mean is, shall we spar then?

He would let out a chuckle but was rather quite surprised and nervous to be
sparring with this diva, she was the Queen of Xtreme, a big time superstar
and he really didn't know what to do. He would walk over to her and nod his

Jonathon: Yeah I am Jonathon and it is nice to meet you Lita, I am ready to
spar against you.

He would move in close to her as he dropped to his knees and his left hand
wrapped around her left calf, the right hand on her neck as he took her down
with a fireman's carry and stood up to his feet as he moved to the ropes and
let her get up. Lita would kip back up on her feet and turn to face him with
a small smile on her face nodding her head slowly.

Lita: Not bad... Not bad at all... But your main eventing that Indy show
tonight right? A simple firemans carry won't be enough... Then again I am
sure you knew that.

She laughs and steps closer to him, repaying the favor but being a bit more
gentle as she put her arm around his neck, setting him in a headlock, he
would naturally, as she foresaw reverse this into a irish whip, however when
he took a split jump over her head when she came back, Lita had put the
breaks on, as he turned to get ready to backdrop her he was met by a short
handed clothesline of his own. He would be clotheslined down to the mat as
he rubbed his jaw some and stood up. His ice blue eyes locking with hers as
he had a smirk on his face.

Jonathon: Yeah I know and very effective move Lita.

He would charge her and slide through her legs and stand up behind her. His
hands wrapping around her stomach as he lifted her into the air and dropping
her with a gentle german suplex. HE would then show off his agility as he
kipped up to his feet and looked down to her smirking.

Lita: You have quick movement, that's a plus.

She kips up again herself leaving them both standing facing each other.

Lita: Well... I see you're technically sounded, you have some power... How is
your aerial ability?? That's also an important part of wrestling, if that's
lacking, this is where I come into play... I suppose your coach must have had
a reason to call in his favor if not for that...

Lita would look at him some with a smile on her face. He would take a look at
her and nod his head as he saw the smile that graced her face. He would look
into her hazel orbs and smile as he would think of what to do next.

Jonathon: Well I do have the ability to do some of the moves but I will
probably need to add a lot more to my arsenal.

Moving and leaping into the air as he nailed her across the chest with a
dropkick as it sent her stumbling into the ropes some. He would quickly get
on his feet as he charged her and flipping his body into the air nailing a
hand springing clothesline on her as he smiled to her.

Jonathon: What moves can you teach me Lita?

Lita obviously had some air knocked out of her as she took a few seconds to
answer his question.

Lita: Well, what you said about adding ALOT more moves. You don't really have
to do that, a lot of the top wrestlers today do not have 30 moves to their
name, but the ones they have, they use effective... Of course we have people
like A.J Styles who seemingly adapt to the situation and can pull off just
about anything...

Her smile would remain on her lips as she climbed the top rope, sitting on
the turnbuckle.

Lita: But what I can teach you is hard to tell, I do believe you know how
to perform a flying cross body? There are a lot of aerial-moves one can do
that LOOKS simple... But if landed wrong you can injure yourself AND your
opponent, and that's no good...

Taking a look at her and nodding his head as he listened to her explanations
of things. His eyes watching her as she was sitting on the turnbuckle. His
body turned to her as he waited for her now.

Jonathon: Yeah I know how to do a flying cross body; I know how to take one
very well because one of my strong points is my ability to sell a move so why
don't you try one Lita.

He flashed another smile as he just watched her and waited for her to make a

Lita: Alright, I can do a flying cross body on you...

Lita would jump off the turnbuckle, rotating her body so that she would come
in hitting the top of his chest sideways making him fall down on the mat
landing directly into a pinning predicament, she got off of him right away
stretching her hand out.

Lita: You alright kid?

Looking at her hand and nodding his head as he would grab the soft hand of
hers and help himself up to his feet. He smiled to her as he would keep a
hold of her hand and bringing her into his body as he delivered a soft
version of his Modified Rock Bottom of her, giving her a pin himself as he
got off and looked up to her as he extended his hand to her.

Jonathon: Maybe I am the one that should be asking you if you are alright.

She shakes her head lightly.

Lita: I am fine, didn't feel it much and besides, that's a rule too, react
quickly, see making moves like that which isn't called or signaled can be
very dangerous too because then your opponent wont know how to take it and
fall correctly.. However my speed is my strength, so I am just fine...

Lita grabbed his hand and got on her feet now standing in front of him.

Lita: Oh yeah before I forget, your coach said he had to go to take care of
some business. So he left you in my hands for today, he would meet you at
the arena is what he said...

He would take a look at her and nod his head as he looked at the clock, still
4 hours before the show even started as he looked into her eyes some and
smiled at the Xtreme beauty that stood before him.

Jonathon: Well this in ring training was fun but is there anything else that
we can my newly Xtreme Coach.

Flashing her a smile as he just stood in the ring and wondered what she would

Lita: Well I don't know, I guess I am sort of responsible for you or whatever
until the show as part of the favor.

She would think for a minute before saying anything else as she had come up
with something apparently.

Lita: Well now that we have trained, we could go grab a bite to eat I

He would take a look at her and nod his head to his new temporary coach.

Jonathon: Sure that sounds real nice Lita, all the working out and training
has gotten me hungry, do you plan to surprise me of where we go out to eat

Smiling to her as he continued to walk with her.

Lita: Well there's a local place just around the corner, either way we have
to change and get dressed... So I'll meet you in here in 5 minutes alright?

She would head towards the locker-room areas to change, turning her head
before disappearing.

Lita: Meet you here in five minutes then Jonathon! Quick shower and that's

She would disappear around the corner heading into the locker-rooms to get
dressed and such. He would take a look around as he was a very curious young
man. He would ignore the shower she had mentioned as he ran to the locker
rooms and quickly got change. Only lasting a couple of seconds as he hurried
out of the rooms and went to the female locker room area, his curiosity had
always got the better of him as he was dressed in casual wear, blue shorts
and a blue shirt. He would open the door to the female changing room just
slightly to get a view to see if he could spot her. Lita was standing out of
eyesight from the door itself having gotten into the shower already though so
he couldn't see much from where he was standing, all he heard was the water
running and nothing more, nobody else was seemingly in the locker-room at
this point in time either. Nobody was in the locker room and he decided that
is was time to push his luck. He would step into the room and shut the door
lightly behind him, heading into the shower area as he peeked his head in and
looked slowly around trying to spot the Xtreme diva. His eyes would spot her
standing with her back to him soaping herself in, obviously rushing the
shower as best she could since she had promised him it would only take five

Lita: Ahh.. I hate having to shower fast but a promise is a promise...

She whistled a slow tune as she washed her hair now, running her hands
through it to get the shampoo out. He would notice her with her back to him
as he smirked. He would remove his clothes as he stepped into the shower
behind her and placed his hands against her shoulders, his nose moving close
to her hair as he smelled her rather quickly.

Jonathon: I hope you don't mind if I shower with you now Coach.

Chuckling to her as he wondered what her reaction will be. Lita turning
rather quickly towards him, the look on her face was unreadable at first,
but then one of those smirks one sees on TV nowadays would form on her

Lita: Mind?? No.... Not at all... As a matter of fact I was expecting...

Lita keeps her smirk while looking at him, her hands would travel up his
chest and rest on his shoulders. Wow, he would have never expected that to
be from her lips but he would just smile to her as he looked up into her
eyes and get down on his knees in front of the lovely diva, he got his first
view of her pussy and it looked great.

Jonathon: If you do not mind Lita, I was expecting to get something to eat a
little early.

He chuckled to her as he brought his head up to her pussy and pushed his
tongue lightly into it at first. Lita looking down at him as he dug his
tongue into her pussy, she would still have the smirk on her face putting
one hand on the wall for support and the other hand on his head, pressing
it harder against her own pussy.

Lita: Well I guess...Dinner is served then...

She would keep pressing his head against her pussy seemingly enjoying this,
something he was not really prepared for at all when he first took a wild
shot. This was a big surprise to him, whoever thought that he would get to
see the Amy Dumas naked in a shower, and no one would ever though that he
would be eating that lovely pussy of hers. His tongue begins to push in and
out of her harder as he moved his hands up to her breasts and gave them a
squeeze. Lita moves the hand on the wall down on one of his hands, pressing
on it making him squeeze her breast harder.

Lita: I guess... him cashing in on his favor...turned into a favor to me...

Lita smiles lightly looking down at him. Feeling her hand as he wanted her
breast to be squeezed harder and he did just that, His hand clamping down
hard on her breasts as his tongue would begin to dart in and out of her
pussy, licking the outside lips before plunging his tongue back into her.

Lita: Mmm... You're pretty good at this... But what if we got caught in

Lita laughs and more or less lifts him up on his feet, his mouth would be,
most likely unwillingly removed from the divas pussy but she led his mouth
up to hers, giving the young Indy star a kiss on her lips. Feeling the kiss
on the lips as he looked into her eyes and flashed her a smile.

Jonathon: Well we can skip lunch and just head to her house coach and we can
resume this there.

Flashing a smile to her as he folded his arms around her.

Lita: My house? It's a little too far away from here and would be a waste of
time... So lets in here...

The diva smiles and kisses him on the lips again.

Lita: That is, if you don't mind?

Jonathon: I definitely don't mind it Lita, why don't you bend over for me
now, time to get something nice big and hard inside of you Miss Xtreme.

He smiles to her as he rubs the head of his cock against her entrance teasing
her as he just waited for her to listen to him if she decides to do that.
Lita smirks and nods her head somewhat at him.

Lita: Alright then... I guess I can do that...

Lita grabs the wall with her two hands bending over for him.

Lita: Well??? I am waiting... Come here with that thing....

The diva smiles looking over her back now. He would take a look at her with
herself presented to him and smile. Moving behind her as he aimed the head of
his cock at the entrance and then pushed it into her body, his cock pounding
deep into her with his first thrust. Lita would moan lightly in his ear since
she was turning facing him.

Lita: Mmm... That feels good... Very good... I am impressed...

Lita would meet his thrusts as he pushed in her, moaning louder after a
while. Hearing her moans as he was so happy that he was doing something right
and she was enjoying this very much. His eyes looking into hers as he would
begin to smack her ass, his cock pounding deeper into her with each hard
thrust that he sent into her body. Lita would meet his thrusts and bite her
lower lip now, speeding up some herself now.

Lita: Yeah... That's it... your doing just fine...

She would lean backwards now forcing him to push in even deeper.

Lita: I am glad I decided to come here today....

Jonathon: I am very happy that you decided to come here too Lita.

He smiled to her as he would thrust harder into her, he would look into
her eyes as he let out a chuckle to her. His hands moving to her hips as he
pushed it as deep as he could. The WWE diva was not in any position to do
much standing like she did so she just met his every thrust.

Lita: Yeah that's it... Just like that... Deep and hard....

She would lean backwards again placing her hands on his ass-cheeks. Feeling
her hands on his ass-cheeks as he would push it deep into her, his cock
pounding very deep as he would then move harder into her body and let out a
loud groan. Lita would let light moans, however her volume would increase.

Lita: Oh God.... Now I am XTREMELY happy I came here today...

Lita keeps her hands on his ass, really enjoying this, somehow it would seem
like she had this planned from the start. His cock would continue to drill
into the diva as he closed his eyes and groaned again.

Jonathon: How come I think you were wanting this from the start, you were
expecting me to come into the shower and I think you have had this planned
in that great little head of yours.

Lita would turn and face the man with questioning eyes.

Lita: What?!! Me?? No never... Ever...

She smirks looking at him, her moans would pick up.

Lita: I didn't have this planned at all.... But I was expecting you in here
yes, from the looks when we worked out...

Jonathon: Well then I guess I am lucky that my curiosity was out of control.

He smiled to her as he gripped her hips hard as he slammed his hips forward
and his cock pushed deep into her. Taking one of his fingers as he gave it a
small lick before shoving it up into her ass. Lita would almost jump as she
felt something, which she found out was his finger entering her asshole.

Lita: Ooo... Who. Knows... You might have g...gotten lucky either way.

She smirks and meets his thrusts, however having a cock up her pussy and a
finger in her ass really made her feel filled up, not that she minded it
seemed. He would let out a chuckle and a loud groan, this Indy fed star was
living out something that most guys wished, here he was fucking the lovely
vixen of the WWE known as Lita, and he was making her enjoy it. He would
just smile as he pushed his cock into her once more. Wanting to turn around
soon so she could actually do some payback.

Lita: Mmmm...

She would hint to it but enjoyed the position too much to really want to
turn around it seemed, meeting his every thrust. He would smirk to her as
she wanted to do something else, he noticed her body moving around as he
pulled his cock out, his breath hard as he looked into her eyes.

Jonathon: Do what you planned on doing Lita.

Lita: I didn't exactly plan on doing anything...

She smiles warmly and leads his cock into her wet pussy again looking into
his eyes.

Lita: See this is better... Sure its traditional front on front but now my
hands are free too...

He would smile to her as he looked into her eyes and thrusted it deep into
her now and continued to fuck the lovely Lita.

Jonathon: Does the lovely Lita have something planned with her hands?

She smirks.

Lita: Well you have your cock in me, so my hands could only grab your ass,
lead them on your back....

Lita nods her head and wraps her legs around his waist. Feeling her wrap her
hands around him as he smiled to her.

Jonathon: This is one of the greatest feelings in my life Lita.

With that he would begin to fuck her harder and faster almost snapping into
a new gear. Lita would smile staring into his eyes.

Lita: This wasn't half bad; you're right about that.....

Lita would pick up a new speed herself as she wrapped her arms around on his
back, pressing her body against his, as the warm water was still running.
Feeling the water was running almost forgetting about lost in the pleasure
that he was having with her. His eyes shut as he let out a groan, his hips
slamming forward into her harder and faster. She would feel it as he picked
up the speed.

Lita: Oh my g...god... Yeah that's it... Your cock is just fitting fine in my

Lita presses herself even harder on the young Jonathon now. Feeling her
press harder as his eyes were shut and his cock pushed into her harder, his
groaning filling the shower as the water touched their skins, his hands on
his hips as he looked into her eyes slamming his cock into her. Lita's body
would start to shiver a little from the force of his cock, she would remain
with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck now.

Lita: You have trained on this right? Don't say anything, I can feel it...

She smirks and looks into his eyes. Looking into her eyes as he notices the
sexy smirks from her as it just drove him crazy with the facial expressions
she had, she could make it look like she had so much pleasure just by
standing there with the right movements in her face. His eyes shut and his
cock sped up, pounding deeper into her. She moans louder as he pounds into
her deeper, her pussy would throb.

Lita: Ahhhh... You're great... Well at least doing great now... I am loving
this... ALOT... Mmmmm.....

Lita meets his thrusts with force now knowing that she really wants this and
she enjoyed it above anything else. Hearing her talk about how he was doing
just made him work harder, he would thrust up into her harder as he looked
into her eyes.

Jonathon: I hope you come to the show tonight and watch me wrestle Lita,
maybe afterwards I can have some post match celebration fun with you.

She would smile and moan as he pushed into her even harder.

Lita: Maybe, I got some plans tonight though and it didn't exactly involve
going to see the Indies....

Lita closes her eyes and bites her lower lip now as her orgasm built to a

Lita: Ahh yes that's it... Fuck that pussy like there's no tomorrow...
Because for all we know, it won't be....

Hearing her as he shut his eyes, the pleasure flowing through the young
rookies body as she was giving it to him, He wanted to make sure she
remembered him in case he ever made a return trip to NC. His eyes shot
back open as his hips bucked backwards and then forwards as he continues
to fuck her, his stamina lasting and that is even surprising him right

Lita: I am amazed you're holding out this long... Maybe it's just because
I am not in a thong...or a fishnet shirt....or. Even better, fishnet

She smirks bucking her own hips against him forcing his cock deeper and
harder into her own pussy now.

Lita: That's it young stud... Do it... Harder... Fuck that pussy rookie!

Lita digs her nails into his back now biting his neck lightly. Feeling the
bite on his neck as his eyes were still shut. He knew that he couldn't hold
it much longer but dammit, he was going to hold it as long as he could, his
cock pounding deep into the Xtreme Vixen as he made sure she wouldn't forget
who he was, his cock pounding into her deeper, harder, her pussy getting the
pounding it deserved. She would moan and pull back staring into his eyes,
hers filled with lust.

Lita: Tell me something... How many divas do you plan on doing this with
before your career ends?

She smirks having her hands on each side of the young mans head now, resting
on his chin on each side. Looking up into her eyes as he lets out a loud
groan before his cock begins to twitch inside of her, before he knew it
though, his cum begin to shoot upwards into her pussy as he smiles and looks
into her eyes.

Jonathon: I plan on doing this with every diva that I am lucky enough to meet
while traveling state to state and even out of the country.

She shakes her head lightly.

Lita: So much for special...

Lita laughs a little but still shakes her head, feeling his cum shooting into
her pussy she closes her eyes.

Lita: Mmm... Ok that was good...but I am not using any protection...

Jonathon: Well this is special Lita, the first diva, one of the sexiest of
them all and I made her climax and enjoy and have a really good time. You
will always be in my heart forever and I will come and visit you more often.

He smiled to her as he wrapped his arms around her holding onto her body.

Lita: Well... Be sure not to fuck every diva without protection, a lot of
sickness out there....

Lita sighs a little drawing a deep breath now as she looked back up.

Lita: Well, lets hope my ass doesn't get pregnant...

He would take a look into her eyes as he nodded his head and held onto her.

Jonathon: I don't think you would get pregnant Lita but I will remember what
you said and use protection.

Lita: Good idea...

Lita gets out of the shower now going over to the bench with her clothes on.

Lita: Well, it was fun......

Stepping out of the shower and into his clothes as he smiled to her and
looked into her eyes.

Jonathon: I hope you don't forget me Lita because I will never forget this
experience, keep that television on and look out for me now.

Lita: I will... Who knows, maybe you will make WWE again someday before I
retire, I heard you were there briefly...

She finishes dressing and gets on her feet.

Jonathon: Yeah I was only in WWE for a month and maybe I will join it very
soon after I Indy around the states some and come and give you another great

He smiled to her as he hugged her and gave her a deep kiss on the lips. Lita
responds to the kiss and nods her head.

Lita: Yeah... Well, if you sign for the WWE again I am sure I'll find out....

She smiles. Smiling to her as he nodded his head and looked into her eyes.

Jonathon: I will find out and I hope you don't mind if I run into any other
divas in the WWE that I may have some fun with them too?

Lita: Hey... I am not your wife... You're free to do whatever the fuck you
want... More or less...

Lita starts walking towards the exit of the locker-room now in quick small
steps. He would smile to her as he got up and slap her ass hard before she

Jonathon: Well make sure next time we meet, that I get to claim your ass.

He smirks and chuckles to her as he finishes getting dressed in the locker
room and took a look up at the clock. Getting up and leaving as he had an
Indy show to prepare for tonight.

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