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Fuck The System
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at an ECW on SCI-FI television taping, ECW's resident 'reject'
Shannon Moore is coming out of a road agent's office with an angry look on
his face. Dressed in dark purple wrestling pants and a dark blue sleeveless
spiked ring jacket, Shannon grits his teeth as he suddenly kicks a vending
machine so hard he makes a dent in it, "Those fucking corporate idiots!
Telling me I ain't right for television!" Shannon yells as he bangs both
his hands against the vending machine as he rages against it. As the 'Reject'
snaps, ECW's Full Bodied Italian Trinity passes by and sees Shannon Moore as
he throws a fit over something.

Trinity pauses and raises an eyebrow as she slightly smirks "Whoa...big
guy...what's the deal here?" Trinity asks in her seductive Italian accent as
the feisty Full Bodied Italian is dressed in a short leather skirt and a long
piece of yellow caution tape, wrapped around her upper body as the tape
covers her large, rounded Italian tits.

Shannon Moore jerks his head towards Trinity and he points back down the hall
way towards where the ECW Road Agents office is, "Those fucking corporate
idiots.... they say I ain't right for the image of EC fucking W.... that's
the fucking deal!" Shannon snaps as he shakes his head in frustration.

Trinity smirks and slightly laughs as she folds her arms over her large,
rounded yellow caution taped covered tits as she leans against the wall in
the hallway near Shannon "You down in the dumps for that? Where's your
fuckin' balls?" Trinity says as she raises another eyebrow at Shannon.

Shannon glares at Trinity, "Hey, those fucking corporate suck-ups had me do
all those fucking promos.... hyped me up and then I get on the damn show to
face that fucking ape Khali!" Shannon says, "You know what.... I'm gonna to
say fuck it all... and fuck the system... it ain't doing me no good! Never
has!" Shannon says as he puts his hands on his waist.

Trinity smirks slyly as she unfolds her hands and places her hands together
"Seems like you got some issues, boy..." Trinity says as she tosses her raven
black hair back as she looks at the toned, tattooed upper body of ECW's
"Reject" Shannon Moore. Trinity licks her lips "Damn...big look
like one tasty dish...too bad you got your mind at wrapped with the

Shannon pauses as Trinity's remark has him a bit confused, "Hey I ain't gonna
have my mind wrapped around the 'system'.... it ain't fucking worth it! I
don't need to deal with it!" Shannon says as he takes off his spiked ring
jacket and throws it down to the ground, while at the same time showing more
of his toned, tattooed upper body to the Full Bodied Italian.

Trinity presses her lips together and nods her raven black-haired head "Damn got one fuckin' hot body..." Trinity replies "But for reals... it?" Trinity asks with a smirk as she takes a step towards
Shannon and places her feisty hands against Shannon's smooth, toned tattooed
chest as she gently slides her hands against his chest "You know whats betta
than fuckin' the system?"

'The Reject's' mood then changes a bit as he feels Trinity's hands moving
over his chest, "You know... you're right.... there ain't anything better
than fucking the system...." Shannon says as he calms down slowly, "Cause
when the system fucks with me... I gotta fuck it back...." Shannon says
as he gets a smirk on his face as he then locks eyes with the feisty
raven-black-haired Vixen.

Trinity nods her head "'re feelin' it...aren't ya?" Trinity asks in
her seductive Italian accent as she smoothly slides her hands down Shannon's
tattooed upper chest before she moves her hands down his toned stomach before
she moves her hands further down to the waist of his dark purple wrestling

Shannon nods his blond-Mohawk hair as he licks his pierced lips, "Oh yeah
I'm fucking feelin' it...." Shannon says as he spread his feet apart as his
crotch starts to bulge a bit noticeably as Trinity moves her hands against
the waist of his dark purple wrestling pants. Trinity licks her lips and
tosses her raven black hair back before slowly starts to lower herself down
onto her knees in the hallway in front of "The Reject" Shannon Moore as she
gently slides her soft, feisty hands against the crotch of his purple
wrestling pants.

"Mmmm yeah... this is how it's supposed to be...." Shannon says as he looks
down at the Full Bodied Italian as she moves her hands over the bulging
crotch of his purple wrestling pants. 'The Reject' puts his hands on his
waist and pushes his wrestling pants down, and with Trinity's hands still
on his crotch she ends up instantly feeling Shannon's hardening fat
thirteen-inch cock.

Trinity raises an eyebrow and smirks up at Shannon as she gently places her
hands around his hardening thirteen inch cock "Fuck ain't got no
reason to be all fuckin pissed..." Trinity says with a laugh as she begins
to smoothly stroke her hands against his cock as she leans her head down and
places her feisty Italian tongue against the head of his cock.

Shannon licks his pierced lips as Trinity pumps both her hands along the
length of his cock as she slides her wet, soft tongue against the head of
his shaft. "No one notices what I got!" Shannon explains his reasoning for
being upset as he pushes his dark purple wrestling pants all the way down
his legs and steps out of them.

"Mmm...well they're missin' out...big guy..." Trinity says before she slaps
her wet, warm tongue against the head of his shaft before she gently works
the tip of her tongue into Shannon's piss-slit, while she works her feisty,
smooth hands against the lower portion of his shaft.

Shannon grits his teeth slightly as he feels the tip of Trinity's wet tongue
press against the piss-slit of his stiff fat cock. "Mmmm yeah they are....
but fuck them... you know what I got...." Shannon says as he places his right
hand on Trinity's head and pulls on her black hair a bit as she skillfully
teases his prick with her tongue as she works it over with her hands.

Trinity closes her eyes as she gently taps her tongue against the piss-slit
of his hard, thick cock before she opens her warm, wet feisty Italian mouth
and she lowers her head down on his cock. Trinity presses her soft lips
around Shannon's shaft before she removes her hands from his cock and starts
to easily bob her raven black-haired head on his cock.

Shannon Moore leans his head back and lets out a long moans as Trinity bobs
her head on his hard thick prick, "Mmmmm ohhh yeah.... yeah suck that fucking
dick..." Shannon groans as he wraps his right hand with Trinity's long raven
black-hair as Trinity bobs her head almost the entire way down his prick as
she gradually picks up momentum.

"Mmmm...awww...yeah..." Trinity slightly moans against Shannon's thick, hard
reject cock as she smoothly bobs her head, up and down, on his cock as she
gently slaps her wet tongue against his shaft. Trinity opens her mouth a bit
wider so that she is able to lower her head further down on his cock. While
the hot Full Bodied Italian is eagerly sucking the cock of Shannon Moore,
Trinity, places hands against her caution tape covered large chest and begins
to remove the yellow caution tape from her chest as she sucks Shannon's cock.

"Ohhhh yeah... fuck yea.... stuff your mouth with it...." Shannon moans as he
puts his left hand on the back of Trinity's head and pushes her head down on
his cock, giving Trinity a big clue that he loves it when his cock is almost
deep throated. 'The Reject' closes his eyes as he feels almost his entire
cock being sucked into Trinity's mouth and he lets out another long moan as
Trinity slaps her tongue against the underside of his dick. With Shannon's
reject cock deep inside of her warm, wet Italian mouth, Trinity presses her
lips tighter around his shaft as she has a majority of Shannon's thick cock
deep in her mouth as she easily bobs her head along the length of his cock,
causing the head of his cock to slam against the back of her throat. Trinity
removes the yellow caution tape completely from her upper body as she exposes
her large, rounded hot Italian tits.

Shannon opens his eyes as Trinity gives him a hardcore blowjob, "Awww fuck
yea.... that's sucking the problems away right there...." Shannon moans as
he feels Trinity's warm saliva splashing against his meaty cock while it's
inside of her mouth. 'The Reject' then pulls Trinity's head off of his
saliva dripping fat hard thirteen-inch prick and he pulls her up to her
feet, "Time to fucking do the damn thing..." Shannon says as he reaches
under Trinity's short leather skirt with his right hand, and he's not all
shocked to not find any panties when his fingers instantly press against
her hot Italian pussy. "Oh fuck yeah..." Shannon grins as he locks eyes
with Trinity.

Trinity raises an eyebrow and smirks as Shannon smoothly rubs his fingers
against her hot Italian pussy, underneath her short leather skirt, as she
stands in front of him. Trinity shrugs her shoulder "What boy? Gotta be
prepared for gettin' fuckin' freaky..." Trinity says with laugh as she
slightly arches her back a bit to stick out her large, rounded hot tits.

"Ain't nothing fucking wrong with that...." Shannon licks his pierced lips
as brings his right hand out from underneath Trinity's skirt and he then
jerks down Trinity's short leather skirt and he gets a good look at Trinity's
hot, smooth pure Italian pussy. "That pussy is gonna get punked out...."
Shannon grins as he grabs Trinity by the waist and he almost throws Trinity
down to the ground. Shannon quickly gets down with Trinity and spreads her
sexy smooth legs apart so that he can kneel between them, and the then he
starts to force his large fat cock into her tight pussy.

Trinity grits her teeth as she sits up slightly on the cold floor "Ohhhh fuck
big boy!" Trinity moans as Shannon begins to thrust his reject cock down in
and out of her tight Italian pussy as she places her hands against Shannon's
tattooed, strong arms and wraps her smooth legs around his waist as she
starts to grind her hot Italian pussy against his cock.

Shannon licks his lips as he places his hands on Trinity's sexy waist as he
pumps his reject shaft into her pussy with sharp swift thrusts, "Awww yeah...
fuck yea.... you're tight as fucking hell...." Shannon groans lustfully as he
leans his head down and presses his mouth against Trinity's right tit, and as
Shannon fucks her pussy, she feels both the warmth and wetness of Shannon's
mouth as well as the cool metal of his lip piercings on the skin of her large

"Ohhhh fuck yeah! Fuck that pussy!" Trinity moans as she tilts her head back
and closes her eyes as she starts to thrust her wet, tight pussy against his
cock as he drives his cock deeper into her pussy.

Shannon lifts his head up from Trinity's large round firm right tit as he
deeply slams his stiff reject cock into Trinity's cunt, "Awww yeah fuck yea
I fucking love a hot pussy!" Shannon grunts loudly his balls smash against
Trinity with every one of his savage thrusts.

Trinity licks her lips as she presses her smooth legs tighter around
Shannon's waist so that she is able to roll herself out from underneath
Shannon, so that now the Full Bodied Italian is on top of Shannon Moore.
Trinity places her hands against his smooth, tattooed chest as she starts
to rock back and forth on his cock "Ohhh yeah...fuck yeah!"

"Ohhhh fuck yeah.... yeah that's fucking awesome...." Shannon groans as he
raises his hands up and places them on Trinity's large hot tits as she rocks
back and forth on his hard cock. When Trinity begins to more sharply gyrate
her hips to grind her pussy on his cock, he quickly drops his hands away from
her tits and places on his hips and starts to thrust his thick cock upward
into her pussy.

Trinity arches her back as she slams down harder on Shannon's reject cock
"Ohhhh fuck yeah big boy!" Trinity moans as she slams down harder upon each
impact as she quickly rocks against Shannon's thick, hard cock as she starts
to lightly sweat.

"Ohhh fuck yeah! Ride that fucking punk cock!" Shannon moans as drips of
sweat starts to roll down various spots of his smooth, toned tattooed body.
Shannon helps Trinity bounce quicker on his cock by pushing her up when she
rises up and then pulling her down roughly. 'The Reject' of ECW keeps pumping
his cock upward into Trinity's pussy as the Vixen slightly dicks her finger
nails against his chest.

"Ohhhh yeah fuck! Yeah!" Trinity moans loudly as she slams her hot Italian
body down firmly on Shannon's cock before she closes her eyes and jerks her
body forward on his cock.

Shannon licks his pierced lips as he moves his hands from Trinity's hips and
reaches behind her in order to cup her hot, round Italian ass cheeks with his
hands, "Awww fuck.... shit! I fucking need this shit!" Shannon grunts as he
squeezes Trinity's ass, "Ahhh I'm gonna fucking tear your ass up and punk it
out...." Shannon grunts as Trinity drops the entire weight of her full
blooded Italian body down on to him.

Trinity slowly comes to a stop of Shannon's thick cock and she smirks down at
the ECW Reject "Ohh really big guy?" Trinity asks with a raised eyebrow as
she slides her hands against his smooth, muscular chest

Shannon nods his head and grins, "Oh yeah.... when the system fucks with
me... I punk out everything...." Shannon grins just before Trinity starts to
slowly lift herself up off of his large, thick thirteen-inch stiff prick.

Trinity smirks and nods her head "Yeah...fuck the system!" Trinity says with
a laugh as the feisty Italian positions herself in the hallway on the floor
on her hands and knees as Shannon casually sits up.

Shannon Moore licks his lips, "Got that fucking right...." Shannon says as he
looks at Trinity's hot ass as the hot Full Bodied Italian sways her ass back
and forth. 'The Reject' moves to get closer to Trinity and he wraps his
tattooed arms around her waist and pulls her back towards him as he pushes
his large, thick cock into her tight Italian asshole. "Awww.... shit yea!"
Shannon moans as he feels Trinity's asshole squeeze his cock as he forces it
completely into her.

Trinity grits her teeth tightly as she glances over her shoulder back at
Shannon as she firmly thrusts his cock into her tight asshole "Awww fuck
yeah! Fuck that ass!" Trinity moans as she pushes herself back against
Shannon's cock.

Shannon thrusts his hips forward as he begins to pump his cock in and out of
Trinity's tight asshole and he holds onto her sexy hips for leverage. "Ohhhh
yeah.... yeah... fuck take that punk cock!" Shannon grunts as he pistons his
shaft roughly and deeply into her asshole. 'The Reject' also eases his left
hand from Trinity's waist and he suddenly smacks her ass with a hard slap
which has Trinity's body jolt forward.

"Ohhhhh fuck! Is that all you reject!" Trinity loudly moans as
sweat drips off of her hot Italian body as she rocks back and forth quickly,
slamming against Shannon's waist harder as his cock thrusts deeply into her
tight, soothing asshole.

"Fuck no!" Shannon grunts loudly as he starts to smack Trinity's ass
repeatedly with his left hand, and each of his slaps are harder than the
previous one. Shannon keeps pumping his fat reject cock into Trinity's
asshole as he smacks her ass cheeks so hard that they become bright red.

"Mmmm....fuck yeah...slam that ass! Fuck that ass!" Trinity moans loudly as
she slams back firmly against Shannon's cock as he roughly slams his hard,
thick cock in and out of her tight hot Italian ass.

Shannon tilts his head back as he slams his cock balls deep into Trinity's
hot tight asshole, "Ahhh ohhh fuck yeah!" 'The Reject' grunts loudly as his
balls smack off of Trinity's ass and then he pulls his cock out of Trinity's
ass, then he spins her around so that she's facing him and his throbbing
prick, "Time to get punked!" Shannon groans as he grips his cock with his
left hand and aims it at Trinity's large tits, and he sprays them with his
warm sticky cum when Trinity lifts her head to look up at him.

Trinity slowly licks her lips "Ohhhh...fuck reject!" Trinity moans
as she tilts her head back further as Shannon's warm cum sprays against her
large, rounded Italian tits.

Shannon pumps his large, throbbing cock swiftly as he makes sure that every
drop of his warm cum is shot out and that it lands on Trinity's hot, large
round firm Italian tits, "Mmmm fuck yea... totally fucked the system..."
Shannon moans as he eventually stops cumming.

Trinity raises an eyebrow and smirks "No boy...I'd say...ya just fucked an


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