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Fuck Her All I Can Part 1
by JCP

One cold dark night in New York City Trish Stratus went into her hotel room
where I was awaiting. She looked at me and then smiled from ear to ear and
said "Hello Joey."

And I was just laying there on the bed looking at Trish in her leather
jacket, a pair of tight blue jeans and her trademark hat. Then I said "OH
HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Trish, How was tonight's house show?"

Trish replied "Fantastic." then she came up with a question of her own.
"Do you want me Joey?"

I answered with a smile on my face "OH HELL YEAH." She told me to say it so
I did. "I want you Trish,right here and now."

She whispered in my ear "I want you too Joey, I want you so bad that I
haven't had sex since my high school prom." (HOLY SHIT!!!!!!)

Then I said "Well that'll come to an end."

I touched one of ther breasts and squeezed it tightly and Trish would moan.
I asked her if she liked it and she nodded Yes,then she told me to put my
other hand on her other breast so I did.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Joey that feelss good." she moaned.

Then I said to her that we need to go somewhere where it's nice and
warm and she agreed. So we drove up to a friend of mine's house, there my
friend had a fireplace to keep our bodies nice and warm. He was kind enough
to leave a spare key underneath his doormat whenever I wanted a place to
stay. WELL anyway we went inside, I put logs into the fireplace and in no
time we had a nice fire brewing. Trish was begging for me to fuck her, then
I asked, "Tou want me to fuck you?"

She pulled me close to her and we start locking lips then she took off my
jacket and ripped my flannel shirt off as she was burying her face into my
torso and up to my chest.

Then I said "Damn Trish I know now you can't resist me." Then I asked her to
shed off her jacket and her sweater so she did with a little help from me,
revealing one voluptous black bra and then now I was burying my face into
Trish's huge tits licking, chewing, nibbling on her firm breasts. Then we got
down on the floor next to the fireplace, she unbuttons and unzips my dark
pair of blue jeans and then pulls them all the way down, including my boxers,
he then opened her mouth and gave me the best DAMN blowjob ever. I was
breathing heavilly from that. Then I turned her around unbuttoned and
unzipped her jeans and pulled them all the way down revealing a sexy black
lace thong which I gladly moved out of the way so I could RAM my dick into
that tight ass.


I literally banged that ass for some 15 minutes until I spun her around and
she wrapped her legs around my back and put me down on my back as she started
riding my dick like a bronco rider would do,pressing my chest and rubbing it
all over me. she jumped up and down, wiggling her body around while on top of
me and she loved it,then would switch and put her on her back pussyfucking
her viciously and rapidly.


I continued the pussy fuck for as long as she was happy until she turned
around ass up, face down and did it to her DOGGYSTYLE I was buttfucking her
again viciously and rapidly until she screamed "OH MY GOD MY GOD MY GOD FUCK
ME HARDER JOEY." which I continued doing until the cum started squirting into
Trish's ass and she sighed with relief.

Later we were all tired and couldn't get up so we laid on the floor and fell


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